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"Truth or dare, Ino?"

Ino looked thoughtful, then perked up. "I'll live dangerously!"

The other girls looked up at her, stunned. Did she just choose dare?


The other girls groaned. Ino always played 'Truth or Truth' instead of 'Truth or Dare'.

"C'mon, Ino! You never choose dare!" Hinata groaned. Truth was, all the girls were being very cautious at this particular sleepover, and there hadn't been a single dare in over an hour. And since the girls knew all about each other, they were kinda running out of ideas for questions.

"I'm scared! You people have very scary minds! And I should know!" Ino tapped Sakura's forehead nonchalantly, and she fumed.

"Come on, people! You know the rules! No killing in the house!" Hinata exchanged an exasperated look with Tenten, who jumped into the fight.

"Let's skip to Hinata! She'll choose dare for once!" she glanced at her white-eyed friend. "Right?"

"Yep!" Hinata nodded, and Tenten silently thanked her for being so quick to catch onto these little distractions that she always had at-the-ready should Ino or Sakura lose their temper.

"You two devils in disguise go ahead and choose a dare for Hinata while I go to the bathroom, okay?" Tenten picked herself up off the floor and walked out the door, and the other girls echoed 'okay'.

She would never have left if she knew what Hinata's dare would be...

When she walked back in, the other girls were in a tight circle, giggling together, and Tenten smiled as she realized her and Hinata's diversion worked to break the tension.

The girls looked back up as she squeezed next to Hinata and Sakura. "So, what'd I miss?"

"The best dare ever!" Ino and Sakura giggled as Hinata made a face.

"What was it?" Tenten laughed at Hinata's disgusted face.

"They made me lick the furnace duct." Hinata shuddered. "It was disgusting!"

"I wish I'd seen it! You couldn't have waited five minutes?" Tenten shoved Ino playfully.

"Poor Hinata was embarassed enough, we decided to minimize it a tiny bit and not wait for you or videotape it like we were going to." Sakura grinned and exchanged a sly look and high five with Ino, her partner in crime.

Tenten opened her mouth to scold Ino and Sakura, but was stopped by a knock on the door. A servant opened the door with drinks. "You asked for refreshments, Hinata-sama?"

"Yes, thank you." Hinata nodded, and the servant smiled at the girls and handed them the four glasses of purple juice, then exited the room with a respectful nod.

"Wow, Hinata. Why'd you ask for Kool Aid?" Tenten tapped the glass. "Do you have any idea how much sugar is in this?"

"She was hoping maybe sugar would rot Sakura's brain so she could be smartest." Ino answered smartly.

"I am smartest!" Hinata retorted, pushing Ino, who bumped into Sakura.

Who spilled her drink all over Tenten's shirt.

"Oh my gosh! Now look what you made me do Ino!" Sakura shrieked, pushing Ino away and scooting away from the purple juice on the floor.

"It's okay, guys. I expected something to happen, so I brought an extra shirt and pants. No biggie!" Tenten assured them, although she really was quite mad at them for ruining her top. Purple, despite Ino's protests, was not her best color.

She sighed and stood up carefully, examining the damage. Like most shirts did when wet, her shirt was getting rather see-through, so there was no doubt that she had to change. Ignoring the other girls' snickers, she carefully unbuttoned her shirt and pants.

It was only after she was standing in the middle of the floor in her underwear did she realize something kinda important.

"Where's my bag?" she turned on her heel and stared at her suspicious friends with her hands on her hips.

"Well, you see, Tenten, my dare wasn't to lick the furnace duct..." Hinata started, and Ino and Sakura fell over laughing.

"Talk faster or I'll tie you to Naruto's bed and leave him a bad note." Tenten threatened, and Ino and Sakura laughed louder as Hinata turned beet-red.

"It was to take your bag." Hinata grinned maliciously and held up the green backpack.

Tenten scoffed. "There's a fatal flaw in your ingenious plan here. There's nothing in that backpack I need back anytime soon. I can just stay in this room in my wet clothes until they dry." she smirked.

"Oh, really? I guess I could read this book, then... even though it's clearly marked diary-"


"Eep!" Hinata slung the backpack over her shoulder and took off out the door, jumping down the stairs.

Tenten hesitated, well aware that she was in her underwear, but another taunt from Hinata- "Hey, Neji! I have a book for you to read!"- turned her face scarlet and sent her running without another thought.

"Give that back!" she plucked her diary out of Hinata's hands. "You are the most un-" she stopped mid-rant and stared at the other person in the hallway, whose entire face was unusually red.

"N-Neji!" she stuttered, glaring daggers at Hinata as she smirked. "I-I can explain... this..." she glanced down at herself self-conciously.

"S-sure..." Did Neji just stutter? was the only thought running across Tenten's mind (that is, unless you count Hinata is so dead and please kill me now as thoughts...).

"I guess my work here is done..." Hinata smirked and tossed Tenten her bag, whispering into her ear, "Never bring Naruto-kun into a fight of ours."

"U-um..." Tenten blushed harder, holding her bag across her chest protectively. "I-I guess I'll go- eep!" she squeaked as Neji grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him and captured her lips in a kiss.

It lasted only a split second, but it seemed like forever to Tenten, and when they broke apart she was smiling, totally lost in dreamland.

"Sorry... I don't know what came over me..." Neji mumbled, blushing and turning around to leave. "By the way... you're really pretty." He tossed over his shoulder coolly before he walked off.

"T-thanks..." Tenten whispered, clutching her bag and starting up the stairs.

"Have I got a story for you tonight, diary..." she whispered, smiling.

How many girls can say they got their first kiss in their underwear?

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