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Chapter 1: The Worst Day Ever

Six A.M. Sasuke's alarm clock went off. He grunted and shut off the alarm and sighed. 'Just one more hour please,' Sasuke thought.

He knew that he had to get up and go to work, not that he wanted to. He thought that his creepy boss, Orochimaru, should have been listed as a pedophile. While half asleep he did his regular routine as if he was on autopilot and went to work.

He was still only half awake when clocked into work at seven A.M. for his boring job. He hated standing at a register so people could check out movies, had they not learned that they could do that kind of thing online? Day after day it was the same routine, either he'd wake up and go to work or he'd wake up and go to school, only to work the day after.

It was a rather slow day when a group of guys walked in, immediately Sasuke recognized them, it was Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Chouji. The boys were laughing and picking out movies, not even noticing Sasuke. It's not like he thought they would, he was not exactly the most popular guy – except for some reason the girls liked him, it must have been the Uchiha name.

Sasuke was quiet, smart, rude and distant, not really the popular type. Naruto was loud, energetic, fun and popular. Kiba was Naruto's best friend – which fit since they were a lot alike. Shikamaru was smart, but lazy type of person. Chouji was the laid back kind, who seemed happy as long as he had something good to eat. Sasuke just wouldn't fit in with their, or any other, group.

The boys found the movies that they wanted and walked up to the counter. Naruto and Kiba were talking about the movie that Naruto had in his hand, Shikamaru was listening quietly, and Chouji was listening and eating a bag of chips.

"Hey look Sasu-dork is working," Kiba laughed.

"Ha, yeah," Naruto half agreed. He always thought that Sasuke was cute, but that he was too much of a jerk.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes as he though, 'How troublesome.'

"You're not supposed to eat in here," Sasuke said, causing Chouji to glare at him and reluctantly put the chips away.

After the comment, Sasuke quietly rang the boys' movies up, he knew they had been talking about him, but really he just did not care.

He handed Naruto the bag on their way out of the video store and soon enough the boys were gone, leaving Sasuke to the rest of his boring day at work.

"Sasuke is so weird," Kiba said as they walked out.

"I know, I mean his family is loaded, you'd think he'd be happier," Naruto said. "Or at least cool like his brother," Naruto pointed out.

"Well one of them has to be weird," the brunette shrugged.

"I guess," the blonde sighed. "Why does he even work?" Naruto asked.

"Because he's a freak," Kiba laughed.

"Must you two talk about him?" Shikamaru asked annoyed.

"Why, does it bother you?" Kiba asked with a grin.

"No, it's just like you two are obsessed with him," Shikamaru responded.

"We are not!" Kiba yelled as the grin faded.

"I don't know, every time you two see him your conversation ends up about him," Shikamaru pointed out.

"That's not true!" Kiba said angrily.

Shikamaru sighed, "How troublesome, you are in denial."

By that point Kiba and Naruto were mad, very mad. How dare Shikamaru call them obsessed like they are fan girls or something? If there is one thing Naruto couldn't stand it was Sasuke, he was rude, smart, arrogant, and acted like he was better than everyone else. He talked about him because Sasuke was a jerk, nothing more.

In reality Sasuke was certainly different. He may have been distant and rude but he had his reasons. He and his father didn't get along, he always was compared to Itachi – the prodigy – he had a crazy group of girls who just wanted his last name, and he had never truly been loved since he was eight and still showing some promise. Oh and his parents, though loaded, still make him work since he doesn't live up to their standard, or more Itachi.

At nine P.M. Sasuke was sitting in what he thought was an abandoned park with his guitar. The park was where he came to think just to get away from his life he hated his life. He was sitting there playing his guitar, thinking up a song. Guitar had been a passion of his ever since he could remember, though he had never written a song. Well he had but he never wrote them down.

Guitar was a little known passion of his and no one knew he could sing. Sasuke himself didn't really know how well he could sing. So there he sat in what he thought was an empty park playing his guitar and singing. Little did he know, that as he played there was someone that was watching him, a certain blonde by the name of Naruto.

'Wow, he's actually good, but I still don't get him, what does he have to be do down about? It's not like his life is hard.' Naruto didn't know that soon he would find out he was wrong, maybe not today but in becoming friends. 'How could his day be worst? I don't get it, his life should be perfect,' Naruto thought as he listened to the lyrics.

He had noticed that Sasuke had stopped playing and was writing down the lyrics for the song he had just played. 'He's so odd, why doesn't he ever talk to anyone?' the blonde wondered.

It's not like Naruto was fallowing Sasuke and that's why he was up in a tree listening to him, that'd be weird. Naruto just happened to be there when the dark haired classmate of his came to the park, and assumed no one was there and started playing.

Before Sasuke could finish the last part of the chorus he jumped as he got caught off guard from a certain blonde falling out of a tree. This of course made Sasuke very angry. He walked over the blonde and with a glare in his eyes asked, "What the fuck were you doing up in the tree?"

"What does it matter it's a free country, I can be up in a tree if I want," Naruto replied.

This made Sasuke even madder but he figured it was pointless to fight with the blonde idiot, so he turned and walked away.

"Hey teme, don't walk away!" Naruto yelled as the raven walked away.

"What do you want, Dobe?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

This made Naruto mad, so he yelled, "What did you call me?"

"Dobe, you know dead last. It suits you well, don't you think," Sasuke said practically mocking the other teen.

Naruto growled a little as Sasuke had a smirk on his face. "GAH, you're such a jerk, no wonder people don't like you," Naruto said with a mix of frustration and anger.

This made Sasuke's face grow colder and angrier. He pushed Naruto up against the tree hard, "Listen Dobe, leave me alone, you know nothing about me, stop pretending like you do!"

Naruto could have sworn he saw red in Sasuke's eyes. He didn't realize how strong Sasuke was until he was unable to move when he was pushed against a tree. Sasuke regained his composure and he let Naruto down.

He walked away leaving Naruto in a state of shock. At that point Naruto wasn't quite sure what to think anymore. He wasn't sure why but he ran after Sasuke.

"Why are you such a jerk then? What is so bad in your life?" Naruto asked as he caught up to the raven.

Sasuke just looked at him, "Just leave me alone, dobe."

"Teme, that didn't answer my question!" Naruto yelled in frustration.

"What is wrong with you, first you are sitting up in tree, now you are following me trying talk to me, what are you a stalker?" Sasuke asked, annoyed.

Naruto got wide eyed, "I am not a stalker, and if I was I wouldn't stalk you teme!"

"Then leave me alone," the raven said in a bored tone.

"You never talk to anyone, why is that?" Naruto asked.

"What is this, twenty questions?" Sasuke asked, not wanting to answer the blond.

"Just answer them and I'll leave you alone," Naruto said,

Sasuke sighed, "You have no idea what I have to deal with, so don't call me a jerk. There are a lot of things wrong with my life just cause my parents have money, doesn't mean it's a perfect life and I don't talk to anyone because, well just forget that question."

Naruto studied him for a while. "Well maybe people would like you if you talked to them," he said.

"Some how I doubt that, all people see in me is money or a jerk, they don't get past that," Sasuke said bitterly.

"Have you tried?" Naruto asked.

"Tried what?" the dark haired teen asked. He was getting really annoyed with the blonde.

"Making friends?" the other teen said.

"I don't need anyone," was Sasuke's response.

"Everyone needs someone," Naruto pointed out.

"I thought you said you'd leave me alone when I answered your questions," he said once again annoyed.

"Well you said this is twenty questions, I've only asked three," Naruto grinned.

Sasuke's eye twitched and he started to walk away. The blonde quickly followed. "So why do you work?" the blonde asked.

"Cause I do," was the vague answer.

"So you want to?" Naruto asked. He hoped he'd actually get some real answers.

"No," Sasuke glared at him.

"Then why do you?" he then asked. He knew he was pushing Sasuke's patients, but he didn't care.

"Because my parents make me," the dark haired teen said with a sigh.

"Well, they don't make It-" Naruto started, but was cut off.

"Don't say his name," he said looking at the blonde with a look in his eyes that he could kill him.

"Why not?" Naruto asked he wasn't one to drop a subject because of a look.

"Just don't," Sasuke was getting highly annoyed at that point.

"Why?" Naruto was truly curious. The man was his brother, so why did someone saying it make him angry?

"I don't want to be compared to him, my parents do that enough," Sasuke's voice showed his annoyance.

"Is that resentment I hear?" Naruto asked with another grin.

"Okay dobe, leave me alone," Sasuke said, trying to escape his questions.

"I'm sorry, just why don't you try being my friend?" Naruto smiled. He was actually being genuine, not just making fun of him.

One of Sasuke's eyebrows rose as he asked, "Your friend?"

"Yeah," the blonde smiled.

"Have you not noticed that we are complete opposites?" Sasuke practically hissed as if the idea was out of the question.

"So?" the blonde shrugged.

"Doesn't really make for good friend," he pointed out.

"Sure it does," the optimistic blonde said.

"Who's your best friend?" Sasuke asked. His tone showed he was about to make an argument.

"Kiba…okay I get your point," Naruto sighed. "Well who knows we might not be so different," he smiled.

"Oh trust me, we are," Sasuke responded.

Naruto sighed, "Well it doesn't matter you're not going to get rid of me."

"Oh really? But what will your friends think?" Sasuke smirked, as if to challenge him to go against his friends.

"Huh?" Naruto asked dumbly.

"Naruto, I'm not stupid, I know they don't like me," Sasuke said. He had never dealt with someone like Naruto; he knew he had to be blunt with him.

"Oh, right," said Naruto with a small frown.

"Just go back to your world and I'll go back to mine," the dark haired teen said, ending the conversation.

Sasuke walked away and Naruto sighed. 'If only it were that easy,' Naruto thought. He had seen the look in Sasuke's eyes, it was the same look he used to have and he wasn't going to let the raven be lonely, even if he was a jerk there had to be more to him.