Vanity ruled his life. From the day he learned he was the savior of the Wizarding World, to the moment he died, vanity dominated every inch of his psyche. In the end, it was what killed Harry Potter.


Anger made her work, anger made her focus. Anger roiled in her gut and flooded her veins and made her so angry. Anger kept her going, kept her fierce and fighting. Wrath was the only thing sustaining Hermione Granger.


When he was a child, his Christmas wishlist was painfully short, but that was because his family was poor. In reality, if he didn't know that his family could never afford more than an infinitely small fraction of what he desired, the list would be called The Never-Ending List and someone would get sued. More importantly, he wanted not just more toys, he wanted EVERYTHING. Yet Percy Weasley could never have all that he wanted.


One word. One single word that defined his life. One word worth more than he ever had. One word. One single word that was the life of Ron Weasley.


Lust ruled her supremely. It invaded her life from the age of 13 onwards. It took over her thoughts and dominated her mind. Lust was all Pansy Parkinson felt in the sudden end.


Nobody noticed the sheer amount he ate at mealtimes. Nobody noticed the undefined hunger for everything in his eyes. Nobody noticed the purging. Nobody noticed Draco Malfoy's gluttony.


There was so much more she could have done, said, felt. So much she could have achieved. Yet that would mean using the precious little energy Ginny Weasley had.