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May 15, 1919


Mim impatiently looked from her watch to the ornate clock that dominated the waiting area to the train tracks. She knew there was nothing she could do to speed the arrival of Jon's train from Le Havre, which was due to arrive at 3:18. Wishing it were here now at 3:01 was pointless. Still, she found herself doing just that.

It had been two months since she'd seen him off. He'd received his orders to return Stateside to be discharged. They agreed that he'd return to Go City, settle his affairs, and come back to France at the earliest possible moment. The month they had together after being reunited on Valentine's Day had been intense. Thanks to Jon's understanding CO, he was able to be away from the bachelor officers' quarters and with Mim far more than they'd expected. But then the orders arrived for him to ship out and despite everyone's best attempts to spare him the voyage across the Atlantic, Jon had to go to America before he'd be allowed to muster out of the service.

Though neither Mim nor Jon had been excited by the prospect of separation, they were able to acknowledge that there were benefits to the trip. Jon would be able to properly bid farewell to his brother and his family, to whom he'd explain that he'd met a woman named Miriam Press in Paris; dispose of his car and most of his furniture, which he'd no longer need; arrange to have some things shipped to France; and tie up his finances, which would help Mim and Jon as they made the transition into their new life together.

Mim was tapping her foot as she looked at the clock: it was only 3:11.

She smiled, pleased with her efforts on Jon's behalf since he'd left. She'd spoken with acquaintances in both the Paris police and demimonde, once-wounded men she'd cared for during the war and its aftermath, and begun to smooth the way for Jon to begin his work as a private investigator. Much to her satisfaction she had already been approached with inquiries regarding his ability to work on potential cases.

She smoothed her blouse, then looked at her watch and sighed: 3:16 and two minutes more until Jon's arrival.

She walked to the platform and peered down the track, looking for the engine's headlamp. She was gripped by excitement when the small but growing light came into view.

The great locomotive pulled into the station, smoke belching from its stack. She watched attentively as people began to disembark from the cars, anxious to catch her first glimpse of Jon.

She looked and looked.

And then she saw him, his blond hair slightly messy, his bushy mustache unmistakable, and the empty sleeve of his greatcoat hanging by his side.

Her heart raced as she watched him, allowing herself to be lost in the moment, enjoying the thrill of his reappearance after their two-month-long separation. Then she began making her way through the crowd to him, waving in his direction. She flashed him an electric smile when he saw her and waved in return. The two old friends-turned-lovers rushed to one another, sharing a hungry kiss and a tight embrace.

They found a porter, collected Jon's luggage from the baggage car and arranged to have his things brought to the curb. Then Mim looped her arm through Jon's, flashed him a winsome smile, and pulled him close. Arm in arm, they strolled out to the street, tipped the porter, hailed a cab, and headed to the garret in St-Germain-des-pres to begin their new life together.


The small, stocky man studied his maps, diagrams, notes and schematics yet again. He'd been working feverishly ever since January and the beginning of the accursed Peace Conference whose sole purpose was to shame Germany even further.

He would not let that happen. Though the German Empire had lost on the battlefield, he was determined that the final victory would belong to his beloved Reich.

He would succeed where the Prussian military juggernaut had failed.

He would avenge the Fatherland.

And he would destroy them all: Lloyd George, Clemenceau and especially that arch-meddler, Woodrow Wilson, the damnable, moralizing, pince-nez-wearing president of the United States.

Holding aloft the Electroconducting Annihilator, his greatest invention yet, Fritz Demenz, a one-time exhibitor at the Middleton World's Fair who had left the United States in 1914 to serve his Kaiser and the Empire, began laughing, at first quietly, but then maniacally, confident of his ultimate triumph ...

Coming in 2009 (hopefully)

Springtime in Paris: A Mim and Jon Adventure