A//N; Hey, Not Every Valentines Day is perfect. Poem :D


Every Day, I sit behind you.

Every Day, you shouldn't worry.

Because Every Day, You have forgotten me too.

Its funny, we were so close to eternity,

But that all ended with one sad tragedy.

One you won't remember,

In that one cold December.

It was a simple accident, but your memories seem to have left me,

So now I believe,

That god must hate me.

Why is it on this dreadful day, I see you, sitting there,

Wanting desperately to just run my fingers through your hair.

It is not fair; nothing is.

Am I no longer a child of his?

I knew I was soon breaking,

Because you once swore you loved me through thick and thin,

Yet when you look at me now,

I can feel daggers ripping into my skin.

Is this punishment for being a lesbian?

Is my living all just a sin?

How can God forgive ones who think it is Satan they hail,

But not me because I like females?

I want to let go to all I am feeling,

I want my heart to begin healing.

Are the angels singing that I was never destined to be with you?

My hands are stretched out, reaching for the real you,

One that misses me too.

The one that loves me too.

What is so wrong with loving you,

Why do I have no one to tell?

Is it so wrong for me to love,

Enough to make being around you hell?

What day of love is this,

If I can't go back in time,

For you to be once again my Valentine.

Roses are no longer red,

Violets that are grey lose their blue.

Screw this world that has caused me to lose all the "I Love You's" I have said,

When in the end all I ever wanted was you.


I'm not good a poems, but I hoped you liked such a poem. Sorry for the angst.