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"Bella what happen please tell us?" Alice said as she looked at me with sad eyes,


"Find it all stared, a few mouth after you all left. I was broken and die. Mostly everyone gave up hope on me and I was along no one came to help me.. Will I took extern shift which would go on until late. I closed everyday and everyday I was in my own little world If I was I would have noses the man that would one in and never buy anything but I don't, once night my truck wont work so I walked to work and school on my way home from work the man followed me. I went in to a ally way trying to out run him but I tipped and he got up and when on top of me and will you can guess what happen after that. After he left me there I hurt so much… I walked on and some how mach to get out of town where I just passed out. " Bella stop and kaname took over

"that when I came alone I was traveling the US and I found her there I check to see if she was still alive and she was so I took her to my home which was about 50 mille always. I took care of her and once she was up she saw me and stared to crying not know what else to I hugged her and she fell asleep." Kaname stop so Bella could tell some more of it

"the next day I woke up and found that I was in a big room with kaname sleeping in the chair next's to me. The first thing I thought when I saw him was vampire because of his looks. That was all it took to make my brake down which woke him up. "


"once up I saw she was up again but this time she was crying again so I trying anything to cheer her up. "


"once he hugged me he don't feel the cold like when edward would hug me he was warm and had a betting hart. Once I stopped crying I saw the cup on the table which looked like blood. I asked him if he was a vampire and he looked surprised" Bella said as kaname begin again


" I told her yes and she don't seem surprised to she stayed with me for weeks until she was better. But by that time everyone in ford thought she was die."


"I tried to go see my dad but he seem to have gone a little crazy and really think I was die even thought he saw me he kept on saying something about

'no am just imaging it just like all the others. She gone she gone." and he got in his cop car and left. Kaname was there for me and asked me If I wanted to go to see my mother but the same thing happen and we found out that I was going to have a baby too…"


"I count leave her so I took her with me to meet Aro who took a liking of her and took her in and when she had her babies they turn her to a vampire and she was adopted as his daughter . When Eva and Jordan turn 5 we turn they turn them both to vampire too. "


"Kaname would come here and visit us almost everyday then his parents and Aro had this idea that we would get married to get the two spices of vampires together"


"to do this we first had to make Bella both spice so I bit her and gave her my blood it took about 2 weeks for her to truly be one of us then she did it to her children."

"and that is mostly what happen this pass 100 years." Bella finished

"Bella we are so sorry we don't mean any of this to happen to you am so sorry it all our fault for what happen you should have a normal life not a life like this we are really sorry. " Alice said all of the cullens looked ashamed

"don't worry I should be thank you really if you don't leave I would not have the family I have now. Think about what happen still hurts a little but am getting over it and you should too. The old Bella you once know is die now and she will not come back any time soon so please don't worry about it." Bella said with a small smile.

"Bella do you think we could started over please. We really want to be friends again. And please forgive me its all my fault if it wants for me you won't be like this right now," Jasper asked her he was really sorry for what he did he did see her like a younger sister

"oh jasper I was never mad at you don't worry I don't have to forgive you cause there nothing to forgive but if it make you feel better then yes I forgive you, and I would like to be friends again to if that ok with all of you." all the Cullen's nodded their head all but edward he looked hurt and just mad.

"you Ok edward?" Bella asked

"NO am not how can you marry him?! You don't love him like you did me so why are you doing this?" he asked

"Edward the pass is the pass there is nothing we can do about it we can only see the future and shape it how we want it to be and I want to be with Kaname he's take care of me and my kids so much and they love him and see him as their father and I love him too." Bella said half believing what she was saying. Edward looked at Kaname with a look at could kill and stood up and left.

"Oh Bella we are sorry he just been like this for years now and seeing you just I don't know please forgive him" Esme said a little upset about all this

"don't worry Esme there is nothing to be upset of I know he would act like this. But please do come here anytime I really missed you all." she said as she stood up and hugged them all.

"hey Bells they can go shopping with us this weekend!! Just the girl thought we are having that all girls night remember "Lita said smiling at her best friend

"Oh ya that would be fun great idea what do you say?" Bella asked them

"do you even have to asked? Of course we will go!" Alicesaid

"ya that would be fun." Esme add

"fin if Esme and Alice are going I am too." Rosalie said trying not to show Bella that she missed her as much as everyone.

"Great will I hope we all become friends!!" Ray said smiling at them.

"Ok then we all meet here then!" Alice said hugging Bella once again

"Ok" all of the girls said

"we better go before edward dose something stupid it was great to see you again Bella" Emmett said giving her a bear hug.

"ok Emmett"

"bye Bella I hope to see more of you at our house bring your kids they look a lot like you." Carlisle said as he gave her another hug.

"I thank the gods for that everyday." Bella said

"come see us soon little sis." Jasper said

"Ok I think we cant all to clubbing some time and have fun" Bella told him and he nodded

"bye Bella" was all Rosalie said

Bella watch them all leave to get edward and she sighed that went a little better then she thought it would. But she had to smile she was going to see them again all of them and she was happy.