Katie returned an hour after everything happened. Dean had cleaned Sam's wounds and redressed them, giving him a shot of Morphine for the pain he was in. He was dozing on the bed and Bobby had cleaned up the mess Sam's uncontrollable telekinesis had caused. Katie had given them the heads up that the feds had been called back to Washington yet again because of lack of results in the case. Henricksen was pissed. Katie still had her job and all was right with the world. A knock sounded on the door. Katie stilled and glanced at the door, a look of fear crossing her face.

Dean and Bobby quickly went into the bedroom where Sam was resting and shut the door. Dean moved to the bed and held Sam, fear streaking through him at scenarios that played through his head. He didn't know what to think. Katie had told him that no one else knew of the house. The feds followed her. The freakin' Feds. They're not taking him from me without a fight!

Another female voice rang out in the room with Katie. "Dean, I know you and Sam are here. You might as well come out."

Doctor Weston. "Oh crap." Dean muttered. He left the room and Bobby moved to the bed to sit with Sam. Dean rounded the corner and stood in the doorway, one hand braced on each side of the frame as if he could bar her from getting near his brother. "Hey Doc."

"Where is he?" She was standing in the living room of the rundown house in her black slacks, light purple blouse, black shoes and white lab coat, looking extremely out of place. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and nudged the black bag at her feet. "If you're going to leave town his doctor has to give him a clean bill of health."

A/N: I know this chapter was a short one and left open ended. I have my reasons. I have been challenged by a good friend to write a fic that takes me way out of my comfort zone. I intend to do that one and then come back to this story line with something else I've never done. You'll hear from me again as I make Joshua and Sam face each other for the first time after Joshua's possession and the things he did to Sam. More angst to come soon. Promise!