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Her Blue Rose

Kim stares after Bonnie, what's her problem? She walks a few steps down the hall, away from her locker, wondering if she should chase after the brunette and see if she's okay. But then she remembers the card and rose in her hands and turns the enveloped card over to read her name on the front. It's written in lilac. Intrigued by the pretty and neat handwriting Kim uses her thumb to dig the flap out from where it's tucked into the inside. She pulls the card out, studying the front.

The card is white, with a blue border. Inside the border, there's a bright, blue rose. Very much like the one Kim found with the card. Other than the rose are the words in bold blue, beside it:

You're my blue rose.

This doesn't seem the type of card Ron would get me. His idea of sweet is leftover cheese from his nacho. With her heart in her throat, Kim slowly flicks the card open to read the message inside, which is written in the same ink and hand as her name on the envelope cover:


Blue roses aren't as common as red, yellow, or even pink. They're hard to find, especially in Middleton.
Just like you, Kim. You're one of a kind.

Blue roses traditionally signify mystery or attaining the impossible.
Just like you, what I feel for you is a mystery. And attaining you, seems the impossible.

Blue roses are believed to be able to grant the owner wishes.
I wish you would look past the dislike and realize, like I did, just how thin the line between love and hate is. And how it just got thinner.

Happy Valentine's Day Kim.

With love, Bonnie.

Kim reads the 'With love, Bonnie' signature with wide eyes, Bonnie left this here? It would explain why she was in front of my locker, but it doesn't explain much else. She leans back against the cool metal, twirling the rose between her thumb and forefinger, her emerald eyes following the petals as they swirl airily. It could be a joke, I wouldn't put it past her to pull this sort of stunt right after my breakup with Ron. But then Kim remembers, with a frown, the way Bonnie had blushed and ran off. That's not very like her, maybe...maybe she really does mean it.

And a sweet gesture like this, Kim deeply inhales the rose's scent, is touching, boy or girl. It doesn't really matter, she decides, even if it's a little weird that it's Bonnie.

Kim pushes herself off the locker, and ignoring the bell signaling the start of her next class, she starts her search for the brunette. I'll just find her, make sure she's serious, and if so, then thank her.


After checking several empty classrooms, the nearby restrooms, and Bonnie's locker, kim decided that there's one place left she hasn't looked and perhaps should have checked there first. She walks quietly to the end of the hall, not wanting to attract any attention from teachers for not being in class, and carefully pushes through the double doors leading out of the school. A few more steps and she's standing before the football field, bleachers on the respective sides for each home and away team. She can make out a small figure at the very top of the bleachers for the Middleton Team fans, and Kim is torn between awe at knowing where to find the brunette, and disappointment for not checking here first. Well, now I know one of Bonnie's haunts.

Rubbing her arms to keep them warm, Kim pushes herself through the chilly February wind that seems to want to keep her away from the green pitch. She wonders on her way up the bleachers why Bonnie hasn't looked away from the center of the field, why she hasn't looked her way yet. But maybe the wind is covering her footsteps, as loud as they may be against the bleachers.

At last, Kim makes it to the very top of the seats and is standing an arm's length away from the cheerleader when the wind stops blowing and Bonnie just notices her. For a minute Kim's afraid that Bonnie is going to take off again, but when she doesn't, Kim takes the next few seconds to observe her. She doesn't look at all like her usual self, sitting there with her skirt and tank top, her nose red from the nipping wind. She looks almost vulnerable, Kim muses appreciatively, almost human. And who would have thought that Bonnie Rockwaller had a heart. She must have, the card was so thoughtful, and the words..

Kim sits down beside her, holding the card and rose. They sit like that for awhile, Bonnie having already acknowledged Kim's presence goes back to staring down the silver bleachers to the mid-morning, dew-covered grass. Kim takes the time to try and think of what to say, she's never had a civil conversation with Bonnie before, she isn't sure how this is likely to go. But after a few minutes go by, the hero is much too cold and decides she must be the first to break the chilled silence.


"So," Bonnie grips the steel on either side of her, swinging her petite legs back and forth from her spot on the cold seat.

Kim breathes in the rose petals, deciding not to beat around the bush. We're missing class, afterall. "This...this isn't a joke, is it?"

Bonnie looks away from the stretch of grass, to give Kim a look which clearly says 'that's a stupid question.' And Kim has to agree, if it wasn't real, we wouldn't be here right now. If it was a joke, Bonnie wouldn't care and we'd both be in class.

"I don't know what to say, Bonnie."

Bonnie continues staring at her, rose blue eyes penetrating emerald green, "You don't have to say anything," She says quietly. And before Kim can turn away to think of something else to say, Bonnie's on top of her. Well, not really. Just her lips, and it surprises Kim completely. Though it shouldn't, her mind tells her, Bonnie always goes after what she wants. And it amazes her how she knows certain things about the other girl. It's strange how enemies end up knowing everything about each other. Almost like best friends.

The two girls must be a sight, out on the football pitch, wearing nothing to protect them from the howling wind that strangely, abruptly stopped, Bonnie kissing kim Possible, and Kim frantically wondering what to do about Bonnie. Her sworn enemy since, since what, the beginning of time? But maybe, Kim thinks, still under Bonnie's waiting lips as the nano-seconds slip by, hate and love really do neighbor each other. And maybe, she continues thinking as Bonnie pulls back slightly, maybe I can learn to live with that. Maybe even trust it a little.

And what Kim does next is a shock to them both, she blushes up at Bonnie and kisses back.

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