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Game, set, and match.

Selling to no end, Kylie stayed still, flat on her back in the middle of the ring. Did Katie Lea's finisher hurt at all? Not too much, but she had to pretend that she was knocked out, at least for a couple of minutes before the referees could come over and pretend to carry the broken girl backstage. As she "struggled" to get to her feet, Kylie held back her tears.

After all, this had been the most important match of her wrestling career.

After long winded discussions between the management teams, the WWE had decided to drop OVW as a developmental territory. OVW would still remain open, but developmental talent would no go there. Instead, they would go to FCW in Florida. Everyone was promised that no one would be fired in the moving.

It was just too bad that Stephanie McMahon liked firing people as if it was going out of style.

They had decided on keeping only one future Diva prospect to move over to FCW. The had, of course, picked Katie Lea, who was most likely going to make it to the big time. Being the unoriginal, underpaid scumbags that creative were, they had decided to write this unfortunate event into the storylines. They wrote in a women's tournament, and the winner would be the one to carry on into FCW and possibly the WWE, giving the shaft to all of the other girls who had worked just as hard and deserved to go along with them.

This is what I get for not entering the Diva Search, Kylie thought as she allowed her arms to be draped over the two referee's shoulders.

When she was told that she was going to the finals of the tournament, Kylie was ecstatic. They hadn't told her who was winning at first, so she thought for one glistening moment that she would have been the one chosen to continue on in the wrestling world. When she found out that she wasn't going to win and had to put over some other girl and basically hand her dream to her, she wasn't happy. Could she argue? No, but she wanted to.

Once in back, Kylie angrily shook the referees off of her. "I can fucking walk myself. I'm not fucking crippled," she snarled as she stormed away, flipping her long brown hair behind her.

Kylie nearly broke down the door of the women's locker room. "This is bullshit!" she screamed, expecting to be home. She and Katie Lea were the only Divas in action that night since it was just the finals of the tournament.

"Everything will work out for you, darling," a female with a British accent replied. Yep, Katie Lea.

Now, the irrational side of Kylie wanted to smack that bitch up against a wall for being the one chosen to head over to FCW. No, Kylie wasn't jealous. She was just upset that all of her hard work was of no reward. She kind of felt like she did when she found out that some random girl off the street named Barbie pretty much bypassed everyone and got the deal on television right away to be an exhibitionist that didn't even know how to properly take off her bra. Yeah, Kylie pretty much hated Kelly Kelly…for more than one reason, of course.

But it's not like Kylie would ever get the chance to fight Kelly Kelly in the ring. She was out of a job now.

"No, Katie, it really isn't going to be alright," Kylie sighed, the rational side of her taking over.

"You'll get your shot, darling. I guarantee it." Katie gave Kylie a final hug before leaving.

Now alone, Kylie let out her frustrations. She had a bit of a temper problem…and a drug problem that she hid to every extent. "Fuck this! This was a complete waste of my fucking time. That fucking Lita wannabe gets a shot while I get nothing! I've been here since I was twenty-one! How long is that? Oh, let me do the fucking simple math since no one else here is smart enough! That's four fucking years of my fucking life wasted on this fucking bullshit!" Kylie viciously kicked a locker, but her anger overpowered her throbbing toe. "That dumb whore was only here for two years, and she just gets the fucking thing handed to her? Hell no!" She popped some Vicodin in her mouth and it kind of settled her down.

Did Kylie hate Katie Lea? No, not at all. She actually quite liked her. She also knew that she had worked hard in the European feds before coming to America. Kylie was just a bit upset, and this bitchy ranting was her way of letting out her anger before it consumed her. Well, that and popping some drugs.

Kylie was only slightly tamed by the drugs, but she was still pissed off. She flung her green bag over her shoulder and stomped out of the locker room, only to run into the OVW head trainer, Al Snow. "What, no goodbye?" he asked.

"Yeah, because I'm so excited about leaving," Kylie sarcastically said.

"I meant me," Al dejectedly revealed.

"What?" Kylie gasped, sliding her bag down on the floor. "You're laid off, too?"

"Yep. No more WWE ties whatsoever. It's just a school now. Besides, you're not going anywhere. Well, you are, but…"

"What are you talking about?" Kylie was confused.

"Well, you see, Katie Lea is going straight to the RAW roster. She's not going to FCW. That leaves the women's spot open."

"Ooh, let me guess! Milena Roucka, the Diva Search LOSER that no one wanted to see? The one that somehow got a developmental deal even though her ring outfits look like Alice in Wonderland fucking puked on her?"

"Um, Kylie? You're going to FCW."


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