A/N - Well, it's past midnight meaning it's Valentine's. As much as I dislike the holiday, yes I'm not very into love stuff these days (at least not in my life), I've managed to come up with my own contribution to Cupid's own holiday. I realize that the rose and card in a locker is pretty overused, but I made my rose and card stick out of the locker, so cut me a break. I'm just not so interested in the crushes and mush and yuck...hah.

I'm actually more interested in who Cupid is, and I'm sure you're all aware that he is the Roman god of love. He's the son of the goddess of love, Venus who had him with a frequent lover Mars. I wonder if that means she cheated on her husband...anyway, as you can tell I'm very interested in mythology so I'll not bore you readers any further. Cue my story and my surprise pairing, KimxBonnie. Meaning, what? Yes! Femslash!

Disclaimer - I own nothing at all to do with Kim Possible. If I did, Shego would be Kim's hero because we all like a surprise ending. :)

Her Blue Rose

Bonnie slings her small schoolbag over her shoulder, and turns from her her desk to walk out of her science class, hair flipping over her shoulders as she stalks down the halls. She passes through all the Valentine's Day couples, ignoring the students calling her, the sappy words escaping from everyone's lips, and especially the dateless boys who try to fall into step with her. She stops in front of her locker, taking a card and blue rose from her pack. And by her Bonnie means Kim. She grins happily at the blue flower, it had been really hard to get. Roses lack the genes to produce blue colours, so the rose had to be tampered with in order to get the pigment. This one is perfect, Bonnie thinks, it's the purest shade of blue I could find. Not too light, but not lilac either.

She takes the card, pushes it carefully into the blue envelope it came with, and gently sticks it between the riffs in the front of the locker so it's only half inside. Two days ago, two days before Valentine's Day, Ron Stoppable broke up with Kim. The idiot, Bonnie scowls just thinking about him, he doesn't know what he had. If had her, I'd never let go.

Kim had not been herself the last fourty-eight hours. She's been moping since he ended it, right here in front of her own locker. But maybe this will show her that somebody cares. Even if it's not the somebody she wants. Bonnie isn't sure when her feelings for the redhead changed, but she knows that they have and she can't seem to sit still while Kim has her heart broken by a guy as lame as Ron. And she for sure isn't going to sit around waiting for the next idiot to come along and take Kim's heart, only to break it again.

Bonnie had been dreading today, all the couples together, Kim and Ron together. She was, of course, given gifts, but it meant nothing to her. Except that the boys around school find her attractive, but that didn't make her feel any better because it wasn't them she was being attractive for. But maybe, just maybe, Kim will see that while Bonnie may not be the boy of her dreams, she could give her a chance at being the girl she didn't think to dream of.

Inhaling the scent of the rose, she takes it in with a deep breath, then wedges the thorned stem of the flower in between the card and the locker. This way, as soon as Kim stops at her locker, she would see it. And maybe the day won't have gone by without reason. Because If there's one thing Bonnie hates, it's not being noticed. Especially when she does something as impulsive as this to get noticed. And by Kim.

She turns away from the locker with a satisfied look, bet the buffoon could never be so romantic. But her smirk is instantly gone when she bumps right into Kim who was about to tap the brunette's shoulder and ask why she's standing in front of her locker.

"Watch where you're going Possible!" She spats, out of habit, and is ready to walk off when Kim's words stop her,

"What's that, on my locker?"

Bonnie inwardly groans, instantly regretting this little stunt, why didn't I just stay admiring her from the sidelines? I just had to do this...

Kim faces Bonnie, "Did you see who put this here, was it Ron?" She asks, taking down the rose and Valentine's day card.

What Bonnie does next is a shock to them both, she blushes crimson and bolts.

A/N - Ahh, yes a very unlikely pairing. But I don't care, I have a thing for rivals getting together. It's tension sexy! If that's a way to put it...Well, I'll have the next chapter up tomorrow in the night. I think there will only be two chapters, I don't really want this to be a whole story. Just a little V-Day thing, perhaps sweet. If Kim's reaction is good, that is. What'd you think of this? And of this pairing?