A/N: Hey, so here is my new story. I recently watched the epi where Olivia comes back after her undercover gig and thought that their reunion could have been so much cuter and with more emotion. So here's my version. Slightly AU as Beck sticks around (at least in the beginning). Will be E/O as there are no such other stories.


Olivia Benson licked her lips nervously as she walked down the corridor to the 16th prescient. She tried to calm herself down with deep breathing as she pushed open the doors to the squad room. Her squad room. At least she still hoped it could be her squad room. She had walked out three months ago to go undercover with the FBI due to a sense of obligation, and if she was totally honest with herself, the need to get away from her partner. Olivia's heart did a nervous flutter at the thought of her partner. Not the kind of nervous flutter you feel seeing the guy you like; but the kind of flutter you get when you don't know how things are going to be when you see someone that you have so much history with, and you know you have totally screwed things up with secrets and things left unsaid. That was her and Elliot Stabler all right. The King and Queen of secrets and words spoken with hidden meanings.She wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans as she walked into the squad room. She quickly glanced around noticing that it was practically empty aside from a few uniforms milling around. Olivia didn't know if she felt relief at finding her one time colleagues not there or a sadness. It was probably best that know one was here to see her, she could see Cragen alone and leave without any drama.She made her way over to her captains office door and knocked. She smiled as she heard his stern voice calling for her to enter. She pushed open the door and stepped into the wood panelled office a sense of nostalgia coursing through her. She was home.Captain Donald Cragen had his head down shuffling through papers not looking at who had entered his office, he needed to get these papers signed and across town before five so he had no time for distraction. He waited for his visitor to start talking but when nothing was said he sighed loudly with frustration."What is it that you want?" He grumbled still looking at his mountain of paperwork."I was hoping my job" Olivia quietly replied. Cragen glanced up, a look of shock filling his face though it soon turned to one of love. He pushed his chair back and walked around his desk towards Olivia quickly taking her in his arms and hugging her tightly."I'm so happy to see you back."

"So does that mean you will have me back?"

"This is where you belong isn't it?" She nodded " Well then I guess your back"

Olivia pulled herself from his arms and smiled. The relief she felt knowing that she would be back at SVU working with Elliot was like pure bliss. "I might have to partner you with Lake for awhile until we know what we are going to do with Beck. She might want to stay"

"Beck? Whose Beck?"

"Elliot's new partner" Cragen answered turning away from her and walking back to his desk.Olivia felt her stomach lurch at the thought of Elliot with a new partner. He mind raced at the thought. And then it hit her. Hard. Cragen had said she. Elliot's new partner was a woman. He had replaced her with a new woman. Olivia suddenly felt ill. She was no longer Elliot's 'work wife' as they often joked, they had 'divorced' and he had 'remarried'. She could feel the tears pressing from behind her eyes. She silently told herself to pull it together and not to break down in front of her boss, there would be plenty of time to do that in the privacy of her apartment later."Umm..yeah, sure, whatever." She mumbled reaching for the door handle to make her exit."Liv? We will see how things go. Changes can always be made. I will see you bright and early Monday" Cragen smiled sympathetically. He knew how close his two favourite detectives were but he also knew he couldn't upend his unit to suit the needs of just two people.Olivia nodded and gave him a small smile and opened the door.


Elliot Stabler pushed open the squad room doors muttering about the incompetence of juries. He was closely followed by his partner Dani Beck and fellow detectives John Munch and Odafin Tutuola.He stopped suddenly causing the three detectives behind him to crash into the back of him and each other."Need a map Stabler? You've only been sitting at the same desk for nearly eight years." Fin said stepping around him clearly annoyed.Munch laughed and walked over to his desk slumping down in his well worn chair."Liv's here." He whispered. Though he whispered, it was clearly heard by the other detectives.He didn't know how he knew but he could just feel it. He spun around his eyes darting around the squad room. She was here, he knew it. He glanced towards his captains office noticing the blinds were drawn and the door closed."Man, you gone nuts. Liv's undercover. You just got some wishful thinkin' going on" Fin said from his desk."I Know she's here. I can feel it. I can feel her." Elliot said stepping closer to Cragen's office door. For a fleeting moment he wondered if Fin was right and his sensing of her was wrong. He had never been wrong before, he had always had a feeling of knowing when she was around. Then his mind went to the Dark Place. A place that it had been going to since she left. What if what he was feeling was because she was hurt? Or worse, what if she was dead?A cold sweat started to overtake his body. Images of his partner's body laying on a cold slab waiting for someone to come and claim it. He could feel the nausea now rising in his stomach. He had to get out of there before he lost his lunch all over the squad room floor. He had made it half way across the room when he heard the captains door swing open.He spun around quickly his breath catching in his throat. There she was. The woman that had broken his heart three months ago when she walked out. Off course she didn't know that she had broken his heart when she had left, he would have to have told her that she was the love of his life in order for that to have happened and Elliot Stabler was in to much denial to admit his feelings for his beautiful partner."LIV!!" Munch and Fin cried jumping up from their desks rushing over to her. Olivia smiled her gorgeous full smile that seemed to take over her whole face as Munch and Fin came at her. Fin reached her first lifting her from the ground in a tight hug."I missed you!" He exclaimed placing her feet softly back to the ground." Me too" Munch added leaning in to give her a hug and a soft kiss to her cheek."I missed you guys so much" Olivia replied all the while her eyes never leaving Elliot's.She wasn't even aware of the woman that stood to his right giving her the once over. She couldn't take her eyes off of him.Elliot stood rooted to his spot across the room from Olivia. His eyes locked on hers as his friends said their hellos. He so desperately wanted to walk over to her and throw his arms around her and say all things he knew he should of said before she left all those months ago but his fear kept him in place. She had left him once before, he had no guarantee that she wouldn't do so again.Fin and Munch glanced between Olivia and Elliot, feeling all the tension building between them. Both looked at each other wondering how the two would end the little stand off that had started.

"Hi. We haven't met. I'm Elliot's partner. Detective Beck. Olivia is it?" Beck came forward thrusting her hand out to Olivia a fake smile plastered on her lips.As Olivia heard the words 'Elliot, partner and Beck' in the same sentence coming from that woman her face crumbled and tears welled in her big brown eyes."I gotta go." She mumbled heading for the exit.Elliot's heart stopped when he saw the tears in Olivia's eyes. He couldn't let her walk away thinking that he didn't care. He quickly intercepted her escape and grabbed a hold of one of her hands. Olivia gasped as she felt Elliot's big hands tightly hold on to her own. She glanced up at him and saw the concern in his ice blue eyes. She felt herself settle as he looked down at her and give her hand a soft squeeze."Liv and I have some stuff to talk about. We'll be down in a little while." Elliot called to the three detectives as he pulled Olivia with him making his way up the stairs to the crib."Just don't be up there making lil' Stabler's and Benson's." Munch called after them in a sing song voice.

"MUNCH!" Olivia and Elliot cried out in unison.Fin snickered as he walked back to his desk. Dani scowled as her eyes watched the backs of her partner and his former partner go up the stairs. She didn't like the idea of losing him to Olivia. Dani knew from her first day at SVU she could not compete with Elliot's 'precious Olivia' and seeing her here in the flesh only made her want to reinforce her partnership with Elliot more than ever. She was not going to step aside and let Olivia back in that easily. Olivia would need to learn her new place in SVU.

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