Potter's Army


AU. The last of Potters army: the Golden trio, the twins, Ginny, Draco, Luna and Neville are accidentally sent back to their infant bodies after the fall of Hogwarts. Harry gets the shock of a lifetime. HG.


Story is cannon, until Harry's fifth year. I've mashed the last three books together into two years instead of three, and changed it a tad. Then it's completely AU.


Whoever said, 'There's no such thing as monsters' should be shot, Harry decided as he kneeled on the ground, the bonds keeping him tethered there. How did it ever come to this?

He knew how, unfortunately, he knew very well. It had all started back in his fifth year, when Voldemort had returned to power and the Ministry were being dim-witted fools.

Harry had returned to school, only to find that nearly everyone thought he was crazy. Umbridge made his life a living hell, and the lessons in occulamancy didn't help much either. There were good things of course, like finally getting together with Ginny, and the formation of Potter's Army. Well back then it was called Dumbledore's Army and, at first, didn't even have thirty members. That Christmas though was when it all changed.

Harry had a vision of Sirius in the Department of Mysteries, so five others and he went to go rescue him. But it turned out to be a trap, Sirius came to rescue Harry instead, and he fell through the veil. Dumbledore had finally told Harry about the Prophecy too. The only good thing that came out of it was that the Ministry finally came to their senses and realised that Voldemort was back. After that news got out the DA started to train even harder, and more members signed up so that by the end of the year they had nearly fifty. One happy event was the wedding of Remus Lupin and Nymthadora Tonks, Harry had been so happy for his werewolf friend who before had sunken into depression at losing Sirius.

A few weeks into Year six, Professor Dumbledore also told Harry about Voldemort's Horocrux's, he had already destroyed the ring, and so they went to the cave to get the locket. They arrived back at Hogwarts to find Draco Malfoy, who apparently was supposed to kill the Headmaster. Draco found though that he couldn't go through with it, he didn't want to be a Murderer, or be like his father, he never had wanted to be a Death Eater but his whole life he'd been brought up on his father's will and views. In fact, he wanted nothing more then to stop the Dark Lord, and to stop other children having their lives ruined by him.

Professor Dumbledore forgave Draco for his past; he said that everyone deserves a second chance and that he trusted Draco. But Draco cut the Professor off, informing him that Death Eaters were infiltrating Hogwarts at this very moment. Professor Dumbledore had gasped out the deal he had with Snape, and before Harry even knew what was happening, Dumbledore was dead.

Harry and Draco had to retreat into the Room of Requirement to hide from the Death Eaters. Harry then used the DA coins to call all the other members immediately, and surprisingly when he opened the door to let people in, it opened straight into the House Common Rooms, except for Slytherin. He guessed his need to save them from the Death Eaters meant he could do this, but it was Neville who really got this room.

Everyone dubbed the room the Hogwarts Hideout, and Neville discovered that not only did it grow bigger every time someone else came, but that the door would now open to random places. So the Death Eaters and Slytherins that had taken over Hogwarts could never find them. They weren't able to save nearly enough students though, only about thirty-five from each house. But something else that Neville found out was that anyone who was a DA member, and had one of Hermione's Galleons could open the Hideout from anywhere in Hogwarts. Just as long as someone else was still inside the Hideout. Therefore Harry made every student they rescued a DA member and gave them all one of Hermione's Galleons, and they made sure that someone was always in the Hideout.

Everyone decided that they needed a leader, and they unanimously choose Harry, consequently they became Potter's Army, or the PA. Harry had accepted but also made a Board of Advisors, as he called it, consisting of Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and to everyone's shock, Draco. Many people had protested Draco's presence, Ron included, and they were all for kicking him out of the Hideout. But Harry had just roared at everyone to shut up and leave Draco alone, because Dumbledore had trusted Draco and Harry trusted him too. No one bothered Draco after that, but people still glared at him, or shunted him at first.

The need for food soon became a problem, but then they found the room could open the door directly into the Kitchens, and quite a number of House Elves came back to the Hideout, to take care of everyone and keep everything clean, Dobby among them. The Hogwarts Hideout overall was now amazingly bigger then the Great Hall, with its bathrooms for girls and boys, living areas, and sleeping areas for each of the houses. It was more like a mini house with a huge staircase in the middle that could take you up to other levels, not unlike a big tree house with a thick trunk through the middle. There was even a little closed off room for Potter's meetings.

They had to formulate a plan, to find out what was happening on the outside world, and to get a message to the parents that their children were safe. Hermione came up with a brilliant idea and created seven two-way mirrors, not unlike those made by James and Sirius, as a way of communication if they got separated. Other then their Galleons of course, but the Galleons showed messages to every PA member, the mirrors could contact each individual just by saying the person's name. A mirror was given to each Board Member as well as Harry of course, and to Ginny as a way of communicating back to the Hideout. So using the Invisibility Cloak, the Marauders Map and the Message Mirrors, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Draco snuck out of Hogwarts using the secret passage ways.

They had Apparated to Grimmauld Place, but to their dismay there was no one there, then to the Burrow which was also empty. Ron began panicking, sure something was wrong but there was very little they could do since they had no knowledge of any order member's whereabouts. They scavenged as much information as they could from newspapers and discovered that Hogsmeade had basically been destroyed and that Hogwarts was now being run by Headmaster Snape. Unfortunately they were unable to contact anyone from the order, since they still had no idea where they were. They used the mirrors to check back on Ginny and to make sure that everything was still fine at the Hideout; she suggested that they tried Fred and George's shop.

Jumping at the idea, they Apparated there under disguise, but expecting the worst since they'd no news. They were overjoyed to find, however, that Weasley Wizarding Wheezes was still up and fully intact, and completely relieved to find the Twins alive and well. After some confusion due to the disguises, and to Draco Malfoy's presence, Fred and George welcomed them in equally overjoyed that there little sister and brother were fine, along with many of the students at Hogwarts. Sitting down with a butterbeer each, the young adults began to trade stories.

The twins told them that the Order had gone to help fight at Hogwarts, which was nearly two weeks ago now, and told them the bad news that Arthur had been wounded and sent to St Mungos. Molly hadn't left his side the entire ordeal, but had wept grievously because no news could be found of her missing children or any of the missing Hogwarts students at all. Professor McGonagall and the rest of the professors had stayed at Hogwarts to look after the remaining students as best they could, but had no idea what happened to the missing students. After the death of Dumbledore, the Order had just about become none existent and had simply fallen apart. Hogwarts had been infiltrated with Death Eaters and they didn't have the numbers to take Voldemort's followers on. So Hogwarts became a sort of Head Quarters for the Death Eaters and the Slytherins. The Professors and other students more like prisoners then anything else.

They found out that Mad-eye Moody, and Aurors Emmeline Vance and Sturgis Podmore had been killed during the fight. Hagrid had managed to escape with Gawp into the forbidden forest, but not before taking fourteen Death Eaters with him. The Ministry had fallen and Kingsley Shacklebolt had been captured and was in Azkaban. Bill had been bitten by the werewolf, Greyback, and was currently staying with Mr. and Mrs. Lupin, who were expecting a baby.

The twins had tried to contact Charlie, but could only reach a colleague of his. The man said that Charlie had gone missing two weeks ago, when the Reserve Keepers had lost control of the dragons. Three of which had escaped.

Things had gotten a lot worse in the war, because now Voldemort had no opposition. Harry had felt so angry at the Order Members, for just giving up when Dumbledore died, did they have no loyalty to anyone else? But first things first, he had to get the children out of Hogwarts and back to their parents, rescuing the other students who weren't PA members too. Fred and George were eager to help, so Harry asked then if they could get in touch with Remus or the other Orders members so a rescue mission could be organised. Hermione made two more of her Message Mirrors, giving one to each of the Twins making them Board Members too, so now the PA had contact with the outside world. Fred and George promised to do everything in their power to help, and Harry led the others back to Hogwarts.

Once again, they used the Mirrors, the map and the Cloak to sneak back into Hogwarts, using an empty classroom to open the door back into the Hogwarts Hideout. Ginny had been ecstatic to see them back, running forward and kissing Harry as soon as he came through the door, much to Ron's displeasure. They had quickly informed her and everything they learnt, she had done a great job taking care of everything while they were gone, and so was also made a Board Member.

Next, they had slowly rescued the remaining students at Hogwarts, from Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. They'd had to time the rescues carefully, between patrols, or when there was no one in the common rooms. The Hideout wouldn't open directly into the Dormitories and there was nearly always Death Eaters guarding the House Common Rooms, so it was several weeks before everyone was safe in the Hogwarts Hideout.

By that time it was the Christmas Holidays again, a whole year since Sirius had died, but it felt like twenty. Especially when they realised that out of all the remaining students they had rescued, not one of them was Muggleborn. A Hufflepuff third year confirmed that the Death Eaters had 'taken' them from the school the very first day Hogwarts was infiltrated.

This terrible news was just another blow in the war. If Harry hadn't been a leader before, he definitely was now. With nearly the whole school's population under his responsibility, and organising missions to save the students, he had become the leader everyone needed. The Hero, with a duty to protect the school, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and with a loyal army behind him. Or maybe not…

The PA had contacted Fred and George, and what's left of the Order. They organised to save the students, starting with the first years. Harry and the Board Members would go out with groups of ten students at a time, taking them through secret passage ways out of Hogwarts where the order could collect them and send them home safely. Sometimes they made it out of Hogwarts unscathed, but sometimes they had to run, or fight, no matter how careful they were. Percy had realised the error of his ways and had also begun helping the order with the rescue missions. Fred and George came back to the Hideout with them after they started on the second years, giving one of their Message Mirrors to Remus.

It was when they moved on to the fourth years when it happened. A member of the PA betrayed them and they were attacked during a mission. Fifty Death Eaters and twenty Dementors had swooped down on them, killing the fourth year students and several members of the Order in one blast, Percy being one of them. Harry had fought along side his friends, but then Tonks was killed, and Remus lost it. Harry supposed it was only right, poor Remus had lost nearly everything to the war, and this was the final straw. Remus had let the wolf take control, using his unhuman strength and abilities he had taken down twenty seven Death Eaters alone, before finally collapsing from numerous wounds.

The Order was completely wiped out, and Harry had realised it was now up to the younger generation to stop Voldemort. Unfortunately it didn't work out like that, the other students in the Hideout were under Harry's protection, but they didn't want to fight. Most of them Harry didn't even know, he didn't have their loyalty. That much was proved already when Marietta Edgecomb and Zacharias Smith betrayed them to the Death Eaters. Slytherin had already turned its back on the other three houses, some seventh year and fifth year Gryffindor students stayed, along with the original Dumbledore's Army. But nearly all the other students left over a period of four weeks.

The Hideout now considerably smaller, Neville had asked it not to let those that left, including Smith and Edgecomb, back inside. Slowly the PA began training, fighting, preventing or hindering Voldemort's plans, ambushing Death Eaters, protecting people or places as best they could. Hogwarts basically became a battle, war-zone; some of the teachers helped the PA, but mostly it was just the teenagers. When the Ministry fell the trace had disappeared off the Hogwarts students, which was one good thing at least. But slowly the war began to take its toll, and members were beginning to be lost. Harry tried to also continue his search for the Horocruxes and he managed to find the locket and destroy it, but they lost six members in a surprise attack, and four more when trying to stop Death Eaters from destroying a muggle bridge and sending hundreds to their deaths.

At the end of March though, that all changed. Harry and the other Board members where heading back to the Hideout, where the rest of the PA were. Suddenly Death Eaters had attacked them, preventing them from opening the door. Familiar faces leered at them, Belatrix, Crabbe and Goyle Sr., Avery, and many more. Over the past months Harry and his friends had developed a bond with each other, so that each of them would willingly give their life to save anyone of them, even Draco. So they stuck together, fighting as a team, watching each other's backs, saving one another. Curses and hexes flying from their lips, flashes of colour rushing past as they narrowly avoided death. Harry had bellowed to the rest of them to retreat as more of the dirty slime-balls arrived by the second. Still cursing over their shoulders, the friends drew back into the Great Hall. Using the remains of the four tables to block the door, and Neville started to open the Hideout.

They probably would have made it, if Voldemort hadn't turned up right then. He blasted the door open, throwing Harry directly into his path. Harry was desperate, he shouted at the others to go through the door to the Hideout, but they refused to leave him. Death Eaters were swarming inside; and Voldemort aimed his wand at Harry's friends, preparing to destroy them.

"NOOO!!" Harry had roared summoning all his magic, all his strength; he used raw magic to seal his friends in a Golden shield, like a giant shimmering bubble. Hundreds of black cords shot out of the surrounding Death Eater's wands. Sticking and wrapping around Harry's arms and legs, around his waist, and neck, forcing him to kneel, arms stung-out, tethering him there unable to move.

And that's where Harry found himself now, kneeling on the floor of the Great Hall, completely surrounded, head lowered from exhaustion and Lord Voldemort, the evil monster, standing in front of him, wand held delicately between long, white fingers. His friends pounded on the shield behind him, unable to get to him, but safe from the Death Eaters for the moment.

"Harry Potter, what amazing power you have. Pity that you don't have the will to use it, that you choose to be weak, like that old fool Dumbledore." Harry refused to look up, staring resolutely at the ground. He was still breathing heavily, his hands trembling slightly from the exertion, and sweat dripping off him.

"And all for what? For nothing. You are a mere boy, how could you have believed even for one second that you had a chance." Harry still didn't look up, he refused to let the words get to him, Voldemort lowered his voice to a quiet hiss, "You should have joined me, you have so much potential. We are not so different, you and I." Harry blazed with fury, how dare he?

"I am nothing like you, Tom," Harry said forcefully, and Voldemort snarled his displeasure at the name. Jerking the wand, he wrenched Harry's head up; forcing him to look at the man he hated more then anyone else in the world. The Enchanted Ceiling silhouetted his head, the clear night showing the stars that seemed to mock Harry.

"What makes you so different? Is it love again? Dumbledore's favourite answer." Harry glared up at him, thinking of all the people who'd lost their lives to him, all the pain he caused all the – what was that? Harry was no longer looking at the monster in front of him, rather at the ceiling instead, eyes wide in shock, and disbelief flying through him.

"What?" Voldemort spat, his snake-like, red eyes narrowing. Harry brought his attention back to him, watching as Nagani slithered around her master.

"You want to know what makes us so different, Tom? Well I'll tell you. You are a snake man." The answer confused everyone in the room, including Harry's friends who were still trapped helplessly behind the shield.

"While as me," Harry continued a smile starting to tug the corners of his mouth, "I go for something…a little bigger." Voldemort was suspicious now, he pointed the wand at Harry's face, but he was still curious as to what the boy was talking about.

"Tom, Nagani…meet Norbert."

The Great Hall's wall suddenly exploded, and a raging, giant dragon roared its fury. Debris flew everywhere, Death Eaters scattered, and Norbert roared again, clawing its way into the room and throwing its bulk around. The bonds holding Harry snapped as the Death Eaters fled, and he quickly rolled out of the way of the rampaging dragon. Voldemort stared in anger at the dragon, before turning his fury on Harry, cursing after the boy. But he was distracted when Norbert decided to let loose a whirling hot inferno at his Death Eaters, successfully blocking his path to Harry. Voldemort growled in rage at being thwarted as he was forced to give the order to retreat.

Harry ran towards his friends, out of the dragon's range of fire. He watched in amazement as Voldemort disappeared and his followers fled, Norbert chasing them out of the Great Hall and into the corridor. Something slid off the dragon's back just before it left, and began running towards the group of friends. Harry's mouth dropped open as he realised who it was.

"HAGRID!" Hermione screamed, and the golden barrier Harry had created finally faded out.

"CHARLIE!" Fred, George, Ginny and Ron yelled as one, running forward to hug their brother, who was grinning madly at them, relief flooding his face.

Harry was all of a sudden caught up in a bone crushing hug, his face getting smothered by Hagrid's bushy beard.

"Harry, yeh're alright!"

"Course I am," Harry gasped.

"But he won't be–"

"If you don't let him breathe." Fred and George grinned, each with an arm around their older brother. Hagrid let Harry go, with a great big sniff, turning away to wipe his eyes with a huge handkerchief.

Harry was still in shock, "Wha – how?" was all he could manage.

"Well, a while back Death Eaters attacked our dragon reserve and captured three of our dragons, and I went to rescue them. Long story short, I eventually saved Norbert and while escaping, ran into Hagrid, who told me what happened at Hogwarts. Then we made our way here as fast as we could to help."

"You flew here on a dragon?" Ron asked awestruck.

"Yeah, are you all okay?" Charlie asked looking at his family worriedly, as if expecting them to collapse any second now.

Luna quickly assessed them; she was the most talented at healing charms and the like. "We'll be fine, it's just the normal bumps and scratches mostly, except Harry should sit down for a while, I think." She said in her airy way. Harry gave her a tired grin.

Screams, crashes and roars could be heard from outside, Hagrid twisted his handkerchief nervously in his oversized hands.

"My poor lit'le baby, out there all alone," the half-giant fretted.

Harry chuckled, "Don't ever change Hagrid," Ron and Hermione laughed along with their friend. "It's okay; you don't have to stay here,"

Hagrid's eyes filled with tears again and Harry found himself swept up in another bone-crushing hug. "Thank yeh Harry," he choked out gruffly, before thundering towards the Entrance Hall. "Don' worry Norbie, Mummy's coming!"

Draco raised his eyebrows and looked at the rest of them in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"Good ol' Hagrid!" Fred and George said approvingly.

"I'll go make sure he doesn't do anything stupid," Charlie said rolling his eyes, then turned and ran after Hagrid.

"Harry, are you okay?" Ginny asked, she came up to him and placed a hand on either side of his face, searching his eyes worriedly.

"I'm fine." She gave him a sceptical look, "Really, I am, don't worry about me." Closing the gap between them, he leaned in to kiss her.

A thunderous cracking noise broke them apart, roaring, ear bursting sound filling the air. Hermione gasped in horror and pointed up to the ceiling. Nine heads turned up to look at the Great Hall's enchanted ceiling, which seemed to be in the middle of a cosmic meltdown. Flashes of white mixed with purple, cracks were spreading through the roof. The walls and floors began to shake and bits of debris began to fall down.


"IT'S COMING DOWN! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE, NOW!" Harry yelled. Grabbing Ginny's hand, they began to towards the doors, which were hanging at a crazy angle.

They ran at top speed, jumping over bits of smoking table and benches as they went. Luna's foot caught on a rock, she let out a cry as she tripped over. Neville slid to a stop and desperately helped her up, panic and adrenaline coursing through their veins. A huge bit of the ceiling fell with a crash, landing right in front of the twins, nearly squashing them flat. Then the Enchanted Ceiling gave an almighty boom, before exploding. The brightest white light spread out, rushing towards the teens, who all threw up an arm to cover their eyes. The wild magic filled Harry's lungs, blinded his eyes, and burned his skin. It was like an electrical current ran through his entire body, consuming his senses, until finally, he knew no more.


Consciousness returned slowly. Harry lay still on his back, eyes closed, before fluttering them blearily open. His sight, however, stayed stubbornly unfocused. My glasses, where's my glasses? He stared, confused, at a slightly un-focused ceiling he didn't recognise. Panic rose in his chest and his eyes widened as he tried, without moving, to take in the unfamiliar surroundings. He moved his head an inch to get a better look at the room, and came face to face with bars. What the hell is going on? With a rush he remembered, the Death Eaters, Voldemort, the dragon, Charlie and Hagrid, the Enchanted ceiling…HIS FRIENDS!

Harry struggled to sit up, for some reason finding it a lot more difficult then normal. Bewildered he looked down at himself. HE WAS SMALL! Harry let out a cry of shock, and then another one when it came out more as a wail, a baby's wail at that. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON!" he tried to roar, but it came out more a scream of, "WAAAAHBEEE NANA WAHAA!" Another cry joined his, causing Harry to stop in shock. The bars, Harry's eyesight, and small frame, however, prevented him from seeing who it was in a crib next to his.

Then the door opened and a pure, mind shattering event occurred.

Lily Potter walked in, smiling lovingly at the person crying in the other crib, "Shh Harvey, Mummy's here, its okay." There was so much wrong in this one sentence Harry couldn't begin to explain, even if he was capable of speech. Eyes wide, mouth open, he gaped at a person he had only ever known in photographs. Someone he'd looked at longingly, memorising everything about her. The curve of her lips, the movement of her hands, the way her eyes crinkled as she smiled.

Lily bent over and picked up a boy with messy red hair…maybe…Harry wasn't exactly sure as he didn't have his glasses. His heart leapt for a second, Ron! No wait….she'd called him Harvey…Lily suddenly noticed Harry watching her.

"Hey there darling, you're awake now huh? You're just like you're father, you two, always sleeping in." She shifted the other boy in her arms and leant over Harry's crib – HIS CRIB! What the hell? – to get to him, her hair falling forward to brush her face. Sliding a hand under his arms and back, she lifted him up with a groan, and then changed her grip to hold him against her.

"So my beautiful birthday boys, oof, you guys are getting big aren't you? Soon you'll be the ones lifting me around!" Lily joked as she carried them out the room. Harry stared at her and the boy opposite him. Never mind that he was seeing double of them, the fact that he was seeing them was enough. It was his Mum! HIS MUM! And he was a baby, and apparently had a brother, what the hell?

Lily carried him down the hall and then down some stairs, before turning to what could only be the kitchen.

"Are Mummy's birthday boys hungry? Hmm?" she asked them, still smiling, before giving them each a soft kiss on the cheek. She walked into the kitchen; two men sitting at the table looked up. One had been digging into some breakfast enthusiastically while the other had been reading the Daily Prophet with a glass of orange juice in one hand. But as Lily walked in they looked up, and on seeing Harry and Harvey, broke into huge grins. Harry, for his part, was completely and utterly shocked for a third time in five minutes, as he stared at two people he thought he knew were dead.

"There's my little one year olds!" James Potter exclaimed happily, putting down the juice and the paper. He leapt up and over to them, giving Harvey and his wife a kiss before reliving Harry from her arms.

"The little Prongslet twins awake," Sirius Black said grinning broadly at the parents and sons. Dad! …Sirius! ...Twins?! Harry's mind was going into overdrive.

"My, my, aren't they getting big." James said, his hazel eyes practically glowing behind his glasses. He turned to Lily, "Can we give them their presents now!" Harry could feel the excitement and impatience practically bursting from James's chest.

Lily frowned at him, rubbing Harvey's back gently, "James, no. After breakfast, remember?"

James sighed in defeat and sat back down in the chair, holding Harry in his lap. Lily placed Harvey in a highchair and began moving around the kitchen, making something. Harry's head was reeling, his parents, and Sirius were alive! He couldn't believe it, it couldn't be true…it couldn't… but as he gazed up at the man holding him, laughing at something Sirius just said, it really couldn't be anyone else, other then James Potter, his Dad.

"Da?" Harry managed to say, making everyone in the kitchen stop and stare at him. A grin quickly spread across James's face.

"Did you hear that! He said Dad! Harry's first word!" he almost shouted.

"James calm down," Lily lightly scolded, but she too was smiling as she came over to give her husband a hug.

"I'm his first word," James said proudly, but a bit more quietly. Sirius bounded over too.

"Say it again, Harry, say Daddy!" Harry was overwhelmed by having three of the people he loved most, who were supposed to be dead, suddenly surround him.

"Dada," he choked out, forcing his mouth to work. The three adults cheered, hugging him and kissing him. Lily bent down so her green eyes were level with Harry's.

"Can you say Mummy, Harry? Mum-my?" Harry looked back, desperately wanting to please this person that looked so much like his Mum.

"Mamum," he gurgled. Mamum? Okay I've officially lost the ability to speak properly. He thought disgustedly, but Lily gave a squeal of delight and James and Sirius praised him once more.

"What about Sirius?" Sirius asked, his slightly blurred face radiating happiness. Lily hit him lightly.

"Sirius, he can't say that, babies have trouble saying R's and S's."

"Oh," he looked disappointed for a second, but then he grinned again, "Okay what about Padfoot? Can you say Padfoot Harry?"

No Harry thought mentally rolling his eyes at the baby talk they were all using. I can't say anything properly I'm a bloody baby! But he tried anyway.


Sirius barked with laughter and began a victory dance around the kitchen. James quickly joined him, swinging Harry around as they roared with laughter. Lily was laughing too; as she watched her husband and friend go crazy.

"Okay, okay! That's enough now, put Harry down James." James gave her a sheepish grin before placing a smacking kiss on Harry's forehead.

He and Sirius sat back down at the table, still panting a bit from the excitement. James put Harry in a highchair next to Harvey, who was giggling from the family's antics. Lily came up and put bowls of – something – in front of the two boys.

"Hawwy ith a geniuth," Sirius said through a mouthful of food.

"Course he is, he's the son of a Marauder and of the beautiful and brilliant Lily Potter." James said ruffling up Harry's hair, this usually would have made Harry annoyed, but he was currently feeling like the world was crashing down around him, so he didn't really notice.

"Oh shush, you flatterer, you," Lily cuffed James softly over the head before sitting down next to Harvey and picking up the spoon. "Okay Harvey, open wide for Mummy."

James picked up another spoon and began to do the same to Harry. If Harry had been in his real body, he probably would have been mortified at being hand fed. But seeing his present situation there wasn't much he could do about it. So he ate the mushy baby food, besides, it gave him time to think.

Somehow he'd been reverted back to his one year old body as a baby, when his parents and Sirius were still alive. He was apparently a twin, and had a brother named Harvey. The last thing he remembered was the explosion of light from the Enchanted Ceiling, was that what did this? And what about his friends? Was this just a memory? No… memories you watched as a separate person and no one could see or touch you. Had he gone back in time, was this really 1981? Didn't that mean you were still a separate person though? He was a baby. Was this real or just a magical illusion? Harry's head was beginning to hurt. If this was real…if he really was in 1981 on his first birthday…then…he'd have a chance to change everything…


In the third bedroom of The Burrow, two identical heads opened their eyes simultaneously. After a second they both shot up straight.



They gaped at each other from opposite beds, taking in the others size and voice.

"Your – I'm–" they stuttered looking down at themselves. Fred sat back heavily, staring at his small hands in shock. George shook his head slowly.

"How old do you reckon we are?" he asked his twin in a low voice.

"I dunno. We're at The Burrow," he added in an awed tone.

They glanced at each other quickly, before jumping to their feet, noticeably shorter, and rushing out the door. Fred and George pattered down the stairs as fast as they could in their new forms, having to take each step one at a time. At the entrance to Ron's room they paused, eyeing the door warily.

Fred took a deep breath, "Come on," he muttered and threw the door open. Bursting inside, they both wished they had their wands with them, but all thoughts stopped at what they saw.

Baby blue eyes stared back at the twins, red hair falling into them unnoticed by the little boy, who looked absolutely thunderstruck.

"BADA LELL!" Baby Ron screamed at the twins.


"Merlin!" Fred and George exclaimed. They began studying their little brother.

"He looks about one, so we must be around three years old." George said, his voice sounding high even to his ears.

Ron scowled at his brothers, "Waga on!" he demanded.

Fred's eyes widened, "Ron, do you understand us? Blink twice if you do?" he said urgently. Baby Ron instantly blinked hard twice. Both twins' mouths fell open.

"Whoa, how the hell did this happen?" Fred wondered aloud, "Last thing I remember is…is the Enchanted Ceiling exploding! Maybe that's why we're small and why Ron is back to ickle Ronikins." He grinned.

Ron scowled again, "Ib dot nunne!" he exclaimed indignantly, which didn't really work on a one year old. The door opened again behind them.

"Fred, George, leave your brother alone. " Molly Weasley said as she entered the room. The three redheads turned to see their very young looking Mother bustle towards them, and their extremely young sister in her arms.


Hundreds of miles away Neville Longbottom awake to find his Mum standing over him.


Even further away a one-and-a-half year old Hermione Granger opened her eyes and screamed as she looked down at herself.


In the Malfoy Mansion, Nerissa Malfoy picked up an agitated baby Draco.


At the Lovegoods, an infant Luna came to consciousness to the sound of her mother singing.


Things would never be the same again.



So what do you think?

Good? Bad?

I have an idea or plan about the story; it will be long and go through their childhood and schooling. No pairings are decided except for Harry and Ginny so tell me who you would like together. There will be all types of genres in this story but please tell me if this is worth continuing!