Title: Lollipops and Crocodile Tears

Disclaimer: I don't claim to own Harry Potter. Go me.

Date: Wednesday, February 13

Summary: Harry Potter never claimed to be normal, but one night on Privet Drive turned his not so normal life into a story worth telling.

Notes: I felt I should start posting a chapter or two of this story every week. I originally planned not to post anything until the story was completely finished. I decided to post one chapter, see the response, and if it's good enough post the next chapter by next week.

All of the chapters are short, unbetaed, and could possibly be considered drabbles.

I hope you enjoy!

Always Love,



"Shush, Diddy. It's time for bed."

"I don' wanna!"

"The sooner you go to bed, the sooner comes breakfast!"

"I wan' breakfast now!"

"Aunt Petunia?"

A shaky voice sounded from the doorway. The bony woman looked up at the scrawny boy standing in the doorway. Her horse like features twisted in disgust at being interrupted by her nephew.

"Yes, Boy, what is it?" She asked hastily from her spot on the bed, "It best be good."

He hesitated under her glare, "I, um…Aunt Petunia. There's something outside."

Petunia stiffened and looked the boy over.

He was terrified.

Her brow furrowed and she stood, "What do you mean, something? What is it?"

"Mummy!" The large child in the bed wailed, "I don't want him in here!"

She glanced between the two children, "Show me what it was, Harry."

She pushed past the startled child and into the hallway. Harry seemed to shake himself as he followed her.

"Outside, it was on the lawn…" Harry trailed off and shivered.

Petunia felt the hairs on the back of her long neck stand on end. They were at the stair landing when she heard the low rasp coming from the ground floor. She tensed.

Someone is in the house!

She instinctually grabbed the six year old by the hand, and pulled him along behind her as she ran to her own bedroom.

"Vernon, Vernon!" She hissed at her husband, shaking him lightly. The man snorted, but he continued to snore.

It was even colder now. She could see her breath.

"Aunt Petunia!" The boy's shriek broke her from her thoughts, "It's there! In the doorway! Aunt Petunia!"

Harry gasped as his knees buckled. Her husband had sat up in bed at his nephew's scream.

"Harry!" She turned. Petunia gasped at the sight of the boy on the ground and holding his head.

"Pet, what's going on? Why it so cold?!" The round man asked.

Petunia was staring at the doorway. That was what the boy had said, in the door?

I'm sorry, but your parents didn't survive the crash…

Petunia breathed in deeply. Harry could see the, the things. Whatever they were.


Memories, they bring your worst memories. And cold. A bone chilling cold that seeped through your skin.

"They guard Azkaban prison, Lily. Being assigned that fate is worse than death."

"Dementor. Vernon! Vernon, it's a dementor."

She looked back at her husband.

Petunia screamed.