"I don't own Wallace and Gromit they're copyrights of Aardman Studios. I am just using them."

A Short Adventure

Written By Funnyman Timmy

Chapter One

The Cheese Mystery Begins

It was a beautiful day on 62 West Wallaby Street and Wallace was just about to go out to the Pack n Save. "Ready Gromit." Said Wallace meeting his canine sidekick at the door, holding a few shopping bags. In a moment a trap door opened and Wallace and Gromit were on their way in a ruby red motorcycle. It took twenty minutes. But they finally approached the store.

"Going to look at those electronic books ey?" asked Wallace, Gromit nodded and he set off to check out the new books. Gromit had just read and picked out all the new Electronics for Dogs books when he heard Wallace. "Gromit!" screamed Wallace. Gromit grabbed all the books and ran to Wallace's location. "Gromit something terrible has happened! No Cheese!" Exclaimed Wallace.

Wallace wanted to know where all the Wensleydale, Stilton, and Cheddar was at so after asking everyone in the store he paid for Gromit's books and they set off to solve the mystery. They went to the Wensleydale factory and talked to the makers. "Somehow someone had took all the cheese during the night but he left his address." Said a cheese maker handing a card to Wallace. "124 East Rutherford Road" said Wallace.