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Chapter Eight

Today was a very special day, it was the day when all the boys and girls got together because Niles was handing out the Certificates to each of them for their accomplishments in learning who to read, write and do their mathematics. As he called each of their names to come forth and receive their Certificates he praised each of them on how great they all were doing and everyone cheered for them.

When everyone had gotten their Certificates, Solomon said "I'm am so very proud of each and everyone of you for what you've all done to learn and want to better yourselves. Now let's go have ourselves a party."

Everyone including Niles all went outside and there were four large tables set up and then Ishizu brought out the refreshments with the help of Bakura and Marik. As they all sat down at the tables, Ishizu stood up and she said "We have one more thing to do before we eat" she looked at all the kids and they all stood up and then Mokuba walked over to Papa and he said "This is for you from all of us."

Mokuba handed Solomon a plaque that said "To the World's Greatest Papa" and it was all engraved with all the kids' names. Solomon didn't know what to do or say and then they all started chanting WE LOVE YOU PAPA, WE LOVE YOU PAPA."

Niles wiped the tears from his face as he said "Well Sol, no one could have chosen a better Papa for these kids then God did when he sent each and every one of them to you to help."

Solomon then said "God blessed me the day that Bakura and Ryou came to me and he's been blessing me every since because I have all of you to love and in return all of you have learned to love each other and are helping each other everyday to do better, thank you for this I will treasure it forever."

That was five years ago and today Bakura and Marik are now old enough to take on more responsibilities and so they have been given the title of Big Brothers and so they help Solomon by taking on some of the jobs of making sure that they young ones are dressed and ready for school, that they do their homework and that their chores are done.

Bakura has been visiting more and more with Susan from the other house and they have been getting to know each other and he really wants to ask her on a date but is afraid to because he doesn't know how she'll react so he's talking to Papa about it. "Solomon smiles as he listens to Bakura and then he told him "Son all you can do is ask her and if she doesn't want to then she'll let you know but until you ask you'll never know."

So that's what he did and low and behold Susan agreed to go to the movies with him that week-end. Marik well he kind of likes Sherry and well he doesn't know it but she really likes him and so she decided to ask him out and he laughed and said "Isn't that my job?" Sherry smiled and said "Well if I were to wait for you to ask me then I'd be an old lady."

One thing that Solomon has noticed is that Seto and Joey are always with each other and that at times they even hold hands so he decided to approach them about it and Seto looked at Papa and he said "Would you hate us if you were to find out that we like I mean really like each other?"

Solomon went over to where they were sitting and he sat down between them and he said "I could never hate either of you and as for you to liking each other I'm fine with it as I have guess your brothers are too. I guess I've known for a long time that you both were different and I'm glad that you're going to be together and love each other and that's all I've ever wanted for any of you is that you find someone to love and to have them love you too."

Mokie came into the room then and he said "Papa, can I ask you a question?"

Solomon smiled at him and he said "Sure, what do you want to know?"

Mokuba then looked at him and he said "Where do babies come from, I heard one of the girls say that now she has to be really careful or she could have a baby, what did she mean?"

Seto and Joey hid their faces so that Mokuba wouldn't see the smiles on them as Solomon picked up Mokuba and he said "Well I guess I had better have a talk to all of you about the facts of life, go tell everyone that I need to talk to them please." Mokie ran to get everyone and Solomon laughed and he said "Because you, Joey, Bakura and Marik are the oldest of the boys all of you are going to help me answer any questions that your brothers have, so come one we have things to talk about."

And talk they did, they answered questions from erections to having sex to where babies come from and how are they born to even questions about why boys and girls are different and why. Solomon knew that he had to talk to Ishizu about talking the girls about these things.

Well Ishizu did have "The" talk with the girls and she wasn't really surprised that most of them already knew most of what she was saying except about the part about having sex with guys and what happens if they don't use condoms and when the girls might become pregnant.

As time passed the young men and women started getting together to help each other and sometimes they'd come over and see each other if they really liked the other person. Solomon stood at the back door and watched his children who were almost all grownup helping some of the new children that were coming to the houses because as Gregory or any other Policeman said "There were the Lost Children and this was their last chance to ever get the help, love and understanding that they all so desperately needed to survive in this damn cruel world.

Solomon is getting older and so he has to take it easy and let the older ones take on most of the responsibilities of running the houses. One day when Mokuba was talking to Seto and Joey he asked "Is Papa going to die someday?"

Seto had Mokuba come sit between him and Joey and then he said "Yes, someday he will and when that time comes we have to let him know exactly how much we all love him and that we'll miss him but we will also be able to help any other children that might come here to get help all because of what Papa has taught us and how he never gave up on any of us ever and we'll never give up on any new children either."

Bakura found Solomon barely breathing one morning and called the paramedics when they came he went with them as they rushed Solomon to the hospital.

And as all the children and young men gathered in the living room, Ishizu and the young ladies and girls from the other house came over and they all held hands as Ishizu said a prayer that was always Papa's favorite prayer and as she recited it everyone there else said it too.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power,

and the glory,

for ever and ever.


Bakura called from the hospital and Marik answered the phone and tearfully Bakura said "Papa has gone to heaven to be with his other family, please let the others know I'll be home soon."

Marik then hung up the phone and as he walked back to the living room he said "Bakura just called, Papa has passed away and he's in heaven with his wife and son's and their daughter. They are all watching over us and sending us their love and strength to get through this hard time. We will keep Papa's dream alive by being the ones who take in the "Lost Children" and help them understand that they are loved and wanted forever."

Everyone held onto each other as they cried for their loss but then they all knew that Papa wasn't really gone, he was there with them as they went on their way and would always be here for each of them when they "took a deep breath and closed their eyes and he'd be there holding them in his loving and strong arms."


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