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14th February,

Rainbow Motel,


Olivia's eyes flickered open lazily. She took in the dark shadows and looming objects and froze instantly. The wheels in Olivia's mind began to turn as she felt Elliot's presence as well as his arms engulfing her. Olivia decided to get up as she began feeling tingles moving up and down her left arm; a sign it was waking up and about to explode into pins and needles. She tried to pull out of Elliot's grasp but he wouldn't let go, instead pulling her closer.

She slowly shifted in Elliot's embrace until she was facing him. "El?" she whispered softly, "I'm going to have a shower."

Elliot shifted and nuzzled Olivia slightly, making her smile, "Mmm…kay," he mumbled groggily, pulling her closer still.

Realizing he was still asleep, Olivia began to pull his arms from around her. When he wouldn't let go Olivia dropped his hands and moved hers to his face, "El, honey. I need to get up," she whispered. "Which means you have to let go," she finished softly.

"Okay, Liv," Elliot slid one of his hands up her back and into her hair, bringing her closer to him and making their breaths mingle before gently pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was slow and lazy as their tongues traced the other's mouth, gently tasting and kissing softly. Elliot pulled away, letting Olivia's lips slip from his own, kissing her once more before pulling back and letting his arms drop from around her.

And she was gone.

Elliot's eyes snapped open. He glanced around quickly, sitting upright abruptly. Eyes adjusted to the dark, they darted to the bathroom where a small amount of light and steam was filtering out from under the door. He could hear the shower running which confused him even more.

Did that just happen?

He chose to leave the light off, feeling there was enough combined light from the bathroom and the streetlights as well as the full moon. Elliot got up slowly and began remaking the bed, shivering as the cold air began attacking him again. He moved to the linen closet and found two more blankets there, adding them to the bed.

As Elliot slowly stumbled around the room he made his way to the radiator. His fingers numbly worked the various buttons until it came to life and Elliot could retreat back to the bed. He dropped onto the edge and reluctantly pulled off his coat. Shivering as the cold bit through his shirt, he dumped his coat on the ground and began tugging at his dress shirt, eventually getting it off. He knew he should hang it on the back of a chair or something but his mind was barely awake, as was he. Elliot pulled back the covers and shuffled down between the cold sheets. He pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and pulled the covers up under his chin. He quickly hit 1 and pressed send. He put the phone to his ear and shifted down in the bed, waiting for the annoying dial tone to finally end and have the voice of-

"Where the hell are you, Stabler!?" Don barked down the phone.

Elliot scrubbed his hand over his face and glanced at the clock on the night stand, its red flashing numerals indicating it was 10:04pm – four hours and four minutes after they were meant to show up back at the precinct. "We got delayed," Elliot mumbled, fatigue once again beginning to ebb away at his mind.

Don gave a frustrated sigh before warily speaking back into the phone. "How?" he asked quietly.

"We popped a tire," Elliot deadpanned.

"What?" Don sighed, rolling his eyes.

"And smashed a window," Elliot added, knowing he needed to be honest before they got back to Manhattan.

The sound of Don gritting his teeth was almost audible. If he could, he would blame his 'receding hairline' on the stress that his two delinquent children caused him but as it was he didn't have any hairline to recede, "How?"

Elliot scrubbed his hand over his face, "A branch fell through the window. I think. It was windy and the branch fell and went through Olivia's window."

Don felt his eyes widen. "Is she okay!?"

Elliot's mind was moving a little slowly but he answered quickly. "Oh yeah, she's fine, we were in the back."

Choosing to ignore Elliot's reply Don continued with his line of questioning, "And how did you pop the tire?"

Elliot began to try and recall the conversation from the car, slowly gathering bits and pieces, "Liv wanted me to take a short cut…or I did. I can't remember but when we passed these hippies, who were stranded on the side of the road, Liv said we should help and so what does she do? Gives them my sp- Our spare tire," Elliot quickly corrected himself, "Anyway, we- I was going to hit a deer so I swerved and we went off the road and somehow burst the tire."

"Okay, okay. So I'm going to have to send a car up there aren't I? Or something like that." Don scratched his head and held his neck as he thought. "Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Is Liv there?"

"Shower," Elliot yawned, "Oh yeah, she hurt he ankle earlier but I think it must be better or something. I don't know."

"Okay, I'll let you go. Tell Olivia I hope she's okay. Night." Don sighed and hung up, not waiting for Elliot to reply.

Elliot sighed and snapped his phone shut, shivering as he waited for Olivia to come out of the shower.

Olivia stood under the hot pulsing spray. It wasn't that hot, kind of warm but it was better than nothing. It wasn't really pulsing either, just kind of running and hitting harder in small bursts. She stood with her head back, letting the water run over and through her hair. She was beginning to shiver but the water was kind of calming. It was the first time she had been alone all day and she wasn't sure whether she was enjoying it or not. That was a lie; she was lying to herself. She hated it. She hated being alone, she hated this shower, she hated that Elliot was in the other room and she hated the fact that she needed him. She stopped herself from sobbing but was powerless against the few tears which streamed down her cheeks. She quickly sucked in a sharp breath and decided it was time she got out of the shower.

Eventually he heard the water shut off and the muttering of a freezing Olivia. He quickly shoved the mental image he was getting out of his head and buried it deep. Not even two minutes later, Olivia was out of the bathroom. Elliot watched as she gingerly hobbled on her sore ankle, barely putting any weight on it. She was already dressed but her hair was still dripping as she made her way to the bed with a towel in hand. She flopped onto the edge and slowly began towelling her hair slowly as she tried to keep herself awake.

"Come here." Elliot whispered.

Olivia jumped, dropping the towel, "Shit, don't do that Elliot! You scared me." She was breathing heavily as she tried to regain her composure.

"Liv, if I had grabbed your elbow you probably would have punched me or something." Elliot's smile was evident in his voice, "Lie down," he instructed.

Olivia shook her head, still shivering. "My hair's still wet," she muttered.

"I know," Elliot sat up and took the towel from her, lying half of it on Olivia's pillow, "Now lie down. You're freezing and it's a lot warmer under here."

Olivia conceded, pulling back the comforter, sheets and blankets before slipping under them and resting her head on the pillow. She was still shivering as she sighed but she was a lot more comfortable. Elliot gently began towelling her hair, softly tousling it, sweeping her strands. He gently massaged her head as he dried her hair. Olivia sighed again, almost asleep as Elliot pulled the towel away and threw it into the darkness somewhere, hearing it land on the floor.

Olivia lay with her back still to Elliot, knowing he was one foot and seven inches behind her. She let her fingers subconsciously grip the sheet at the edge of the bed, her knuckles turning white. Her back tensed when she felt Elliot's hand rest on her shoulder. "Relax."

Olivia shivered as Elliot's breath hit the base of her neck, sending a chill down her spine. "Cold," she muttered her response, not entirely lying.

Elliot grinned to himself as Olivia shivered again as he exhaled. He gently blew a slow breath against her neck and continuing a little down her spine, smiling even more when he felt goosebumps rising under his finger tips.

"Thanks," Olivia mumbled, smiling as she rolled over to face Elliot.

"Not a problem," Elliot grinned, pressing his forehead against Olivia's, closing his eyes and exhaling slowly.

"I was actually talking about my hair but whatever works," Olivia yawned, her eyes fluttering closed as well.

"Not a problem," Olivia felt Elliot grin but the half-sleep, which Elliot was currently struggling to fight, was evident in his voice, "I've had three daughters; I knew what I was doing. If you need me to put it up in a pony tail or untangle it in caught hairbrushes, you just let me know; I'm your man," Elliot mumbled with a smile.

"I'll remember that," Olivia yawned again, shifting closer to Elliot.

Elliot rested his hand protectively on Olivia's hip, pulling her even closer. He moved his hand up, sweeping her hair from her face before dropping it back to her hip, "You're beautiful, Liv," he whispered. The only reply he got was a soft snore coming from Olivia.

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