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'Yeah, yeah we do…' Gabriella replied back, as Gabriella looked around she noticed a blonde haired woman smile sweetly at her.

'You can sit…' Troy said, as he noticed Gabriella's stare.

'Oh yeah I know' Gabriella replied.

'Right then, miss…err' the blonde replied

'Montez, Gabriella Montez' Gabriella informed the woman.

Troy's eyebrows rose at this comment 'no way, it can't be'

'MONTEZ…as in Ricardo Montez' Troy exclaimed amazed.

'Yeah but why…oh.'

'What's wrong honey' the blonde exclaimed. 'Honey?!, who does she think he is, and what the hell! Why did he just grab her hand, but wait you don't care Gabriella'

'Ricardo Montez was a legend he played for the Lakers, he was MVP and captain and just wow, it's a real honour meeting you Gabriella, and he was my idol' Troy said, truly fascinated.

Gabriella nodded.

'Right then, shouldn't we start the questions' the blonde said

'Oh yeah Sarah sure' Troy glanced at Gabriella and smiled 'Sarah, so that's her name then, I don't like that name anymore, I decided.'

'So Gabriella, how much do you want this job' Sarah said

Gabriella casually shrugged her shoulders 'I guess I want it, I mean it's not like the end of my life if I don't get it y'know' she said while laughing. But no-one seemed to be laughing with her, Gabriella shrunk down in her seat embarrassed.

'Well is their a reason you're here then Miss. Montez' Sarah said in a rather cold voice.

'errrm…yeah I just need to pay my rent so I'm looking for a job, any really and I saw Troy's ad on the TV so I thought I would bounce along…you get it, like bounce, bounce a basketball, get it hehe…ha.' 'There faces are way too tight! Must be all the surgery!' Gabriella thought when no-one seemed to be laughing at her jokes.

'Interesting Gabriella, your different from the others we had on here' Troy said. Is he implying that I'm wired, geez thanks' Gabriella gave him an odd smile

'Yes Troy she is, the only one who hasn't squealed in your sight with their whiney voice, and their little pet doggies with their bleach blonde hair and make up' Sarah said to Troy. She's totally hypercritical! But that what she is, in her whiney little.., wait am I being jealous again, no way I'm not, she's just making sure that he wont fall for any of them, WAIT does that mean she implying that I'm UGLY!? That little whore!'

'I didn't see many of those today' Liar. Gabriella said'although there was this one girl who acted just like that'. You. 'She looked like someone' .You again. 'Oh that's right, what a coincidence she looked just like you. SCOREE!'

Sarah's face fell and Troy covered his mouth hiding his laughter. That's sweet, he laughed at me, and or rather at Sarah…Kind of stops making me feel inferior.'

' Okay Gabriella, Moving on I'm going to give you a piece of paper then I want you to answer the questions on it, and once your done, just…err tell me' Sarah replied.

Gabriella's POV

Sarah handed the piece of paper to me with delicate filed manicured fingernails, I looked at the sheet, I answered the questions as I went along.

Are you organised? 'Errrmmm' Not Really

Do you have plenty of time on your hands?I Guess.

Do you get stressed easily? 'HA!' A bit.

Age? 22 and three quarters :)

List any qualifications: 'let's see…' I can cook a real good pasta with rice, I can clean and do laundry, I can also work a computer, I think. I had 4.0 average.

Are you good with children? 'Children? Is the blonde pregnant…?' I don't know.

Interests? Reading, sleeping, watching romance films and being with my mates.

Accommodation? Apartment.

How much are you expecting to be paid? A lot 'haha'

Are you a snob? 'What the hell…' I don't think so.

Do you sleep around? 'What kind of questions are these!?' NO!

Are you fussy? 'Shall I tell them…?' Yeah kind of.

Will oblige every order that is given? 'They can't tell me what to do, oh yeah I'm meant to be a P.A' Maybe

Confirm you must respect Mr. Bolton and his family and Friends: 'blah blah whatever' Fine.

Are you a good kisser? This isn't even printed, some one wrote this one, must be a joke, hmmm let see what ill put' Why don't I show you! 'Let's hope they see that as a joke!'

Gosh, for some really strange reason I don't think they will be satisfied with my answers.


Gabriella smiled at Sarah as she passed them the piece of paper.

'I'm done' she said Sarah quickly scanned through her answers and sighed 'she sighed...this doesn't look so good'

She handed the sheet to Troy, who took a look at it, and he smirked. 'Well Gabriella, I will take a look later on in more detail at your application and we err, we will we call you, not you, us, we will call you' Sarah said.

'Bitch. I'm only applying as a PA nothing major'

'Sure, no problem, I got to run, thanks I guess' I replied.

Gabriella walked out the room feeling like an idiot 'great, now I have made an even bigger fool of myself, I should have lied. Dam!, now how am I supposed to pay the rent?'

'Miss. Montez, wait! May I have a minute with you please' Troy said

'Yeah' Gabriella said confused 'what do they want now…'

'Honey I'm just hopping out, to get a coffee, you want one?' Sarah said

'Sure thing babe, thanks' Troy replied as Sarah walked out the room.

Troy pointed a finger a Gabriella and waved her over, 'Over here' he said as Gabriella approached him.

'What do you want, look if it's about what I pu…' she was interrupted By Troy

'No, Gabriella I'm giving you the job' he said, Gabriella's eyes widened.

'SERIOUSLY"! You mean it, home come, out of everyone you could have picked with qualifications and stuff but why….' Gabriella was shocked

'I like your answers, there individual, not filled with lies, plus its not all about what you write, its about who you are' he whispered.

'Okay so I've now him for what a day, and he's already hitting on me, not that I mind...!'

'That's true, I guess, thanks a lot' she said. 'Gabriella I understand you need lots of money, am I correct?' troy said.

'Yeah…' Gabriella replied.

Troy walked forward to Gabriella and looked into her eyes 'well I'm willing to pay you extra, only that is, if your willing to do extra' he huskily said

Gabriella could feel his hot breaths against her cheeks, the smell of his cologne surrounding him,

'Depends, what do I have to do?' she murmured in the same tone as Troy's.

'Well, why don't you just show me' Troy said, he was referring to the answer she put earlier to the kissing question.

Gabriella didn't know what came over her, but she liked the feeling, she appalled however that she was flirting with this guy who is a famous player, has a girlfriend and she's only known for not too long.

Gabriella smirked up at him and tilted her head as she licked her lips.

'Maybe I will' she replied shocking herself. Troy laughed.

'Welcome, PA Gabriella Montez to my life…'


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