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The Original Gang

Zoe- The most popular girl in school and every boy wants her. Problem is, she likes only one, a long haired lone wolf. And her best guy friends are: Koji, Koichi, Takuya, J.P, and Tommy. Her best friends that are girls are: Emily, Melissa, Sarah, and Bridget. A friend from the past has come back, but only for one reason: TO HAVE ZOE! Is Zoe in trouble when she has finally found true love?

Koji- The most popular guy in school, and is totally surrounded 24/7 by fan girls. Here's the problem: he likes one blonde headed girl. His best guy friends are: Koichi, Takuya, J.P, and Tommy. His best friend that is a girl: Zoe. He is friends with her girl best friends, since they don't have crushes on him. He has finally found true love, but someone wants to take that away!

Takuya- Second most popular guy in school, and has almost as many fan girls as Koji. Soccer champion extraordinaire, he is the captain of the soccer team, but since soccer season is over, he gets to hang out with his best buds: Koji, Zoe, Koichi, J.P, and Tommy. He is also friends with Zoe's best friends, because they are nice. He might find true love of his own. But first, he has to help his best buddy in protecting his beloved.

J.P- Has lost weight since the Digital World, and he is as slim as Takuya and Koji. Because of that, he is the third most popular guy in school. But, you can't really say that he has a fan club of his own. His best buddies are: Takuya, Koichi, Zoe, Koji, and Tommy. He also has a crush on one of Zoe's best girl friends, which are also his friends. His love may have to wait, ZOE IS IN A MAJOR CRISIS!!!!!!!

Tommy- Surprisingly he is the fourth most popular guy in school. He is the star of the basketball team, and its beloved captain. The once little boy has become as tall as the rest of them, and has become more handsome. He has a fan club of freshman girls drooling over him. He may have problems for love, when one of Zoe's best girl friends has a crush on him. He will have to deal with that later because the girl that is like a sister to him is in trouble!

Koichi- Koji's big brother and fifth most popular guy in school. He is the co-captain of the soccer team, and he seems to have a fan club of his own. He also has his sights set on one of Zoe's girl best friends. He needs to put his feelings inside, because his little brother's love is in trouble!

Other Characters Included in Story That Play Medium Sized Roles

Emily- One of Zoe's best friends, second most popular girl in school, and she seems to have a crush on a certain brunette soccer player.

Melissa- Another of Zoe's best friends, third most popular girl in school, and she seems to have an interest in Koji's big brother.

Sarah- Another one of Zoe's best friends, fourth most popular girl in school, and a certain used-to-be chubby boy has his eyes on her.

Bridget- Zoe's freshman best friend, fifth most popular girl in school, and she has a puppy love crush on a certain star basketball player, who seems to like her back.

Gary- A hot-headed popular guy who seems to have the hots for our Zoe. But, one other hot head won't let him have her.

Marc- A new guy who seems to know Zoe. They're friends, but he wants to be more than just that. But, her new boyfriend will probably say "no can do".

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