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14th February,

Some back road, upstate New York.


Olivia shivered, watching her breath float upwards before gently dissipating into the air around her. She tried not to move too much, the cold leather biting through her thick coat if she did. She had curled up on the seat, tempted to take her boots off but deciding against it; thinking maybe if she kept them on her feet would stay warm. She had lost the feeling in her toes over an hour ago. Her back was cramping due to the icy feeling that had crept into her muscles, and needless to say, she was extremely uncomfortable.

"This is ridiculous." She gritted out between moments of chattering teeth.

Elliot sucked in a breath through his teeth; shifting a bit behind the wheel and rolling the kinks out of his neck. Shrugging his leather jacket upwards, he tried to warm his neck and possibly his ears, breathing into it and circulating the warm air. He let the breath go and watched the freezing air remain for a moment before disappearing.

Eliot dropped his head back against the seat, "It wasn't my idea to induce the silent treatment," he grumbled.

"I wasn't talking about that, but now that you mention it, it is your fault." Olivia unfolded and refolded her arms as she chewed the inside of her cheek.

"As if it is my fault! I tried to talk to you an hour ago and you ignored me!" Elliot huffed, more cold air filtering into the car. "What were you talking about?"

"I meant this whole situation! It's freezing; we're stuck and we're with each other." Olivia replied, exasperation tingeing her voice, "And, sorry for declining your offer of 'I spy', but I don't generally like talking to people who imply that I'm a slut!"

"You forgot to mention that you were dumped by your boyfriend not even twenty-four hours ago." Elliot added, a bit of bite in his voice.

"Fuck off." Olivia growled.

"And it's Valentines Day." Elliot dug the knife in a little deeper; after what she said to him this morning she deserved it.

"Oh, that reminds me; how is you're ex-wife and her boyfriend going?" Olivia replied snidely, her eyes narrowing and a slight smirk playing on her lips.

"Fine actually. I'd ask you how yours was going but once again, you're alone." Elliot answered back, his glare matching hers, spark for spark.

Olivia gritted her teeth; she'd have slapped him but thought if she moved she might just realise she'd been snapped frozen and it was better living in denial about this fact, "That makes two of us then, doesn't it."

14th February,

Squad room,


Olivia walked into the squad room, coffee in hand.

Only one cup.

She started towards her desk, glancing at Fin and Munch and avoiding Lakes gaze altogether. When she looked back to her desk, though, she was met with her partner's suspicious gaze.

"How'd it go last night?" He asked, knowing she had a date with some lawyer she had been seeing.

Damn Casey and her match making persistence.

"It didn't." Olivia grumbled, before placing her coffee on her desk and pulling off her scarf and over coat and hanging them on the back of her chair.

She dropped into her seat, popping the top off her coffee and blowing away the steam; only to have it reappear before she took a sip. Holding the cup was helping in thawing her freezing hands, but Elliot's icy gaze was doing nothing for the rest of her body.

"That bad, huh?" Elliot smirked slightly.

He hated the guy she had been dating and was slightly ecstatic that it hadn't worked out. Seeing Olivia with him every time they went to the courthouse was beginning to get to him. The guy had completely straight white teeth, his suit was always pressed and clean; no baby-drool on his tie, his hair always cut neatly. He reminded him of the 'Ken' doll that Maureen and Kathleen used to play with.

In other words, he was plastic.

His only imperfection was the slight bruises that Elliot would occasionally spot on his neck if the collar of his shirt had slipped.


The hickeys annoyed him more than all the perfect aspects about him put together. The only reason being, was Olivia had been the one to put them there.

And that meant she'd been kissing him; and kissing led to making out; and making out led to all sorts of things; and all sorts of things led to sex; and if said sex had been unprotected Olivia may end up giving birth to this guy's child.

And if that happened, Elliot might just commit homicide. Or perhaps some other form of murder – attempted or "accidental".

"What are you smiling about?" Olivia grumbling voice obviously startled him.

She was already fed up with his gleaming blue eyes; surveying her and judging her on her choice of men. Asking her where she found these bastards who just like to screw with her heart as well as her.

At least she could blame Casey this time.

"Nothing, I'm just gonna make myself some coffee." Elliot stood and headed for the bench where all the kitchen supplies were.

He shook his head as he poured the coffee; she was in one foul mood and he was going to have to tread carefully today. There was bound to be one explosion – whether from himself or Olivia, he wasn't sure. He quickly added several sugars before some milk and stirring.

Dumping the stick in the bin, he headed back to his desk and sat down slowly, so as not to spill his coffee; he'd made that mistake before.

"I did buy you one, you know," he looked up, surprised at the sound of Olivia's voice. "I drank it before I got here and I figured 'screw the male race' and decided to have yours as well because I damn near froze my arse off walking here." She gritted the last part out lowly.

She really was fed up with men. Men and their damn dicks. They could all go to hell. When Ryan had come over the night before he had been an absolute gentleman right up until the moment he had tried to rape her.


Ryan had made reservations at some fancy restaurant that she couldn't remember the name of but which she knew was incredibly pricy. Ryan had shown up at her door in an Armani suit and a tie that matched her deep purple dress brilliantly. She had invited him in and poured them both a glass of wine before they sat down on her lounge and talked about their days.

They had barely been talking two minutes before he took her wine from her, placing both glasses on the coffee table and he began to kiss her thoroughly. At first it was harmless fun as they made out on her couch with a little groping. But she started to get a little uncomfortable when his hand began smoothing her dress up her leg and tugging at her stockings. She pulled his hand away and for a minute, he stayed away, only to resume his actions from before.

This time Olivia pulled away and looked at him, questioning him.

Ryan just grinned and moved to kiss her again. Olivia pulled back and put her hands up to stop him, but he just grabbed hold of her wrist.

She told him to stop, that it wasn't funny, but he had just laughed, as if to prove her point wrong and began tearing at her stockings. Olivia kicked out, effectively catching him off guard, before she reached out and slammed her fist into his face.

He called her a bitch and a slut, and after that he stood and slapped her before storming out.

Flashback End

Since then, Olivia had been focused on not letting the tears fall. He was just another man. He was just another man. He was just another man. He was just another man who sort of broke her heart. He was just another man who left her.

He was just another man who left her alone.

Elliot, who hadn't slept due to a screaming baby, found his anger management control beginning to wear thin, "Liv, he's just one guy. How is he any different to all the others?" he huffed.

Olivia's eyes widened, "All the others? All the others!?" She repeated what he said. "Are you implying something? Am I not allowed to date? You date plenty of women! At least I inform you of mine!" Oh great, she just told him – indirectly – that she was still upset about that.

"So am I some kind of man-whore?" Elliot asked, leaning forward over the desk, trying to lower his voice to an angry whisper.

"Oh, so that's what you were implying? That I'm some kind of whore?" Olivia asked, raising her eyebrows and leaning forward as well.

"I never 'implied' that!" Elliot replied, gritting his teeth.

"Why don't you just come out and say it!? Fucking Ryan seems to think so!" Olivia hissed, venom seeping into her words.

"What did he do?" Elliot asked; angry concern in his voice.

"He implied what you just implied. You're as bad as him!" Olivia spat; pushing out from her desk and storming from the room, most likely heading for the roof.

14th February,

Some back road, upstate New York.


Elliot took the time to study Olivia as she glared out the window at the white. All white.

Very boring to look at.

Elliot took in the slightest tinge of purple that had made its self aparent on Olivia's cheek where her foundation had begun to wear off. He couldn't really tell if it was just the light or if it was actually there. It was highlighted on her cheek-bone and made him want to reach out and touch her, to see her reaction.

But that wasn't allowed so he left his arms crossed.

14th February,

Some back road, upstate New York.


Elliot was now grinding his jaw. He had gone over what had been said this morning and was trying to contemplate the meaning behind all the words. She had said he was just as bad as Ryan. What did that mean?

Ryan was the guy. He was as bad as Ryan. How? He insulted her? Which meant Ryan must have insulted her. He really wasn't implying that she was a slut or a whore. He was just implying that Ryan was no different to any other man that she had dated – they were all wrong for her.

He could tell. How? He didn't know but he could just tell. Olivia needed someone who respected her; respected who she was, respected her job and her family and where she had come from, how she had been raised, how she had turned out and she needed somebody who accepted all these things.

None of these men got her. It was just that simple. There was also the fact none of the ones he had met had ever taken a liking to him – except for the one time where the guy had taken too much of a liking to him.

That situation was embarrassing for Olivia as well Elliot.

And of course, hilarious for the rest of the squad-room when Samuel had launched himself at Elliot, lips pouted, smacked and ready to kiss.

Not good.

14th February,

Some back road, upstate New York.


Elliot was grinding his jaw. Great. He had to break the silence some how, didn't he? Of course he did because that's what men did. They broke things.

Sons of bitches. Olivia thought to herself.

She could feel his eyes on her but she wasn't going to look away from the window. As boring as watching snow layer up on the other side was, it was about ten times better than fighting with Elliot, listening to Elliot, looking…well, maybe not looking at him, but it was definitely better than facing him and right now she'd do anything to avoid that.

Except maybe going outside.

- - - - -


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