Author's notes: This is my first ever fanfic. Rating is "R" or "M" mostly for language and violence. Setting is slight alternate universe since this is based on a TV show that will ultimately render my story inaccurate, but I attempt to stay true to continuity up to and including episode 5. I'm not sure how many chapters it will be, but the first chapter is an attempt to introduce the Terminator universe from an outsider's perspective, so bear with me.

Oh... and just a not about my writing style: I write in third person narrative. Characters' spoken words are normal quotes, and their thoughts are in italics and quoted.

Disclaimers: Terminator not mine, not yours. Don't worry, I highly doubt anyone involved with the real show/movies is reading any of this.

Chapter. 1

Twelve. Twelve hours. That's how long he'd been driving.

"Why does it always have to be 125 degrees when I make this trip"? he thought to himself as he drove into the rising sun. "Why do I even bother going to these things anymore? It's just going to be the same shit as last year. A bunch of slobs sitting around a campfire talking about how much money they have made, or where so-and-so is working now, or who died this year. Then everyone will eventually get drunk and decide it's time to pull out a huge bag of fireworks. If one of those little shit kids of theirs throws a cherry-bomb at me again this year I swear to God I'm gonna throw him in the fucking trunk and drop him off twenty miles from town." He rested his head on his hand and propped his elbow up on the open window of his '67 Chevy. He glanced at a sign on the side of the road.

Las Vegas 201

"201 miles…goody. Another three hours of this shit" his he said out loud. He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he watched yet another mirage disappear as he got closer to it in his seemingly endless journey chasing that point where the two edges of the road come together off in the distance. He pressed his foot farther down on the gas pedal, and watched the speedometer climb from 70 to 100 miles per hour. "Two hours", he grinned, flicked the remains of his cigarette out the window, and hit play on his tape deck.

She kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes
Tellin' me no lies
Knockin' me out with those American thighs…

He turned the volume knob to the right and lit another cigarette.

You shook me all night long
yea you shook me all night long…

The effect of Angus Young's guitar riffs and Brian Johnson's screaming lyrics had added another five miles per hour to his speed.

After an hour of steady cruising at a buck-five, the car zoomed past a billboard instructing him to enjoy Coca-Cola. Hidden behind the billboard was a police car, which promptly turned on its lights and siren, then pulled out of its hiding spot.

"Well that's just great" he thought to himself. After a brief fantasy of standing on the gas and outrunning the cop's pathetic sedan, he pulled the car to the side of the road and waited for the squad car to catch up. He watched in his rear view mirror as the car behind him finally caught up and parked.

"What took you so long, officer?" he said the man now standing outside his car door.

The officer said nothing and glared at him, writing something on his notepad. "License and registration," he said as he held his hand out. After reading the card and paperwork that was handed out the window, he looked back at the man in the car and said finally, "What's your hurry, Mr. Davis?"

"What's my hurry? I need to get to town to town to get a refill on my insulin shots. You realize you could be killing me by delaying me?" He responded, sarcastically. "But call me James. No, wait. Jimmy, since I like you so much more than most pigs."

"Sure ain't trying to sweet talk your way out of this one, are you?" asked the officer, glaring at the man.

"Anyone EVER talk their way out of a fifty-over ticket?" James inquired.

The officer ripped the ticket out of the pad and handed it to James. "Nope. Don't let me catch you doing triple digits again in MY county, or it will be impound and arrest time for you. Have a nice day."

Taking the ticket and throwing it in the back seat, James waited for the officer to walk back to his car before he started his engine and took off again. Watching in his side view mirror, he saw the police car make a U-turn and head the other direction down the highway. "Hmm... I won't be seeing him again," his inner monologue told him as he sped back up to 95 miles per hour.

After driving another twenty miles down the road, James noticed a car in his rear view mirror. It was getting closer, closing in on him quickly. "Damn dude... you're obviously in a bigger hurry than I am" he said to himself as he eyed the driver who was now tailgating him. "Christ, man. If ninety ain't fast enough for ya, just go around." The words came out louder this time as he let off the gas a bit to encourage the tailgater to pass. The following car then darted to the other lane and sped up to James's door. When he looked over, he was taken aback a bit. Staring back at him was a fairly large man with a blank, scowling look on his face. James continued to let off the gas and coast down to 60 miles per hour, but the other car stayed by his side, pacing him.

"Ok, this is getting weird."

"WHAT!!" he shouted out his open window at the creepy looking man in the car next to him. No response. "Well, FUCK you then!" he yelled as he clutched and downshifted into third gear. James stood on the accelerator pedal, and the tailpipes of his car belched a small puff of black carbon soot before wailing like a pair of wild animals exhaling the breath of the 390 horsepower big block engine underneath the hood of his Chevy. He instantly pulled ahead of the other car. Grinning, he waived goodbye to the other car in his mirror. A short lived victory it was. The other car sped up with equal authority, and rammed the rear of the Chevy. Jesus…this guy is NUTS! He thought as he reached under his seat and felt around until his hand found the handle of the 44 magnum revolver he kept there. He slowed some and waited for the crazy driver to pull along side of him again. "I'm gonna kill this son of a bitch." It wouldn't be the first time James had killed a man, and probably not the last. But killing a perfect stranger was something he hadn't done up to this point. Stranger or not, he had just smashed the rear of his 5 year long restoration project, and Mr. Batshit Crazy was going to PAY.

When the other car pulled along side him again he took aim with his revolver and pulled the trigger like he'd done so many times before. He watched the head of the mystery man snap back and to the left. What he saw next made Mr. Davis swear he'd never take another hallucinogenic drug again in his life. The head of the man he'd just shot slowly turned back toward him, with a bright shiny metallic streak showing through his skin where the massive hole should have been. It wasn't a moment later when the car in the other lane swerved toward James, ramming him off the road into the ditch. Trying desperately to gather his sanity, James cranked the wheel to get the car back on the road, but he overcorrected causing the car to skid 80 miles per hour. The tires dug into the soft dirt and caused the car to roll over sideways.

James wasn't sure how many times the car rolled over, because the last thing he could later recall was being ejected from the car and landing in the dirt on the side of the road.

That's all for Ch1. I promise to include the characters we all know and love from T:SCC in the next chapter.