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At Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village there was much to celebrate as many people cheered and partied at what had happen.

It was over, the Fourth Shinobi war had come to an end and the Coalition of Konoha, Otogakure, and Sunagakure had emerged victorious defeating the Jashinists and ending their mad conquest. Their leaders where dead and the army had been destroyed to a man. Iwagakure had surrendered to them, thus ending the war.

As of now many people where celebrating cheering over their resounding victory.

Naruto walked through Konoha dressed in casual clothing as he made his way looking on as ninja and people from Leaf, Sound, and Sand where celebrating. A smile formed on his face as he looked on, seeing the three villages celebrating and having put aside their differences and had overcome the Jashinists.

"Hey there," A voice said and he turned and saw Tayuya walking towards him. Naruto stopped and looked for a moment as the red head was out of her ninja clothing. She was wearing a light red kimono with blue flowers on it. "Never thought there'd be a celebration here for what you did, did you?" She asked standing beside him.

Naruto looked at her and back at the celebrating people. Before the war had happened he had never dreamed the scene before him would happen. He still remembered how he was treated before but he had learned to move on from it and instead focus on the future.

"C'mon," He mentioned to her. "Let's walk."

The two walked through the village looking on at the festivities that where happening in it. For Tayuya it was a bit overwhelming as she hadn't expected this. Being hailed as a hero in the war. She had her new flute with her and both him and her looked around the celebrations. Seeing the people of all three Villages celebrating.

"At long last the War is finally over." Naruto said as he looked on. "I Hear Oto is going to replace Iwa as one of the Five Hidden Villages and Otousan will be fully recognized as a Kage." He said to her.

"Yeah, to think we attacked this place, and now the people are hailing us as heroes." Tayuya said referring to the failed attack. "Almost hard to believe." She said as they walked around. They looked and saw several other people and stopped at a packed Ichiraku's and talked with Teuchi and his daughter.

Haku, dressed in a plain brown Kimono looked on at the celebrations. Seeing the family clans such as the Inuzuka's celebrating. He allowed a smirk to form on his face as he saw Kiba chase after Akamaru who was chasing after the Cat who belonged to the wife of the Fire Daimyo into a crowd.

He watched on as Dosu and Shikamaru silently congratulated each other over the strategies they had done and performed, the two having become friends and currently engaged in a game of Go. Seeing Anko having too much sake and having to be lead away by Iruka who despite his attempts to get her to walk steady was being lead into a dance with the Purple haired Kunoichi. Seeing Choji stuffing his face with his father as onlookers looked on at how much they consumed and being chastised for eating all of the food.

He looked on and saw Hinata wearing a light purple kimono walking with Kurenai, the Jonin carrying Ranmaru on her back the same way Raiga had done. Haku knew Ranmaru was in a new world but he was confident once Tsunade healed him that the boy would move on.

"Ahem," A voice said and he turned and saw a figure with white eyes walked towards and stop beside him.

"Hiashi-sama." Haku said respectfully to the head of the Hyuga clan.

"Our first meeting did not go so well Haku," Hiashi said to him. "Perhaps I may have been wrong about you." He said and Haku looked back at him. "You do understand it was just a father's protectiveness' towards his child."

"I understand," Haku replied.

"Hinata…she after she was returned to me confronted me and told me she had disguised herself as a man in order to prove me that she wasn't the weakling I deemed her to be." Hiashi said as both looked on at the Heiress of the clan. "In that meeting she showed me more strength and fire than she has done in twelve years. Claiming that ever since she had been born no one ever bothered to give her confidence until she met you and inspired her to get stronger."

Hiashi paused for a moment as if considering his next words.

"I…grant you permission." He said slowly. "I grant you permission to see my daughter and continue helping her improve. Although I have always acted cold at her, deep down I am proud of her for standing on her own feet finally." He said with a small smile. "You may continue to help her and perhaps Neji can help her as well. But only that, nothing more." He said and walked away.

Haku watched him go knowing that that was his way of giving his approval of him seeing her. He looked back and smiled as he saw Hinata.

"I still say I outperformed you in the War Zaku." Rock Lee proclaimed seated at a table eating with several other ninjas.

"Will you stop, let's just call it a tie." Zaku said to him trying to ignore him.

"No, there must be a winner." Lee said in response. "I propose we have a race, from here to the Land of Fire border and back, the first one back is the winner." He said all serious in his voice.

"Why that short? Let's race all the way to Otogakure." Zaku responded and a gleam appeared in Lee's eyes at that.

"Ho Ho! I accept your challenge." Lee said and got up and removed his clothes revealing his green jumpsuit. "I'll prove my youthful spirit is greater than yours!" He shouted and dashed off in a green blur.

Zaku remained there and smirked watching him go. "That'll keep him busy for an hour." He said and sat back down knowing he wouldn't be bothered.

"Hey Zaku," A voice said and he turned and looked at who called his name.

"Hey Ki-Kin?" He said his eyes widening at the girl before him. The Sound Kunoichi was wearing a green kimono with lilies on it and she carried in her hands a small fan and she had makeup on her face with her hair done in a bow style with ribbons in it.

"Wanna dance?" She asked him who was tongue tied.

"Uh, Uh, Yeah, Sure!" He said as red formed on his cheeks as he stumbled over himself.

Kin let out a laugh and took him by the hand as the two made their way

"What a beautiful night," Sakura said seated down on a bench looking up at the moon. "I haven't enjoyed a night like this since the Genin Test."

"Well let's hope we can enjoy nights like these for a long time." A voice said and she turned and saw Kakashi standing next to her. Unlike the others he was still in his ninja getup. "After you experience War, you learn just how much peace is truly treasured." He said to her as the two looked around. "Hopefully there will be no more wars for a long, long time."

Sakura nodded at him and looked around the sights. "It's too bad Naruto won't join us back, but he's made his own choice and we're friends now."

Kakashi nodded. "He maybe of a different village but I still consider him apart of Team 7, both Sound and Leaf are apart of him despite how he was hostile to us at first. I believe he will be the key to ensuring that this truce turns into a friendship between Konoha and Oto." He said and she looked at him and knew he was smiling under his mask.

Kakashi saw the Elders of the village including Danzo who where congratulating the Leaf Nins. He noticed he didn't talk to any of the Sound or Suna ninjas but he didn't let that bother him, there would still be some bumps in the road and Danzo would be one of them.

Sakura looked around and for a moment saw Sasuke, the Uchiha wasn't taking part in much of the celebration but the fact he was there did her some good.

"Hey," A voice said and they turned and saw Naruto and Tayuya walking towards them and joining them.

"Hello Naruto." Kakashi said to them. "Good to have you join us."

"Yeah," Naruto said and looked in the distance and saw smiled when he saw a peach blossom tree covered with paper lanterns.

"Something you see?" Tayuya asked him.

"It reminds me, that tree" Naruto responded to her and the others. "It remind me of the Oath in the Garden that me and Haku made when we became brothers to bring an end to the war." He said and the others looked on and smiled as well

Sasuke was walking through the crowd paying no attention to the others. He made his way and soon came to an empty section.

"I got your note." A voice said and he looked and saw a figure leaned against the wall. "You wanted to see me is that right?" The pale man said to Sasuke.

"Orochimaru, you know what I want. What I desire." Sasuke said to him.

Orochimaru looked over at the Uchiha his eye still reminding him of his brother. "You seek power that much I know. The power to avenge your families death."

"I need you to train me, teach me how to harness this power that I can obtain in order to slay my brother. Train me! So that I can finally put an end to him." Sasuke said to him.

Orochimaru looked at him. "Does it mean that much to you? Gaining the power to kill Itachi."

"You gathered the power to try and destroy Konoha didn't you?" Sasuke answered back and he frowned in response. "The way I see it, we're no different we both want revenge for what happened."

"Wretched boy…" Orochimaru mumbled "You have the Kiba swords of the Hidden Mist Swordsmen, that will do."

"It's not enough!" Sasuke shouted back. "They are just a piece of the puzzle, there is still much that I must do before I can defeat him! If I can't defeat him then everything my clan lived for and having found Konoha will be meaningless!" Orochimaru glared at him. There was things they did he had no clue they had done. They weren't always the righteous heroic figures history portrayed the Uchiha clan as. "Itachi is a member of Akatsuki, from what I heard they are after the Jinchuurki that includes Naruto your son." Sasuke said to him and Orochimaru bared his teeth showing his fangs. Itachi was the one in charge of capturing Naruto, he would never forget what he had told him. "Train me and I can stop him and save Naruto. Only a Sharingan user can counteract another Sharingan user.

"Very well…" Orochimaru said after a long moment. "I will train you, in private. So that no one knows, I will train you in secret and help you get stronger so you can kill Itachi. But remember, I sought your body once and your eyes for me to be able to stop Akatsuki, who's to say I won't do it again."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take." Sasuke said and turned around and walked out of the empty street.

"To those who fallen in battle so that we shall continue to live and fight on." Ibiki Morino standing at a makeshift shrine with a set of lit candles on it said to the small group raising his glass of Sake. The others, including Guren, Asuma, Baki, and several other Shinobi nodded and raised their glasses toasting the fallen. Kidomaru, Jirobo, Sakon and Ukon, and the others who had lost their lives in the wars.

The group downed their drinks vowing to never forget those who had died.

The Kazekage seated with his brother and sister looked on as he witnessed the celebration. It was something different, his life had changed ever since he had surprisingly been picked to be the next ruler of Sunagakure. The people unlike before had come to accept Gaara.

Naruto's words had stuck with him, telling him that he wasn't alone as he thought he was and that it was his friends and family that inspired him to fight even against all odds. Saying that when a person fights for something other than himself he'll gain more power than a hundred men. And seeing his relationship with Haku and the others Gaara knew he was right.

Looking on, Gaara allowed a rare smile to form on his face as perhaps there indeed was hope for him and he wasn't doomed to the life of loneliness he thought he was.

"What's wrong Naruto?" Tayuya asked the boy later on noticing him staring at the table where the Three Sannin where seated at. "You've been looking over at Orochimaru-sama and the others for quite some time."

"It's nothing." He said and turned and looked at her smiling and then back at Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya the three seated together but not saying anything to one another but mutual respect between them. Almost appearing on friendly terms with each other for the first time in many a year. "Together those three are perhaps unbeatable." He mentioned as he looked on at his father and them. "They are just stubborn that's all. That's why it's important that those around them know the value of diplomacy."

"I guess so," Tayuya said with a shrug. "I'm going to go play my flute, show these dobes how your suppose to play music. See you." She said with a smile and left.

Naruto continued to walk around and seeing the others. He stopped and looked up at the carvings of the Hokages seeing Sarutobi and them looking down upon them all.

"Well the war is over," A voice said and he turned and saw Jiraiya walking towards him. "But there is still much that must be done." He said. Naruto looked at him. "We defeated the Jashinists yes and good riddance to those scumbags but there will be a greater threat soon enough." He said all seriousness in his voice.

Naruto didn't say anything as he looked at him and back at everyone else. He knew what he was talking about.

"A threat that will be much stronger and more dangerous than Keiji, Hidan, and the Jashinists could ever be. I know how much your friends: In Oto, Suna, and even here mean to you Naruto. And I know you want to protect them and your father." Jiraiya continued to say. "There's still a lot of stuff that must be done before they are defeated. You need to get stronger, much stronger if you ever want to stop them from destroying everything that has been fought for."

"My offer still stands…" Jiraiya said and turned and walked away.

Naruto watched him go and thought of what he had offered him during the time he was training with him.

A week later…

Naruto Uzumaki stepped out of the gates of Otogakure early at dawn, the sun just now starting to show. Dressed in his regular clothes and with the Sound Hitai-ate strapped across his forehead. His Chunin Vest was noticeably absent as he had left it. He looked around knowing that he hadn't been spotted or followed.

Nodding to himself he started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" A voice said and he turned his head and saw seated on a rock Haku. Judging by his relaxed stature, if seemed like he was waiting for him to come through.

"Haku." Naruto said and looked at him who smiled at him.

"You really think I don't know you Naruto?" He asked him. "I could sense something was troubling you."

"I already talked with Otousan about this, and he agreed to it. There's still a lot I have to learn. I'm still just a kid. I got a lot of stuff to find out."

"And you couldn't have done it here?" Haku asked him and stood up.

"Don't try and stop me Haku, I already made up my mind. Jiraiya's offered to train and teach me, take me on a training trip. I don't know when I'll be back. It's for the best. There is still a lot in the world, places I haven't been, people I haven't seen, enemies I haven't fought. If I am ever going to become a leader I must learn everything I can." He said to him.

"I know I can't stop you Naruto." Haku declared looking at him. In the distance he saw Jiraiya waiting for him.

"I talked to Otousan about it last night and he granted me permission to do this." Naruto explained as he had told his father about what he had wanted to do. Orochimaru was reluctant, not wanting to see his son disappear for so long. But gradually he came to accept what he was doing. "I'll be gone two, maybe three years."

"So your mind is madeup, I won't stop you Naruto. We have done much together, but now that its ending I feel sad." Haku said a solemn look on his face.

"Hey, don't get like that and start crying," Naruto said to him. "I'll come back one day I promise. Keep watch over Otogakure and Tayuya for me will ya?" He said and wrapped an arm around him and hugged him. Haku returned the hug as the two stood there. "I'll see you later…" Naruto said and broke the hug and turned around and started walking.

Haku watched him go and started to turn around and head back into the village.

"Haku!" He shouted and the boy turned around and looked back.

"Don't ever forget, we're Brothers forever!" Naruto shouted as he continued to walk.

A smile formed on Haku's as he watched him leave Otogakure to continue on his path.

"Until we meet again…Brother."


A man wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it was seated on a throne and he held in his hands a bible. On it was the symbol of Jashin. He looked and skimmed through it reading the teachings of it. On his face where multiple piercings and his eyes where unique.

"The Age of Jashin, how ridiculous!" He said and snapped it shut in disgust. "What utter nuisance." He said and stood up and destroyed the book incinerating it. "There is only one god that shall rule over this world and bring true order to it." He said as he stood in front of a giant statue.

Slowly more members started to appear, taking their spots. "Konan." A blue haired woman appeared to his left. "Deidara." A blond haired man with one of his eyes covered up by his hair. "Sasori." His partner a man in a strange getup seeming like a scorpion. "Zetsu." A plant like man with half his skin white and the other black.

"Kakuzu." A covered man with four masks sewn to his back stepped forward. "Kisame Hoshigaki." A blue skinned man with a grin and shark like face appeared. "Itachi Uchiha." A man with Sharingan eyes appeared. And finally the newest member, having taken Hidan's spot and wearing the ring he wore stepped forward as well. He wore the Akatsuki robes and had sheathed a Nodachi.

"Muta Daidouji." He said as the newest member was revealed.

The Akatsuki leader looked at them all his Rinnegan eyes scanning all of them. "You all know what must be done, for three years we shall stay hidden in the shadows. Let the world have this Peace they call it." He said to them all.

"And then…The Whole world shall know the true meaning of Pein!"

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