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Date: Saturday, November 1

Notes: I'm so sorry for the long wait. And I know that this was hardly worth it. I've been really tired lately and I'm having a block. Do any of you have any ideas for a really short AU of this story? Or even any other ideas? I really want to get excited about writing again.

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Always Love



"Put me down, Caleb!"

Sirius tightened his grip. Harry pouted.

"Mrs. Smith, what brings you here?"

"I'd like to ask the same thing." She asked stepping up towards them.

"Crevan! It's brilliant to see you, mate!" Andrew laughed, pulling away from his mother.

"Mum, who're they?" The girl asked in surprise, " I thought we didn't know anyone, here."

"Beth, this is the Hart family. Andrew and Crevan went to school together."

"What in the world brought you three to Boston?"



Connor and Caleb glanced at each other. Crevan piped in, "It's great to see you!"

It actually worked.

"Oh, you, too, Crevan!" Mrs. Smith said, hugging the boy tightly. Crevan maneuvered so he wasn't suffocated between the combined weight of his clothes and the woman.

Connor sighed in relief, "So, Beth, how's the new school?"

An awkward silence settled.

"Erm, it's good. Really different."

"Big change, eh?" Caleb laughed.

"I guess."

A thicker snow began to fall. Andrew sneezed.

"Where are you three staying?"

"It's just a few blocks away. Would you like to come in and have something to eat?"

"We wouldn't want to intrude." Mrs. Smith hedged fiddling with her shopping bag.

"No, we were planning on having to order out, anyway. We're more likely to start a fire than to cook something edible."

"Speak for yourself, Caleb." Connor told his brother. Mrs. Smith laughed.

"God, I forgot how entertaining you three are. Why not? We've got nothing to do."

"It's this way."

The group began to trudge back toward the apartment complex. The wind stung their ears as the storm picked up.

"So, how's your Aunt?" Connor asked.

"She's decent. I think she was mostly just lonely. But she's also good friends with the Headmistress."

"Really? Want to pull some strings for us?" Caleb winked. Beth coughed pointedly.

"Um," she started, "It's a boarding school. You might not like it."

Connor stopped and Crevan walked into him.

You've got to be kidding me, Albus.

"You don't go to the Institute, Beth?" Connor gaped. Caleb turned to face the girl in surprise.

"What! How would you know of it?"

"Merlin, Crev. You're quite the Muggleborn Magnet, aren't you?