Summary: Because after everything he's put her through; this was the least and best he could do to tell her he was sorry without actually saying it. 'Please don't let me be too late.'

Pairing: SasuSaku, duh.

Rating: K

Genre/: It's Valentine's Day.

"So here you are."

Her voice was too flat to be happy to see him; too serious to actually be playful. She's still in mid-shock at the sight of an eighteen year old Uchiha Sasuke actually taking one foot into her flower-shop in the first place.

He's no god on a lifted pedestal anymore.

He's just a tall; pretty boy in an ANBU jacket; with black hair in his face and his perfect lips in a flawless frown. But there's something different about him today; something raw. Something human.

"I'm surprised you of all people would be here. Especially at a time like this." She jerks an arm around the spacious greenhouse; the ripple and sparkle of colors and ribbons lit by sunshine barely peeking through stormy clouds.

"It's for her, isn't it?"

And his head shoots up; and the blonde smiled a little; because this was just perfect. Oh of all the times for him to come and finally, finally try to make things right for her. This was the time.

But oh he's too late.

"You know she's over you."

She watches him nod his head; his voice small.

"I know."

Her blue eyes flash with unbridled contempt.

"You know she's given up. She's a tough girl, our Sakura. She'll pick herself up and live with--or without you."

And she could have sworn that the beginnings of a sad smile started to poke his lips; as the dark-haired boy slowly nodded his head a final time.

"I know,"

He whispers hoarsely; and she wonders if he really does. Nonetheless she'll let him try; because after all; it's about time he was the one in pursuit.

She wants perfection to fall short in its very own imperfection.

"..I..I don't know what to buy.." He mumbles; and he limply raises a clenched glove and jerks to the numerous flowers that line the counters and the ground; each and every one brilliant in their own right. His shoulders hunch close to his body and he tautly lowers his head downward; hiding his smoldering eyes behind his bangs and letting his mouth be hidden by the high-collar of his jacket.

And there was something so nice about dreamy, lovely Sasuke-kun being pathetic.

And she smiles crookedly at him. She bounces towards him; her eyes shimmering opalescently in the shafted roof of the greenhouse.

"Well, my darling Sasuke-kun, " She says; her voice not-so-sweet.

"I think I can help you with that."

He'll fail anyway.

She shoves them into his limp hands; his fingers absentmindedly stroking a stray golden petal that had fallen from the yellow wrapping; his eyes wandering to the splash of violet purple that stood out amidst the deep orange center.

"But these bloom in the summer--" He mumbles lamely; glancing up at her with those unreadable eyes.

And she glares at him; because doesn't he know this is a flowershop?

And doesn't he know that flowers can bloom inside? And doesn't he know that these flowers are the very words that she wept for all these years? And doesn't he know that he's too late? And doesn't he know that Sakura loveloveloved him? And doesn't he know--

And Ino grits her teeth.

Because Uchiha Sasuke doesn't know anything.

She glances at him; the source of so many fights; so many crushed hopes/broken hearts (just like Sakura's),and now he wants to make it right.

"I want you to try," She snarls; and grips his shirt because he didn't see! the way her pretty green eyes had dimmed--

"And then I want you to fail." Because she desperately wants Sakura in a wedding dress with a man that will smile in the picture..

But wishes are useless.

And his voice alone still breaks hearts.

"These flowers..why--?"

And she smiled so sweetly.

"Because flowers die in the cold."

And it began to rain.

She nibbles on the last piece of chocolate; her gaze traveling to raindrops glittering with trails like tear-tracks down her window. She smiles ruefully; tossing the wrapper carelessly on the ground.

She remembers a time where she would dream of him running through the rainy streets,

(He didn't know it was going to rain; if he had known; he would have--he would have--)

Where he would lead her to her apartment and tenderly crush her body against his with the scent of crushed flower petals and chocolate-laced kisses and flowers and oh god it'd be so perfect--

(And his flowers were so wet..)

Patter patter patter...

And she laughs remembering a time where all she ever wanted was for just one person to smile and call her his.

And she grins and shakes her head; (and yes, she got over her forehead too, because some things are just inexplicable.)

(...Please don't let me be too late..)

Because that love was just a beautifully twisted little boy with dark black eyes and a cold-cold heart and a smirk made of stone.

And she gave her last piece to him.

"I'm going to spend my Valentine's being my ownValentine.." She had mused; and she didn't feel the tightness that constricted her throat as she breathed; didn't feel the way her heart pounded a little more painfully.

(He stares up at the steps ; golden petals falling at his feet-- and he runs

She heard a knock on the door.

Uchiha Sasuke stood in the doorframe.

He shivered; trembling visibly as he lowered his eyes to the ground; before lifting them hesitantly up at her with his pretty-pale face obscured by rain-drenched hair and high-collared jacket.

(She dreams of a time where he would be running through the rainy streets..)

"I..I didn't think it would rain.." He whispers feebly; his hand falling limply to his side.

And she just stares.


He shoves something wrapped in frayed yellow paper into her arms; and he's close enough for her to hear the scent of his breath..

o --the frantic beat of his heart... o

"I know I'm too late.."He says hoarsely; and he shuffles on his feet

...-And he would come to my apartment and bring me flowers.
Her eyes darted wildly to his face then back to the flowers in her hands.

And she knew what the flowers meant.

(And somehow they would tell me that he loved me.)

"..B-but.." She stammers; stepping away from him as the cold rainy air whips her lithe and trembling body.


"But you broke my heart.." She chokes; her green eyes glazed and spilling over with tears that stream like the rain-drops on her windows where a few minutes ago she was so brave and so unaffected and sostrong--

And his shoulders sagged.

"I know.."

She's both hugging and crushing the flowers; her teeth gnashed against the flesh of her bottom lip and she's trembling-she's trembling--

"I..I gave you everything..I loved you more than anything..anything--" She whispers helplessly, her heart breaking into tiny little pieces.

And his eyes are so dark and swollen..

"I know.." He chokes; his left hand trembling.

"...I left you out in the cold.." His voice cracked.

'Flowers die in the cold, Sasuke.'

He took a step towards the door; but stopped; staring at her with the raindrops like silver in his hair; with his dark; hurting eyes with helpless pleads ringing like drums in her ears.

And they said "love me one more time".

"I know I'm too late..-" He whispers again; and his hands gestured weakly to the lonely purple center of the flowers she clung to so fervently and miserably.

"But if you would try.."

"..If there was a chance.."

And they fell softly in splashes of golden petals to the ground.

And a sob and something else tore in her throat and she ran to him; arms open-- (they've always been open for him)

--Like flowers turning their faces towards the sun.

And his voice was muffled and shaky against her mussed pink hair; her scent mixed with wild golden flowers clinging against their intertwined bodies.

(And he'd crush his body against mine and kiss me--)

And she's tasting his lips and breathing his hair and he's clutching her fairy-body against his chest and he wondered how he could have lived without her all these years.

"" He whispers helplessly against her lips--

(And it'd be so perfect.)

And she laughs weakly against his chest because she knows.

/so. very. perfect.../

In case you're confused, Sasuke gave Sakura ambrosia flowers. Usually when you give someone ambrosia, you're basically saying, "Your love is returned." Almost late in that one, Sasuke. x3

Anyway, I really hoped you enjoyed my story, since I worked really really hard on it. Critiscism and comments are ADORED. In fact, I implore you to give me some.

Needed a distraction from my other one.

So anyway, I hope you have the best Valentine's day ever. Get lots of candy and don't feel sad if you don't have someone. You will one day, I definitely promise!

Oh, and have a good day.