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Naruto: The End Of Solitude

Part One: Heartfelt Desire

By Tiger5913

One minute she was defending herself against a slew of close-range attacks whipping through the air right toward her, and then seconds later, she felt the warm sand pressing into her back as a lean body lay on top of her.

Her dark eyes widened in a bit of shock, mirroring the expression of surprise on the face hovering slightly above her, and the girl thought it was probably best to just laugh off the accidental collision. But the light giggle of embarrassment died in her throat at the burning intensity of his gaze; although the redhead said nothing to convey his thoughts, he looked so serious that she wanted to ask why… She parted her lips to utter the question, but then all of a sudden, he swiftly swooped down to cover her lips with his, while she heard a familiar rustling noise that indicated her sensei was using his special ability. Right before her twin lids slid to a full close, she caught a glimpse of sand rising up along the sides, and as her attention was averted, the tiny grains continued moving until they met together at the top, forming a dome of concealment.

The petite brunette made a small noise of surprise, since she had not thought that a training session with her exclusive partner would ever be interrupted like this, but after a few seconds, she relaxed into the tentative kiss. His hands were resting upon her shoulders, gripping her with gentle firmness while she lied still underneath him, temporarily stunned until she regained her senses and reached up to hold onto his arms, taking comfort in his presence. He jolted slightly at the contact, and she had forgotten for a moment that he was unused to being touched, but his tension soon left, to her silent relief – his mild reaction showed he was indeed changing that aspect of himself. Strands of her dark brown hair softly trickled along his cheek as the two kissed, lips moving over each other with timid inexperience, guided by pure instincts and caught in the heat of their encounter, while short breaths and gasps drifted into the warm air.

They broke apart a short period later, his face lingering very close to hers, and the girl exhaled shakily, her nerves still tingling from the effects of their kiss in conjunction with her heart frantically racing at their near proximity.

His pale turquoise eyes were alit with a rare show of emotion, one that she could not clearly identify, and his expression was serene when he began to lean back down to repeat the pleasant gesture, but just then, a muffled shout ensued, "Gaara!"

The red-haired young man lifted his head at the sound of his name, and glanced down to share a quick look of understanding with his student; upon receiving her agreement, he calmly rose and waited for her to straighten herself up as well.

At his will, the protective sand dome collapsed around them, revealing the two companions to the blonde kunoichi that had just arrived to the secluded area, and interestingly enough, she seemed to think nothing was out of the ordinary. "There you are. You've got a meeting to go to, Gaara. The council just called a session on short notice. Sorry, Matsuri, but you'll have to continue the training later."

"I will be there." He answered nonchalantly, and then nodded to indicate that he would soon be on his way; after his elder sister left to head back into the village, he turned to the bole-haired girl and remarked with mild reluctance in his voice, "I need to leave for now, Matsuri."

"That's okay, Gaara-sensei," she replied softly, and had a diminutive smile gracing her lips as she turned her gaze toward the direction of the Kazekage's tall, towering building, knowing full-well where his main responsibilities lay: in protecting all of Suna. "Um… maybe I'll see you tomorrow?"

To her pleasant surprise, Gaara responded by shaking his head slightly, and suggested instead, "I could come to your house tonight, and we can eat together. That is, if you want to."

Her eyes brightened at his invitation, and the girl tried not to seem overly eager as she nodded in hearty agreement; he was usually so busy with leadership tasks that she had almost grown accustomed to his constant absence.

His response was a faint, tentative smile that she was beginning to familiarize herself with, and then he averted his attention to the village, walking into the quietly bustling sandy environment as he headed toward his office.

Matsuri watched her sparring partner leave with a sense of mild sadness, but the thought of their outing that night was enough to lift up her spirits and make her feel excited in anticipation, having something to look forward to. She returned to her training alone this time, swinging around her preferred weapon, the rope dart, with graceful loops over her head, and when she flung the end part toward a target, the sharp blade sank into its mark. What a far cry that was from the very first time she wielded it; back then, the slim brunette had been deathly afraid of weapons, and her hands shook so much with little effort, causing her clumsy attempts to go way off-track. It was not until she learned that those tools could be more than mere instruments of pain and loss, that she was finally able to handle the rope dart with some skill, and she slowly began to build her confidence in using the weapon.

After training under Gaara's expertise in fighting for almost four years, she had learned so much from him and now knew plenty of skills to hold her own, certainly enough to fend off numerous enemy attacks. He had practiced her a small amount of taijutsu techniques with her as well, deeming them beneficial for his own knowledge after the sand demon was forcibly extracted from his body, causing a need for additional defensive tactics. Whenever time permitted, the two would spend hours training, utilizing close-range, hand-to-hand combat with each other, both using kunai knives as weapons since those were the most common amongst the majority of ninjas. To repay him for all the time and effort he spent on her, Matsuri helped her sensei regain and stabilize his former ability to manipulate the sand with ease, because his control was weakened from the absence of Shukaku's innate influence, but the loss in affinity had been temporary.

During their first few sessions of aiding his recovery, the sand that rose to protect him was considerably flimsy compared to before, and he had to use more of his charka and concentration to mold the shield stronger, commanding it to move at his will. He still carried around the same large gourd that held his personal chakra-infused sand in it, and through diligent effort, he was able to maintain his unique power over the abundant tiny grains that came at his wordless call. Before long, the sand was rapidly rising and forming a protective barrier around his lean form, preventing the sharp end of her rope dart from touching him, unable to penetrate his shield, and Matsuri truly felt sorry for whomever dared to be his antagonistic opponent. Although despite the common belief that Gaara was a dangerous and lethal weapon to fear and scorn, he had never harmed her intentionally – her own keen sense of clumsiness caused her to suffer injuries a couple of times, but those were certainly not his fault.

Truthfully, Matsuri felt somewhat disgusted with the people that still cast a wary, doubtful eye upon Suna's young and dedicated Kazekage whenever he left to visit other villages for purely diplomatic purposes. If she did not have a mission at the time, she would cheerfully, almost insistently, volunteer to accompany their much-cherished leader as one of his escorting guards, for she liked to constantly stay by his side, even though she never said so out loud. But it made her angry and even a little uneasy to feel terror and resentment emitting from various surrounding bystanders, when Gaara and his group of protectors walked through a foreign land to visit the corresponding leader of the place. Matsuri was not ignorant of all the frightening stories that depicted her sensei as a cruel, selfish, and ruthless killer from a few years past, but she wholeheartedly believed that he had changed, and become a completely different person.

A while back, she remembered meeting a ninja from the Leaf Village named Naruto Uzumaki, who had fiercely defended Gaara by fighting Seimei, a demented man that was revived due to a dream of acquiring great power. It was during that very same incident she witnessed her sensei using his sand not as a tool for harm, but as a shield to protect his blond ally from a deadly attack, and the girl realized then that weapons could actually preserve life, depending on the wielder. After that occurrence, she began to slowly discard her fear of weapons, and she fervently wished that the rest of Suna had been there to see the fight, so they would have known of the redhead's noble, selfless deed firsthand. When it was all over, before the quartet had left to return to the Sand Village, Matsuri gave a message to one of the Leaf shinobi, politely asking him to express her gratitude to Naruto, and to inform that she would continue to train under Gaara.

Remaining within the same wide-open space, the girl practiced vigorously for another hour – her sensei might have had the advantage over her in ninjutsu, and maybe even genjutsu, but she was determined to eventually be able to beat him at taijutsu! When the afternoon sun had began to descend behind the mountains over the horizon in obvious indication that dusk was approaching, Matsuri decided to call it quits for the day and relaxed her stance, releasing a pleased sigh. After gathering all her tools together, the bole-haired Chunin headed into the main street of the desert village with a bright smile on her face, idly waving to the people that she knew as she walked toward her home. When her parents passed away a few years ago, they left her the house, a small and cozy place designed for a loving family of three, where she lived all her life, but now, with them gone, there was only one sole inhabitant remaining.

Not to say Matsuri never considered the thought of moving to another place, but there were too many happy and pleasant memories within the house that made her feel reluctant to just pick up her belongings and leave. When she finally got over her fear of weapons, she was able to find peace inside herself and truly cope with the loneliness that resulted from the loss of her dearly loved parents, although of course, she never stopped missing them. It was because of their untimely death that she decided to become a ninja in the first place, from the desire to learn how to protect the people that she cared about, even if it meant she had to wield the very same entity that took her parents away. But thanks to Naruto and her own sensei, Matsuri had been able to learn an important aspect about weapons; she still preferred to use the non-lethal ones, out of a desire to not hurt others too badly, despite being on opposing sides.

The young brunette unlocked the door and entered her home with a small smile of relief, feeling an overwhelming need for a hot bath to soothe her tense muscles from the recent session of arduous training. Moments later, she had shed her clothes, and was comfortably soaking in the tub with her eyes closed as she allowed her mind to wander, her thoughts immediately going to her red-haired friend, which caused her cheeks to blush a light shade of pink. Matsuri could not pinpoint exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the course of their tight bond, the two had become very important to each other, more than just teacher and student, and yet, their relationship was rather ambiguous at present. They were barely acquainted when she first started training to be a ninja, but over time, they had grown closer and closer, especially after the terrifying incident in which Gaara was kidnapped and eventually, killed.

He made sure that everyone in Suna knew of Elder Chiyo's selfless sacrifice that brought him back to life, and Matsuri was certainly very grateful to her, for the virtuous act had brought hope and joy to all the people of the Sand Village. After his blessed revival, no one was afraid of Gaara any longer, and not simply because Shukaku had been removed from him, but due to the entire village watching and witnessing his diligent efforts to protect everyone with every last ounce of his strength. Like the rest of the spectators, Matsuri had been outside that night when a man wearing dark robes flew into the peaceful setting on a large, strange-looking bird, his aura reeking of malicious intent as he immediately provoked a fight with their Kazekage. The Sand ninjas and innocent citizens were all awestruck and impressed by the sight of their esteemed, resilient leader soaring into the air on a path of slick sand as he fought the stranger and defended Suna from harm.

Unfortunately, the intruder had found some sneaky way to penetrate the sand wielder's sturdy shield of defense, and she could only gasp in shock when a series of loud booms began to explode, disrupting the serene night sky. Matsuri watched as the protective sphere of sand slowly crumbled away to reveal her sensei's limp body, and soon, his unconscious form was rapidly falling toward the ground, but then got intercepted by the stranger swooping in with his bird. She cried out in frustration at her own helpless and sank to the floor with devastation when the village's attacking units failed to stop the man from making it to the exit, taking their Kazekage away in the wake of their despair. Immediately after their abrupt departure, Matsuri threw on her guard patrol attire and ran outside into the hectic commotion, trying to push herself through the crowd in order to dash toward the front entrance, intending to pursue Gaara's malicious opponent.

Amidst the wide panic, a second calamitous explosion prevented people from leaving Suna, due to the amount of rocks and large debris that blocked the way; despite her insistent plea and passionate determination, the girl was not allowed to pass. The majority of the pursuit team that had been dispatched to follow the enemy now lay injured or dead amongst the rubble, all except for Kankuro, a talented puppeteer shinobi, who also happened to be the older brother of the Kazekage. Against the advice of his comrades and superiors alike, he had pressed on alone, and Matsuri desperately wished that she could have accompanied him rather than remain in Suna, doing absolutely nothing at all to help bring Gaara back. Instead of returning home to sleep, she spent the rest of the night helping the other guards remove the sharp and heavy stones one piece at a time, being careful as they hoped to uncover anyone else that had possibly survived the attack.

The next time she saw her sensei, he was laying on the ground with both eyes shut and his body completely motionless, and in that very moment, the girl felt tears blurring her vision, when suddenly, she noticed he began to stir ever-so-slightly. He awoke and steadily sat up shortly after, and by that time, hundreds of villagers from Suna had traveled all the way over to his location to see their Kazekage, and she quickly joined everyone in their loud cheers and thunderous applause of joy. She caught sight of the blatant shock in Gaara's widened turquoise eyes at the hearty reception that he was receiving, and she felt certain that finally, he knew how much the entire village admired, respected, and cared for him, very deeply. As the redhead was glancing around the crowd, his gaze met hers and locked on, where the two shared a private look as Matsuri smiled widely at him, feeling tremendously relieved that he was alive – because of Elder Chiyo, she had not lost Gaara.

That very night, there was a huge celebration in Suna, accompanied with a continuous loud uproar down the main street as each villager individually wanted to speak to or vigorously shake the hand of their Kazekage in dual gratitude and happiness. The entire time, Matsuri had stayed by his side, along with his older brother and sister – none of them were willing to let him be alone after what had just happened, and even only allowed him brief bathroom breaks as they stood right outside. A couple of hours into the festivities, Gaara admitted to feeling rather tired, and the slim brunette realized that for the first time in fifteen years, this was the end to his self-induced insomnia, as he could finally sleep with the absence of Shukaku from his body. His siblings exchanged a wordless look between them, and then after several long moments, consented to leaving him alone to rest in his room; Kankuro jokingly remarked that the four of them were too big to fit in one bed, to which Temari responded by smacking the back of his head.

Together, the quartet walked over to the house that the trio of siblings shared and at the door, the blonde wind-user and the puppet master soon departed with the intentions of patrolling once around the outskirts of Suna to protect their brother. Matsuri was about to volunteer to go with them and help, but they promptly took off before even giving her a chance to speak, although for some reason, Temari had briefly glanced back to give the younger girl a mysterious, indecipherable smile. Left alone with Gaara, the brunette blushed slightly and snuck a peek toward him out of the corner of her eye, only to discover that he was already looking at her, albeit his expression calm and nonchalant as usual, belying his intense gaze. Now that they were in private, Matsuri was practically bursting things to say to him, but she fought to stay quiet as she did not want to start babbling and look foolish, so she merely mumbled good night and turned in preparation to leave him to his much-deserved rest.


The surprised Chunin paused in her step at hearing him utter her name, and she pivoted to face the redhead with anticipation on her face, and replied softly, her tone polite and a tad more formal than usual from her timidity, "Yes, Gaara-sensei?"

A small smile had spread over his lips, startling the girl with its presence even as he told her in his smooth, deep voice, "You were there when I awoke. Thank you for your support."

Her dark eyes brightened at his appreciative words, and before she could help herself, she had launched forward right at him and enveloped her shocked sensei in a tight hug as thin trickles of tears slowly slid down her cheeks.

She felt his body jolt in surprise at her action, his initial resistance to the close contact, but for this instance, a special moment in which she needed to express herself, Matsuri persisted and held on; eventually, his stiff profile relaxed.

"G-Gaara-sensei… I'm so happy you're back…" she murmured softly next to his ear as he remained still; she was simply relieved that he had not pushed her back after he regained his regular mindset, "I-… Everyone in Suna missed you, but we never lost hope… I… W-we don't want you to go away like that, ever again…"

Silence stretched between them for a long while, seemingly endless, and once she finished having her say, Matsuri began to feel embarrassed about blurting out her relief in such a blatant manner, so she started to pull away, when all of a sudden, she felt strong arms encircling her form.

"I missed you as well." Gaara finally replied in a low tone, the volume of his voice barely audible as she was too stunned by his favorable reaction to her spontaneous hug to truly hear him, but eventually, the words registered in her mind.

That was the first time in all the years of their friendship that they had ever embraced each other, the girl recalled with a sweet smile touching her lips as she was brought to the present, warmth fluttering in her heart at the pleasant memory. With so many fond gems stored securely within the recesses of her mentality, she would have liked to stay in the tub and continue daydreaming a little longer, but one look outside the window told her that early evening was approaching, and she had to get ready – Gaara could arrive anytime soon. A small fire of excitement rose within her at the reminder, and Matsuri grinned happily as she drained the water and swiftly left the restroom, wrapped in a towel that reached mid-thigh, heading straight for her wardrobe of clothes. This would not be the first time she went out in public with only her red-haired sensei, but the young brunette wanted to look her best, because she was fully aware of the fact that the two were constantly stared at by other villagers, due to natural curiosity about their relationship.

The thought made her pause instantly, and she contemplated the concept for a moment… it was really no secret that the girl cared about Gaara very much, as she harbored feelings toward him that went beyond mere friendship. The pair had been constantly together in the past few months, and she never accepted any invitations to go out with other boys, while her sensei had consistently ignored the rather large group of girls that always cluttered around his office, claiming to be his devoted fans. Matsuri had to admit that she herself was part of the craze during the early stages of her own mad crush on Gaara, but she dropped it when she realized that he deemed the obsessive behavior to be immature and unworthy of his attention. After all, as the Kazekage of Suna, his primary concern was the safety and well-being of his citizens, and Matsuri deduced that he would want someone strong and selfless, willing to give her everything to help him protect the people of the Sand Village.

In spite of romance clearly not being on his list of priorities, the cheerful and optimistic brunette was still happy to be his number one – and only – student, maintaining a close bond with him as she learned how to improve her fighting skills so much more. There was distinct honor and esteem associated with her being Gaara's student, as she felt that others expected her to really excel at many areas when she was being taught by one of, if not THE, most powerful shinobi in their village. When the Suna version of a ninja academy, the concept borrowed from the Leaf Village, had first started, all of the students in the class either chosen to form a group with Temari or Kankuro as their teacher, except for Matsuri, who stepped toward the red-haired sand wielder and pleaded for his training. Everyone seemed surprised at her action, even Gaara himself, but he agreed to instruct her, and she felt rather lucky to have his complete and undivided attention, since it quickly became apparent that he was highly-skilled and experienced with battle techniques.

During the last three-and-a-half years under his tutelage, the determined girl grew extremely familiar with each component of her versatile rope dart, being able to wield it so comfortably, almost as if the weapon was actually a part of her own body. Like the other fresh young students, Matsuri started out as a kunoichi of the Genin level, but a little less than a year later, at the redhead's request, the two traveled to their neighboring ninja village of Konoha, where she took the Chunin exam. Each stage carried a different challenge, varying in difficulty and endurance, but through all her painstaking efforts, as well as the support of her sensei's presence and his siblings watching her in the crowds, she had passed. After a brief celebration that night with a few of Gaara's friends in the Leaf Village, Matsuri returned to Suna as a Chunin, and later, privately visited her parents' graves to tell them that she was on her way to truly learning how to protect others that were important to her.

Back then, Gaara was able to accompany her to the Chunin exam because he had not yet become the Kazekage, but the next time they were training alone, he revealed his intentions for that position to her, where she learned of his desire to work hard and prove himself to the village. Being around him so often, Matsuri herself saw a slow, but steady change in his personality compared to how he was when they first became acquainted; however, the rest of Suna did not get the same opportunity – or perhaps refused – to interact with him as frequently. It was not until Gaara rose to his current position of leadership that the other villagers began to stop fearing him, and after his revival at the hands of Elder Chiyo, everyone had respect and appreciation for the dedicated young man. Seeing the look on his face at their admiration made Matsuri feel very happy for him, and she thought it was great that finally, her sensei was accepted and loved by his people, the one thing that he wanted and strived to obtain all along.

The girl was brought back to the present with a soft, wistful smile gracing her lips, but it quickly faded when she suddenly heard a series of gentle, but crisp knocks resonating through her quiet little home – Gaara had arrived! And she was not ready yet! Throwing down the towel, Matsuri quickly grabbed a robe hanging on a nearby hook and tied the knot at her waist before nervously running a hand through her dark brown hair, and she stopped by the full-length mirror to make sure she looked presentable before going to the door. Despite being short on time, the anxious brunette made a conscious effort to calm herself down and not appear too frantic, although she was unable to prevent her heart from beating in an increasingly quickening pace. Though it felt like only a mere minute had passed by, Matsuri was startled out of her reverie when she realized that the knocking sound had stopped, and a small sense of panic hit her as she wondered if her sensei had possibly gotten fed up with waiting and just decided to leave.

Hoping to catch him before he was really gone, the girl forgot about her outer appearance and made a mad dash for the front door while calling out loudly, "Gaara-sensei! Don't go, please! I'm-ahhh!"

A short cry burst free from her lips when, in her rushed state, one of her feet snagged on a corner of the rug in the living room, causing her to trip and fall to the floor in a crumpled heap as a sharp jolt of pain shot sharply up her leg.

"Matsuri?" Her ears faintly acknowledged a rustling noise from beyond the threshold, and then she heard a slight sound of something sliding; seconds later, her door was thrust open with a whoosh, sending a chilly breeze into her house.

"Mmm… G-Gaara-sensei…?" Matsuri moaned softly in discomfort as she slowly raised herself up to sitting position, and then gingerly lifted her head to meet the pale turquoise eyes of her red-haired sensei, who was presently kneeling down right in front of her.

"Are you all right?" He asked her without preamble, his husky voice soothing her frazzled nerves, somehow managing to subdue her rising embarrassment, and then she realized that his normally-calm expression appeared to show a bit of concern.

"Y-yes…" she murmured in response, still feeling quite ashamed about her own self-induced clumsiness, and when she tried to apply pressure on the heels of her feet to stand, she gasped from the vivid sensation of pain and collapsed back down on her behind.

Fighting off the frustration progressively building up inside her, Matsuri pressed her palms against the floor and once again attempted to rise, but two hands went to grasp her forearms, firmly halting the process as Gaara advised her sternly, "Don't get up."

The injured brunette opened her mouth to stubbornly insist that she was fine, but to her surprise, before she could even utter a single word, the sand wielder bent down and slid his arms under her body, lifting her up into the air with ease.

"Where?" He inquired mildly as he swiftly turned his head, allowing his eyes to scan the surroundings within the small vicinity.

"Um… the couch is fine," she suggested in a submissive tone, trying not to aggravate him any further.

The lean redhead nodded once in response, and then he crossed the short distance to cautiously set her amongst the pliable cushions, stepping back afterward to gaze at the girl as he questioned calmly, "What happened, Matsuri?"

"Well, I… I was trying to get to the door as quickly as I could. I thought you left without me, Gaara-sensei," she admittedly quietly, ducking her head to hide the faint shade of pink dotting her pale cheeks.

With an edge of worry in his voice, Gaara admonished firmly, "Don't worry about me. I wouldn't do that. Next time, I want you to remember not to rush. I would rather wait than have you hurt yourself."

"Okay," Matsuri agreed, adjusting herself into a more comfortable position on the couch, when just then, her dark eyes widened a little as a thought suddenly occurred to her and she looked up to ask, "Wait… how did you get in here? You don't have a key…"

He seemed amused by her reasonable inquiry, and casually crossed his arms over his chest as his light irises betrayed a rare gleam of mild pleasure that dwelled within them. "Hm. So you think I can't get past a locked door, eh?"

She blushed in meek embarrassment and resisted the urge to cover her face as she sneak a quick look at the large gourd that hung on his back; so that was the sliding noise she had heard right before the door opened…

"Matsuri. Do you need anything for your leg?"

"No, I'm all right. Thanks," the energetic brunette flashed him a small smile that twinkled with her usual sweet nature, until she realized in a momentary lapse of minor sadness, "Oh, but… we can't go out now… Um, Gaara-sensei, you can leave if you want to eat… You don't have to be hungry because of me."

After giving her a brief once-over, the intensity of his gaze seeming to inspect her form in a fairly thorough manner, Gaara exhaled evenly and decided, "I will bring food back for both of us. Stay here and don't move. Understand?"

"Yes, sensei!" She replied heartily and saluted him in a show of respect, while her lips spread wider to reveal a teasing grin; even though she felt certain that the sprain would not last long, she knew her sensei was just concerned about her.

A hint of placid, passive joy flickered in his pale turquoise eyes at her playful gesture, and then without another word, the red-haired young man turned around and as he walked out of the house, a thin trail of sand closed the door behind him.

Gaara-sensei… thank you. Matsuri murmured silently to his retreating form, a sliver of longing lingering upon her expression as she watched him leave; when he was gone, she sighed a bit wistfully and settled back against the couch to rest while she idly waited for his return.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: All right, here it is, my first official exclusive Gaara and Matsuri story. And it's got multiple parts! XD By the way, for any of you that are curious about the timeline, this story takes place about one year after the time-skip, so Gaara is 16 and Matsuri is 15. Eek, as always, I really hope that I didn't write anyone too out of character. Readers, I'm counting on you to let me know if I made any gross mistakes. (I'm particularly paranoid about writing Gaara – he is rather complex.) Of course, I would adore and appreciate any feedback that you all can give me, so please don't forget to leave a review. )

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