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Movie Making Nightmare: Debts Suck!

Chapter 2: Konoha Roller Coaster Ride

It was a sun shiny day, with not a cloud in the violently blue sky. Bluebirds were chirping happily, flitting around on their little blue wings, carrying worms in their mouths that seemed to dance happily, even though they were just flying to their deaths in the little bluebird children's mouths. Speaking of kids, many human children took the day off from training to go play in the river or play tag in the trees, laughing loudly, arguing loudly, and doing so so often that these kids made Naruto, Lee AND Gai look as quiet as Sai, which made many wish to punt the little buggers clear across the village, though few had the strength except Tsunade and Sakura. The breeze ruffled the leaves on the trees surrounding Konohagakure, making the old trees seem to shush the playing children like five thousand grumpy old men.

A bunch of teenagers sat underneath a tree, their faces bright red and sweaty. The various kunai and shuriken, plus the many discarded headbands baring a metal plate engraved with a spiral leaf, surrounding the group marked them as Konohagakure ninjas. Some of the ninjas were in various states of undress, due to the wicked hot day and the previous training.

"You suck, Tenten," complained a pink haired girl with jade eyes, her hand glowing with green chakra as she healed a large boy with brown hair's arm as he munched some BBQ flavored chips.

"Hey! We were training and I…you know what…it's to hot for this…" a brown haired, caramel eyed girl replied, her voice trailing away weakly. Tenten was sitting on a branch in the tree, her side facing everyone. Her hair was up in two buns, and she was grateful that it was. Her white shirt was clinging uncomfortably to her back with sweat, but she wasn't like Ino, who was sitting below her with her shirt off and enjoying the breeze blowing through her bandages. Sakura had unzipped her shirt to the point were you could see a lot of cleavage. Tenten did roll up her sleeves, and watched as her water bottle was past around without her permission or before she could even drink from it, but it was too hot to argue.

"I agree. It is too hot. If only I could-" started the white eyed, blue haired girl who was the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, before getting cut off by her older cousin with black hair and lavender-white eyes.

"No," he stated simply. She sighed, and fell back against the tree she was sitting under, the trunk now supporting her weight. Both cousins were in their usual clothing. The girl, known as Hinata, was wearing a long sleeved, heavy weight zip-up hoodie and capri length sweat pants. Her sandals lay at her feet, and her hand twitched, wishing to unzip her hoodie even a little, but her cousin next to her wouldn't allow it.

While Hinata was drenched in sweat, her cousin Neji seemed unfazed, sitting in his stereotypical mediation. His long black hair tumbled down his back, and his white robes weren't dirty at all. Everything from his neck down was covered except his hands and his toes. He didn't even shed his sandals. The only sign Neji gave that he might have been hot was the fact that he took a small sip from Tenten's water bottle, before passing it to Hinata. His unfazed state left many of the others to wonder if the guy was human. I mean, humans natural sweat and get flushed and dirty when it's hot, not sit calmly like this pale guy in front of them.

In fact, Naruto, who the heat made suddenly take off his shirt making Hinata faint, asked just that. Well…he really jumped up from where he was sitting and yelled it. And he didn't get an answer other than the Hyuuga's famous retort of 'Hn', so the blonde just sat right down, while Neji used some more of Tenten's water to splash Hinata in the face, waking her up. Tenten sighed, growing thirstier by the minute, as she watched her water used up. She vaguely wondered why everyone was using her bottle, when most of the others brought their own.

"AH! AKAMARU! STOP LICKING ME!" Hinata screamed when the water hit her face. Hinata threw her torso upwards back into a sitting position. She blushed ferociously, but no seemed to bat an eye at her state…um…screamment. She had never truly out grown her shyness, stuttering and habit of fainting around Naruto, though she has made great improvements, but the others had grown used to her habits in the five years everyone had known each other.

A little squirrel started to shout angrily at a noisy woodpecker. "Look at that," Lee said, pointing to the squirrel. Lee was the only one who seemed to have any energy left. He was doing sit-ups, to impress his 'beautiful cherry blossom'.

"Reminds you of Pervy Sage and Granny Tsunade, doesn't it?" Naruto said with a grin.

"Anyone else think they do it?" Ino asked, much to the groan of everyone else in the group, except Lee who was to busy counting sit-ups. Meanwhile, two things happened. The woodpecker started to peck more noisily and the squirrel started to shout more.

"Reminds me more of Sakura and Ino," another male voice said, a barking laugh following. Kiba leaned back as Ino tried to backhand him in the face from where she sat, accidentally hitting Shino who had just jumped down from his branch above Tenten's head to get a sip of her water bottle which Kiba had. Even SHINO was so hot he had his coat unbuttoned a bit, but no one was paying attention to what his face FINALLY looked like.

In retaliation, Shino let a few of his bugs drop onto Ino's head, causing a chain reaction. The bugs made her scream like a banshee, which caused Kiba and Akamaru's ears to bleed in pain and Akamaru to jump into Naruto, who fell forwards into Hinata's breasts, which made Hinata faint, which made Neji throw Naruto off Hinata's form into Sakura, who was just standing up after healing Choji, so the blow knocked Sakura off her feet, and Chojo tried to catch Sakura as she fell, making Sakura land in Choji's lap, causing her to blush, while Naruto cried like a little girl clutched his balls which Sakura managed to kick, which made ever guy in the vicinity wince in sympathy pain.

A kunai flew threw the air, almost pinning a noisy, playful squirrel to the tree in sat on. It turned its head upwards to stare at the kunai in fright before scampering away to hide in its little cubby and shit in fear. "That'll be you guys if you all don't shut up!"

"Oh, Sasuke-kun! You're so cool!" Ino cried.

"Oh Sasuke-kun! Thank you so much!" Sakura said, climbing out of Choji's lap in a hurry, and effectively hitting him in the balls as well.

"Sakura, stay the hell away from me!" cried Kiba, blood still dripping from his ears, as Sakura charged towards him and behind him, Sasuke. Kiba's hands flew to his lower region, to protect the only thing guys care about on their bodies.

Tenten just sat there laughing at everyone's antics. Ino and Sakura had reverted back to their lovely little fangirl personalities when Sasuke had fought with the rest of them to defend the village against Pain. Everyone here managed to survive, but many, many good ninja like Kakashi had been lost. He was still greatly missed by Team Seven, who never talked about their mutual father-figure, comrade, teacher and friend. Nor did anyone talk about the days when Sasuke was in Orochimaru's molesting clutches.

The entire group heard someone approaching them and they all reacted accordingly. Ino grabbed Sasuke, while Sakura jumped in front to protect him. Kiba and Akamaru started to sniff the air like crazy and got in their stances. Shino's bugs crawled out of him and made a shield around Naruto and Choji, who were still dealing unfortunately with Sakura's hits. Lee got in his stance, while Neji picked up Hinata's still unconscious form to protect her. Tenten jumped down from the tree, landing in front of them all with eight kunai already summoned and ready for use.

A guy with a Konohagakure headband ran past Tenten, completely ignoring her. He stopped in the middle of the now relaxing group, and panted slightly.

"Hokage-sama…wishes…for…your…presence…now," he said. Everyone nodded, including the recently awoken Hinata, and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.


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