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The ship rocked gently in the midst of the vast ocean. A tiny dark speck upon a much larger black sea. Flickering light seeped out from the ship, as soft steady music floated around it. Deep inside the bowels of the ship a great feast was taking place. And almost all it seemed flocked towards it. Almost all. One person on board the ship wasn't going to the grand feast tonight, of course they weren't.

Grace Tempest dropped the curtain, stepping away from her window. Everyone had gone to the feast; she could hear the calm, steady music and the faintest whisper of conversation below her. This was the hardest part of the week for her, an 'in-between' as she'd been once called. She was confined to her cabin for the next few lonely hours, knowing that she couldn't expect a visit from Darcy and, of course, Lorcan. Still there was no use sitting in here being bored, so much had happened in Grace's life since she'd came aboard the Nocturn she could scarcely believe it, and she'd taken to writing short parts of her story down when she has a spare moment. Grace selected her favourite pen from the ornate vase, a small slender deep blue pen, and began to write. Hand flying quickly across the pages as she thought. Her mind focusing on the Captain. The dear Captain. He had not yet recovered his strength since he'd been taken to Sanctuary, slowly growing day by day into what he once was. But still Grace never went a day without hearing that whisper in her head, just for the briefest of seconds-

"Grace? Grace are you still awake?" A quiet Irish voice spoke outside the door. "Lorcan!" Grace cried, jumping out of her seat. The writing certainly had passed the time. She ran over to the wooden door, twisting the globe patterned handle to reveal her dearest friend standing outside. Lorcans' blue eyes sparkled; his skin had a slight flush to it, as it always did after he fed. Fed. Grace shuddered involuntarily; she hated to think of what Lorcan, Darcy and indeed the whole crew did behind closed doors after the feast. But, she told herself; it wasn't nearly as bad as what some vampires did.

Grace closed the door. "So…how was your evening?" she asked, sitting down on her bed, looking at Lorcan. "It was…alright, I suppose. It seems that the idea of dancing after the feast will be carried on. The captain doesn't seem so opposed to it now", he said thoughtfully, letting his hand trace across Grace's spidery writing in her notebooks.

"Oh," Grace said quietly, studying him. He too, she knew was worried about the state and health of the captain.

Lorcan touched the old gramophone that sat on the desk in her cabin. She hadn't listened to it much since she'd returned to the ship, but Grace knew Lorcan often had when she had been with Connor at Pirate Academy.

"Grace, I don't suppose you know how to dance do you?" Lorcan asked suddenly, dropping his hand and looking up intently at her.

"No…I don't" Grace replied, shaking her head slightly, taken by surprise at the question. Lorcan dropped the needle onto the gramophone; Darcy's soft voice filled the room. "Now, now Miss Tempest. It doesn't do for a young lady such as you to not know at least the simplest of steps," Lorcan said grinning slightly, shaking his head. He quickly crossed the cabin, clasping her hands with his chill ones. Pulling Grace to her feet.

"Lorcan!" Grace protested, more exhilarated than embarrassed.

Lorcan laughed, smiling broadly at her. "Your not telling me you have two left feet do you?"

"No, but…I'll make a fool of myself! I don't know how!" Grace answered.

"It's simple," He answered calmly, placing one of her hands on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Just let me lead, and stay calm."

Lorcan began to step in an easy waltz in time with the music, humming softly to himself. Grace looked down at her feet, shuffling awkwardly trying to guess where to put her feet next. Lorcan stopped. "You're over thinking all this Grace" he sighed.

"But…I don't know what to do." Grace answered, embarrassed.

"You don't have to know what to do, stop looking at your feet and relax, it works out," Lorcan said gently.

Grace sighed, as he began to waltz again. She forced herself to look up, look up at him. And suddenly it all became much easier. "See there you go!" Lorcan laughed cheerfully as they twirled around the room together with ease. Grace smiled back at him, enjoying being able to master these few simple steps.

The gramophone crackled as Lorcan put the song on once again. "I'll admit this is quite good fun" Grace said happily as they began to dance once more again. Loran's eyes met hers, tightening his grip on her hand at the same time. They both slowed down, staring at each other, not able to look away. "Grace…" Lorcan began, now sounding embarrassed. Grace waited anxiously for what ever he was about to say. Lorcan opened his mouth to speak.


"Sorry, It's me! I just heard my self singing and couldn't help coming in to listen better" Darcy's voice rang out as the door opened.

Grace and Lorcan dropped each other's hands jumping apart in sudden embarrassment.

"Oh, why hello Mister Fuery. I do hope I'm not barging in like this…" Darcy gushed hurrying into the room.

Lorcan sighed, as if disappointed. "Why no, of course not Darcy" he said, "nothing was going on, nothing at all", looking over at Grace and smiling.


The slight pitching motion of the ship woke Grace as sunlight streamed into the cabin. She rolled over; eyes still tightly shut and swung her bare feet onto the rough cabin floorboards. Rough. The floorboards in her cabin were smooth. She opened her eyes looking around the cabin, this wasn't hers, and it was smaller, and more crapped, with four rows of hammocks taking up most of the available space. Suddenly without warning she was striding across the floor, peering out the porthole that was letting so much light. What was going on? She wondered in mild panic. The light reflected her reflection off the glass, no, wait not her reflection. But one much likes it. Connor's reflection. Connor? But…she was Grace! What could possibly be happening? She…no Connor peered out the window, she could see the small sheltered bay where the ship was sailing into. And at the far end of the bay, stood one of the most favoured pirate watering holes. Ma Kettle's Tavern. But wait, there was something else, another ship. Something about it made Grace's heart race faster, filled her with dreadful fear. But what...what…what was going on?!

"Grace! Grace!?" Someone was shaking her shoulders roughly. Grace peeled her eyelids back, filled with relief when she made out Darcy's face peering over her. "Darcy? What…what happened?" she asked still shaken from the strange experience. Darcy's beautifully made up face frowned down at her. "Whatever do you mean Grace?" she asked,"I just came in to see you lying here muttering and tossing and turning, where you having some kind of nightmare?"

"It wasn't a nightmare". Grace answered, sitting up and looking around her cabin, a cold sweat coming over her as she remembered the strange vision she had had.

"Well you weren't waking up, so I went and fetched Lorcan. I was so worried, it looked like you were having a sort of fit!" Darcy explained dramatically, kohl-rimmed eyes widening. As if on cue there was a soft knock on the door. Darcy got up from Grace's bed to open the door as Grace pulled her knees up to her chin, wrapping her arms around them.

"Darcy, is she awake"? Lorcan's voice asked, slightly out of breath.

"She's just woken up, a little shaken though." Darcy replied, her English accent a curious contrast to Lorcan's Irish one. The two vampirates both looked at Grace, who's skin had taken on a grey hue as she tried to make sense of her strange vision.

"Don't worry Grace, it was just a nightmare", Darcy comforted as she and Lorcan sat down on either side of Grace.

"It wasn't just a nightmare" Grace mumbled shaking her head fiercely, aware that Lorcan was watching her closely. "Something…something bad is going to happen to Connor, I can feel it".

"It's just because you had a bad dream about him," Darcy assured her tentatively.

"No! That's not it!" Grace cried, leaping up and off the bed, "This has-I mean I can tell " she corrected herself, she didn't want to admit how this had happened to her before. When Lorcan was blind as she saw the world from his eyes and it had installed the same terrible fear in her as it had done before. What if something happened to Connor before she was able to stop it? Like it had almost done to Lorcan? She couldn't bear to think about either of the scenarios, and to her it found herself close to tears.

"Do you want to go see the captain?" Lorcan asked, suddenly standing staring down at her, concern filled his blue eyes. Grace nodded, biting on her bottom lip fiercely.

"Then let's be off with you Miss Tempest" Lorcan answered brightly, smiling at her to make her feel better, offering her is arm, which she was grateful to accept , looping her arm through his.

"Don't worry Grace, Connor'll be fine, from what we've heard it'll take more than nightmares to get rid of him", Darcy added, pulling open the door to Graces cabin. And at once they were off, to see the mysterious captain once more.

"So you came," A soft whisper echoed as the three of them entered the dark cabin. The masked form of the Captain sat at the far end of the room in an armchair, oddly three similar chairs were arranged in front of him as if he'd been expecting them.


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