Author's Note: So sorry for the wait! I got distracted with writing the last chapter toToo Late, figuring that I'd also get that out for V-day, and then after it, I came down with a cold which has held me back from being able to focus on writing. So I had to make everyone go without a good dose of smut for V-day. -sniff- Kannin na…

Anyways, a note on Shizuru's bathroom since I couldn't shoehorn an adequate explanation into the story. Her house being quite upscale, she's got her own large bathtub much like those seen in the dorms in Mai-HiME. She's also complemented it with miscellaneous accessories, such as shower heads, for the complete experience. I'm not quite sure what the typical setup is in Japan, to be honest, but I'm trying to base it off of what I've seen in the anime and extrapolating and expanding a little. Anyone who knows more than me is free to chew me out for getting it wrong.

Beta's Note: This certainly fits very well with Valentine's Day themes. Not saying anything else!

Title: Your Valentine

Rating: M

Chapter 2: Sweet Tooth

Shizuru stood in front of the bathroom door stunned for a moment. Natsuki's behavior had caught her completely off guard. Perhaps she'd been expecting a bit too much for Natsuki to freak out when she saw the present she'd gotten her, or even just to refuse politely, saying she wasn't quite ready. Instead, she not only accepted it, but the thought brought her to the verge of tears.

As if the simple shock of Natsuki accepting her gift and the realization that they would soon be living together weren't enough, Natsuki's kiss of thanks completely broke Shizuru down. She was just gathering her wits about her again when Natsuki had run off for her own gift, and now she was trying to figure out just what it might be.

Given that Natsuki had brought her bag into the bathroom with her, it seemed likely that she had some outfit in there she was planning to wear. What it could be, Shizuru had no idea. Then there was what she'd asked Shizuru to do – putting on just her bathrobe. It was probably something sexual, then, if she wanted to get Shizuru's clothing down. Perhaps she wanted to take a bath or shower together with her? But then why the bag?

Besides, if it were a simple alluring outfit Natsuki had planned, why wouldn't she just have used one of their bedrooms to change? Especially since she now had her own room here, and wouldn't it be a good way for them to christen it? Ara, Natsuki's mind probably doesn't work that way, Shizuru admitted.

Sighing, Shizuru concluded that she just wouldn't be able to figure Natsuki out this time, so she started walking to her bedroom so she could change out of her kimono. Of course, she didn't really mind in the end that Natsuki could be like this on occasion. It was really one of the most exciting parts of being with her. For all that she'd expected to have to take complete control of their relationship and push Natsuki into everything, Shizuru was pleasantly surprised by her girlfriend's enthusiasm and ideas. She could be an enigma at times, but never for longer than it took for a sweet surprise, and it was always worth the wait.

As she started to remove her kimono, Shizuru reflected on Natsuki's first few surprises for her. Their relationship had started off when Natsuki had tried to give herself to Shizuru for her birthday. She'd finally broken down from Shizuru's little nudges towards a relationship, and her response was to try to jump in head-first. Her attempt was utterly adorable and sweet, but Shizuru just couldn't let her go through with it then. As hard as it was to turn her down, she wanted Natsuki to already be in love with her when they shared their first time, and so she'd taken advantage of Natsuki's offer for simply a night of making out and cuddling. They'd both gone to sleep hot and bothered, but it was able to help Natsuki finally realize her love.

It was just the next week, on Christmas day, that Natsuki confessed her love to Shizuru. She'd had the idea to actually make her confession of love be Shizuru's real present, which ended up setting a bar that she suspected would be hard to top. Not that she didn't try, though. For Natsuki's present, she'd fulfilled the girl's fantasy and gifted her with her first time.

Only after she thought she was done was Shizuru pleasantly surprised by Natsuki's enthusiastic streak taking over her and causing her to return the favor – and, in Shizuru's opinion, so much more. On a couple particularly lonely nights, she'd guiltily succumbed to temptation and brought herself to climax at the thought of Natsuki, but it was nothing like what Natsuki did for her. It was so much more powerful then. All she was able to do after it was over was to cry pitifully into Natsuki's arms and fall asleep. Natsuki had fared a fair bit better after her first time, and so Shizuru had come to the conclusion that she'd gotten off much better there and would have to find a chance to properly repay Natsuki.

Sadly, she hadn't quite had her chance to do so yet. She and Natsuki had indeed made love on a number of occasions since that night, but she had never been able to push Natsuki quite that high. She'd come to the conclusion that it was the long build-up and excessive teasing Natsuki had subjected her to that had really done it for her, especially when she also factored in the feeling of fulfillment of finally having Natsuki in this way. But when it came to doing this for Natsuki, she'd always broken down too soon. Natsuki was just irresistible when she gave Shizuru her best puppy-dog eyes, and she'd always ended up cutting off her teasing when faced with it. As good as she was at teasing, it seemed that she wouldn't be able to tease her way to victory this time without breaking her own heart, or worse, breaking Natsuki.

Finally managing to get her kimono off, Shizuru slipped on the bathrobe as she thought of other ideas she'd had for trying to properly repay Natsuki. The best idea she'd had so far was an extra-romantic evening in which she appealed to all of Natsuki's secrets to push her higher, and then just generally going slowly. Natsuki really seemed to respond to physical contact best, and Shizuru was hoping that if she worked it all just right to get Natsuki into the mood, she could push her to the heights of ecstasy without having to resort to teasing. She'd actually considered doing that tonight, but it would have been harder to pass it off as a present, especially if things didn't work out as she'd hoped.

Shizuru eyed herself in her mirror as she tied up her bathrobe. She mused that it wasn't likely to remain tied for very long, but at least this way she had control over when it came off. Noticing the clip in her hair she'd put in to give herself a bit more formal of a look along with her kimono, Shizuru briefly considered whether or not to leave it in. It might help her to retain a bit of the classy look she'd been going for tonight so Natsuki wouldn't forget about it completely, but it wouldn't really make much sense to leave it in if she were going to have a bath or shower. Reluctantly, Shizuru removed the clip and allowed her hair to fall back into its natural state. She'd just have to wear her grace in a more natural manner.

Prepared, Shizuru strolled over to the bathroom door and started to wait for Natsuki to be ready and call for her to come in. It occurred to her as she waited that perhaps it wasn't too late for tonight. She'd have to improvise a bit, and it would depend heavily on what Natsuki had planned, but she might be able to pull it off in the end. She just had to be sure to appeal to the romantic parts of Natsuki's mind as much as possible. She could do this, she just had to focus on what Natsuki needed.

It certainly was taking Natsuki a long time, though. Kimonos took quite a bit of work to get on by oneself, and getting them off wasn't much easier. Comparatively, Natsuki shouldn't have had any trouble taking her clothes off. She must have been putting something rather elaborate on, then. A kimono of her own? No, that didn't really seem like something Natsuki would do, and it certainly didn't fit with her having gone into the bathroom.

Beginning to get a bit concerned about what was going on with Natsuki, Shizuru gently knocked on the bathroom door. "Natsuki?" she called out, just loud enough that her girlfriend would be able to hear her through the door. "Is everything alright in there?"

"Yes!" Natsuki answered, much too quickly. "Don't come in yet!"

Shizuru jolted back from the door in surprise, but she quickly calmed herself. She surmised that Natsuki was likely still in the middle of changing and didn't want the surprise to be spoiled. However, she also recognized a slight tone of fear in Natsuki's voice. She couldn't have simply been afraid of Shizuru entering, but what else could it be? Was she that nervous about whatever she had planned? Or perhaps Natsuki had simply decided to take advantage of the bathroom for more mundane purposes while she had the opportunity.

Chuckling at that last possibility, Shizuru relegated herself to simply waiting for Natsuki to be ready. She did consider briefly teasing the girl about this, but she figured that if it were indeed something embarrassing for Natsuki, she might push her too far. Getting blood to rush to her head was one thing, giving her an aneurysm was quite another. Unfortunately, this left Shizuru lacking her favorite pastime as she waited. She settled for the next best thing: picturing Natsuki cutely blushing in a variety of sexy outfits.

By the time Shizuru made it through her mental catalog of outfits she'd like to see Natsuki in someday, she'd come to the conclusion that her girlfriend just didn't blush enough. Granted, she did seem to do it every five minutes, but she was so cute when blushing that nothing short of a permanent red tint to her cheeks would satisfy Shizuru. Perhaps she'd be able to convince Natsuki to try a little makeup to simulate the effect. She knew that she wasn't normally into it, but perhaps if she offered to lay off on her teasing a bit, she'd acquiesce.

Finally, just as Shizuru was about to check on her again, Natsuki called out. "Alright, Shizuru, I'm ready. But before you come in, you have to promise me three things. No teasing, no joking, and definitely no laughing. If you do any of those, I will personally kill you. Understood?"

Definitely something embarrassing, Shizuru determined with a smile. The thought of Natsuki voluntarily doing something that would put her in such a fragile state was really touching to her. Although teasing was fun, she knew full well Natsuki's limits. If what she'd done already had already brought her to them, it was all the sweeter, and Shizuru could easily go without teasing for one night – well, at least for as long as it took for Natsuki to recover a bit.

"Alright Natsuki, I promise," Shizuru said. "May I come in now?"

Natsuki was silent for a moment. "Yeah," she said at last.

Slowly, so as not to frighten Natsuki with the haste her impatience was pushing her towards, Shizuru opened the door to the bathroom and went in. She was mildly surprised that she didn't see Natsuki right in front of her as the door opened. Figuring then that she must already be in the tub, Shizuru walked farther into the room. When she saw Natsuki, she immediately lost the presence of mind to close the door.

"Ch-ch-choc…" Shizuru stuttered out, unable to control herself. The sight of Natsuki had seared through her mind, leaving only a haze of lust in its wake. Her girlfriend was standing in the tub at the far side from the door, not quite naked, but it wouldn't be appropriate to call her clothed either. "Chocolate-covered… Natsuki…" Shizuru let out a whimper as she felt all of her defenses dissolve before the sight.

Natsuki's body was covered with nothing but chocolate syrup, which was slowly dripping its way downwards even as Shizuru watched. The layer on her body was barely thick enough to mask her skin tone, but it covered every square inch of her body below her neck, perfect for Shizuru to lick it off. Surprisingly Natsuki didn't even make any effort to cover herself up with her arms to spare at least a little of her modesty. Rather, her right arm was curled around just below her breasts, almost as if to emphasize them, while her left hung a bit lower, stretching across her stomach.

Perhaps the cutest aspect of the display was Natsuki's face, though. She had it bent down, so adorably grimacing in embarrassment. It was entirely red, without any extra help from Shizuru needed at all. The sight of Natsuki's blush prompted the teasing part of Shizuru's mind to break through her haze and come up with a cherry-filled joke, though for Natsuki's sake, she was able to suppress it.

Shizuru couldn't find the energy to move from her position as she devoured the sight before her. If it weren't for her hand on the doorknob, she probably wouldn't have even been able to remain standing. She watched every drop of chocolate syrup making its way down Natsuki's body, paying particularly close attention to those which traced more intimate paths. It bothered her a bit that those drops which fell from the tips of Natsuki's breasts were being wasted, but she simply lacked the ability to move forward and capture them, as much as she wanted to.

"Shizuru…" The word broke Shizuru out of her trance. Natsuki said it in such a pleading tone that Shizuru's priorities immediately shifted to focus on whatever her girlfriend – her amazing girlfriend who was putting herself through such embarrassment to fulfill one of her naughtiest fantasies – might need. "Are… are you… just going to stand there?" Natsuki's face turned even redder at this statement, making the cherry-filled joke pop up again in Shizuru's mind.

She ignored it again, though. Natsuki had made her needs clear enough. Perhaps she should have come to that conclusion on her own before, but she had been quite stunned by the sight. Shizuru had learned that Natsuki's modesty came with one simple off switch: arousal. It was getting her in the mood which was the trick, and simple visual pleasures could never do it for her alone. It was subtler things that seemed to work for her, and Shizuru had been banking on her earlier gifts as helping out in this way. Perhaps they had, to give Natsuki the courage to go through with this. But of course, it couldn't last forever. She'd need Shizuru's presence soon in order to settle into things.

Shizuru had no problems with that arrangement. Now that her initial stun had faded, she was simply dying to pounce on her chocolate Natsuki and eat her up in every way she could imagine. Throwing the door closed, Shizuru quickly untied her bathrobe and allowed it to fall off of her. She walked up towards Natsuki, stepping into her tub and meeting Natsuki on the far side.

The girl drifted downwards as Shizuru approached, coming to a seat on the bench behind her. Shizuru wondered if perhaps her strength had given out to her nervousness, or perhaps she was just preparing for things to come. Shizuru brought her hand to below Natsuki's chin and gently tilted her head upwards as she bent down to capture her girlfriend's lips in a kiss. She could sense all of Natsuki weakness and nervousness in her lips. They were almost completely still, and it took Shizuru quite a bit of work to get her to tentatively respond.

Not wanting to mess up Natsuki's "outfit," Shizuru had to restrain herself from wrapping her arms around the girl. It might have helped get rid of some of her nervousness, though, so Shizuru considered it for a moment. In the end, she decided she'd try to do what she could while saving her treat for when Natsuki was ready. She finished up her kiss with the girl, which Natsuki was now at least making an effort to return, and pulled back to gaze lovingly into Natsuki's eyes.

"I love you so much, Natsuki," she said. A small smile tugged at the corners of Natsuki's lips, and her eyes showed that she'd relaxed a bit. Shizuru brought her hand up from Natsuki's chin to the top of her head, and she stroked it downwards, running her fingers through the girl's silky hair. She allowed it to come to a rest at the back of the girl's neck. "If you're ready, Natsuki, I'd like to show you just how much."

Natsuki appeared to be captivated by her gaze, just as Shizuru had hoped. Keeping her eyes, firmly locked with Shizuru's, she gave a slight nod. The blush seemed to have faded from her face a little, but not enough to take away from her cuteness. After Shizuru provided a quick hint with a flick of her eyes, Natsuki turned to the side. Supported by Shizuru's hand at the back of her neck, she slowly leaned back until she was lying on the bench, as Shizuru dropped down to her knees. Shizuru kept her face as close to Natsuki's as she could manage the whole time, and she met her lover's lips for another kiss once she was settled. Natsuki was much more willing to kiss back this time, Shizuru's little attempt at love hypnosis seemingly having worked on her.

A wet feeling made its presence known on Shizuru's back. She wondered only briefly what it was, but she quickly recognized the feeling of one of Natsuki's hugs through the chocolate. She'd been trying to keep herself from getting too messy, but apparently that was a futile endeavor. She'd just have to make sure Natsuki helped clean her off later. In any case, that she was hugging now was certainly a good sign that she was ready.

Shizuru gently pulled back from the kiss after a minute and spent another few moments gazing into Natsuki's eyes. Her love looked back with a hypnotized expression, and Shizuru was now certain that she was ready. She removed her hand from the back of Natsuki's neck and brought it down to gently hold the girl's side. It wasn't a very intimate place for it – she was saving those for her tongue – but she knew that the simple presence of it would be nice for Natsuki. Her other hand soon followed suit, so that she was holding her love tenderly.

Giving Natsuki one last smile, Shizuru went to work – if it could be called that. She started by moving her mouth over to Natsuki's ear, which she gave a playful flick of her tongue and a gentle breath of air. She could both hear and feel as Natsuki hitched her breath beneath her. She then proceeded to land a kiss just below Natsuki's ear, and then she followed it up with another just below. She kissed her way down, along Natsuki's jawbone until she reached the soft flesh of her neck.

Shizuru could feel Natsuki's strained breathing as she kissed the girl's sweet neck. It wasn't long before she latched onto the particularly tender spot at the base, which happened to be just where the chocolate on her body began. Shizuru kissed the spot deeply, feeling Natsuki strain beneath her and let out a low moan. When it was firmly enveloped in her mouth, she brought out her tongue to lick around the edges of her lips and gather up the chocolate inside.

The taste was heavenly, and judging by Natsuki's further moans, she was quite enjoying this too.. The syrup was unbelievably sweet, and Shizuru could feel herself become more aroused by the second as she consumed it. If her arousal kept growing at this rate, it wasn't likely she'd be able to hold herself back from getting some form of release, however much she wanted this to be about Natsuki. Well, maybe they'd just have to compromise.

Once she'd finished up with the chocolate, Shizuru gave Natsuki a break from working on that spot and moved on to kiss a bit lower. She repeated her process of kissing and lapping up the chocolate inside for a couple more spots, noting how both Natsuki and she seemed to get more aroused at a rapid pace. The chocolate was doing wonders for their moods, and Shizuru was starting to worry that she just wouldn't have time to lap it all up before the two of them were ready to burst.

Shizuru took a break to rise up from Natsuki's neck and eye the expanse of chocolate-covered flesh before her. She definitely wouldn't have enough time for that – especially when she factored in how simply seeing it made her feel. She was nearly drooling at the sight, and she could still feel the heat rising within her body. She would definitely have to focus on just a few key regions. She could always expand to the rest of Natsuki's body for the second round.

After one last quick peck on Natsuki's collarbone, Shizuru moved down to Natsuki's breasts. Starting on the near one, Shizuru brought her lips to the top of it and gave it a lingering kiss as she started to lap up the chocolate. She paid careful attentions to the noises Natsuki made as she did this. Right now she was letting out a pleasant purr. Shizuru was able to extend the purr as she loosened her lips from the kiss but allowed her tongue to make a few long strokes over the top of Natsuki's breast, lapping up large amounts of chocolate.

Once the top was mostly clear of chocolate, Shizuru moved down to the side nearest her and repeated the process. A wave of shivers passed through Natsuki's body as she did so, and Shizuru silently marveled about her lover's sexuality. It was amazing how quickly she'd gone from being at her peak embarrassment to being enveloped in lust and pleasure. And Shizuru had been able to do it to her. She was able to melt the fabled Ice Princess of Fuuka. And now that she was melted down, she was perfect to be eaten up.

Clearing off the side of Natsuki's breast, Shizuru proceeded to work on the bottom. This provided a bit tougher of an angle, and she ended up with her nose buried into Natsuki's chest on the first try, cutting off her air supply and limiting her ability to work down there. As she pulled back, she regretfully noticed that the locks of hair on both sides of her face had found their share of syrup too. Apparently this was why Natsuki had chosen to do this in the bath – it would be perfect for cleaning up afterwards.

But for now, she needed a little more room to work. She brought her hand in to cup Natsuki's breast – trying not to smear too much of the chocolate off of the top – and she moved it upwards on the girl's chest to provide herself more room at the bottom. Natsuki's breasts were, as always, quite nice and firm, so much so that they held their shape well even when she was lying on her back. This also had the added benefit that Natsuki felt and enjoyed it all the more when she groped her like this, as it took much more force to move them this far. As expected, this motion elicited a low moan from the girl intermixed with a gentle giggle.

The giggle, in particular, sent a wave of glee through Shizuru as she went to work on licking the chocolate off of the bottom and inner side of Natsuki's breast. Getting Natsuki into a sexual mood was a trick itself, but so was getting her to show her more girlish side. She kept this part of herself guarded quite well, so the fact that she was letting it slip out was a sure sign that she'd loosened up and started to relax now. That hopefully meant that she'd forgotten all about being embarrassed and was simply engrossed in enjoying the circumstances.

Shizuru was having her share of fun, too. She'd just finished lapping up the chocolate around all the sides of Natsuki's breasts, leaving only the center of it for her consumption. She eyed it hungrily as she prepared to engulf it with her mouth. She'd had the pleasure of "eating" Natsuki on a couple of occasions previously, and once she acquired the taste, she knew she'd never be able to get enough. But now, all of her own accord, Natsuki had pushed things to the next level, combining yet another of Shizuru's favorite tastes into the dish.

Greedily, Shizuru plunged her mouth down to capture as much of Natsuki's breast as she could in it. The pace of her action seemed to surprise Natsuki, who'd likely been expecting her to keep up her slow pace of gentling licking off the chocolate, but she certainly wasn't displeased by it. She let off a series of delighted noises that covered her entire vocal range as Shizuru did her best to eat up Natsuki's breast. She took in both the sweet taste of chocolate and the even sweeter tastes of Natsuki's breast and nipple.

Without warning, Shizuru quickly switched over to Natsuki's other breast and began to eat it up as well. She didn't waste any time licking her way around the sides first, but instead simply started from the nipple and worked around as her instincts took her. Meanwhile, she brought her hand back to apply the same vigorous treatment to Natsuki's other breast. Natsuki soon seemed to be overwhelmed by the sensations, and she started panting fiercely. "Shi-Shizuru…" she managed to get out.

The pleading tone of Natsuki's voice got through to Shizuru, and she wondered for a moment what Natsuki needed – not without keeping up her pleasuring, though. Was she going too fast for the girl? Not fast enough? That latter didn't seem too likely, though maybe Natsuki was just letting her know that she was ready for more. That seemed the most likely. Given how quickly the chocolate was getting her aroused, Shizuru was practically ready for Natsuki to attend to her own needs in quite that manner, but she'd have to wait just a little longer so she could properly prepare her lover.

Deciding that Natsuki might need a chance to catch her breath and that it might be a bit better to take this next part slowly, Shizuru slowed down her motions a little until the girl's breathing seemed to have stabilized. At this point, Natsuki let out another pleading "Shizuru…" which served to confirm Shizuru's suspicions that Natsuki just wanted more at this point. She wasn't one to disappoint, though, particularly when Natsuki used that tone on her. It was the only thing capable of preventing her from teasing to her heart's delight – she just couldn't bear to push the girl past that particular limit, however much her heart yearned for it. Perhaps a bit later in the relationship, when she was more confident that Natsuki wouldn't get overly mad at her for it, she could see just how far she could take the teasing, but for now, she caved to Natsuki's needs.

Shizuru removed her mouth from Natsuki's breast and sat back for just a moment to eye the sight before her. The image of Natsuki's breasts, mostly cleaned of chocolate, sticking out of her chocolate covering was an irresistible mix of cute and sexy, and Shizuru couldn't help but let out an unconscious whimper. She wished she could take a picture to preserve the sight, but she knew that Natsuki would never go for that. With a mental sigh, she tried to burn the image into her memory as best as she could before she went back to work on her girlfriend's needs.

Her next target stood out even through the layer of chocolate on Natsuki's body. The girl's mass of pubic hair was thicker than her chocolate coating, so it was easily visible on her now. The prospect of getting too much of Natsuki's hair in her mouth didn't appeal to Shizuru too much, but the covered region wasn't the only sensitive area she could work on to prepare the girl for when she dove in to the girl's core. With this in mind, Shizuru brought her mouth to just over the girl's inner thighs. She pulled a lock of her hair back and rotated her eyes over to Natsuki's face, catching the girl watching her in a trance. With a smile and a quick wink, she dove in.

The angle wasn't the best for getting at Natsuki's closer leg, but Shizuru got quite enough satisfaction from the other. Natsuki responded remarkably to each lick of Shizuru's tongue. The girl seemed to be squirming beneath her in rhythm with her every motion, and she was letting out quite the series of moans. In their past encounters, Natsuki had indeed been responsive like this, but it had tended to take quite a bit more teasing to get her into that state. The chocolate seemed to be working as an aphrodisiac for her, even though she wasn't the one consuming it. Perhaps, since it was working so well, Shizuru would be able to convince her to try this again. If nothing else, she'd be sure to keep a bottle of syrup around for use when the mood was right.

Finishing up with that leg, Shizuru tried to angle herself around so she could work on the other. In the end, she was only able to get at a little of the inside of it. By this point, though, Natsuki was reacting so fiercely to her touch that there wasn't much need for her to continue working on building her up. All that was really needed at this point was to clear herself enough room to work, but she could do that once she had a better angle.

As Shizuru raised her head up from Natsuki's crotch, her own arousal once again made its presence known to her. She brought in her right hand to gently stroke around Natsuki's inner thighs as her head withdrew so she could help maintain the girl's arousal. Before she crawled up on the girl, she had to make sure Natsuki would be willing to help her out. "Natsuki," she said softly, gaining what part of the girl's attention she could spare. "You think you can help take care of my needs as well?"

Natsuki seemed to be too distracted by Shizuru's circling hand to form any words, but she did get the essence of Shizuru's question. Her eyes locked with Shizuru's, she bit her lip to stifle a moan and gave a quick nod. The urgency of her action carried the added message that she just wanted Shizuru to hurry up and get on with it. Shizuru was more than happy to comply. It would be her first time feeling Natsuki's tongue on her while the girl was being pleasured herself, and she was quite curious to experience it and see how it affected her lover's ability. Natsuki had shown surprising skill with her tongue before, but Shizuru suspected that she might be even better in this state. There certainly was a strong correlation between her arousal and her enthusiasm.

Unable to stop a giddy grin from crossing her face, Shizuru stood up, taking a moment to stretch out her legs. As many times as she made love to Natsuki – and she'd been sure to do it as much as possible since they'd become a couple – it never ceased to make her feel like she was living a dream. Every new thing they did together brought her closer to heaven.

Looking back, it was really no wonder Natsuki had been able to push her to such extreme heights her first time, being her first taste of heaven after years of yearning. Every time since then she'd tried to repay Natsuki in kind, but in the end, she had to acknowledge that she'd never be able to give Natsuki enough to thank her for all the joy she'd brought her. But that was alright; she'd enjoy nothing more than to be able to pleasure Natsuki for the rest of her life. Finding out just how much Natsuki enjoyed pleasuring her in turn was another turn of luck, and she now quite looked forward to their first attempt at pleasuring each other simultaneously.

Shizuru crawled up onto the bench over Natsuki until she was in position with her arms on either side of Natsuki's hips and her legs straddling the girl's shoulders. Preparing herself for what she knew would be a very pleasurable contact with her lover, Shizuru took a deep breath and slowly lowered her body down. Her breasts were the first to meet Natsuki's body, feeling the wet syrup that remained on the girl's stomach. She mentally noted that she'd have to get Natsuki to clean that up for her later. Soon she felt the girl's breasts meet her own stomach, and she let out a light sigh as she came to rest on top of them.

Their bodies pressed tightly together, and Shizuru reveled in Natsuki's warmth and the sweet feeling of the layer of chocolate between them. Already, she was starting to feel the effects of its presence on her own breasts, and she could hardly wait for when Natsuki would be able to lick it off of her. She might even have to check and see if the girl had any extra syrup, so that she could use it down below to create that same pleasure on her now-aching lower lips – and then get Natsuki to lick it all up.

Shizuru let out a surprised squeak as she felt Natsuki's tongue make a quick trek across her slit. An image popped into her mind of Natsuki as a little puppy sweetly kissing her down there, and the cute thought sent a wave of warmth through her body that rivaled the feelings Natsuki's lick had elicited. Another quick lick was soon to follow, and Shizuru was nearly overwhelmed by the burning sensations in her loins. She pulled her arms in to squeeze on Natsuki's legs as she tried to stabilize herself. She had to focus so that she could return Natsuki's sweet kisses.

Prying her eyes open so that she could observe the work before her, Shizuru came upon the heavenly sight of Natsuki's chocolate-covered lips. Unable to resist the sight before her, she lowered her head down and buried it between the girl's legs so she could begin her feast. Slowly, she licked her tongue down, just on the side of Natsuki's slit. The reaction of the girl beneath her was surprisingly strong, as Natsuki bucked wildly from the touch and let out a strangled moan.

Almost as soon as she calmed down, Natsuki's tongue was back at work on Shizuru's slit. She didn't stop after only a lick or two this time, though. Natsuki seemed to have lost all control over herself, burying her face into Shizuru. It was as if she were passionately making out with the girl's lower lips. Unwilling to let herself be the only one feeling such amazing sensations, Shizuru proceeded to lick off the other side of Natsuki's slit. The resulting moan from this occurred right inside Shizuru's lips now, causing a very intriguing sensation. She could feel her clit starting to ache for her lover's touch, and she wondered what it would feel like to have Natsuki moaning right into it.

Her goal in mind, Shizuru went at the main course – which she promptly decided she'd been putting off for far too long. She plunged her tongue deep inside Natsuki's folds and dug out all the chocolate that had made its way inside. Somehow, Natsuki's chocolate filling was even sweeter than her coating. Shizuru suspected that it was her love's juices mixing in with the chocolate that made it so delectable. Or maybe it was the simple fact that her eating was giving Natsuki pleasure, as evidenced by the constant moaning from the girl, that made it seem so good.

Shizuru decided to go with the last interpretation, simply because it was the sweetest. She redoubled her efforts to clean out every one of Natsuki's folds of the chocolate. She allowed her tongue to drift everywhere it could inside the girl, seeming to drive her wild with ecstasy. Just as Shizuru had expected, Natsuki's enjoyment caused her to work even more frantically at eating out Shizuru. The girl seemed to be trying to clean out Shizuru's folds just as much as Shizuru was hers, only at a much more rapid pace.

Natsuki's almost panicked licking eventually broke through Shizuru's control over herself when the girl managed to draw Shizuru's clit out of its hood. The sharp bolts of pleasure from it shot through Shizuru and forced a pair of quick moans out from the girl. She tried to make an effort to recover, but Natsuki kept at it, sucking desperately on the nub. Shizuru found herself frozen as she could do nothing but let out moans into Natsuki's core.

This isn't fair… Shizuru pouted silently. Why was Natsuki so able to give pleasure at the same time she received it? As soon as Natsuki's licks had started to truly work their magic on Shizuru's body, she'd been too distracted by the pleasure to do anything in return for the girl. Natsuki certainly did have her strength of will, but Shizuru had thought she'd at least be able to match her when it came to their relationship. She'd certainly been the confident one about it for much longer. Was she really weaker than Natsuki now that her confidence was matched?

No. No, I just have to focus. Another burst of pleasure shot through Shizuru's body as Natsuki's tongue started to circle her entrance. She had to wrap her arms around the girl's legs to stabilize herself. Focus… on pleasuring Natsuki. I'm doing this for her. I love her. I love her enough to be able to put her needs above my own. Just need to focus… Natsuki… Natsuki…

Keeping the thought of the girl she was doing this for firmly in her mind, Shizuru gathered enough of her focus to return to work on her lover's needs. First she worked on drawing out her lover's clit. If she was going to be moaning, perhaps she could at least find something good to moan into. It was a new angle for her to be working on Natsuki from, but it didn't take her too long to find the girl's clit. She'd devoted so much of her effort to this part of her lover's body that having it upside-down was no hindrance.

Natsuki let out another moan as Shizuru drew her clit out by gently circling around it with her tongue. With the current location of her mouth, this moan made its way deep inside Shizuru, and it vibrated pleasantly off of the girl's inner walls. She was careful not to let this distract her, though, and she kept up her efforts to keep Natsuki in the throws of pleasure. She wanted to feel the girl scream inside of her.

Natsuki seemed to have the same plans with Shizuru, and her tongue slipped its way deep into Shizuru's depths. The feeling was incredible, but Shizuru couldn't let it distract her. Even as moans were forced out of her, she made sure to envelop Natsuki's clit in her mouth to let them vibrate on it for her lover's pleasure. When she felt that she had a spare moment between waves of pleasure, she allowed her tongue to quest around, lapping up the juices that were gushing out from inside of her lover.

It seemed that Natsuki was squeaking with delight almost constantly, though she didn't let it interrupt her motions. Her tongue kept up stroking deep within Shizuru, causing waves of pleasure to burst through the girl. Shizuru was now unable to find any breaks in the pleasure, so she had to concentrate all of her effort on Natsuki even as the girl forced moans out of her. Even as she felt herself losing control as she climbed the heights of ecstasy, she had to do all she could to bring Natsuki along with her.

Shizuru's body started moving of its own accord, jerking in time with the motions of Natsuki's tongue. She could feel her orgasm impending, but she couldn't bear to face it before she gave Natsuki hers. She redoubled her efforts to pleasure the girl, quickly finding her hole and plunging her tongue deep inside of it. She wasted no time thrusting it in and out as quickly as she could to build up the other girl's pleasure. She pressed it against all the walls inside Natsuki's body in turn, pushing up her lover's pleasure as quickly as she could.

The treatment proved to be more than Natsuki could take. Her moans turned into squealing, and her body started to jerk involuntarily just like Shizuru's. Shizuru could taste all the juices pouring out from her lover; she didn't know if she'd ever seen Natsuki this wet before. All through this, though, Natsuki was able to keep up enough focus to keep her tongue moving inside of Shizuru and bringing her lover closer and closer to her peak.

Just as Shizuru was about to hit her peak, she felt a telltale clenching of her girlfriend's muscles beneath her. Natsuki's inner walls clamped down on Shizuru's tongue as if trying to hold it in place while the rest of her body tightened up. Her arms squeezed Shizuru down into her and a scream tore loose from her throat. The sound resonated deep within Shizuru, and she relished the feeling of Natsuki's ecstasy entering her in this manner.

In the immediate aftermath of her orgasm, an emotional rush seemed to take over Natsuki. She frenziedly shoved her tongue everywhere she could within Shizuru, desperate to bring Shizuru to the same pleasure. Soon she found Shizuru's clit and sucked it deep into her mouth. When it was deep enough inside, she bit down on it. Her bite wasn't too hard, but it didn't need to be with how sensitive Shizuru's nub currently was.

The bite sent an explosion through Shizuru's body. She gripped desperately onto Natsuki as her body was overwhelmed with pleasure so strong it was almost painful. She cried out from the overwhelming sensation as it wracked her body. Natsuki had removed her teeth from Shizuru's clit, but she remained kissing it and sucking it into her mouth. As the nub got oversensitive after Shizuru's initial orgasm, Natsuki's continued kissing of it was too much for her. Even through the pain the contact caused, it led her back to another peak almost as soon as the first had passed.

The second wave turned into a third as Natsuki refused to let go of Shizuru's clit. The pressure on it was now quite painful, but it resulted in such sweet pleasure in Shizuru that she was torn about whether she wanted Natsuki to let her go or not. However, as strong as the sensation in it was, Shizuru's body seemed to be just too worn out at that point for any further peaks. The pressure Natsuki was applying to her clit held her up though, keeping her from crashing completely.

Apparently realizing that Shizuru had passed her limit, Natsuki loosed her lock on Shizuru's clit. The release of it brought a sweet sense of release to Shizuru as the pain from Natsuki latching onto it during its sensitive phase abated. She allowed herself to fall back to earth and grip desperately onto Natsuki, crying into her lover.

Natsuki soon took control of the situation. She gently pushed Shizuru's legs off to the side so she could sit up and bring Shizuru into a hug. Shizuru gripped her back tightly and soon pulled her into a passionate kiss even through her tears. All she was able to think about was getting Natsuki's support. Her world consisted of nothing but feeling the girl with her and bathing in her love.

As her mind started to clear, Shizuru realized that Natsuki seemed to be sobbing as well. When she pulled back from the kiss, out of breath, the girl started letting out a frantic stream of, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Shizuru. I didn't mean to hurt you, I…"

Shizuru stopped Natsuki's apologies with another kiss. The thought that her girlfriend had picked up on her pain during that experience was so touching to her she couldn't resist kissing her again. When she pulled out of this kiss again, she starting talking before Natsuki could get started again. "No, Natsuki, it's okay. It was amazing, even."

"It was?" The worry on Natsuki's face was so cute that Shizuru had to resist the urge to kiss her again. "But… I don't know how, but I know that was painful for you." Natsuki made an adorable grimace at this thought. "I should have let you go after you came. I'm really sorry, Shizuru."

"No," Shizuru said. She gazed deep into her lover's eyes so she'd know she wasn't lying. "You're right that it was painful, but the pleasure was so incredible. It was just like my first time with you, when you broke me down so far I couldn't do anything except fall asleep in your arms, only this time it was spread out over three peaks. I don't know how, Natsuki, but you're just amazing at this…"

Shizuru cast her gaze down. She noticed a warmth in her cheeks, and realized that she was blushing. The blush had likely been there for quite a while, and yet it still wasn't going away. Her body seemed to have been almost completely drained of energy, and all she could get up the strength to do was to cuddle up closer to Natsuki. She leaned her head on the girl's shoulder and let her eyes drift shut as she rested.

Natsuki didn't say much for a few minutes. Eventually she came up with, "You're not so bad yourself, Shizuru…"

Shizuru could tell that the admission was hard for the girl, judging by the tone in her voice. However, she couldn't help but worry a bit still. She still had yet to give Natsuki such a mind-blowing experience, and she desperately wanted to let her girlfriend feel that. Deciding to make it a promise, she said, "I'm going to make you feel that too, Natsuki. You deserve such pleasure much more than me."

Natsuki didn't say anything in response, but Shizuru wasn't expecting her to. What was there she could have said, after all? She just sat there hugging Shizuru until the girl had recovered enough of her energy to move out of the hug. When Shizuru pulled back and spent a moment gazing into Natsuki's eyes, the girl shyly averted her gaze and said, "Perhaps we should get cleaned up now…"

Shizuru giggled at her girlfriend's behavior. It was so cute that she was just getting shy now, after all of this. Perhaps she was looking back on what she'd done for Shizuru initially and was once again embarrassed about it. Shizuru wasn't planning to let her off the hook that easily, though.

"No!" Shizuru said playfully, putting on a pout. "Natsuki got me all messy," she gestured down to her body, which now had chocolate smeared over it from contact with her lover, "so Natsuki has to clean me up!"

Natsuki gave out a weak chuckle. "You're just insatiable, aren't you?"

Shizuru bent in to give Natsuki a quick kiss on the nose. "I can never get enough of Natsuki." She backed off of Natsuki's lap and stood up. She took a moment to stretch her body out as she looked around the room, searching for Natsuki's supplies. "Now, did Natsuki have any extra syrup?"

"Uh… yeah, a little…" Natsuki said nervously from behind Shizuru. "What were you going to use it for?"

"Oh, I just wanted to make sure Natsuki had some cleaning up to do in all the right places." Shizuru looked over her shoulder and gave the girl – who was now profusely blushing – a quick wink. "How would she like a chocolate-filled Shizuru?"

The look on Natsuki's face was priceless. Although in the past, Shizuru might have used such a suggestion just to tease the girl, Natsuki had now pushed their limits far enough that she could actually do it. Giddily, Shizuru went to find out just what Natsuki felt having her most intimate place filled with chocolate.

Author's Note: Phew! That one was actually a bit tricky to write. First time I've done a sixty-nine, which requires writing both of their experiences at once. I hope I got it across alright. Of course, let me know what you think, and if you think it worked well.

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