Summary: During The Usual Suspects- a scene re-write when Sam and Dean are in custody- (anyone else get an image of the brother's in custard then?) Sam's psychic talent flares up, unexpected and the FED's don't know how to take it, ofcourse they act wrong...Hurt Sam, protective pissed Dean one -shot.

All mis-spelt errors and any other stuff I screwed up- all mine, sorry in advance!

Warning: Season 2 we all haven't seen that though...and language...they were rasied by a marine, and being wrote about by a Yorkshire lass- yeah. Swears.

Disclaimer: If I owned em...well we'd all be getting a share- cos I'm nice! I totally wouldn't clone them or sell fakes on e-bay to fund my fanfic roleplay...

"You hear me?...tell us everything you had to do with Karen Giles murder, we know you did it. You were at the crime scene, red handed." he added with a smirk. "Quite literally."

The officer, slapped crime scene photos of her gruesome death in front of Dean, photo after photo spilling out of the folder, much like her blood the previous night.

"I didn't do it." Dean deadpanned. Eyes flashing breifly to Pete, the stupid son of a bitch who was really getting up in Dean's face, and sighed. "I told you before."

"We know you're lying Dean, you protecting your brother?...huh?...he have something he's hiding? I'm going to make sure his life is hell-"

"DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH SAM!" Dean reared up from his seat, cuffs clattering on the questioning table, fire burned strong in Dean's eyes.

"Oh...I'm sorry." The officer smirked, reminded Dean of a way, his new york accent annoyingly threatening. Dean wasn't afraid. "Have I touched a soft spot."

Dean only stared.

Oooh, and if looks could kill. That stupid fucker of a not-a-clue-what's-really-goin'-on-fruitcake officer, would be rigamortussed and stuffed in a coffin right now.

Dean liked to wish, or hope...or hope to wish he'd be the one to put the mother down.

For good.

"Soft spot?...don't you care for your family? huh?" Dean growled. Face taking on the same smirk Pete just had.

"Oh I care Dean...but did you care?...did you care when you slit karen's throat, only days after her husband, she was terrified...and you murdered her, ruthlessly." Pete added, a shake of his head, almost looking down on Dean.

How the fuck dare he?...I'm the one saving his moral-rights ass. If only they all knew...might teach them a lesson. Twats.

This is the reward you get kids, saving your country, fighting the good fight...screw you over huh.

"Why'd you do it?...she didn't have an affair with you? on your bad side?...what?" The detective, officer...whatever he was stared dumbly at Dean, then changed with enough hate and conviction they didn't need a courtroom. In his eyes Dean was guilty, but there was a little bit more in his eyes, why was he so quick to jump the gun, to accuse Dean...?

"We were old friends with her husband...I just found her..." Dean glanced at the photos, sad expression lingered too solemly in his eyes for it to be faked. "I found her like that, couldn't save her in time." His voice was hushed, almost as if he'd failed.

Like I'm failing Sammy too...he doesn't need all this...

Pete faltered for a moment, his heat and anger to hurry and blame this all on Dean, save his own skin...all this time he'd been convicting an inoccent man, something in his job he'd sworn to protect. But that was a long time ago, it had rubbed off him now...eroded his sense of be human. Was lost, or leaving him and in Dean's eyes that meant he wasn't human...not really, not to the extent he should be saved and protected like any other inoccent...he was almost like Max. You can't just stop being human, it wasn't a human thing.

Pete seemed to catch Dean looking at him like he was reading his soul and he blinked and stepped back.

"You're a good actor...Sam is too, Diana and myself have a hard time believing anything you boys say."

Yep, totally wishing you dead here pal...knew it. He doesn't believe me...granted, but how could they not believe Sammy, he's got the friggin' inoccence of a baby with those eyes, at least he doesn't have Mr. High and mighty over here.

"You think you're smart huh Dean, well we've foiled your plan this time, so you might as well give up."

Somebody pleeeeease shoot me, this freak thinks he's king already...I ain't kissing no feet!

Dean's shoulders slumped, again with annoying talk on 'how stupid Dean is' and how 'they won't get away with it' and them some more of 'you're dumb' and 'we're smart'.

Another, mindless droning on...

At least Sam got the girl...



He sighed, dejectedly and glanced up at the blond fourty-something detective...officer...inspecter- all the same. "What?" He snapped.

"You can save yourself Sam, Dean's too far gone...just because he's your brother doesn't mean he can drag you down with him."

"He's not dragging me anywhere, he didn't do anything!" Slapping his hands on the cheap wooden table, Sam stood his full height and wandered over to the window, frown etching his features.

Diana sighed. "Sam, we can help you...why can't you see that?"

Sam spun to face her, deep lines on his forehead and around his mouth. "There's nothing to help! Dean hasn't..." Sam gasped, eyes clenching shut.

His foot stumbled and he steadied himself. "He hasn't murdered anyone, ever..." Well, he hadn't really. It was hard to show that in their line of work.

"Look-ugh! Ah!"

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose, clasping a hand to his head, knee's buckling.

"Sam?" Diana frowned, maybe something was wrong with the kid...?

"AH...Dean!" Sam gasped, he backed against the wall and slid down slowly, head pressed firmly back and a white knuckled grip in his hair. "AHHHHHHhhh."

White flashes, flickered across his vision, a lot slower than the last vision he had.

It didn't help that he was trapped in here, and then Sam saw Dean in his vision, his pulse racing in panic to the images being clawed through his mind.


"SAM!" Diana rushed forward, and gripped Sam's shoulder shaking him briefly for a response.

Hand still pressed against his head, Sam's body trembled as mind splitting pain waved through his nerves. Squinting his eyes open and taking a breath he asked for the only one he'd ever asked for.

"De- Dean...Dean...ngh-"

"Hang on, I'll go get some help." Diana ran through the door and across the hall to Pete's interrogation room.

"No...Dean!" Sam gasped and bent his head onto his chest, hands cradling his head.

The door burst open to a heavy breathing Diana and Pete instantly ran to her, gripping her shoulders.

"Whats wrong? did he hurt you?" Pete asked, eyes growing darker with anger.

"No, it's Sam..." She glanced helplessly to Dean. "He's asking for you...holding his head, he's in pain, I- I don't know what's wrong." She rushed out, chest heaving to breathe.

"Sammy...?...Shit, I need to be with him, this happens a lot- I have to be with him!" Dean banged his fist on the table, and Diana quickly went to undo his handcuffs.

Dean's eyes scanned frantically past her, tried to see Sam in the background. His eyes caught one of Sam's feet, flat out on the floor.

"Sammy?" Dean mumbled as he jangled Diana on, eager to get out and get to his bro-

Sam's scream echoed from down the corridor and Dean's stomach dropped.

He would have tugged his hands off to answer the pain he heard in Sam's scream.



Diana led Dean and Pete all running toward Sam's room. Diana called after them "I need a first aid team in here STAT!"

Dean skidded to a stop in front of Sam, hands balled into fists at his sides and head still trying to dig into the wall, Dean watched as his little brother's back arched and he choked on a scream.

"Sammy..." Dean needed, so badly to hold his brother but he didn't know what hurt and he was not going to risk causing Sam more pain.

"Dea.." Sam gasped, his arm shot out to cling onto Dean's leather clad one.

"Shhhh, it's ok Sammy...what's wrong?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...ugh...guuuhh." Sam's sharp intake of breath and eyes squeezing tighter shut gave it away, but did they really want the filth to know Sam had visions...where would that land them.

Reaching forward Dean just about managed to enclose his baby brother in a tight embrace, Sam's head leaning into his neck, moaning slightly.

Strong arms and a fierce grip pulled Dean upwards, startling him out of the protectiveness he'd just provided for Sam.

"Hey, what the-"

Sam slumped forward, head resting on the tiled floor, arms outstretched and clutching onto his temples. "Dean..." He sounded so scared and so lost, Dean's heart nearly broke for the kid.


The large, obviously body building offciers tugged Dean away from his brother, re-cuffing his hands.

Two more, equally as strong EMT's pulled Sam up off the floor, one by each arm. It made Dean physically feel sick with how limp his brother was after they heaved him up.

Legs still bent and dragging under him, Sam groaned head still low to his chest.

"Get him under control, take him back to questioning." Pete pointed at the brothers,ordering the men to take Dean back.

"What the hell! he's hurt, let me stay with him!" Dean yelled, all the while pulling at the guards who held him.

"He needs getting under control, I'm not falling for a little ploy." Pete sneered, as if he'd found a master plan.

"What the fuck?...this isn't a game you dick-ass prick face! Sam's freakin' hurt!" Dean all but screamed.

"I think they're right Pete, Sam really is-" Diana was interupted by a silencing hand.

"Its just a scheme so they can escape, I've dealt with it before."

Somebody give this guy a fucking award in stupid rants of the year...better yet shove that fucking award right up-

"Diana! I've gotta' stay with him." Dean pleaded, Sam really needed him and they were treating it like nothing, couldn't they see the kid's face. Pure epitone of pain!

The two first aid guys held Sam up by the wall, arms across his chest pinning him in place. Dean's heart leapt in his throat, if Sam struggled he wouldn't be able to take a full breath.

"Ahhh...Dean...DEAN..." Sam choked, mouth pulled down, and face tight. "Gguuuuhh..." Sam's face scrunched as he choked out a breath, shaking slightly Dean noticed a drop of blood falling from Sam's face. When Sam rocked back on a deep breath his nose was bleeding.

"Jesus, can't you help him?" Diana asked to no one in particular.

"let me stay with him, I'll calm him down." Dean begged, eyes filling with unshed tears. "Sammy..." He whispered brokenly.

"Ahhh...NO...DEAN!" Sam rasped, voice raw and ripped.

"Shut him up!" Pete nodded at the first aid officials acting as gaurds pinning Sam to the wall.

Opening a dark green case with a blue cross across the front of it, a third guy in his fifties with a white labcoat walked up to Sam and retrieved a syringe from the box.

Dean's heart froze, they wouldn't...

Sam's eyes fluttered briefly over to Dean, darkened by pain, then to the docter and the goons holding him up. Face still etched with pain.

"What are' ou...d'in?" Sam slurred. Head rocked back against the wall, frowning deeply again as another flash blinded his vision. "Guuuuuhhh."


The docter raised the syringe and tapped the clear liquid inside.

"Don't you fucking touch him! you son of a bitch, you hear me!" Dean struggled.

Sam's owlish brown orbs flickered at the fear in his brother's voice, thats when he saw the needle advancing and pushed back, only into the wall.

His chest jerked as he struggled out of the strong hold.

"NO..nonononononono, please, no-" The sting of the needle as it was plunged into his neck made him stiffen. The same as it was pulled out, the warmth of the sedative flooded through his system.

Pain melded into dizziness, and worry very real for Dean, and from his vision made him cry out as he was lowered by the two men.


Sam sank slowly, Dean could only stare when they brought in a gurney and strapped Sam down, then wheeled him off.

Tears burning in his eyes, Dean stared a hole through Pete's head, who only grinned despite the situation.

"Now then Winchester, you had better start complying...we wouldn't want another unfornunate incident with your brother, now...would we?"

In his final grin, Dean saw for a split mili-second Pete's eyes flicker black, and he realised one major fucked up thing.

Pete was never human to start with.

He was worse than Max.

And he had Sammy's life in his hands...

Well Fuck...

"I think we'll stay in this room shall we? I haven't finished asking you questions." Pete grinned as Dean was dragged to the seat and dumped.

Diana still hadn't left the room and she seemed shocked at what had just happened.

"Pete, that kid was hurt. Maybe we should postpone this-"

"No! That's what he wants! The medics have the brother. He's fine."

They had a moment staring at one another, Diana didn't believe Pete and he caught it in her eyes.

"I'll go wait with him." Diana finally said, smiling lightly at Dean. "I'll tell him his brother will be by soon." She nodded a little forcefully at Pete.

She could tell by the way Dean cared for the kid he was telling the truth, and Pete was being a little too harsh but then again, he just wanted to find the killer. She could understand that. But she looked at Dean like it was a promise. She would wait and look after Sam.

As the door shut, Pete started to chuckle.

"I guess you've figured it out huh?" Pete grinned, black eyes boring into Dean.

"Oh yeah. You know I was thinking, no way a guy could be this much of a dick...then, tadah!" Dean grinned back, eyes dangerously dark. "You know I ain't gonna let you walk out of here." Dean promised deadly.

"Funny. I was about to say the same to your brother."

Dean tightened his jaw, fisted his hands.

", you didn't kill Karen, cos' I did." Pete grinned. "So I could have you, and Sammy."

"Nice plan..." Dean chuckled. "Apart from the fact you messed with the wrong guys on this one and we're gonna end you." Dean smiled wider. "You think it won't come back to you?"

"Oh I know it won't." Pete flashed his teeth. "Perfect cover." He whispered, arms spread showing his meatsuit.

"Really?" Dean nodded sarcastically.

Pete frowned, eyes flicking brown again. "You got something to share?"

Dean shrugged and leaned back in the chair like it was a leather recliner.


Diana sat in the blue plastic chair next to Sam. He was still a little groggy but when she'd asked about the injection it was just something to calm him down and he was coming back round. Any minute they'd said.

She glanced to the medical room wall, to Sam's tied wrists and watched him slowly open his unfocused eyes.

"Hey Sam. It's Diana...Dean's gonna be here soon. It's okay. How do you feel?"

Sam shook his head, breathing quickening as he struggled.


"Gotta...ugh...get 'im out...please..." Sam said groggily.

"What? Sam what do you mean?"

Sam swallowed, eyes focusing on Diana's.

"Get Dean out. Away from Pete...he killed Karen..."

Diana sat shocked, eyes wide and mouth open. She didn't know what to say to that!

"What? Sam no,-"

"I promise." Sam said weakly. "He killed her, knife''s in the house, with a peice of his shirt. He bricked in the basement." Sam swallowed. "He killed her there."

Diana swallowed. She went white. She remembered asking Pete about his ripped shirt only a few days ago and how cagey he got.

"Oh my god." She gasped.

"Please...get Dean out. He's gonna kill him." Sam swallowed, fear bright in his eyes.

She believed him. She saw in his eyes he was telling the truth and she knew she needed to help him.

"Okay...okay Sam. We're going to get your brother and we'll deal with this."

"Can't let him know...he'll kill you if he knows what I told you."

Diana licked her lips.

"Okay...I've got an idea. You trust me?"
Sam waited a moment before he finally nodded.

"Right, first things first..we have to break outta' here without getting found out..."

She started unstrapping Sam's hands, held his wrist softly and promptly turned and screamed for help.

"HELP! Someone! I need some help in here!"


Pete was about to start using his fists on the cocky hunter when commotion outside their room had him jumping up and swinging open the door.

"Hey!?" Pete yelled into the hall of running officers. "What's going on?"

"Kids not breathing, Diana's getting him an ambulance."

Dean froze at the words.

"SAM! Sammy!? Hey! What the hell happened?"

The officer stepped into the room. "You're his brother?"

Dean nodded. "He was breathing fine when they took him! What the fuck did you do!?" Dean nearly screamed.

Diana came rushing into the room, a little out of breath. "Dean- you need to ride in the ambulance with me and Sam. They're gonna have a lot of questions for you. C'mon."

Diana ran forward to unlock Dean's cuffs, Pete behind starting to object.

"Pete! Please, this isn't the time. I know you want to get to the bottom of this, but the paramedics need his next of kin- they have some questions, they need to know-"

"They're here? He can't have Morphine. Makes him panic..." Dean said loudly, lies easily rolling off his tongue, cuffs unlocking as he pulled his hands free. Diana caught his wrist on the second shackle and squeezed three times as he caught her eye.

Dean did a double take. That was nearly exactly Sammy code for a plan and he blinked slowly back at Diana as she pulled him up. "You have the same blood type? They said something about finding evidence of internal bleeding? We need to get out of here and find it." She only slightly over pronounced the word but Dean heard all he needed to and it took effort not to let the shock of relief relax him. He had to keep up the facade.

"I do! He's B+. Is he okay!?" Dean asked following Diana quickly.

Pete blocked the doorway as Diana glared at him. "You willing to let someone die because of this? I know you cared about Karen but that kid needs a hospital and he needs his brother. I'm going with them. They'll be cuffed in a room under my watch."

Pete didn't budge and Dean thought about knocking him out, but stayed close and quiet behind Diana, she obviosuly had got this.

"Pete, I mean it. Get out of the way. We can finish this later." She pointed a finger at him like she knew he was a killer and Dean caught the cold look she flashed him.

"Alright Diana, we'll finish this later. " He smiled tightly at her and moved slowly out of the way.

Diana didn't waste a moment brushing by him, Dean close on her heels.

"Okay, I was sat with him and he was fine and then he just started choking, he couldn't get a breath so I called the medic and -"
Diana cut off as they rounded the corner of the hallway well out of earshot.

"Sam's fine Dean. I needed to get you both out of here without raising any questions."

Dean started jogging down the hall, eager to get the hell away from Pete and get to Sam.

"He okay?"

"Little tired, banged up...he's fine. Damn good actor." She smiled as they finally met the exit and an ambulance with Sam in tow, laid in the gurney in the back waiting for him.

Dean climbed in, hands fisting around Sam's as he squeezed and Sam smiled once the doors slammed shut.

"Nice work little brother." Dean grinned.

"It was Diana's idea. I'm glad she believed me."

The driver doors shut as Diana got behind the wheel, tyres schreeching she sped off, siren wailing.

"Gotta' sell it don't we." She yelled over the noise.

Once they were well on their way Dean leant over Sam and held him close.

"How's the head?" Dean asked softly.

Sam shrugged. "M'okay...had to get you out of there. Saw Pete killing Karen...then I Saw Pete killing you." Sam choked out, blinked away the fresh tears clouding his eyes.

"You saw it?"

Sam nodded. "He just...killed her, for nothing... Murder weapons buried in the basement. He was gonna' brick her in the basement. She got away, ran upstairs... If we can find his prints and his shirt on it..." Sam swallowed.

Dean smiled and moved closer to Sam. "We can get the slimy bastard." Dean held Sam's hand impossibly tight, bent down to Sam's face. "You see if he was a demon?" Dean whispered and Sam's eyes widened as he frowned.

" he?"

"His eyes were black, he was a pretty big dick. So, yeah. We're gonna have to watch our asses. You sure you're okay?"

Sam swallowed and nodded, eyes bright boring into Dean.

Diana eventually turned the siren off, ambulance driving for Karen's house instead of the hospital.

"You think Pete's onto us?" Diana asked from the drivers seat.

"Soon, we won't have long to find the evidence."

As Diana pulled up not five minutes later Sam was unstrapped and helped out of the back by Dean as Diana scoured the area.

It was the middle of the night and silent anyway but something still gave her goosebumps.

The impala was still outside the house where Dean had left it the night before and he ran over to grab his guns.

Sam was pale, a little unsteady and slow but he was with it enough to want to finish this thing and Dean completley agreed.

"Take this." Dean passed his handgun to Diana and she actually jumped back.

"What the hell do I need that for Dean!?"

"Please, trust me...if Pete shows up, shoot him in the arm with this. It'll slow it down."

Dean was stern and low with his voice almost like a growl and Diana took the gun, something telling her to trust this boy and his brother.

They didn't need to be quiet when they broke back into the house, but Dean was deadly silent, ears pricking for any sound that shouldn't be there.

They lead their way to the basement, Sam in the middle -Dean made sure, and as they came to the final step into the cold basement, all hell broke loose.


The basement door slammed shut, wood splintering under the force and clanked down the steps as the lightbulb snapped on and Pete stood, hands in his pockets, eyes like pitch black holes gleaming at the brothers.

"Hello Sammy." Pete grinned. His teeth catching the light like a predator.

Before any could fire, Diana snapped right and Dean left as Sam was jerked forward under Pete's control. The trio were pinned, Dean and Diana to either wall as Sam lay face down on the concrete before Pete.

"Now, I wonder just how you knew to come back down here...? Hmm? Want to share with the class Sam?"

Sam didn't respond as Pete leaned over him. "See, I knew it would be you boy. You're always messing up plans when it comes to us. Can't be having that can we?" Pete smiled as he cruelly tugged on Sam's hair and pulled his neck at an awkward angle.

Sam grunted as Dean shouted.

"Pete! You sonuvabitch' let him go!"

Pete dropped Sam, let him go but held Dean and Diana in place.

"Does she know?" Pete asked as Sam shakily stood and stepped back from him, his eyes searching anywhere for a weapon, for Dean's duffle. His was lost when he was thrown forward.

"Does she know!?" Pete shouted.

"What do you think?" Sam said defiantly, circling Pete as he moved forward.

The demon grinned, cocked his head and Diana cried out, her body arching as she shook, blood coughing up from her lips.

"HEY! Stop it!" Sam shouted, advancing on Pete-without an actual plan and it was hard for the demon to throw a right hook and catch Sam's jaw, knocking him down with a cry.

"SAM!" Dean struggled.

Sam hit the floor and Dean heard the breath leave his lungs.

Diana stopped her cries but hung a little too lifelessly for Dean's liking still in Pete's hold. She was breathing but it didn't look good.

Pete suddenly released her and she fell with a yelp, body still on the ground.

Sam winced as he sat himself up and swayed.

"I'd stay down if I were you Sammy. Old Diana can't take much more."

As Pete started to circle Sam, Sam let his eyes scour the floor to find his weapon. They had silver blessed bullets with a hollowed out Holy Water tip. If he could get to it. This would end now.

But he couldn't see the guns, Diana wasn't moving much as much as shaking and Dean was still held tight against the wall.

"So what? You enjoy killing and hiding away in plain sight?" Sam asked, making Pete come back round to face him.

"I do enjoy the killing. And I have the perfect cover."

Sam laughed loud and deep in the basement and Dean had to crack a grin at the balls of his brother.

"You're a demon...what cover do you need?" Sam was actually smiling, despite the situation he was getting to this demon and Dean's heart swelled with pride.

"Well, Sammy..." Pete's voice was cold. "I get to meet a lot of hunters doing it this way and I've had the pleasure to kill each one of them slowly." Pete pulled a curved blade from his pocket. "Ofcourse this isn't my day job. I've got orders to be undercover until such a time..."

Pete let the blade slide over Sam's shoulder, scrape over his jacket and down his arm.

"That time seems to be right now Sam. See, we knew you'd come running to this case...and we hoped you'd bring your brother and oh-look. Here you are."

Pete let the blade shift up and lean just under Sam's jaw, pulling his head up to meet his black gaze. "I'd say the plan worked Sammy. Is that funny?"

Sam jerked his head away from the blade, leant back on his calfs. Pete was hunched down in front of him, hands resting on his thighs.

Sam took the moment to suddenly push himself back, Latin clear and loud streaming from his mouth as he rolled. Pete dived forward with a growl, knife slicing out to nothing as Sam jerked and rolled back and away, jumping up as Pete fumbled, body shuddering as Sam finished the first line of an exorcism.

Pete screamed, hands flying out to throw Sam backwards.

Sam felt the punch of air force him back, feet catching dirt he fell straight onto his back. Body slamming into the concrete in a plume of dust as he gasped for breath, Latin paused on his tongue he grunted to finish his words for the second sentence to be complete when Pete's strong hands fisted his shirt and picked him up before shoveling him backwards towards the wall near where Dean struggled.

Sam hit the wall hard, voice choking on Latin he heaved to take a breath and Pete was there to wrap his fingers around Sam's throat, cutting off any air or words the younger Winchester might try.


Dean tensed throughout the fight, still pushing and pulling against the demon's power to no avail.

Pete squeezed as Sam choked, he'd pinned Sam's arms to the wall like Dean's and stared hard down at Sam as he let go.

"You try anything like that, you die slow. Dean dies now. Got it!?"

Sam coughed to clear his throat, hand prints already visable on his neck as he tried to tug himself forward.

"You slimy bastard. You want to try fighting it out like a real man? Can't handle a few words of Latin!?" Dean spat, eyes shifting from a struggling to breathe Sam and an angry Pete demon.

"You want to push your luck Winchester?" Pete roared, arms gesturing out toward Sam as he jerked on the wall and screamed.


Sam's eyes squeezed shut as he gasped and grunted and finally sagged heaving a deep breath in.

Pete stopped and stared hard and deadly at Dean. "You make it hard to follow the rules Winchester."

Sam spat out a mouthful of blood and raised his weary head. "Wh't rules?" He rasped.

Pete didn't speak and Dean caught something like fear flicker in his eyes.

"You working for someone?" Dean asked and Pete's eyes flashed to his.

"That's a yes then. Care to explain?"

Pete's mouth opened then slammed shut.

"I don't have to share anything with you, hunter. Your time will come soon enough. But first of all, I want to have a little fun!"

Pete was about to reach his hand up again toward Sam.

"That what you been doing? Get this job to have a little killing fun? But maybe too much?"

Pete dropped his hand, attention back on Dean.

"You've already got in deep haven't you? What's wrong Petey, afraid of your boss?"

Pete snarled at Dean.

"Just wait until he shows up, I'll get my reward for handing in you two."

Dean laughed. "You won't be handing in anyone Petey. Think he believes you! That YOU caught us? Nah, no one's coming."

Pete smiled in the darkness, his black eyes twinkling in the small light.

"All I have to do is call him."

Dean nodded, lips squashed together as he hid his chuckle. "Riight, right. Okay Pete."

The demon glared, mouth twitching to say something.

"Oh I'll call him!" Pete roared.

The demon reached into his jacket tugging out a smaller silver blade.

"I'm sure you'll call him Pete, and I'm sure he'll believe you."

"Shut up Winchester! This was the plan!"

Dean had to stifle his laugh. Knowing how he was irritating the hell out of Pete gave him strength. That and he could see Diana dragging herself to his gun at the back of the basement and if he could stall for long enough he had enough faith she'd end this.

He just needed Pete to confess. That's all the evidence Diana would need to explain all of this.

Before Dean could finish his laugh Pete clumsily drew the small blade and aimed it at Dean.

"You think this is funny?!" Pete yelled, black eyes bulging.

"If we're comparing knives, yes. This is funny because that isn't a knife. It's a toothpick."

The demon stood closer to Dean, his blade although small was scalpal sharp and he held it out over Dean's heart.

"Toothpick or not Winchester, I could still kill you with it."

Dean smiled when Pete didn't follow through on his threat.

"But you won't Pete, 'cos that's the plan isn't it? Keep us here until your boss shows up."

"You think I care about following orders and their plan!? I can do anything I want...I'm free up here, you're at my mercy boys. And I will show you none." Pete sneered, blade twirling in his hands, now closing in to Dean's face.

Sam continued struggling in the Demon's hold but it was useless. Like he'd been glued to the wall and everytime he tugged to get free the hold would tighten again and leave Sam breathless.

Sam knew Dean was playing Pete and rather well too, he too had noticed Diana pulling herself to the gun. Her efforts were weak however, and it took all her strength not to make a noise.

Dean's grunt had Sam snapping his head right to see a small line of blood drip down his brothers cheek, Pete's knife shimmered in the light a bright red.

"Hey!" Sam yelled. "You gonna' monologue for hours 'cos I have to's fucking boring. You might as well get this over with. It's embarassing."

Dean's mouth nearly dropped open at Sam's bravado, but big brother could clearly see the pain lines on Sam's face and the fine sheen over his forehead.

Although risky, it got Pete away from Dean.

Sam didn't think that far ahead though as Pete directed his anger and blade into Sam's personal space.

"You want a matching one Sammy?" Pete hissed. The blade raising up to lie across Sam's cheek.

Dean watched Diana from the corner of his eyes finally grasp bloody fingers around the gun.

This shit was going to be close. Dean thought.

Sam didn't answer, just glared defiantley at the demon and that seemed to piss him off more.

"You want things to move forward Sammy? Feeling bored are we? Don't worry. You won't be bored in a minute."

Pete jerked his hand down to Sam's shirt collar and forcefully ripped the material, exposing Sam's chest and shoulder.

"I just need to make a call. Hope you don't mind Sam, you're paying."

One hand clasped around Sam's throat as the other wielding the knife dragged it slowly beneath Sam's collar bone. It was painfully slow and Pete pushed down hard.

"NO!" Dean roared.

The fiery pain made Sam choke as the blade burned a line and he felt his blood, hot and thick start to drip from the slice.

Pete gave Sam a final squeeze and released his throat, the younger brother heaving a giant breath as he struggled with the stinging sensation. Sam felt more blood well and tried to calm his breathing.

"Bleed a little faster if you struggle." Pete shrugged, tossing the bloodied knife to clang on the floor he stepped closer to Sam, hand reaching out at the startling amound of blood that was still appearing. "Ofcourse I've had practice, you won't bleed out as fast as Karen."

The boys glared hard at the demon.

"It was fun to watch her mouth gawp as blood slowly filled her lungs. Her husband died too fast. I wanted her to struggle." The demon grinned.

Sam had to close his eyes as Pete rubbed his palms across the slit, had to hiss as Pete's skin stung his raw.

When he stood back, Pete's hands were nearly black and dripping and Dean had to fight not to panic because, shit, that was a lot of blood stained across his brother and the floor.

Pete knelt down, hands starting to draw symbols onto the concrete, Latin and other words the brothers didn't recognise spilling from his lips.

Dean glanced over at his brother and his half open eyes, pale face and heavy breathing.

Sam caught Dean's look and gave a wry smile. He was coping. He was okay right now, he hoped.

Pete didn't have time to draw much when he heard a swish behind him, like a skirt rubbing along concrete and the ehcoing click of a gun.

He turned and stood slowly.

" nice of you to still be with us." Pete sarcastically muttered.

Her face was bloodied and pale, her hair a mess and she stood shakily, but tall. Both hands clasped around the gun.

"Now should think about what you're about to do's me-"

Diana took a deep breath, raised the gun slightly. Now it wasn't a maim shot, it was a kill shot.

"I've heard everything you've done Pete. I'm disgusted in you, what you've become. What you did to these boys, to Karen...her husband. Half the people I've left you alone with over the past month. You killed every single one didn't you?"

Pete shrugged. "I needed a trap, and it worked." He gestured to the boys.

Diana caught Sam's weary gaze, the blood staining his shirt and chest, Dean's split lip, the slash on his cheek.

Pete took a cautious step forward, saw the decision clash in Diana's eyes.

"But most of all...I needed you, to be on my side, to trust do trust me don't you Diana?"

Pete let his eyes flash back to brown and he softened his face for her.

Diana lowered the gun slightly, her eyes welled with tears and she stuttered a breath.

Pete took another step forward, a smile turning up his lips as he got closer.

Diana swallowed and raised her gun once more, eyes hard and cold as she stared through Pete.

"No." Diana answered and fired three rounds into his head and heart.

The demon didn't even have enough time to shout a warning before he went down.

The crackle sounded through the basement as the demon died in its host. They didn't know if Pete was possessed or Pete just was a demon. Either way. it was over now.

As soon as the body fell Diana dropped the gun, tears started falling down her face as she backed up and slid down the wall.

Dean felt the power holding him suddenly give way and he jerked forward and right towards Sam, who didn't seem as stable. When the hold was lifted, Sam gasped in relief and toppled forwards with no strength to keep him up.

Dean managed to grab Sam before he had time to do any damage with the concrete floor. Instead Sam fell into Dean's cradling arms, eyes clenched shut as his adrenaline wore away.

"Sammy? Hey! Shit, Sam this is deep. You need an ambulance." Dean hastilly tugged his jacket free and pushed it on Sam's still bleeding wound. The upper half of Sam's jacket was drenched in his blood, Dean felt it soak through to his hands as he kept up the pressure.

"S'one outside..."Sam mumbled as he struggled to breathe through Dean's hold.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Ambulance...there's one outside." Sam weakly smiled.

Dean nodded, a dry smile of his own lighting up his face. "Handy huh." He muttered.

Dean felt Diana kneel beside him, her eyes were bloodshot and she was pale, but she was intact.

"Hey, you okay?" Dean asked, eyes imploring hers. Once she shakily nodded Dean continued. "You think you could give me a hand?"

Diana pulled one of Sam's arms around her shoulders and together they stood with a woozy Sam in the middle.

"Sorry you had to get involved in this." Dean grunted under the weight. "He had to die. The only way in that scenario." Dean carried on, feet shuffling fast, they handled Sam well up the stairs.

"I know he wasn't right, for awhile. I didn't think that kind of thing was...I just..." Diana shook her head. This was all just a bit intense.

"Somtimes people become evil." Sam mumbled between them.

Diana's eyes softened and she smiled. "I think I prefer Law kind of evil. This isn't my thing."

Dean readjusted his hold and the trio took another breath and rushed Sam through the hallway, out the front and over to the looming ambulance, the Impala shining just behind them.

"You need a check over Diana?" Dean asked as he got Sam seated at the back of the ambulance.

"No, no...I'm fine. Just shook up." She stood watching Dean, hand folded over her chest.

"Sure? You got tossed around? Screwed with?"

Dean started peeling his jacket off Sam, hissing at the angry dark red rip over Sam's chest under his collarbone. It looked deep, still bleeding and stark against Sam's white skin.

"Looks sore." Dean said quietly.

"It is." Sam sighed, but let Dean continue prodding and gently cleaning.

Dean rolled his drenched jacket and the bloodied gauze pads into a bundle and to the side.

Diana stared at them.

"You boys might need a hospital..." She gently asked. "I could cover you for that. You weren't involved in this."

Dean turned back to catch Diana's caring eyes. And they shared a moment.

Looking back down to Sam Dean considered it. Tonight had been heavy. And they both needed downtime but maybe, not in a hospital.

"We'll pull through." Dean smiled at her, offered her a seat beside Sam.

"This needs stitching so, sit here, hold this..." Dean passed Diana the fresh bandage, tape and hand wash as he sanitized his own along with the needle.

"Ready Sam?" Dean asked as he knelt forward.

"Sure..." Sam said sarcastically and tensed as Dean began.

The tension Dean could feel from Diana was unsettling, but not bad. Like she needed to talk to someone about all this, and maybe she wasn't okay.

He could feel her eyes on him, on Sam and probably how efficient he was at all this.

"You want to ask us anything?" Dean asked softly, still focused soley on Sam, he flashed Diana his eyes and his ears.

There was silence for a moment as Dean stitched, only Sam's heavy breaths and hisses.

"Do you do this? I mean...well this and that back there. This your job?" She looked astonished at Dean's bloody hands, his cocked weapon tucked at his side.

Dean actually chuckled at Diana. "This job sucks!" She said a little louder, making both brothers smile.

"That it does." Dean nodded. "Someone has to do the dirty. We were never much a fan with cops anyway."

Diana shook her head. "You should be. It isn't fair, and I one, no one knows about this stuff? Monsters..."

"Sorry." Sam hitched gently. His voice hardly heard.

"You doin' good kid?" Dean asked. Hands patting Sam's shoulder.

Sam weakly nodded, eyes hazy and half lidded. "Sorry you found out." He smiled sadly at her.

Diana grasped Sam's hands tightly, tears welling in her eyes but she smiled at the youngest and meant it.

"Don't worry about that Sam. I knew there was something good about you two. I'm sorry this all happened. If you hadn't of come...well, I wouldn't be here." She rubbed Sam's hand as she sniffed.

Dean finished the sticthes quickly, using Diana's distraction to hurry and finally he wrapped Sam up in stark white bandage.

Sam sank back into the ambulance, exhausted.

"I uh...guess you need to call this in? You need us to stay?"
Diana stood, squeezing Sam's hand once more and sharing a smile, then shook her head.

"No, you boys get out of here. Rest up. I've got a story they'll believe. Got Pete's DNA on the knife he used on Karen."

Dean's eyes widened.

"In the basement, when I got thrown, I saw them. The knife he used, his shirt...some of her hair, blood...drag marks. All I knew is that I had to stop all this. Got all the evidence I need."

Dean nodded.

Diana reached out to shake his hand. "Thank you Dean, take care Sam." She called to Sam as he waved back.

"You need anything again, just call us okay?" Dean pulled her in for a hug, gave her a hastilly scribbled note with a number on and headed back to his brother.

"You should clean that ambulance out of supplies. I have a feeling you might need them." Diana grinned at Dean as he tipped the shelves into his duffle and helped to hoist up his brother.

Sam was wobbly on his feet but held on to his brother, despite the uneven road surface they made it nearly to the impala before Dean turned back to wave at Diana.

They heard the crackle of the police radio and Diana's shaky voice call in back up.

She waved them a smile and turned back to nearly sobbing over the line, her gun out she shot three times into the bushes.

"Damn...she wasn't lying about a good cover story." Dean tossed the bags in the trunk and opened the passenger door for Sam, he let Sam lean into the car and take a breather.

"You alright little brother?"

There was small spots of blood coming through the bandage as Dean lowered Sam into the car with a hiss.


Dean's eyes widened as he shut Sam in and shook his head all the way around to his door.

As Dean got in himself he muttered to his brother. "You're definitley not okay brother. Arrested, vision, cops, demon, stabbing- Should I go on? I think I vote this, worst day ever?"

Sam groaned as he moved. "I think I agree."

"Want a painkiller?" Dean smiled as the engine started.

Sam's sigh was more of relief than pain and he cracked a grattuituous grin at his brother. "Oh, yes...that would be awesome."

Dean chuckled as the threw Sam the strong pain relief and some water.

He skidded down the street and off into the darkness as Diana stayed in contact with her team.

She watched them go off until she couldn't see the taillights anymore, and her hand tightened around the number Dean had left her.

Dean pulled into the farthest motel nowhere he had the energy to find. Got Sam settled in, re-patched and on the good meds before he finally started to sort himself out. Luckily the slash on his cheek was shallow and was already healing and it was mostly bruises elsewhere.

It could have gone a lot worse though, his mind kept reminding him and he promised himself to have a talk with Sam about presenting himself as bait.

Dean sat up a few more hours watching Sam sleep, eerily still, but face relaxed and chest rising and falling peacefully. He made sure the bandages had no more spots of blood before finally retiring to sleep himself, content Sam was on the mend.

They took a few days to rest up in the nowhere motel, get some good sleep, recouperate, eat, and relax most of all. It was a few days after that when Diana called Dean from a payphone and asked about Sam, if they were okay and they ever needed her help with the law.

"We might take you up on that one day, you might regret it." Sam had laughed in the loud speaker.

"Okay, you boys take care. Thank you!" They could hear her smile over the line.

"You too Diana."

Dean flipped his phone shut and smiled at Sam. His wound was healing nicely, there hadn't been anymore visions, demons in sight and that was just damn fine.

Dean threw Sam a newspaper article.

" ready for some vampires in Nova Scotia?"

"Vampires huh?"

The End!

Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed the tweak!