Ok erm... I know I'm probably confusing the hell out of everyone so...(thanks to someone who said it in a reveiw) I'LL EXPLAIN IT!

Itachi had killed Sakura (When they were still in the ninja era) so Sauske promised they'd be together (So he would wait basicly) So he did. I don't know if i mentioned it but Sakura kinda moved into Sauske's old house. Yes that would make the house like 700 years old but it's um...erm... MAGICAL! Yes magical. So Sakura messes with the Ouija boared and contacts Sasuke! But she tries it again and contacts Itachi! Now the Soul Society needs her 'cause of her past and stuff but she can't enter the gates unless she's dead (She wouldn't be any use to them so it wouldn't work) or she was 18. Soooo they ordered Sauske to guard her 'till she can enter the soul society! And the whole mirror thing? Yeah it's only a portal between the soul society (and other ghost realms kinda like danny phantom) Nohting more. I had to throw in the gangster thing. I like action... lol. The party... well... Lets just say something... 'Super natrual' will happen. OMG I JUST GAVE IT AWAY! YOU NEVER READ THAT! So anyways that should clear things up. THANKYOU TEENAGECRISIS! (She's the one who told me it was cofuzling!) So any questions? If so just PM me.

So umm... Should I continue with this story or no? PLEASE DON'T PM YOU CHOICE TO ME! It gets really annoying... ja ne'