Pete sat down at his desk, he noticed a red envelope on it. He opened it and a pink piece of paper fell out. Picking it up he read:

Dear Pete

Wanna get dirty? My house 8pm

Love Addison

Underneath that Addison had kissed the paper leaving a red lipstick stain. Pete grinned, he knew Addison would eventually re-warm up to his obvious charm. So at 8'o clock he arrived at Addison's house, the door was opened and as he stepped inside he noticed a trail of rose petals leading upstairs, he followed up and into the bedroom where they lead to the bed and under the duvet where it bulged. Pete pulled back the duvet and underneath the covers was not Addison but a rubbish bag, broom and unwashed dishes. Another piece of pink paper was on the rubbish bag:

Haha got you. Now clean up dirty man.

Pete smiled,

"Happy Valentines Day to you too."

A/N Wrote this in French, haha. Hope you liked it :) Happy Valentines Day.

Love Marti