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He's gone... just like that.

"I don't love you anymore I don't want you." was the last thing he said to me. I stood there in the woods like I was some type of idiot that was waiting for something to happen as tears fell down my face.

-25 years later-

That was about 25 years ago and I was no longer that weak human Bella; I'm now a powerful, strong vampire. I am part of the Volturi in which have welcomed me with open arms and as time went by they made me second in command; I was like the daughter they never had. I did do a lot of hunting for them and killing as well; which don't bug me as much as it use to. I still looked the
same as I did as a human; I could still sleep and eat like one. So I was a profitable spy for them as well.

But today I was to be turn to a new type of vampire, not like the ones that I lived with; no they were day vampires so they could go out in the day without trouble.

I was becoming a night vampire to better suit by future husband, Kaname Kuran. He is the future king of the night and I was to be both queen of the night and day by his side. This matrimony was the only way for both vampires to live together peacefully, but there was no true love between Kaname and I.

We did care for each other, but more like brother and sister kind of love. He was handsome I gave him that, and kind. Eva and Jordan, my son and daughter seem to like him and he loves them as well.

"Bella are you ok?" I turned from my bed to see Yuki, Kaname's younger sister, and her future husband, Zero. Yuki looked like she was about 16, she had long brown hair and brownish-red eyes while Zero had silver hair.

Zero use to be a vampire hunter, until he was turned and now he was one of them.

"No I feel my body burning, like the first time I was turned." I said trying to hold back the pain.

"Sorry about that but you body is staring to work again don't worry soon you will be ok. Zero and I will be down stars with Eva and Jordan. You stay here and rest. We'll be back in a few minutes to check on you" I nodded and they left.

I closed my eyes for what seemed to last forever. Once I opened them to find Kaname holding my hand, and other time Eva, Jordan, Yuki, Zero, and my "father", Aro.

Aro had taken me in I had Eva and Jordan before he turned me in to a 'day vampire.'

I kept them close to me as I changed. After what seemed like eternity, I woke up and found that no one was in my room. I stood up and went to look in the mirror, to see that I got taller and my hair was much longer then it used to be. I was still paler and my eyes were red.

I turned to the door and walked out to see if there was any blood around here. I was hungry and I craved it.

I went to the living room were I could smell Yuki and Zero's blood, but there was someone else that I didn't recognized. I entered not knowing who was there.

"Bella!" some one called out to me I turn to see HIM, I blacked out just at the sight of him.

"MOMMY!" coming from Eva and Jordan.

"Zero goes get blood tablets!"

"What's Bella doing here?"

"Kaname take Bella to her room and make such she ok..." and then I could no
longer hear.