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Chapter One

Headline: A young boy was found living in the basement of a house was found after the body of who the Police believe was his father. The young boy is very skinny from not being fed and he was very dehydrated. The young boy was taken to the Hospital at Kaiba Corp. so that he could receive the best medical care and the Press won't allowed anywhere near the boy till the authorities can contact his next of kin.

Gregory Huston was one of the Officers who discovered the young boy by following the strange sounds coming from the basement. When they found him the boy was cowering in the corner of the room shaking and barely alive. Gregory was the only one there that could get anywhere near the boy without him attacking him physically.

Freda Houser was the attending physician on duty the day that they brought the young boy in and as he fought to get free from the bounds that was holding him Doctor Houser approached the boy and in a very calm and serene voice she spoke to him and the boy stopped fighting and she was able to assess what his injuries were. She then ordered that he be put on an all liquid diet and since they couldn't put IV's in his arms or legs without further frightening him she stayed in his room making sure that he had plenty of liquids to drink and that he was able to go to the bathroom without having to sedate him and putting a catheter in to allow him to urinate.

While the young boy was in the Hospital Officer Huston would visit him and as he walked into the room the young boy would smile and reach out to him and Gregory would take his hand and just sit beside the bed and quietly talk to him about absolutely nothing. One day Gregory brought in one of his kid brothers book and he started reading to the young boy and it seemed to fascinate him because Gregory would use different sounding voices as he read "Winnie the Pooh" to him.

One day while Gregory was reading Freda came into the room and neither of them noticed and she stood beside the door and just listened to this man's gently voice and smiled as she watched the young boy get excited as Gregory would change his voice from one character to the other.

The young boy finally quieted down and fell asleep and Gregory marked the page and slipped the book into the drawer of the stand beside the bed and stood up and he would brush the hair out of the young boys eyes and as he turned to leave he noticed Freda standing there and he turned red and as he walked over to the door she said "He really loves it when you come to see him, I really wonder what his name is."

Just then they heard a very faint voice say "Me name Joey." The young boy said while he was going to sleep.

Freda and Gregory looked over at the bed and then at each other and tears filled their eyes as they realized that just maybe he had become to feel safe enough to open up to them. She motioned for Gregory to come outside and then Freda said "It's a break through even a small one and I pray that he continues to get better and that he finally can trust us enough to open up and tell us about who he is and if that man found in the house was his father or not."

Gregory smiled down at her and he said "I hope so too and in the mean time I'll come back tomorrow and everyday till he feels that he can trust me to talk and just maybe it will be you that he talks to, he really lights up when you come into the room." Then he turned and walked to the elevator and as he pushed the down button he said a silent prayer this young boy gets better.

When Gregory got home, his sister asked "How's the boy doing?"

Gregory looked at Sasha and smiled as he bent down and kissed the top of her head and he said "Today he told us that his name was Joey but Doctor Houser and I think that he did it subconsciously since he was almost asleep when he spoke out."

Sasha looked up at her brother and then she pushed her wheelchair over and opened the door of their younger brother's room and as she wheeled inside she smiled as he stood up and babbled something and he reached his arms out for her to pick him up.

Jeffery was only six months old when their parents died in a terrible car crash caused by a drunk driver, Sasha was the only survivor and she is now confined to the wheelchair till she gets the feelings back into her legs.

Gregory came to live with his brother and sister to help out because he loves them and he knows that they both really needs his help, even if some of his friends can't seem to understand and some even say "How can you stay there when what they really need is a caregiver and that they are a burden to him well he politely told them "to go to hell, we are family and family always sticks together no matter what!"

That evening the young boy started having an nightmare and he started thrashing around and Freda did her best to quiet him down but he was getting stronger and she could hardly stop him from accidentally banging his head on the railing of the bed. Then the young boy started screaming and Freda ordered one of the Nurses to run and call Officer Huston "and ask him to please come to the hospital immediately."

When Gregory got the call at midnight from a Nurse at the Hospital he told her "Let Doctor know that I'm on my way." Sasha was up because she still has nightmares of the accident and as he hurriedly got dresses he told her "The hospital called something about the boy. I'll call you later." He then kissed her good-bye and drove as quickly and safely as he could to the hospital.

As Gregory raced down the hall towards the room he could hear the screams coming from inside and as he ran into the room the young boy was nearly out of his mind and as Gregory approached the bed he started talking and all of a sudden Joey stopped screaming and he opened his eyes and reached out to Gregory and Freda closed her eyes and was finally able to release her hold on Joey and she sank down onto the chair and tears ran down her face as Gregory talked to Joey.

"Hey, it's alright now. You need to take a big breath in and slowly let it out." Gregory showed Joey how and as he did it he began to fell better. "No go. Stay here." Joey barely got the words out because he was still so very upset and he was now just able to talk again from years of being made to be quiet.

Freda stood up and she softly said "Can you tell me what is wrong?"

Joey grabbed hold of Gregory's hand and he looked from him to Freda and then Joey nodded and he said in broken English "He no let me say nothing. He hit me if me do. It hurts when he hit me." He was getting agitated again and that's when Gregory said "Alright take another deep breath and let it out" Joey did and then he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Freda looked at Gregory and she said "Sorry for having the Nurse call you but I didn't know what else to do other then having him sedated and I knew that would be an even bigger fight."

Gregory smiled at her and he said "That's alright, could I get a cup of coffee please?" She smiled at him and walked over to the phone on the wall and asked the Nurse "Please bring two cups of black coffee to room 332."

As he sipped his coffee Gregory told Freda "I know a man that is great with children especially the ones who are like Joey and I can call him and ask him to talk to you and he can meet Joey and we can see if Solomon can get him to talk and tell us more."

Freda then said "Please call him, we need all the help we can get. I'm afraid that if we can't get him to open up soon Social Services will get involved and though they are really good at what they do, he could slip through the cracks and be lost to the world forever."

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