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It was 96 degrees outside in the warm streets of Albuquerque. People were sunbathing and jumping into crystal blue pools, kids were licking melted ice cream of their hands it was hot outside, real hot. Gabriella Montez was also hot, but unlike everyone else she was not hot from the weather, she was hot from Troy Bolton.

'Oh Troy' Gabriella moaned as Troy Bolton sucked down on her sensitive spot right down her earlobe, he knew where to make her squirm and he loved teasing her.

Gabriella grabbed his dirty blonde wavy her and pulled him into her kissing him passionately, there tongues dancing together to the perfect rhythm of their hearts beating. Gabriella slowly rubbed up and down Troy's chest feeling his rippled six-pack.

'Brie' Troy said as he let out a husky moan. Troy's smooth hand gently caressed her thigh as he tenderly moved it up slowly reaching up for its destination.

All my life
I prayed for someone like you
and I thank God
that I, that I finally found you
all my life

All of a sudden Troy's phone went off, disrupting Troy and Gabriella from any further activities.

'Ugh' Troy groaned as he got off Gabriella, he picked up his iphone and stared at the ID caller. It was Sarah, his fiancée.

'Babe, who is it?' Gabriella called as she wrapped her half naked body underneath the clean cut white cold sheets.

Troy looked at the beautiful girl before his eyes, so yes he did have a fiancée, and he loved her, he really did, but something about Gabriella seemed different to other girls, Troy Bolton was definitely infatuated by her.

'Sarah, but she's hung up now, she's probably wondering where I am, I mean I was meant to be home…' he said while looking at his watch.

'5 minutes ago' Gabriella interrupted with a roll of her eyes.

'Come on, don't be like that babe, things will get better they will, honest'

'You promise Troy?' Gabriella asked

'Promise' he responded. He shut his phone, and grabbed his t-shirt from the floor.

'Well then I'm off, ill see you tomorrow okay?'

'Yeah sure'. Gabriella replied. 'Brieeeee, don't be like this, look I really got to go, so well talk about this tomorrow right'. Gabriella nodded and waved him off as he shut the front door behind him.

Gabriella sighed. It had been like this for a while now. It brought tears to her eyes. The man she was in love with, not that she would ever tell him, is in love with another woman. It wasn't always like this however, she remembered the days of when they used to share there secret lust for each other without worrying, its like she always had known that she would never really be with Troy Bolton but couldn't help it, she tried to stop the relationship before she wanted more of a serious one, that didn't exactly work out.

She had so many memories; she closed her eyes and began dreaming of when she and Troy first met…


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