Title: Harry Potter: Four In One

Author: Joshua

Disclaimer:J.K. Rowling created Harry James Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Hogwarts, the whole gosh-darn HP-universe and wrote the 7 "Harry Potter" books that we all love and enjoy. Spoilers for Book 1, and Book 7. In fact there may even be some direct quotes from Book 7, so be warned. I'm not writing this for profit, I may not even let anybody but my dearest and closest friends even read this and they'll get it for free, so thankfully this won't get me sued or anything. Everything AFTER Chapter Nine in Book 7 is going to be changed anyway and even those chapters that I do quote, they won't be quoted very well or for very long as I'm changing EVERYTHING after those points. Assume, for Wizard-Harry, that everything between the stated timelines in Book 1 and Book 7 is identical to what happened in the rest of the Books and the HP-universe.

Summary:A mysterious stranger interferes in the timeline and in Harry's life, splitting the young wizard into four and giving each a different magical education. Wizard, Warrior, Priest, and Spy.


Harry Potter was laying quietly on his bed in his upstairs room of his and his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin's home. For some odd reason, so he'd been told, it was very important that he think of this building, this suburban house as his home. The way Professor Dumbledore had explained it to him at the end of his Fifth year at Hogwarts, as long as he and his last living blood relative, that being Aunt Petunia, lived in the same home, the magic that saved his life from Voldemort as an infant, his mother's blood, would protect them not only from harm but from detection by the Dark Lord.

In all honesty, Harry didn't really feel like he had a home anymore. During the past six years, if asked directly, he would've said that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was his home, ever since Hagrid, his half-giant friend told him he was a wizard in the first place. At least he thought he would've.

Maybe it was more like the 'letter of the law' type of deal with the blood protections, rather than the 'spirit of the law' that he was debating. There was something else that was bothering him though. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

Until he remembered Hagrid telling him about being a wizard, and the adventure of going to Diagon Alley for the first time and seeing real magic, meeting wizards, witches, goblins, and everything else that happened on his 11th birthday. His 17th birthday was a full month away, and he'd been back from Hogwarts for a full three weeks already.

Dumbledore was dead. Sirius was dead. Wizards all across England were either winding up dead, under the Imperius curse and thus under the control of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, or unveiling they were Death Eaters all along. All in all, things were looking pretty grim.

Still, there was something about what happened, right after Hagrid left and his birthday was over. Something happened, but... he couldn't quite... Wait! Someone was here, in his room, right now!

Almost exploding into motion, Harry was on his feet in an instant, his wand, tip glowing, held up and pointing... at himself?

"What the...?" exclaimed Harry.

"No shit," commented the other Harry.

Harry wasn't too surprised to see something pointed in his own face, but was surprised in that it wasn't a wand, but some kind of capped staff, the tip glowing with as much magic energy as his own wand. It was being held by the other Harry, who was nearly identical to the current Harry, scar and everything. Only his clothes were a bit different. And not wizard-clothes, or even muggle-clothing, but more like some kind of armor and cape combination. If anything, this other him looked like he'd stepped out of a D&D game instead of being a wizard with Polyjuice potion.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten about me Harry," a too-familiar voice called out from behind the pair.

Harry's eyes widened in shock as memories unlocked in his mind and revealed to him exactly what had happened between the time Hagrid told him about being a wizard and his leaving for Hogwarts for the very first time. How no more than three weeks after his 11th birthday a man approached Harry out of the blue and told him things, explained things... and then did something to him. Something that suddenly made everything he told him make a lot more sense now.

The man called himself Joshua, just Joshua. And he claimed to be from the future.

August, 21 1991

4 Privet Dr.

Little Whinging, Surrey


10:13 pm

"I'm sorry, you're what?" young Harry Potter, just turned 11 and recently discovered wizard and student of Hogwarts, exclaimed at the strange man's bold proclamation.

"I'm from the future," he repeated.

'He' was a six-foot brown-haired white American, judging by his accent, dressed in jeans, work boots, a cotton shirt and a leather bomber's jacket, saying his name was Joshua. He had blue eyes and a day-old beard on his face, but otherwise looked as harmless as anyone you might see walking down the street. Maybe a college student, maybe a tourist, maybe someone's long-lost relative, but he no more stood out than anyone of Privet Drive did, which was saying something.

"You're from the future?" Harry asked again.

"Well, sort of," Joshua shrugged and turned to lean against the white picket fence. "It's actually more complicated than that. I'm from the past too. And not like last week the past, but like several centuries the past. And on top of that, I'm from several centuries in the future as well. But for the simple fact of the matter, I know things. Things that are going to happen to you. To the world. To everybody and everything."

At Harry's odd glare, he quickly added, "I'm not omniscient or anything, I just happen to know some stuff that you... and everybody else, don't know. Like, for example, if you suddenly could go into the past and tell Churchill about Hitler and the Nazis, or even further back and try and stop the English Civil War. Or, if you went into the future, learned everything about everybody you knew and then came back to here and now and tried to help them live better lives. How would you go about making that stuff happen?"

"I..." Harry had to admit the man had a point about that. "OK, so... why are you here and now? I'm not exactly up there with Churchill or the King of England."

"Actually you are," Joshua argued back, "To the Magical Community you are anyway. To Mortal Society... you're just an average, not-too-bright, geeky looking kid that's being shipped off to a boarding school for juvenile delinquents by the only relatives on record."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Harry demanded.

"You're the Boy Who Lived," Joshua reminded him.

"Oh yeah, that," the 11-year-old grumbled, leaning against the fence himself now. "So is that why your here? To meet the famous 'Boy Who Lived'?"

"Something like that. And something completely different from that at the same time," he cryptically replied. "But as you can now understand, you actually are worth a time travel to the past, same as Churchill and all the rest. Because as much as everybody else in the Magical Community wants to believe it, Voldemort is not dead. In fact, right now, he can't die. And when you really think about it, that's a hell of a lot worse for Mr. Dark Lord than it is for his would-be future victims."

"What do you mean?" Harry wanted to know.

"You'll, unfortunately, understand as you get older," Joshua explained. "What I'm really here for, Harry, is to offer you a choice. You say no, I'll cast what's known as a memory charm on you and you won't even have realized we had this conversation. If, however, you say yes, our conversation will continue and I will answer as many of your questions as I can, and. And I will change your fate."

"My fate? What is my fate? Do you mean my future?" the boy questioned.

"Yes, I mean your future. It's not bad. It's not great either, and it's not terrible or too bad all things considered. But, it's damn near well set in stone, and it's been chosen for you. What I'm offering you is a terrible and awful burden, but it rolls the dice. What I'm offering you, Harry, is the power to choose and make your own fate."

"Like I said," the man continued, "your fate right now is not bad. Not bad at all, in fact a lot of people would be downright jealous to have it. But. It's not great, and oh how great it could be."

"What about all that movie, don't change the future, stuff?" Harry asked.

"That's kind of why I'm here," Joshua replied, "You ever see those American-made Back To The Future films?" Harry nodded that he had seen them. "Consider me visiting here right now Marty in the first movie. What changes I'm making here and now, they're going to take your future from the middle-wage everybody's satisfied but not happy and change it into... whatever you want it to be. There is the chance that you could make it worse, a lot worse than the Biff-Rules-The-World-Future, but there is even more chance that you could make it the Perfect-Everybody-Is-Happy-Present-And-Future. It's all up to you."

"So if I say yes..." Harry hesitated.

"There's a fifty-fifty chance that things will get worse... or get great," Joshua told him outright.

"Well... what's my future like right now?" he wanted to know.

"Renowned and acclaimed throughout the entire Magical Community, high-paying and very satisfying position within the government doing something you feel satisfied doing, married to a beautiful and loving wife with three children of your own, and a fourth that is the orphaned boy of very close friends that were killed before he was even one year old. Happy, satisfied, loved, respected, and everything you could possibly want. But fearing that the future will bring or spawn another Voldemort, whose defeat cost several hundred, if not an outright thousand lives."

"And that's the catch isn't it?" Harry demanded after hearing his future. "That's why you're here. The lives that would be lost in fighting this... this Voldemort person? And that's the only thing I would want to change in my current fate, isn't it? My guilt and regret over so many people dying. Because of Voldemort?!"

"You know, you're the only wizard alive right now that will actually say his name in public?" Joshua changed subjects all of a sudden, "Oh don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wizards and witches that can say his name without stuttering, but not a one of them will do so in public."

Joshua sighed and looked up at the starry sky for a minute before looking back down at Harry. "You can't understand right now Harry, what those lives will mean to you in the future. They're your friends. I know you don't exactly have the largest number of friends right now, your cousin's tormenting making you the meat of the school so nobody wants to risk drawing his attention by associating with you. But when you go to Hogwarts, that's going to change. Big time."

"That much death can change a man Harry. And not in a good way. And like I said, you end up raising an orphan yourself. His parents will even die in front of your eyes, and you will know both of them so well. They name you his godfather, so you can see that they'll love and trust you more than you can imagine." Joshua sighed once more, stargazing and following the moon, satellites, even a few planes that were flying overhead.

"It's decision time Harry," he pronounced with finality. "I am offering you power, a chance to change the future, to save lives, and above all else, the right to choose your own Fate. Will you accept? Or has our conversation never happened?"

Harry looked at the wizard claiming to be from the future and thought hard, very hard. Finally, he looked up at the stars himself, and answered.

Present Day

Harry's Room

Harry slowly stepped back and lowered his wand as the other Harry likewise stepped back and retracted his staff. Both Harry's were now staring at the third occupant of the room, Joshua, the "wizard from the future" who looked exactly the same as he did that night he spoke to an 11-year-old Harry Potter. Even his clothes were the same.

"I remember," Harry answered the man, "but I don't understand. What happened after our... conversation? I, I'm trying but I can't seem to remember anything after giving you my answer."

"And what answer was that Harry?" Joshua queried.

He was silent for a second, glancing back and forth between the other him and this man from his past, before ultimately giving his answer with a bout of impatience, "I told you yes. Yes, I wanted the power to choose my own fate. I chose to accept the power you offered me. What happened after that?"

"I happened," the other Harry answered his question.

"What? I don't understand!"

"I split you in two Harry," Joshua explained.

"What?" Harry was stunned.

"I split you in two," Joshua repeated, "And I left one here in Surrey, with his memory blocked off from him so he wouldn't be expectant of the future or anything, and I took the other with me, to train him in a... different style of magic. I'm fairly certain you wouldn't even know the branch, but I've decided to designate it; Warrior's Sorcery, or, for the laymen terms, simply Battle Magic. In anticipation of the coming battles."

"In case it wasn't obvious," the armor-clad Harry pointed out, "You're the one that got left behind to go to school and be Harry Potter. I'm the one that went off to receive special training in anticipation of the war with the Dark Lord."

"How do I know this isn't just some kind of trick? That you aren't Death Eaters using Polyjuice potion and aren't here to take me to Voldemort right now?" Harry demanded, highly suspicious.

"Paranoid little worm, isn't he?" the other Harry asked Joshua.

"It's not paranoia if they're actually after you," the future wizard logically argued.

Harry shrugged, acquiescing the point and instead stepped forward into Harry's personal space. Immediately, the two of them felt something. Almost... almost like a magnetic pull of some kind. And Harry knew instantly, that it was not a trick, and the Harry before him was Harry Potter. He was a part of him, and vice versa. They were...

"Hey, hey, hey! None of that now!" Joshua got between them and physically separated them. "At least, not yet. And most certainly not here. There's going to be enough collateral damage as it is when you two merge back together, we don't need it happening in the middle of a suburban home that just so happens to be under no less than four different kinds of surveillance!"

"Sorry," Warrior Harry apologized, stepping back. "I figured it was the fastest way to get him to agree and to accept what's going on. It also got him to shut up in case you didn't notice."

"Oy!" Wizard Harry exclaimed.

After a minute for everyone to calm down, Joshua directed them all to leave through the house as quickly and quietly as possible. Since it was very close to midnight, this was both easier and more difficult than any other time. Easier in that there was a guarantee that none of the Dursley's would suddenly walk around a corner and see two Harry's there. Difficult in that because the Dursley's were asleep, they had to make sure not to make any noise that could wake them up, and without using any magic.

Once they were safely outside in the backyard, surrounded by Aunt Petunia's rather high and award-winning rose bushes, Harry finally exclaimed, "All right, enough! What is going on here? Where are you taking me? And what did you do to me six years ago?"

"Wish I was taking you somewhere," Joshua looked around nervously. "As it is, you're about to have a late night raid from both the Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix. As for what's going on... I'm about to put you two back together again. And it's going to make a lot of noise when I do that."

"Wait... what?!" Warrior-Harry exclaimed. "You cannot be serious! I thought I would be fighting alongside the twerp here, not... not,become him! This isn't fair!"

"What was it you thought you were doing up there anyway?" Joshua argued in a hushed voice. "You two belong together, you are quite literally pieces of the same person. And we have to do this precisely at midnight too, otherwise the fusion will be imperfect." He looked up at the sky, causing the Harrys to likewise gaze upward, and they were surprised to see a clearly defined constellation that Wizard-Harry had never taken much notice of. Leo was moving closer to Draco. Ursa Minor and the Bird were likewise moving strangely closer, but not as close as Leo and Draco now were.

"What's going on?" Harry finally asked.

"Everything up till now has had to happen Harry," Joshua answered. "Facing Voldemort as a child, Voldemort's resurrection, the death of friends, the deaths of Sirius, Dumbledore, and everyone else so far, it all had to happen. Your choice however, the choice to choose your own fate, has lead us to this moment. One had to remain behind to live the life of Harry Potter. The other was taken and received the training and power that can enable you to defeat Voldemort with little to no more bloodshed."

A heavy pause filled the air. "This is where everything changes. Everything you choose after tonight is going to be different, and none of it is set in stone for you."

"So... Dumbledore's plans for me?" Harry whispered helplessly.

Joshua shrugged. "That's up to you. If you choose to go along with Dumbledore's plans, then more power to you. Although you should be aware your other here, I've already informed him exactly where every remaining Horcrux is, and it's form. The only one you should have any difficulty with is the snake. Oh. And before I forget..."

He rummaged around his pockets for a second or two before bringing out a small glass cube. "I need both of you to touch this if you please. At the same time."

Shrugging at one another, both of them reached out with their hands and touched the sides of the glass cube, only to feel something drain out of them and in the aftermath left them both feeling as though a great weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Also, the clear glass cube had gone from empty to a solid glowing black. How something could glow black was beyond them for the moment, but it was.

"Now..." the time wizard mumbled to himself, holding out the cube before them, "let's see what we can do with this. Ah! There we are. Three powers without all that other junk and no connection to the snake-man. Perfect!"

Then, suddenly, without warning, six streams of grayish mist shot out of the black cube and went into each Harry, three per boy, entering through their eyes and mouths. After that sudden twist of events, neither one really knew how to react, except that they still felt as though a terrible weight was gone from them.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Warrior-Harry demanded to know.

"I really hate to break it to you, and I didn't tell you earlier because I didn't want you freaking," Joshua said to them, pointing at the warrior, "but you were the 7th Horcrux, Harry. Or rather, up to your 11th birthday you were the 7th Horcrux. Then I split you and two and there were 8 Horcruxes... Anyway, what I just did was I removed that piece of Voldemort's soul from the both of you and put it in here," he held up the black cube. "Then I took three of Voldemort's powers, the ones that would be actually useful to you, and without any dark magic attached to it, and put just the powers back into you. Not that hard once you know how."

"What powers?" both Harrys demanded at once, neither one looking too pleased at this new information.

"Parseltongue, for starters. Then two of his lesser known abilities; mind control and sensory manipulation. Although the latter is better known astactus contineo, where he could control what others feel, and I mean like touch kinda feel. Mostly he used it as a very, very crude and imperfect preliminary to the Cruciatus Curse. Likewise with his mind control powers, Tom Riddle was using generic mind control long before he learned and mastered the Imperius Curse."

"You mean I can still speak parseltongue, despite Voldemort's powers having been removed now?" Wizard-Harry queried.

"You mean I've been using those powers all these years and they actually belonged to Moldy Shorts?!" Warrior-Harry asked at the exact same time.

Joshua winced and held up his hands for silence. "Yes, and I'm sorry you either didn't know, or that I took so long to take care of it. But it's been taken care of now. And... we're out of time."

"What do you mean?" both of them asked in stereo.

"This," and the wizard from the future grabbed them by their shoulders and shoved them together.

The flash of light and thunder made half the state think somebody had just nuked an England suburb.