Disclaimer: This author does not own the characters of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.

The top teenage detectives meet up for the first time in an explosive international adventure of gold lust, betrayal, and murder.

NANCY DREW accepts what sounds like a straightforward case in New York: find out who has been threatening a college student. Upon her arrival, Nancy is baffled to learn that Raya Alvarez, a promising archeology scholar at Winchester University, has evidently disappeared into the jungle depths of the Yucatan. As Nancy tries to track down the clues to her whereabouts, she finds herself crossing paths with a mysterious duo who seemingly knows her moves before she makes them.


FRANK AND JOE HARDY are asked by the rich widow, Tessa Russo, to represent her as a potential investor in Gemsun Inc., a mining exploration company. Gemsun has reportedly found gold in Mexico, and only the very elite have been invited to buy shares in the company before it goes public. Everything is going according to plan when an unexpected inquiry into an archeological dig, led by an unknown detective, threatens to ruin it all.

As their investigations converge, the three sleuths find themselves heading for Mexico to search for answers. But when things start to go disastrously wrong in the tropics, it becomes clear that they'll have to work together in order to survive the deadly case of GOLD FEVER.