A/N: This is my original take of a Naruto x Sakura romance. It's a little bit different from what people normally do but I thought some would appreciate the originality. If there are any Fics like this out there, I have yet to see or read them. This is the only story I'm going to write in 1st person because generally I dislike that method of storytelling but it suits this Fic and adds to the drama in my opinion.

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Things You Might Need To Know: Naruto and Sakura are brother and sister and they live together at the Haruno Household. The Kyuubi is still inside Naruto but Minato is the Father to both of them. Sakura is 19 while Naruto is only 17, almost everything else is the same as the manga but remember they were only 15-16 in the manga so other events might have progressed since then, mainly Akatsuki.


Flash Back


Chapter 1: Life We Chose

It was a cold rainy day and the wind blew in my face as I walked home. Today was a rather uneventful day but at least I could look forward to a quiet evening with my family. Tsunade had been giving me low ranked missions ever since my last scuffle with the Akatsuki.

I wonder why she's making such a big deal about this, I defeat Kakuzu in one jutsu and Kisame and Zetsu were no different, I think I can handle myself. I sighed, she's probably just worried about me after all its down to just Itachi and Konan.

A voice breaks me from my thoughts and I look up to see Jiraiya standing in front of me.

" What are you doing here Ero-Senin ?" I ask him in confusion.

He looks at me in irritation before he repeats himself, " Listen kid, I talked to Tsunade and we got a big mission tomorrow, I came to warn you ahead of time so you're prepared".

My face lit up with excitement at his words, if Jiraiya was involved and even he thinks it's a big mission then there's going to be plenty of action. The awfully boring C and D ranked missions have been making me go insane.

" What are we going to do ?" I asked him feeling the anticipation for his next words make me clench my fist in hope.

" We found Itachi and we're going to finish him off, once and for all" His words were solemn but I was overfilled with joy. A chance to fight against a Missing Nin of his caliber was something to be wary about but despite the danger this fight could only make me stronger.

At the same time I was curious to see what good ol' Ero-Senin could do, I have yet to see him fight seriously he's always too busy showing off and striking poses.

" Where should I meet you so we can leave tomorrow ?" I chirped, the excitement was all too clear in my voice and demeanor which caused Jiraiya to just shake his head in discontent.

"This is going to be the most dangerous mission you've ever been on, don't get cocky or careless otherwise you'll end up dead." A smiled crept up on his face.

" And believe it or not, I'm kinda use to hearing that big mouth of yours so make sure it stays that way".

I smiled back, as much as Jiraiya yells at me and ditches me for cheap woman I could still tell I was precious to him, " Don't worry Ero-Senin, this future Hokage isn't going anywhere" I beamed as I pointed to myself with my thumb.

He only shook his head at my antics but it livened the mood and that's all I really wanted.

" Well go home and rest up, its raining pretty bad and the last thing we need is for you to catch a cold" He said as he walked past me.

" Right, see you tomorrow, at the usual place ?" I asked as I looked back to see his answer.

He simply nodded and jumped away. I turned around and ran home with a new spring in my step. I couldn't wait to tell everyone the news, well at least my big sister. Mom wasn't too fond of me going on missions and was very unsupportive of just about everything I did.

I tried not to think about it as I saw my house come into view, I sprinted full speed for the finishing stretch and threw open the door.

The lights were on but I didn't see anyone home, I took a step in and took off my sandals.

" Anyone home ?" I shouted, not use to seeing the house look so empty.

"Why would you ask such a silly question ?" a cold feminine voice replied

I looked around the corner to see my mom walking down the stairs, "Hey Mom" I greeted but she just gave me a look of disapproval.

" You're soaked and your getting the floor wet" She said with a frown.

I groaned, " I'm glad to see you too" I said sarcastically under my breath as I took off my wet shirt and took it to the laundry room.

My mom and I didn't get along very well, I didn't know why for the longest time but eventual Sakura broke down and explained everything to me.

No one took the time to tell us who our father was so it didn't occur to me that she might have had a reason to dislike me so much. It just hurt all the more when you grow up in a village where everyone hates you and your mother tells you they have all the right to.

The demon inside of me is what ruined my life and after I found out I cursed its existence every day I drew breath. Never once did I stop to question who was the person that sealed him inside of me and when I did I still didn't think too much of it.

All I knew was that the Yondaime was a great man and the one who saved the village at my expense. I didn't hate him for it, actually I was somehow honored that I was chosen even if it meant I had to bare a great burden. As sad as it was it made me feel like I was special even though it wasn't the good kind.

I remember that day when I found out the truth. Sakura had just told me about the Yondaime and I looked at her in confused and asked how he died. She was the one who told me about the Kyuubi but that was a long time ago and I didn't know why she was bringing the Yondaime up again. I can never forget her next words because she chose them so carefully.

/-// FLASH BACK //-/

I was wondering what was going on in my house, Sakura had been in a very bad mood all afternoon and I couldn't figure out why. She was running around Konoha all day long going to the Library and then to Hokage Tower and back again.

I was worried about her but she wouldn't talk about it so I just went on with my daily routine. When I got home this evening she was in the kitchen arguing with mom about something, they both were red in the face as if they had been yelling.

As Soon as they both saw me they stopped immediately and there was an awkward silence that lasted for a long time. I wanted to ask what happened but something told me it was bad news so I put away my gear and headed to my room.

About 15 minutes later I heard a soft tap on the door, " come in" I said without paying too much attention to who it was.

Sakura walked in, her eyes were red and puffy as if she had been crying and she sat down on my bed next to me without saying a word. I looked at her with concern, " What's wrong ? Did Mom do something ?".

She shook her head, " It's about you and father".

I froze, mom had always refused to talk about our father and no matter how hard we begged she never gave in so I just let it go. The most we got about him was complaints that he left us for 'them'.

" Well it turns out that someone sealed the Kyuubi inside of you.." tears started to stream down her face.

"… And that person did so to save the village because the Kyuubi couldn't be killed and it was going to crush Konoha. So he sacrificed his life so that the demon could be stopped but the only way to do so was to put him in a child" she said pausing so I could soak in what she said.

"The Yondaime died because of me?" I asked her still confused and now feeling a little guilty. She already told me he sealed the Kyuubi inside of me but I didn't know he died in the process.

" NO ! Not because of you.." She quickly corrected, but took a moment to swallow the lump in her throat.

" Its not your fault, he did it for the lives of everyone , so that the village could continue to exist and generation after generation could call this place home" She said as she put her arms around me and started sobbing into my chest quietly.

" Then what happened to our father? The way mom talks about him she makes it sound like he ran away without her" I asked

"He's dead" She answered bluntly

" What? What happened to him ?! How did he die!" I panicked getting too riled up in the tragic news.

"He passed away when he sealed the Kyuubi away in his only son who he loved more than his own life" she answered quietly still holding me tight.

I froze when she spoke those words, I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even notice the tears that were falling from my cheeks.


I practically died of shock that night. There were just so many emotions running through me at the moment, fear, guilty, regret, anger, sorrow. I didn't know what to feel but finally anger took hold of me.

I don't think I would have survived if Sakura wasn't holding on to me so tightly, I was so shook up that I wanted to die from the grief. But she was there for me to lean on and we helped each other out. We were each others support and we didn't leave each others side that night. We slept in each others arms that night our cheeks soaked from weeping for out forgotten father and our mother who was so pained by the loss of him that she refused to utter his name.

At first I was mad at my mother for keeping it a secret and I was mad at the village for forgetting why I was the demon's keeper. Not because they thought that I myself was a demon and not because they thought it wanted to possess me but for the sake of saving their ungrateful hides.

I harbored a lot of malice towards the village after that but thanks to Sakura I was able to let it go and forgive them for what they had done. Sakura had been my shield and my sword my whole life and I don't know what I would do without her.

It was obvious that my mother felt some disdain towards me for indirectly being the reason her husband died. I could tell she tried to hide it and didn't want to hurt me but it was as clear as the moon in the night's sky.

She could never love me the same way she loved Sakura because every time she looked at me she saw my father and I reminded her of the reason he wasn't with her anymore. I pitied her more than anything, she had to deal with his sacrifice for the rest of her life while everyone pretended like it didn't even happen.

I finished drying off my shirt as much as I could and I threw my pants in a basket with them. I walked up the stairs in nothing but my boxers up to my room so I could get dressed and eat dinner.

" Hi Naruto-kun, I didn't know you were back so soon" Sakura chimed as she walked up to me and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her and deepened the embrace, sometimes it felt like she was the only person in the world that loved me unconditionally.

" Yeah it was another boring mission but I have big news for you. I'm going to go get dressed first though, but I'll see you at dinner' I told her as I parted ways and headed to my small room.

" Okay hurry up, mom made stew and you don't want yours to get cold" She warned me as she headed down the stairs.

I smiled, always like Sakura to be worrying about me. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a clean pair of pants and a plain white shirt. I was pretty hungry and stew was one of the few things mom made well.

I moved through the hallway and jumped down the stairs before dashing to the table were Sakura was waiting for me before she started eating. Mom walked over and took a seat at the head of the table as she started eating.

Sakura just frowned as she watched mom ignore my presence but looked back at me and offered me a smile telling me to not pay attention to her. I sometimes think that mom only kept me around for Sakura's sake.

We both started to eat quickly until Sakura broke the silence. "Soooo, What were you going to tell me earlier ? she asked clearly very interested.

" I've got a big mission with Ero-Senin and we're going to track down Itachi tomorrow !"

A frown grew on Sakura's face, " Naruto-kun that's a very dangerous mission and Itachi is one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. This won't be like the fight with Kakuzu, Itachi doesn't fight fair and he uses a lot of genjutsu which is your weakness!"

The look on her face changed from worry to a stern annoyance, " I don't think you should go at all. In fact I forbid you to go on such a foolish mission!" She said turning her head away from me and crossing her arms as if to emphasize the fact that her demands were final.

I gave her the same pleading look I always did when she started to go off on her mothering rants about how missions were too dangerous. She refused to look directly at me so I figured I was going to have to beg.

" But Sakura-chan.." I started off in the most childish voice I could muster.

" But nothing Naruto-kun ! I refuse to have my baby brother put his life on the line for no good reason. Hmph !" She huffed out as she tilted her head up higher as to show me this was non-negotiable.

I looked towards my mom who seemed to be indifferent about the whole situation. She didn't really approve of me being a ninja but she didn't care if my life was at stake, it was more like she didn't want me to be like my father because she didn't believe I could live up to his name.

And to her living in his shadow and ruining his good name was worse than me trying to be a ninja and dying. I looked back at Sakura who was giving me a stern look, " Why would you even want to do such a thing ?" she asked me looking very confused and hurt at the same time.

" Because Akatsuki has to pay for what they did to Gaara and they'll come after me eventually so its better we take care of them now" I said desperately trying to reason with her.

" Its not your problem Jiraiya-Sama is strong enough, I don't see why you need to go. They wanted to catch you in the first place so you should be staying as far away from them as possible !" She retorted

She got me there and I knew there really wasn't a good reason that would make her back down. I knew nothing bad was going to happen especially not with Jiraiya there but I couldn't convince her of that.

I sighed in defeat, " Sakura-chan its too late to get out of the mission its already official, You can talk to Baa-chan if you want I'm sure she'll give you all kinds of reasons why I'm going"

She gave me a skeptical look, Tsunade was a very reasonable person and wouldn't put my life at stake if she could help it so she backed down. She still didn't like the idea but she decided there was nothing she could do about it either way.

" So Sakura, how has training with Tsunade-Sama been going ?" Their mother cut in, not really wanting to hear any more about Naruto's mission.

Sakura took a second to reply as she was still focusing on Naruto's safety, " Oh, its been fine I've assisted in some major procedures last week which was a great experience but I might have to start spending more time at the hospital soon".

" Tsunade-Sama says I'm her most gifted pupil and she wants me to take over a wing of the hospital eventually. I'm not quite sure if I'm up to the task yet but I'm willing to try, I just don't want to be away from you guys I'd miss you too much" as she said the last part she turned towards Naruto.

There was sadness in her eyes and a pleading hope that made Naruto wonder if she was hinting towards the mission again.

"Well honey that's great, don't worry about me I'll be fine without you as long as you're safe I won't worry. I just want you to pursue a career for yourself so you can live a happy life" She told Sakura with a smile.

" Mother a career won't make me happy, you can live a lavished life but if you're alone it won't matter. I want a career but that's not what's most important to me" She answered with a slight frown.

Mom just stared at her as if she was speaking in tongues, " Don't say things like that Sakura, I know you're a young girl and like all young girls your age you think you need a prince to come save you but you don't. You can't live your life chasing after a dream, if you find a man then good for you but you have to focus on your future first".

She sipped her wine before continuing, " You have too much potential to end up being someone's housewife, Sakura I know you can accomplish great things and to do so you have to be ready to make some sacrifices".

" Mother I don't want to spend my whole life trying to make you happy, I know what I want and I know what I can accomplish so I would appreciate it if you mind your own business" She snapped.

The look on her face was priceless, to say she was in shock was an understatement. Sakura had never once talked to their mother like that yet alone yelled and this time there was a long silence at the table.

I watched the two of them in fear of what would happen next. I definitely didn't see a fight coming not with the way mom kisses the ground Sakura walks on. I stared back at my food, I was just about done and the awkward silence was killing me.

" I'm going to my room !" Sakura declared as she stood up and marched upstairs. I looked at my mom who still hadn't recovered from what Sakura said to her. I thought it would be best to stay out of it seeing as she would probably take it out on me if I tried to interfere.

I brought my empty bowl to the kitchen and placed it in the sink before running up stairs to avoid my mother's foreseeable wrath. Exhaustion was taking over me and I treaded to my room so I could get some sleep.

I flicked the light on and walked over to my bed were I let my body fall on the soft mattress. I couldn't help but feel nervous thinking about my big day tomorrow. Sakura had actually gotten into my head at dinner and I was doubting myself a little bit.

Truth be told I had all right to be nervous, Itachi was a terrifying mass murderer with a natural talent for illusions and a lethal bloodline trait. I ran into the man only a few times in my life but each time he nearly killed me, or effortlessly captured me into his trap.

I really didn't have a battle strategy for tomorrow and I couldn't think well under stress, the best thing I could do was detach myself from the situation and try to think of it if I weren't going to be on the front lines.

Jiraiya was going to be with me so I shouldn't be scared but even so I don't want to cause more damage then good by constantly being helpless. It was true I was terrible with genjutsu but maybe he wouldn't get a chance to use them on me with Jiraiya there as well to keep him busy.

At this point I really don't know if he's going to have backup either, this mission was really starting to stress me out now. I had no clue what I was running into and to make things worse Itachi could still want to harvest the Kyuubi.

I ran my hands through my hair as I thought of jutsus that would benefit me in battle. Itachi could use Fire, Water, and possible more if he copied jutsus like Kakashi. I rubbed my temples, there was no way I could sleep lf I was going to be like this all night.

Thinking that a little rest my help I got up and took off my shirt, opting to sleep in the black ninja pants since they were so comfortable. I tried to just forget about it and turned off the lights as I laid back down in my bed.

Jiraiya would have something planned out for us so I shouldn't worry about it, I hate when I let Sakura get inside my head. I rolled over and tried to get comfortable but sleep wouldn't come.

I sighed, I wonder if Sakura is alright it's not like her to get upset like that. She rarely yelled although she would hit me from time to time but mostly because I was being stupid or looking at girls when she was with me.

She's always there to lend an ear when I need her so I should at least go check up on her. I rolled out of bed and walked out of my room, the hallway was quiet and I could tell my mom went to bed a long time ago. She couldn't stay up much longer than 10 and that was with the help of coffee so she was probably passed out by now.

I crept towards Sakura's room and looked under the door to see if she was still up. Sure enough I could see a faint light glowing from inside. I knocked on the door lightly and I heard her voice beckoning me to come in.

I opened it slowly and stepped inside, she was sitting on her bed with a book in hand with the small lamp on her nightstand turned on. She was in her pajamas which consisted of grey sweat pants and a tight white top that was too small for her to wear outside of the house.

" Hey Naruto-Kun" She said with a smiled as she patted a spot on her bed telling me to sit there. I walked over to her and took a seat right next to her, the same spot I always sat in when we had serious discussions.

" What's up ?" She asked as she looked at my face knowing that something was wrong.

" I just wanted to check up on you, its not like you to freak out on Mom like that" I said with a chuckle as I waited for her to answer me.

She just giggled with me and took a deep breath, " It's nothing to worry about I'm just tired of her telling me how to live me life. It's like she wants me to live out her dreams for her so she can feel better about herself and its selfish and petty".

" She should be helping us achieve our dreams not coaching us to live out hers" She looked deep into my eyes, " There's something else bothering you, I can tell".

I gulped down a hard lump in my throat, should I tell her I'm nervous or will that only make matters worse. I look into her luscious emerald eyes and I knew I couldn't lie to her, it was like she could see right into my soul.

" I'm a littler nervous about the mission, I was fine earlier but you got me thinking and now I'm not so sure of myself" I confessed as I looked away from her. I was suppose to be the strong one, the one to protect us both but now I was like a little kid afraid of the dark.

" Aww I'm sorry" She said as she put her arm around me.

" I didn't mean to make you doubt yourself, I was just worried about you. Listen, if anyone can stop Itachi it's you and Jiraiya-Sama okay ? I want you to be confident I just want you to be safe too" She comforted me.

I looked back at her, her eyes were filled with love and concern and it brought me strength.

" Thanks Sakura-chan, I really needed to hear that"

" Your welcome Naruto-kun, and its true so you shouldn't be thanking me. If I say anything like that again just ignore me, I just get protective of you sometimes. You're all I have Naruto-kun and I don't want to lose you too" She said as she hugged me.

I was blown away by her love for me, I sometimes wished I could be there for her to protect her like she does for me. I hugged her back with all I had hoping that one day I could find a way to return all the kindness and affection she's shown me over the years.

" I don't want to lose you either Sakura-chan, you're the only person that loves me for me and I would do anything for you!" I shout to her nearly breaking down in tears. She was the only person who could get me emotional because she was the first person to love me.

" Then be careful tomorrow and don't do anything brash, okay ?" She said parting from me and looking me in the face.

I nodded, I stopped myself from losing my cool in front of my big sister even though she wouldn't care if I did shed a tear. Still I was too prideful to do such a thing especially in front of her.

She put her hand on my shoulder as we smiled at each other, simply content with each others company.

" You seem really tense, you've been stressing over the mission haven't you ?" She guessed.

I nodded again, she always knew no matter how bad I tried to hide it.

I looked at her with interest, she seemed to be deep in thought as she was looking away from me while biting down on her bottom lip nervously.

She looked back at me, " Do you trust me ?" She asked softly.

"What ?" I said in confusion. What kind of question is that and what does that have to do with anything. It seemed pretty random but I guess she knows what she is doing, she graduated top of her class at the academy anyway. I unfortunately didn't follow in her shoes and was as the bottom of mine.

" Do you trust me ?" She asked again but louder this time and with more conviction in her voice.

" With my life" I answered now feeling the need to show my faith in my big sister.

" Alright then do exactly as I say and just relax ,okay ?" She said giving me one last look.

" Yeah, I promise" I assured her curious to what she had in mind.

" Okay, stand up and close your eyes and don't open them until I say so. And whatever you do stay quiet, I don't want to wake mom up" She told me.

I obeyed without question. It was an odd request but I truly did mean what I said to her and didn't think anything of it. I stood there for a moment wondering what she was doing. I heard her walk to the other side of the room and grab something from her dresser which she placed on the bed.

Then she left the room altogether and I think she went to the bathroom from the sound of her footsteps. She soon returned again and stopped in front of me, I was getting anxious to find out what she was planning.

She had preformed medical jutsus on me before like this without telling me and without giving me fair warning if she knew I was going to reject her help, but not once before had she made me close my eyes.

I waited for a few more minutes as she shift around the room and then I heard a small click which meant she locked the door. Mom tended to get mad when she was up late especially if It was benefiting me in any way. I sighed as I thought of how my mom just flat out didn't like me.

My thoughts were stopped when I felt her soft warm hands hook into the hem of my pants before pulling them down to my ankles. I shuttered at the action but didn't think too much into it. She had seen me in my boxers all the time since I rarely wore clothes in the mornings and I wasn't shy about it.

Mom yelled at me half the time to put clothes on because on days were we didn't have missions I would just stay in my boxers all day eating , sleeping and just all around being lazy.

I wanted to ask her what she was doing but I held my tongue because I promised I wouldn't say anything. I took a deep breathe as I wait for her to finish whatever it was that she was doing.

Then without warned I felt her tug on the sides of my boxers, slowly but steadily she pulled them down. This is when I began to panic, out of instinct I wanted to cover myself and I started to but I stopped halfway and let me arms return to my sides.

If this was a test I was going to fail, she must have a good reason for doing this I know she does. I shivered a little bit as the cool air touched my exposed manhood. A second or two past by before I felt her soft hands wrap around my shaft.

I nearly jumped out of my skin at her gentle touch, I wasn't expecting anything of the sort to happen and now she was soothingly stroking me. I was petrified as I felt the blood rushing down to my semi erect penis.

Why is she doing this ? What possible explanation could she have for something as wrong as this !! I tried to remain calm as I felt my erection grow to its full length. I felt her hand press against my bare chest and she pushed me back.

I fell on the bed and I heard the mattress springs creak meaning she sat down besides me. Her hand had yet to leave me member as she stroked it with a tighter grip now.

" You can open your eyes now " She informed me.

I sat up and slowly opened my eyes hoping that I wouldn't find my sisters hand on my erection but sadly I could not escape the truth. I watched her hand move tenderly up and down my shaft in horror.

" Why are you doing this ?" I asked her once I finally gained the courage to speak up.

" You're too tense to go into a life-threaten mission tomorrow, this is an exercise that will release tension and relieve stress. It works faster than doing a full body massage and it achieves around the same effects. It also releases serotonin and prolactin in the brain which will help you sleep and put you in a better mood" She answered as she continued fondling me.

( Now you can't say I haven't taught you anything haha )

" Oh ", was all I could come up with.

I didn't know how to argue with that logic but I still wasn't too fond of the idea of my sister jerking me off. I looked over at her face, she had a peacefully expression with a caring smile as if she was working her healing charms on a small child.

" This doesn't gross you out at all ?" I asked still not understanding how she was doing something like this with a smile on her face.

" I'd do anything for you if it would help you or possibly save your life. If doing this increases your chances of success by only 1 I'd still gladly do it." She said as she removed her hand.

I felt guilty now, she was being selfless yet again and I was too busy being childish about it too really think how she must feel. She was the one doing it after all and I don't think I would have had the courage to do the same thing to her even if I know she needed it.

She reached over to grab something behind her and I couldn't help but miss her warm soft hand on my member, it was chilly in the room and I wanted her to warm me up.

I blushed at my thoughts, even though she told me there was nothing sexual about it I still felt guilty now because I was doing things of a sexual natural with my older sister.

I looked over to her as she squirted some lotion into her palms and rubbed them together before grabbing my throbbing erection and rubbing it in. Pre-cum had already started to leak out but it wasn't as good as the scented lotion she rubbed me with.

I let out a sigh and allowed myself to relax as she tightened her grip on my shaft and ran her hand faster along it. She started to rub my head with the pad of her thumb as her small hand stoked me feverously.

Her other hand caringly cupped my balls and she rubbed and played with them at the same time. My breathing had picked up now, she was so good at this I couldn't believe how she was making me feel.

She began to twist her wrist sharply as her hand reached my head and she quickened the pace yet again so that she was tugging on me with more enthusiasm then before. I looked at her face to see a look of determination, as she gently squeezed my balls over and over again.

I moaned at her every touch, I didn't know how long I could hold it in. She removed her hand from under me and brought it to my shaft as they both stroked me in opposite directions. One rubbing exclusively on my head and twisting up with her thumb brushing against the sensitive bottom side.

While the other worked the base of the shaft handling it with much more force but still not going over the limit, stroking up and down at a high speed while she tighten and loosened her grip over and over again.

" Does this feel good ?" She asked innocently breaking the long silence that had been filled with my grunts of pleasure.

" Yes" I moan out as I felt the pressure building up in my shaft, the burning desire to achieve release calls out to me and I almost give in. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to prolong the inevitable.

The pressure built up to the point were I felt my juices collecting in my member trying to flow out. Pre-cum was leaking out rapidly and I knew even with complete concentration I could only hold on for a few more minutes at best.

" Naruto-kun !"

I cracked open one of my eyes and looked at her. She was smiling at me with the look she gave me when I did something stupid that she thought was cute.

" The whole reason for me doing this is so you cum, if you hold it you're just making things harder on yourself" she explained.

I felt so stupid at that point, I don't know why but I was trying to impress her I guess. The whole time she was doing it I was picturing someone else there with me. I guess I got so caught up I forgot it was only my big sister with me.

I smiled at her and even though I still felt unease doing this with her I decided I shouldn't take her help for granted. Without warning she gave me one last hard tug that sent me over the edge and I exploded with great force.

Cum shot up like water from a geyser and went up high before gravity brought it down. My seed landed all over her hands as she cradled my manhood while it jerked and twitched sporadically shooting ropes of hot sticky semen into the air.

I let out a sigh of relief as I finished but I looked at her hand in dismay. Her small delicate fingers were covered in dripping globs of my cum. I bashfully looked away fearing that she would be disgusted by it.

I reluctantly look up at her to see her cleaning off her hands with tissue. Relief washed over me as she finished wiping off her hands and got up to dispose of the used tissues into her small garbage can next to her desk.

I stood up and pulled my boxers and pants up and looked at my feet sheepishly. The whole experience was really weird and I don't think I can shake off the eerie feeling I got when I came all over her hands. She walked back over to me with a warm smile on her face.

" Do you feel better now ?" She asked already knowing the answer to her question.

" Yeah" I said defeated yet again, I let me eyes slowly meet hers. She walked up to me and grabbed my hands intertwining her fingers with mine.

" Don't let what I did make you feel ashamed. It's only natural that you enjoyed that and there was nothing romantic about it. I did it because you are important to me and because I think it will help you stay focused and safe. You're my baby brother and I love you very much understand ?" She said tilting her head so her forehead touched mine while looking into my eyes again forcing me to raise my head up from its shamed position..

" Yes Sakura-chan" I answered like a child trying to appease his mother.

" Good, now go to bed you have a big day tomorrow" She said as she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the forehead. An affectionate act which she claims I will never be too big for.

I smiled and gave her a hug before returning to my room. The kiss on the forehead made me forget about the awkwardness of the situations. Since as long as I could remember Sakura would kiss me on the forehead whenever she was proud of me and up until this day the act brought happiness to my heart.

She was the only person who would ever encourage me and the simple act meant more to me than anything else. I jumped into my bed and pulled the sheets up to my chin.

Whatever tomorrow was going to bring I would be ready for it.

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