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Elliot and Olivia walked back out to the squad room after she had changed her shirt and been pacified by Elliot. Olivia was still fuming over her encounter with Beck but had reluctantly agreed for Elliot's sake not to go another round with Beck. The bullpen was surprisingly quiet and Beck was noticeably absent. Olivia felt a surge of victory sweep through her at her absence. She let out a sigh of relief as she made her way back over to her lonely desk, wishing she was sitting across from Elliot. Even though Cragen had partnered her up with Lake for the time being she had yet to actually have anything to do with him due to him being tied up in court. She supposed that was a good thing that he was not there to witness her little spat with Beck, people already thought she was a bitch and she didn't want to scare the kid off. Not yet anyway.

Elliot couldn't keep his eyes of Olivia. He watched as she diligently went about her work, writing notes out by hand with a sweeping flourish of hand movements. He could sit and watch her all day without a bit of boredom, they way she moved around was like she was almost mysterious and deliberate in her actions. She had held his fascination for years, only now he could almost put his finger on her mysteriousness when she had allowed him into her most personal and sacred life.

The door to the captain's office opened and Elliot stiffened as he saw Beck walk out. He groaned to himself as he mentally chastised her for going to the captain with what he was sure was a complaint about Olivia. Elliot worked his jaw tensely as she sat back down at the desk across from his own and waited for her to give him an explanation as to her meeting with the captain, when she was not forthcoming in explaining to him he cleared his throat to get her attention.

Beck kept her eyes down and ignored the man sitting in front of her as he tried to gain her attention. She refused to acknowledge his existence just as he had been ignoring her own ever since Olivia had returned. She was not a stupid woman. She knew that when he kissed her it was out of loneliness fuelled by the several beers he had consumed, but she was still bitter that he had just dropped her like a bad habit the moment Olivia had walked back in. She didn't understand what everyone saw in the brunette detective. Sure Olivia was beautiful, but Beck rationalized there were hundreds of beautiful women in the city, and yet somehow Olivia had managed to captivate this whole squad making it virtually impossible for any other female to make a mark. Beck shook her head, irritated at the situation she had landed herself in. She had no doubt that Munch and Fin would go forward with their little 

threat out of loyalty to Olivia yet she still hated to lose to that little slut. She threw her pen down angrily and started pulling open her desk draws and removing the contents.

"What are you doing?" Elliot asked cautiously

"What's it look like" Beck snapped putting her belongings in neat little piles.

"It looks like you're moving your stuff"

"You're so intelligent detective"

"So is your stuff moving to anywhere in particular? Or are you just letting it all out to play for a little while?"

"I'm moving it to wherever I get transferred"

"What?" Elliot asked truly shocked and if he was honest just a touch relieved.

"Yep. I asked Cragen for a transfer effective immediately" Beck answered not looking up.

Elliot quickly looked around and caught the eyes of Olivia, Fin and Munch who sat quietly listening to the conversation. He knew if he was a good partner he would say that she didn't have to leave and that with time everyone would learn to work together but the truth was he didn't want her around as mean as that sounded, because her being around was a reminder of the time that Olivia was not there and the mistake he made in trying to cure his loneliness with her.

Elliot nodded his head as acceptance to her decision and didn't even bother with a lame attempt to say that SVU was not for everyone. He glanced over at Olivia who mouthed a quick sorry to him and ducked her head back down to her files on her desk. Elliot scrubbed his hand over his face the ramifications of his next move settling heavy on his shoulders. He let out a loud sigh and stood up and made a move to the captain's office giving the door two loud knocks and waited for the captain to call him in. He could feel Olivia's eyes burning into the back of his head and for a brief moment wondered if he should consult with her before he spoke with Cragen but the decision was made for him with Cragen calling for him to enter.

Elliot walked in and took a seat across from his captain waiting for the older man to look up from the papers in front of him.

"I assume Beck has informed you of her departure from this unit?" Cragen asked not showing any emotion about the situation.

"Yes sir. That's why I came in here to talk to you" Elliot said seriously

"I also assume you want your old partner back. Well I don't think that will be a problem now. I'll get started on the paperwork" Cragen offered a small smile, he was secretly pleased that his best detective team would be together again.

Elliot shook his head at the captain's words. "That's what I came in here to tell you. I can't work with Liv anymore."

Cragen's brow furrowed in confusion. He was sure that this is what Elliot had wanted. He sure as hell knew it was what Olivia wanted.

"Does Olivia know you don't want to work with her?"

"Not exactly...But we can't, things have changed" Elliot was finding it hard to say the words to his captain.

"I thought everything was fine with you two? You seem to be fine out there"

Elliot gave a small laugh as to the misunderstanding Cragen was mistaking about his and Olivia's relationship. It shouldn't surprise him really that he would think they were fighting after all it was what he and Olivia did best.

"Me and Liv are fine...it's just that we are...we made a change in our personal relationship" Elliot said with a pointed look. Elliot watched Cragen as the words sunk in, the look of shock was what surprised him the most. Elliot thought that everyone knew that this day would eventually roll around.

"You and Olivia? You and Olivia are involved?" Cragen asked in disbelief.

"It only started after she came home. I, ah, know it's not professional of us, but Cap, I really love her and if it came down to her or this job I would chose her every time"

"And that's why you can't work with her. Look Elliot, I'm not over the moon about this but in all honesty I'm not that surprised," Cragen thought for a moment "I will pair Fin and Olivia together and you can work with Lake and Munch can act as the go between. This thing with you and Olivia better not make itself known in my squad room. You got that?"

"Yes sir" Elliot answered rising from his seat and moving to the door.

"Oh and Elliot, you do anything to upset my girl you won't live long enough to regret it. You hear me?"

Elliot smiled at the protective temperament he was showing towards Olivia "Loud and clear sir."

Elliot walked out of the office and was immediately set upon by a lip chewing Olivia.

"What was the about El? What's going on?"

"Relax Liv. I'm just making sure things are going to be ok"

"Be ok how? Did you tell him about us?" She asked the last question with a look of horror on her face.

"Yeah I did Liv. I had to. I needed to make sure things were going to be ok" He said taking her hand in his and leading her to the locker room.

"Was he mad? Is one of us going to have to transfer? If so I will go El, you've been longer than me."

"Liv, you have to calm down. No, we won't lose our jobs and we won't be transferred. We can't be partners anymore, which is no surprise. I'll work with Lake and you will work with Fin."

Olivia nodded her head filling quickly with all this new information. Her heart ached at the thought of not being Elliot's partner anymore but she realised that she had him as a partner in an even better way.

She leaned into Elliot and quickly looked around to make sure no one was in the room, seeing that they were indeed alone she moved her mouth and slanted it over his in a searing kiss. She moaned as his tongue gently stroked her own as she put her hands on the back of his head to hold him there. She could feel the heat starting to pool between her thighs as she rocked her lower body against his. Elliot grinned against her mouth at the way her body seemed to crave his on its own accord.

He pulled back from her sucking in a deep breath hoping that the blood in him that was heading south would stop its journey soon before it became a problem. He grinned at her look of disappointment.

"You didn't tell me if Cragen was mad at us?" She asked her hands playing with the hair on the nape of his neck.

"He's not mad. But he did say if I didn't make an honest woman out of you soon no one would ever find my body."

Olivia gasped and smiled. "He did not."

"Well ok, he did say if I hurt you I would be in a world of trouble. The whole making an honest woman out of you was all me." He smirked pulling her in against his chest.

"Would you Liv? Would you let me make an honest woman out of you?" He whispered.

"What's in it for me?" She asked huskily.

"My love for all eternity" He answered taking her face in his large hands and looking in her eyes.

Olivia felt her heart race. She had never allowed herself dream of such a possibility with Elliot but hearing him say all the right words was sending her mind into a tailspin.

"Don't say it if you don't mean it Elliot."

"I mean every word. I want forever with you. I want to wake up with you every day and make love to every night. I want to see the look of shock and joy on your face when you realise your period is late and that you're having my baby. I want all of this with you. It's always been you."

Olivia had officially crossed over into giddiness. It was as if he had read her mind of all her hopes and dreams. Elliot Stabler was going to give her the one thing she had always needed and wanted. Eternal love.

"I want that too," she whispered, "please give me it all."

"Everything Liv. I'm going to give you everything."

He placed his lips gently on hers sealing the promise he has just made enjoying the feeling that their eternity was only just beginning.

The End

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