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"My name is Deidara." He said to Ino after he flipped his hair and looked at her.

"Deidara…" she copied, wording it slowly to process it.

The silence was the worst sound Ino had ever heard. It nearly made her ears bleed. She couldn't even breathe right because she was too afraid to cut the silence in a negative way. She looked across to Deidara who was as stiff as a rock as he continued to look at the carvings in the wood. She was waiting for the smallest since of noise so she can stand up and walk towards the window. Deidara, with his fingers quietly mocking Ino's carving, didn't make a peep.

The thunder clapped louder than ever. As the floor shook, Ino nearly lost her balance. At that cue, she got back on her feet and made haste to the window before the silence became apparent.

At a single crack of the window, whistling wind found its way in the house. The wind ran across the back of Deidara's neck. He turned his head curiously at the window. The window was completely open and he could hear the rain fall on the hard soil outside of her house. Ino looked back at her and noticed Deidara didn't look very pleased.

"The window… why is it open?" he asked with a rush of anxiety in his voice.

"I'm sorry. Is it bad?"

"Why is it open?" his voice lost the little innocence it had.

"I like the sound of rain." She lied. Deidara blinked spontaneously at the thought. "Come on." Ino motioned him to stand next to her.

As Deidara approached the window he can feel the mist getting heavier. He placed his hand on the window seal and his fingers nearly brushed against Ino's. Suddenly, the sound of rain began to dissolve, despitethe fact that the rain was falling harder. Ino looked down at his hand. They were just a few spaces from physical contact at that moment.

"I like the sound of rain, too." Deidara announced.

Ino shook her head and looked out the window at the storm. At that moment she realized she liked the sound of rain.


The scent of faded spring rain woke Ino up from her dream. As she became reacquainted with her surroundings, she could hear whispers voices walk past her. She ran her hand across the wet spring grass and sat upright. Girls who walked past the green hill she was laying in would chuckle at her laziness. She pretended as if she didn't care every time it happened. She called the hill her comfort spot when she spent her days thinking about Sasuke. Today was very different. The previous night was the only thing she can think of since she has been awake.

She stood on her feet and looked down to the village. She saw Sakura walking alone with a handful of bags. For the first time in years, she didn't feel like she was in competition with Sakura. A part of her wanted to run down the hill and babble about the mysterious guy whom she met last night and another part of her wanted to force herself to hate Sakura at the time. Neither desire could be accomplished without the other desire interfering so she looked across the village once again.

A hand jumped on her shoulder and she barely flinched. Instead, she smiled and turned around. "Deidara?"

His short blonde hair caught the attention of her eye above everything else. 'What a tease.' She thought as she plucked his whiskers.

"Ahhhh! Ino!" He hollered as he ran amuck on the hill, causing attention from the villagers who were walking past.

"Naruto! Stop!" she shouted as she put full forced down on his shoulders. He paused and started breathing slowly, with harsh curse words under his breath.

"So cruel," he pouted and rubbed his cheek. "Who is Deidara?"

She turned around so he wouldn't see her in the face. He cheeks began to swell and she suddenly fell light-headed and flushed. "Dei…" she couldn't even say his name without smiling. She had no idea why she felt this way. "Deidara?"

Naruto made many attempts to look at her in the face but she always turned the other direction. "Yeah… you said that. Is he your boyfriend?"

'Boyfriend? I hardly know him enough to call him a friend,' she thought silently. 'Well… I might know some things about him.' She started giggling at her own contradicting thoughts. 'I know that he likes the sound of rain.' She giggled once more with her eyes completely shut. As she opened it she noticed Naruto making an observation up close.

"Why are you blushing?" he asked as took a cautious step back.

"Blushing?! I am not blushing! I have a cold you… you…" she pondered on an effective insult and although many strong, personal insults came to mind, only one insult repeated in her mind. "blondie!"

He looked almost deadpan as Ino embarrassingly tried to keep her angry face. Then he just started to laugh out loud and was surprised to find that she laughed along with him. 'She's really different today.' As he looked over at her laughing, he noticed that it was the first time he saw her smile without pathetically forcing it. 'She seems happy.'

As Ino looked down the hill, she noticed Sasuke approaching her. She softly nudged Naruto to stop laughing as Sasuke walked up the hill.

"Naruto," Ino's heart cracked. He didn't even look at her. "Team 7 has a Rank C mission."

"Hey, Sasuke!" Ino shouted in a rush, trying to catch him before he dragged Naruto away.

"Bye, Ino!" Naruto said as he waved and disappeared.

'Everyone leaves me… story of my life.'


She looked across the room and Deidara was sitting on the couch alone, fiddling with his fingers. Ino noticed a small open scar across the palm of his hand from the distance. She sat by the window, enjoying the sound of the rain and hoping Deidara would join her shortly. Ino's muscles became tense and she realized the rain is getting slower.Her opportunity to have another conversation was slowly dying.

"Ino…" he stood immediately on his feet. The skirt and risen while he was sitting and obviously didn't cross his mind. "I'm sorry."

Ino was in a forward-rewind scuffle, deciding if she wanted to walk toward him or stay the distance. "Huh? Sorry for what?"

"I'm leaving now." Deidara turned his back on InoShe opened her mouth but couldn't convince herself why she'd have an opinion on his exit. Deidara began undressed with his back turned against her face. She exchanged many faces before finally turning around and covering her eyes. Suddenly, at the sound of a creaking door Ino turned around slowly. His front foot was already out in the drizzle storm. His was still-damp jacket stood strong against the blazing wind. As he finished walking out the house, he stopped right as the door was closing and put his head down. "Don't just sit back and wait for something to go your way, Ino."

And with his last word, he disappeared as the last lightning bolt of the night struck the rooftop.


During lonely moments like this, Ino really felt a need to confront Asuma about gathering Team 10. They hardly did any missions and Ino felt responsible for that. She never realized how enclosed she felt until she realized she had nothing to do. She reached at the back of her head and took out a tight rubber band that held her hair in a long ponytail. Her hair swung wildly in the wind and he eyes focused on the people of the village. She tucked her lush hair behind her ears and slowly began walking away… away from it all.

Walking with a completely blank mind, she lost herself in an area she was unfamiliar with. She unknowingly took herself to Sasuke's training spot. She felt her chakra charging inside of her to be released. She never trained alone or desired to train alone, so the sudden urge was liberating. She nodded, closed her eyes, and started to conjure up hand seals she learned from her distant admiring.

As the sun began to fall, Ino continued to train. She had never felt so connected with life before. Her uncontained hair wildered with the wind and face showed so much determination. She did things she didn't even know she was capable of. She could feel the wind for the first time as it caressed her. She could smell the spring rain more ever in the forest. Her five senses were never so keen. Just then, from the distance, she heard the rustling of the wet grass. She turned slowly.

Sasuke stood there with a completely blank face, looking right past her. She let out a happy sigh and tucked her hair once again. "Now I see why you train here so often," Sasuke didn't nudge. "I've never felt so..." as she looked for the right word to describe her energy Sasuke began walking away.

"You're a burden." He unapologetically said. Ino stumbled on her feet and was taken aback. "I wish you would leave me alone."


Ino's throat began to close. She felt as if she was chocking and the one person who was able to help was the one who shoved the sharp object deeper down her throat. With a raging rush, she ran in front of Sasuke and punched in his face. He used his arm to wipe a small line of blood that fell from his lips.

"The only person you care about is yourself!"

Ino had so many words she wanted to say to him but she couldn't replace the urge to hit on him some more. For the first time in her entire life, she wanted to genuinely talk to Sasuke and then he cut her emotions on the short string they hung on. She hit him one more time, this time bring him down to the floor. He stood on his knees and his hands were down to the ground. Ino got on her knees right beside him and started forcefully pounding him on his back.

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" with every time she repeated the phrase, she hit him a little harder.

Her eyes widened and she let out a great gasp as it just hit her that Sasuke was in the same position Deidara was in when she met him. She stood up on her feet slowly and started to walk away. Without looking back she can hear Sasuke standing on his feet and his mouth opening.


"I don't need your apology, Sasuke! Just leave me alone."

And then she spent the rest of the day slowly walking home with her tears running down her chin at every step she made.


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