Summary: Sakura was killed after Sasuke returned he promised to wait. It's been over 500 years and Sakura's been reincarnated? "What's this about a Ouija board? It contacts demons no way! Lets try it!"

Pairs: SasuSaku

Warnings: Mild language such as Ass and damn

Dedicated to: Caine user)

Why?: He drew me an amazing picture that was on the house


A/N: Please do NOT mess with Ouija boards. They are evil and nothing good can come from them. I've read more than 64 stories were teens like me and you are looking for thrills so they set up Ouija boards. It does not contact spirits it contacts demons. If you do mess with one please pray before you do so. How do I know this? I had a bad experience with one. If you don't heed the warnings and feel someone with you or have urges you don't normally have pray on the spot with a rosary in hand.


A man in a black robe, with red clouds laughed and thrusted his sword into a young girls chest.

"You couldn't save them brother. And now you can't save her!" A raven haired teen screamed in anger and broke from the chains keeping him away from his teammate. The man's laughter echoed off the cold austere walls. His laughter was subdued by the girls screams of distress. Her eyes stung with hot tears. She bit her lip biting back a scream. The man twisted the sword in her chest and roughly pulled it out. The man disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving the two teens alone.

Her fingers brushed against his jaw as if trying to comfort him. She started to softly sing. Seeing as his eyes closed she smiled. She grabbed at her chest and winched. Sasuke grabbed her hand bit her thumb then put it over an open wound he had doing vise-versa. "We will wait for each other. The blood shall be our bond."

Sasuke did a series of seals and she found a small tattoo coming down from his hand to hers. Tears streamed down his face as he felt her skin grow cold. His face lost all color mimicking hers as he rubbed her hand on his cheek sucking up the last of her warmth. She died right then and there pink hair cascaded around her clothes torn, heavy wounds. Her blood shimmered and at that moment he knew he would wait forever for her. No mater what.