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Full Summary: When something happens to Bella in Phoenix, Arizona, she moves back to Forks, Washington, where she lived the first ten years of her life with Charlie and Renee. She reunites with her old best friends, whom she hasn't seen in nine years. Then something happens that changes Bella's life and life plan forever. She's Pregnant. Along with the support of her best friend, Alice Cullen, and Alice's family, will she be able to get through the trials and hard times ahead of her, and somehow, find love? All Human.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a 'Bella gets pregnant' story, so I am hoping it will go well. Enjoy!



As I sat on the hospital bed, smiling down at my less than an hour old child, I remembered the time and place I had found out that I was pregnant with my first child.

I knew that deep down inside that I was bursting with joy and happiness. But way, way up, I had been scared to death. I was so scared because I wasn't ready – or the right age – to be a mother. But Alice and Esme had convinced me that I was going to do fine, even though I wasn't married, or didn't have a boyfriend.

It had too me a long while – it was a couple weeks before I got up the nerve to tell my father, Charlie, that he was going to be a grandfather – to get used to the fact that I was pregnant with a child. And the fact that in less than nine months I was going to be a mother.

Alice told me, when I first found out, that I was going to be a wonderful mother. At that, I hugged her and told her that she was the best friend anyone could ever have.

She said thank you and hugged me back, whispering that everything would turn out in the end.

This is my story of the nine months in my life where I had to learn to become a grown up earlier than any one of my friends, with a few flashbacks.

And trust me, the beginning isn't pretty.


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Note: There isn't going to be any.. graphic scenes in this story, just thought I should let you know, because I don't like graphic scenes, and I am not very good at writing them. It's just going to be the mention of it.