Chapter Two

The Nephilim come from a union between Sons of God and Daughters of Man. As the wickedness of mankind increases, fluctates, and grows, they appear. It is said that men's hearts would fail at the sight of them.

The Nephilim. Those causing others to fall.

"Axel… open the fucking door and let me in."

There came a pause. Roxas frowned to himself, already starting to regret not pulling out another shirt to tug over his bare upper-body. He shivered, clad only in his sweatpants at this point. And still, Axel wouldn't open the door.

"Axel! Open the fu-" The door finally opened. "-cking door… Oh."

Axel stood in his living room, one hand still on the door handle as he stared out at Roxas, who remained awkwardly in the hallway, staring back. Axel looked surprised.

At first, the blonde didn't speak. No words would come to his mouth, because nothing was really coming to mind. Axel wasn't like he had imagined. Maybe he had lower standards. That must have been it.

The rising sun was throwing out its rays in the window behind the red-head and framing him in a glow that made his hair come alive with flame. Axel had been right; it was fire-truck red. And while his face was partially cast in shadow, Axel's green eyes still glowed from the faint darkness. Roxas's mental-Axel had been quite different. Hell with lower standard. I never expected this.

Roxas never would have imagined Axel to be so… so… perfect? Perfect didn't seem to be the right word, because nobody was perfect, and neither was this tall, spiky-haired individual before him. And yet, the man standing there, framed in the rising sun, seemed to be just that. More importantly, he was the exact opposite of Zexion.

Then came that voice again, matched now with a body.

"Roxas? What're you-"

The image and tranquility was broken. Roxas immediately returned to reality and wordlessly stormed inside, grabbing the edge of the door to slam it shut, leaving the two in the privacy of Axel's living room. The red-head was no longer in the sun. He had backed up to the wall, expression serious. Now that his features weren't hidden, Roxas was able to make out the slender eyes and long, elegant nose, as well as the teardrop-like tattoos imprinted on his cheeks. Roxas had always been one to take in the tiny details, and Axel was full of them, right down to the very faint black roots beneath his dye-job.

"I realized something." Roxas eventually said, moving forward. Axel watched him approach with mixed expressions, taking a step back for every two Roxas made. Axel's back hit solid surface, and the blonde took his chance to advance on the taller male. Axel only stared, taking in the thoughtful expression on Roxas's face, which was being warmed by the sunlight in the room. And he certainly wasn't staring at his bare chest. Certainly not.

The blonde was obviously going for the blunt approach. "When you told me to imagine Zexion, I realized that I didn't."

Axel raised an eyebrow, "Why not?"

"I don't know." Roxas admitted softly, "I don't know why I imagined you in his place, either."

"I'm sorry." Axel hesitated, then reached cautiously to cup his hands around Roxas's cheeks. The blonde immediately flinched away from the touch, but regretted it the moment afterward. He hadn't missed the spark of pain pass through the jade gaze that had been so firmly locked on his. Roxas quickly stopped Axel's hands from moving away, returning them back to his cheeks as soon as his fingers had locked around the red-head's wrists.

"Sorry…" He smiled weakly, "Your fingers are cold."

Axel blinked, then laughed gently. "Oh. Yeah. My apologies. But, er… yeah. I'm not even sure why… I put you through that."

"Put me through that? You're saying this as if I was an unwilling subject." Roxas grinned, keeping his hold around Axel's arms. He remained relaxed, relishing the strangely comfortable atmosphere between himself and Axel. It felt natural, just like with Zexion. Barring the awkward sexual tension. Here, there was no awkwardness.

Especially now that there wasn't a wall to separate them.

"Someone could say that I took advantage of you in your weakness." Axel replied pointedly, fingers slipping from Roxas's cheeks to slide down his smooth throat and curl around the back of his neck. Roxas remained unruffled, still listening.

"I assure you, no matter how heartbroken and pissed off I was, it wouldn't have been enough for you to take advantage of me through a wall, Axel. I'm not that easy. Even with your damn voice." Axel smirked slightly at the compliment, "No, I'd say that this is a better example of taking advantage of someone."

Axel's smirk fell off like oil to make room for the way his jaw dropped.

Roxas had casually slid forward to rub a hand over Axel's groin. The red-head proceeded to slump against the wall in response, watching the blonde close the distance between them. Roxas had to stand up on his tip-toes just slightly to reach Axel's mouth.

"Touché." The red-head chuckled, recovering fast and moving to twine his arms around his neighbor's waist, savoring the way his cool fingers were warmed by the heated skin of Roxas's bare sides. "Forgive me for assuming you were the innocent gay."

Roxas laughed in response, his breath warming Axel's chin. His hand continued its devilish ministrations on the red-head's crotch-area. He was already feeling the clothed length beneath his fingers hardening. "You're forgiven. But you have to make it up to me."

Roxas had dumped his heartache by the door. Zexion was a thing of the past. His anger at his friend helped to banish the memory to the back of his head even faster. He wanted release of the rest of his burdens, now, too. Starting with the vast amount of sex deprivation. Roxas had been keeping himself clean for months, waiting on Zexion. Obviously, that had proved to nothing.

"What's with the sudden lust-crazed look?" Axel's demeanor changed completely with Roxas's actions. If the red-head was slightly experienced at trying to attract someone with "no hands," so to speak, then he was amazingly talented at the hands-on approach of seduction. This was familiar ground. He tipped his lips into a smile, pulling the blonde into himself so that he could press his lips to Roxas's ear. "You may not be innocent, but you're definitely not the sex-obsessed guy, either."

Roxas remained pinned to Axel. Even his roaming hands had grown still. He sighed softly, feeling sharp nips at his ear. "A little bit of in-between never hurt anyone."

"I can fix that."

Axel purred, sending faint vibrations over Roxas's skin. The blonde abruptly rolled his hips forward, eliciting a harsher growl from the red-head. "Are you done teasing?"

"Are you ready to forget?" Axel asked softly, placing a kiss right at the junction where ear met skull. "I'm ten times the man Zexion is, you know."

Roxas paused, turning his head so that he could make eye-contact again. He raised an eyebrow, grinding his hips again to smirk in satisfaction as he saw Axel's irises dilate.

"Prove it."

What was it about the man that made him heat up like this? Zexion had caused butterflies, but Axel was bringing on flame-thriving phoenixes to bounce around in his stomach and send waves of lust through him. The red-head was teasing the worst out of him. He almost made it look easy, sweeping Zexion and his innocent intentions right from his mind.

In Roxas's brief confusion, Axel moved. He tightened his arms around Roxas and switched positions to nudge the blonde against the wall instead. It was light in the room now, and the two could easily discern the other's expressions. They were exactly the same; they were both waiting.

What am I waiting for?

Axel breathed out, eyes hooded. "Is that a signal for go?"

Him. I'm waiting for him. Axel.

"Sweep me away." Roxas slid his arms over Axel's shoulders. "Go."

Who was Zexion, again?

Axel moved in. Roxas saw a fleeting glimpse of green irises and inked skin, then his eyes were forced to close because of how absolutely amazing the lips on his own felt. He sighed, pulling forward to deepen the kiss, but Axel retreated to the side immediately after, lips grazing over Roxas's cheeks, planting small pecks along his jaw line before moving to his ear. Roxas could hear the other man breathing slowly as he lowered his mouth around his lobe, teeth snatching his lobe to tug on it playfully.

Roxas's hands slid into Axel's hair, gaining a grip as a small moan escaped his mouth. Still, the red-head continued, a tongue finally making its way out to lick up and down his ear. Then, with one last bite, Axel moved down to the blonde's neck.

"It's a good thing…" murmured Axel as he bit down, leaving a mark and causing Roxas's fingers to convulse, "That you came without a shirt. Or I'd be getting impatient."

To make his point, Axel's free hand made its way up Roxas's bare chest, leaving behind a trail of sharp sensations. Roxas gasped, "You probably made me take off my shirt before on purpose, then."

Licking over the mark, the red-head chuckled. "Sure. Let's go with that."

Roxas's retort to that caught in his throat. Axel's pause had been short-lived, as he immediately moved on, lowering himself to Roxas's right nipple, kissing it gently and then grazing his tongue over it. He shifted to the blonde's trembling stomach next. First a gentle puff, then a tender kiss; Axel nuzzled the blonde's abdomen as one hand slowly traveled down to run along his inner thigh. A tongue briefly invaded his navel, too. Roxas twitched.

"Axel…" He bit his bottom lip, hearing his own raw voice and feeling his legs grow weak. "You're teasing."

The slow motions and affectionate gestures were excrutiating. He didn't want it to be soft and gentle. He had had enough of the kind touches from him. At the thought that he couldn't even say the man's name anymore, Roxas's mouth went dry. He was still thinking of him, even at a time like this, where he had another man lowering himself to his knees right there.

Just as Axel's fingers went to tugging down the blonde's sweatpants, Roxas growled under his breath and grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling the man straight back up again. Axel stumbled, surprised. His hands slammed into the wall on either side of the blonde's head as Roxas tugged him into another kiss. He lapped at the other man's mouth, but Axel retaliated by sliding one hand on Roxas's cheek to angle his head better. As soon as the blonde's head tilted his a few inches to the side, he pounced, filling Roxas's mouth with his tongue.

The blonde's hold on his shirt tightened. He whimpered softly, trying to keep up as the desperation overwhelmed him. Urgently kissing back, he ground his hips forward. The two hissed in unison as their arousals rubbed together.

"Too slow, huh?" Axel whispered, pulling away for a breath. Roxas remained panting, pinned to the wall and unwilling to release Axel's t-shirt.

"Not here, though…" He finally said, looking up at Axel. "Not on the wall."

Axel started at him a moment, uncomprehending, then pecked the blonde quickly on the lips. "Bed. Let's go."

"'Kay." Roxas replied breathlessly, allowing Axel to grab his wrist and lead him to the bedroom. The layouts of Axel's apartment and his own were exactly alike. He could have very well made it himself without Axel's help, but he was feeling disoriented and slightly dizzy. The obvious hard-on trapped beneath his boxers could have very well been a result of that.

The bedroom, as it so happened, was dark, which was a stark contrast to the sunny living room. Axel had shut up the windows with Venetian blinds, as well as curtains. It could have very well been night in the red-head's room, which was just fine with Roxas. He shut the door behind him as Axel finally stopped and turned around, throwing his arms out.

"Um. Welcome to … the bedroom?"

Roxas suddenly laughed. "This relationship is already starting off well."

"Our three and a half hour relationship, I know." Axel grinned, tugging off his shirt without warning and tossing it onto a nearby chair. Roxas clapped his mouth shut immediately, taking in the lean body and the pronounced muscles and abs. It was getting harder to admit that Axel wasn't perfect. Every move he made was proving that fact wrong.

Smirking again, Axel noticed blonde's stare, but said nothing, moving to a chest by the shuttered window. Roxas, feeling awkward just standing in place, walked to the bed, sitting down as he watched Axel shuffle about through what appeared to be his underwear drawer. Rubbing idly at the deep bite mark on his neck, the blonde didn't notice his other hand and how it fell right in his lap.

His cock unexpectedly strained in its confines as Axel let out a grunt, trying to now close the drawer, and Roxas's hand moved almost of its own accord, feathering over his own erection.

Axel managed to shut the drawer and turned around. He blinked and took in the sight. The sight of Roxas, touching himself, neck covered in bite marks, and a flush across his face, was practically erotic. Tossing the bottle of lube up and down in his one hand, Axel chuckled. "Starting without me?"

Roxas only lifted his glazed eyes slightly. "Too slow. I might just have to end up doing everything myself."

"Then let me help you with that."

Axel prowled forward, throwing the bottle onto the bed, then following after it, climbing onto the mattress to push Roxas back onto the soft surface. The blonde blinked as he swung his legs up and Axel shifted to straddle him. The blonde lay back, nestled in the three pillows on the bed and the thick comforter. He already looked delectable and Axel nearly lost his self-control then and there.

Roxas reached out for Axel, who obliged and leaned down to press his lips to the other's once more, a familiar gesture that the two were more than happy to return to. The blonde sighed, hands free now to roam over Axel's bare upper body. He ran his fingers up and down the smooth, muscle-hardened back, reveling in the way the smooth skin warmed under his touch.

Axel groaned, hands traveling in lazy circles to the needy bulge in Roxas's pants. Roxas whined, hips bucking and urging Axel on. It took forever, and it took two seconds, and it was obvious that Roxas was already losing it. A firm hand cupped his cock through his pants, while the other pressed into the man's hips, pushing him down.

"God… Axel." Roxas croaked, seeking more friction and struggling against Axel's grip. The red-head rubbed harder, leaning down to lick at other's cheek, purring all the while, smirking. Roxas's body was already on fire and sweaty. And he wanted more. There was no time to take in the tiny parts and set every small part of his body aflame, as Roxas usually preferred it. There was only the need to get to the bigger event.

"God's got nothin' to do with it." murmured Axel, fingers digging into the man's hips briefly as his hand snatched at the waistband of the pants and boxers, and, together, pulled down. Lifting his hips, Roxas helped to kick off the bothersome obstructions.

Axel remained towering over him as his hand slowly grabbed his length and stroked down hard. At the same time, he teased one of Roxas's nipples, alternately flicking and squeezing the nub of skin. Hips arching up, Roxas struggled for breath, mouth falling open. His arms remained entwined around the other man, as if he was holding on for dear life. The familiar pooling of heat was approaching, he could feel it. Axel wasn't helping matter with the way he had fallen to practically chewing at his other nipple. The end was nearing.

Which is why Roxas abruptly shoved Axel up and off so that he could sit up.

Axel stopped to stare into the blue gaze, then continued on with slower strokes on the blonde's already weeping length. Roxas opened his mouth to speak. Axel ran his palm over the tip of the cock, smearing the pearly white pre-cum along his hand, then proceeding with his softer touches.

"You want something?" He chuckled, amused at Roxas's choking and inability to form coherent words. The blonde was dissolving to putty. The months of sexual deprivation must have been especially lethal if he was so hypersensitive to a simple hand job.

Roxas stopped his movements, panting. "You know what I want."

Axel's eyes narrowed. "On the first date, Roxas?"

The air between them grew increasingly stuffy. Roxas was finding it hard to concentrate, which he didn't want to do, anyway. "There might not be a second one, you know."

Hesitation. Roxas frowned, unsure of what he had meant, now that the words had been blurted out of his mouth. He hadn't planned on using Axel as a way to get a fuck out of his system. He didn't want to use Axel like he had been used and tricked by Zexion.

Axel's lips began to curve down. His hand moved away and Roxas was left feeling bare and incredibly tactless. His voice came out soft, but there was a quivering edge to it. "Do you really mean that?"

"No." Roxas immediately said, shaking his head. Some of the bangs that had been plastered to his forehead with sweat fell away to swing with his movements. He moved in to chastely kiss Axel. "No. I'm sorry. I'm not thinking right now."

"… the sex too good?" Axel retorted, gaining back his grin. He brushed some more of the blonde's bangs out of the way.

"What sex?" returned Roxas with snort, "All you've been doing is stalling for time."

Axel quirked an eyebrow, his laugh husky. "Oh, is a fuck all you wanted?"

"I'm sure we'll have time to focus on the finer details later."

Axel pushed Roxas back down. "Should've just said so."

Roxas lay back, erection still as prominent as ever. However, when Axel didn't join him, he pushed himself up onto his elbows in confusion. The red-head was clambering off of the bed. Before the blonde could protest, the man's intentions became clear. He undid his belt steadily, knowing fully well that Roxas was watching. His fingers slid over the button of his jeans, popping it open, then the zipper was tugged down as well.

The bottle of lube abruptly thudded into his abs. Roxas did not approve.

"Damn it, Axel, just hurry up and take off your pants!"

"Demanding bastard. Good throw, though." Axel smiled, but went faster, pulling off his pants and boxers. He picked up the lube as an afterthought and joined Roxas. Slowly sliding his hands up the man's chest, he rubbed hard over his already abused nipples as he went along. Roxas grunted, but changed it to a moan soon afterwards as Axel lowered himself down and their cocks rubbed together. As Roxas tried to grind into the heat again and gain more explosive roughness, both his nipples were harshly pinched.

Roxas hissed. "Damn you." With a vengeance, he thrust up painfully hard and Axel's head fell with a shuddering "Oh…," his hair tumbling over his shoulders to tickle the blonde's face and neck. The pinching hands fell away and Roxas followed their movements.

An audible click came from his chest area. Axel had brought out the bottle of lubrication and was already pouring it both over his fingers, and then his own cock. Roxas watched, unable to help himself. The slender fingers that had been tending to him looked just as hot against the red-head's own erection that was situated in a nest of black hair. Not a natural red-head. Just as he had thought.

"I'm assuming…" Axel pressed a kiss briefly to Roxas's cheek. "That this isn't your first time."

The blonde laughed shakily, already feeling slick fingers run down his side towards the inevitable destination. Axel used his free arm to lift up one of Roxas's legs, exposing him even more. "What are we, teenagers?"

"Stupid question, I know." Axel sighed, moving to meet Roxas's lips with his own. "But since you haven't gotten laid in months, this'll probably be rough…"

The fingers slipped around his hip to his back. He met each of Axel's short, open-mouthed kisses with relish, body shivering in anticipation. "How are you so sure about that?"

"Thin walls, remember? I hear a lot. Such as you jerking yourself off every night, cutie." Axel breathed out, pulling the blonde's bottom lip with his teeth as Roxas's eyes widened in shock. Quickly reconsidering, the red-head kissed Roxas deeply instead, just as the first finger slipped inside with some resistance. Roxas choked and moaned loudly into Axel's mouth, grabbing onto the other man. The movement caused their erections to rub together roughly, despite the lube from Axel's end. The blonde rocked his body hard, grinding their cocks together again as he struggled to relax. Axel kissed his way along Roxas's neck, licking, sucking, and hoping to distract him.

After the younger man managed to unclench his grip around Axel's finger, a second finger was added, then quickly the third. The partially filling sensation of the digits sliding inside him was sending Roxas into a frenzy. He was gasping Axel's name softly, body writhing and jerking with a steady pace.

He could have almost made due with the fingers and come right then and there. The biting at his shoulder, the constant rubbing of his cock with Axel's, and the pumping fingers in his ass, but Axel, damn him, pulled out.

"What? I thought you wanted to get to the full thing." He kissed away the shocked and partial pout on the blonde's face. Roxas whined as the red-head sat back just slightly, pulling the other's legs up higher to position himself. Roxas clamped his legs around Axel's waist in response, chest heaving. They were both shiny with sweat and their erections were almost painful. The two needed their release. Now.

Axel's mouth found Roxas's and they tangled tongues together briefly.

"You ready?"

Roxas nodded shakily, his lips bright red and kiss-bruised. "Just don't go slow."

"As you wish." Axel pressed one last kiss to the corner of Roxas's mouth. There was a faint sound of bed sheets rustling. Then came a thrust and Roxas felt himself stretching and being filled as Axel slid in. Fingers scrabbling over the bed, he willed the sensation to pass as fast as possible so he could get to the good part.

"Are you o-"

He should've known.

"Fuck, Axel, I told you not to go slow! GO!" Roxas yell weakly. He couldn't take it slow. Drawing out the pain of Axel's cock stretching his ass wide open was hardly a turn-on. The red-head groaned and thrust in all the way without warning. Throwing his head back, the blonde's mouth opened in a silent scream. His fingernails raked red marks along the other's back. It was painful, but yet oh-so-good. It had never been this good before.

Maybe Axel is perfect afterall.

Breathing erratically, Axel ignored the hair that was getting into his face and waited, legs shaking as he tired to support himself. Finally, Roxas rocked his hips gently and shakily found grip in Axel's hair. "Alright."

Taking a deep breath, Axel pulled back out, then slammed back in. Roxas let out a guttural groan, pushing Axel's head to his to smash their mouths together. Meanwhile, Axel's hand slid in-between them to wrap around Roxas's cock and resume the strokes from before, keeping in time with his increased thrusts into the blonde.

Not one to simply lay there and be fucked, Roxas clenched his arms around the other's neck and began sucking at his neck, eyes shut tightly as he rocked his body to Axel's ministrations. With every hit of his prostate, there were more stars sparking beneath his eyelids. Soon enough, the blonde was moaning with each hit, each utterance a garbled and choked attempt at the other man's name.


The sounds of his moaning, Axel's soft grunts, and the slapping noises at each penetration filled the blonde's ears. He couldn't pry apart his eyelids at this point and he eventually felt the return of the specific heat. It drove into his cock and increased his pants until, with a particularly hard upstroke on his length, Roxas came. His entire body curled up around Axel, legs and arms squeezing. It was almost painful, the way the hot-white ribbons shot out from his cock and splattered between himself and Axel.

As he fell away like a useless puppet, spent and worn, Axel finished himself with a few more well-placed thrusts. He hissed and cried out, coming shortly after. His head slumped and he took a few deep breaths to stop his heart from bursting. Then, with a soft sigh, he collapsed on top of Roxas, who gladly met him and his warmth.

They remained lying there a good moment, catching their breath, until Axel finally pulled out with a slick noise and rolled off of a grimacing Roxas to lie beside him. The blonde turned as well, ignoring the stickiness around them as he curled into Axel. Yes, it was disgusting. Yes, he would regret it later. But the intense pleasure of just lying in bed with the complete satisfaction of sexual release made him too lazy to get up. Perfect.

"I was wrong." Roxas finally said after the hazy sexual atmosphere faded away.

Axel turned a lazy eye to the man who was nuzzling into his chest. Snorting softly, he pulled a blanket over them and proceeded to tuck his arms around the blonde. "Wrong about what?"

"Valentine's Day isn't as bad a holiday as I thought. You changed my mind."

The red-head let out a short chuckle, kissing Roxas's forehead. "Good. Don't expect any chocolate from me, though"

Roxas simply sighed in content, eyes fluttering shut, ready to start dozing off.

Axel obviously hadn't fallen asleep yet, because he spoke again a moment later.

"So do you hook up through walls often?"

"I should be asking you that." With a grunt, Roxas burrowed his nose deeper into Axel's chest, feeling the other's fingers doodling shapes into his sides. "No. You just brought out that wall-sex side of me, I think."

"I hope to see that side more often, then."

"Maybe on the second date, then." Roxas smirked to himself, finally allowing sleep to claim him. They would figure out what to do in the morning. Or evening. Whatever.

As he blanked out, he picked up Axel's reply.

"Touché, Roxas. Touché."

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