day one hundred and thirty.

It all started out very innocent.

A cuddle on the first night, sleeping the night in his bed. It went no further than that, a kiss in the morning, and they carried on like they always did. She just slept in his bed now, every night. Without fail, she'd pad softly into his room after he'd gone to bed, and slide in next to him. Other than this arrangement, nothing changed. He could feel it though, other than the obvious effect in the morning, he knew it was heading in that direction, rather quickly. If he was lucky he woke up before Hermione and could take his hands away from the places that he shouldn't really be touching as yet, and slip into the bathroom to deal with things. Fred wasn't stupid enough to believe that she didn't realise what was happening, to see what she did to him, but he didn't want to force the subject. That wasn't to say that he hadn't noticed her hands venturing into those places in return; she'd give him an embarrassed smile as she slid them away, making excuses as she hurried from the bed, leaving him to deal with the result.

It was happening more and more frequently, waking up to find her hand on him, a curious expression on her face. Hermione would take her time pulling it away when she realised he was awake, only yesterday he'd all but ran from the room into the bathroom to relief it. They couldn't pretend it wasn't there any longer, Fred could feel it in her kisses, in that touch early in the morning.

It was a conversation he didn't know how to bring up. They could discuss all kinds of bodily functions in regards to the pregnancy, from the mundane to the borderline disgusting; but when it came to the simple fact that their bodies seemed to want something more, they couldn't. They were doing it in their sleep, hands touching where they didn't dream to in the waking hours, leaving them with the awkwardness when they woke up.

This morning being no different. Pressed against her back, his hand resting against her chest, hard against her arse. Fred knew she was awake, he hadn't missed the slight tremor when she moved slightly earlier, nor her pressing closer to him.

He slid closer to Hermione, "Good morning."

She turned to him, her hand holding onto the one he was holding her with, "Morning." Hermione smiled sleepily, kissing him gently.

Her side was pressed against him, she could see it on her face, she felt it. It would only be a few seconds before either of them would run from the bed in a panic, he had to talk fast. "So my hand, sorry about that."

"What?" Hermione rubbed her eyes. "Oh! Don't worry, I wasn't uncomfortable. Barely even noticed."

"Right. I did, notice," he said quietly. "I've been noticing it a lot lately."

"Have you?" Fred could see her shift slightly away from him, he followed her.

"Yeah, it's pretty hard not to. My hand pretty much down your panties last week, and your hand on my prick when I woke up yesterday."

Hermione flushed, rolling away from him, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"No you don't," he sighed, locking his leg around hers, holding her in place. "You went about an hour ago."

"Well I'm pregnant, I go more than a regular woman."

"Do you really need to go?"

"No," she grumbled, folding her arms across her chest.

"You've noticed yeah?" Fred asked softly, pulling her back to him.

"It's impossible not too," Hermione whispered, refusing to look at him.

"Do you not like it? Is that it? Love, it's natural. We are hardly doing it consciously," he smiled, sliding him arm under hers. "At least, I'm not."

A slight smile flitted across her lips, "I'm not molesting you intentionally Fred."

Brushing his lips against her shoulder, "Not complaining love."

"Why do you think it is?"

"Our nocturnal wanderings?" Hermione nodded, "We talk too much, we think too much about some things, like now. There's this part of us that knows what we want, and it isn't shy or awkward about going for them. We just haven't caught up yet."

"Which in itself is odd, we are hardly shy about things Fred," she smiled, turning to face him, her hip rubbing him as she went.

"Not at all," he said quietly, pulling her firm against him. "What do you want love? Tell me."

Hermione looped her arms around his neck, pulling his lips down to hers. "I want to kiss you, when you aren't around I think about it the whole time, wanting to as soon as you walk through that door," she sighed against his lips, ghosting the words across them. "Then I want you to put your arms around me, if it's just a cuddle, or you rub my shoulders, it's the only time I feel at peace," Fred smiled, allowing her to huddle closer into his arms, feeling the soft breaths against his chest.

"Is that all?" Fred whispered into her hair.

"No. I have these dreams, practically every night."

"What kind of dreams?"

"Wonderful, vivid dreams. They feel more real than any I've ever had. You and I, together. It's never the same, always different ways. Probably why my hands wander a little," she laughed softly, pressing her lips to his skin. "It's now, not what happened before, I'm always pregnant, in this house."

"Continue, please," Fred grinned.

There was a small smile on her lips as she looked up at him, a twinkle in her eyes as she moved away from him, laying on her back next to him. "What do you want to know?"

Moving quickly, Fred leaned over her, his hands resting on either side of her, "Everything."

"I'm usually not wearing my nightgown," she whispered, her hands running up his arms.

"We should fix that then," straddling her thighs, he pulled the thin material up. Hermione raised her hips, letting him push the gown up further, She grabbed it out of his hands, pulling it off completely. His breath caught in his throat as she lay practically bare beneath him. Chest rising with every breath, his hands itching to reach out and touch without any barriers. Choosing to clear his throat instead, "Then Hermione?"

Her eyes closed, "You lay over me, I can feel all of you - pressing me into the mattress."

His own eyes closed as he breathed deeply, inching down over her. They darted open at the feel of her hard nipples brushing his chest, muttering to himself, "Bloody hell."

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

Hermione ran her fingers through his hair, a soft smile on her lips. "Absolutely," he grinned, leaning down to her, stopping as she tugged on his hair. "What?"

"You didn't ask," she laughed softly, loosening her hold.

"Right," he grumbled, shaking his head. "What's next love? And please tell me that I get to kiss..."

"You kiss me," Hermione smiled, pulling him down quickly.

"Thank fucking Merlin," Fred grinned, feeling the gentle slap to his shoulder as their lips met fiercely. Her hand tightening its grip on his hair, lips parting beneath his. Tongues colliding, and dancing together, to and fro. He brought a hand up into her hair, holding her in place as they kissed. The other twitched next to her, so close to the soft skin that he was aching to touch. Her breasts rubbing against him as she pressed closer, Fred pulled back gasping slightly.

"What?" Hermione said breathlessly, running her hands over his shoulder.

"This, is wonderful," he sighed, his head falling down to rest against hers. "But it's fucking killing me, I have to, we need to, or I'm going to fucking explode."

Hermione ran her fingers through his hair before, taking her hand down and pushing his shorts from his hips, "Take them off," she whispered harshly in his ear.

He hurriedly did what she asked, shoving the offending article to the end of the bed. Fred stilled then, unsure of what to do. This was all Hermione's show, he didn't want to do anything that she didn't want, anything that would bring clothes back on, and the door slamming shut.

Hermione pulled his arm, making him move back to her. Her hand slipping down between them, "It wasn't all me."

He started to ask her what she meant, when the words died on his lips, her slim hand wrapping around him. "Fuck," he groaned, heading falling down again.

"This happened often," she whispered, her hand running down the length of him. "You enjoyed it, and I did too. Feeling you beneath my fingers. Being able to stop you talking for a minute, hearing the noises you made in my ear. Do you enjoy it Fred?"

"Yes," he gritted out, feeling her smile against his cheek.

"That's good," Hermione said quietly, her hand seeming to slow down. "I was never sure what was better, feeling you like this, knowing that I was the one that caused it. Or feeling you come undone under my touch, I suppose I could find out now. Do you want to do that?"

Bloody hell, she was trying to kill him. He wasn't sure how she couldn't still manage a consistent thought at the moment. Fred slid a hand down her side, under the edge of her knickers, "I want you to take these off."

"Really?" She chuckled lightly, lifting her hips.

"Mmhm," Hermione pressed her lips to his cheek as he pushed them down, leaving them to join his underwear. Fred kissed her firmly, before leaning to whisper in her ear, "I don't want to come into your hand, and I don't think you want me to this time."

She nodded quickly, "Yes."

With her hand still on him, they moved together, Fred watched her eyes close as he entered her slowly. "Hermione?"

She nodded again, slipping her hand around his back, pulling him closer to her. "It's alright," she whispered.

Conscious of her stomach, Fred moved slowly, watching her face closely. Her arms tightened around him, cradling him to her, he could feel every breath against his neck.

There was one thing he was sure of, last time wasn't like this. They didn't take their time, fumbling with clothes, and zippers. Constantly aware of someone walking in the door, of someone noticing them missing downstairs. That wasn't to say it wasn't without it's high points, but it was nothing like this.

Before, he had liked Hermione. They got along well, and it was just two friends. This time, he watched her closely, the smile on her face. The little gasps she made, feeling her move underneath him.

It was different, he was different, the way he felt about Hermione was different.

Her eyes opened, and her smile widened as she looked at him, cupping his face in her hands she pulled him down into a kiss. He felt the pressure inside him increase, the need overtaking him. She was whispering in his ear, several words resounding in his ears. When she repeated them more firmly, he let go. Holding her tight to him, feeling her join him.

Fred fell onto her, her arms around him, rubbing over his back. He moved his weight off of her, laying beside her, he pulled her against him. Brushing the hair from her face, she smiled softly, before burrowing her head into his chest.

Running a hand down her side, her rubbed the curve of her stomach, "What's he doing?" Fred whispered into her ear.

"He's sleeping, been very quiet," she said softly, pushing her feet under the blankets.

"Well that's good," Fred smiled, pulling the blankets up and over her. "Some things a child should just not hear."

She hit him softly, cuddling closer under the blanket to him. Hermione lifted her head to look him in the eye, "What do we do now?"

"We don't have to do anything," he smiled, kissing her forehead. "Nothing has to change, we just went along naturally. You wanted to be with me?"

"Of course," she nodded firmly. "I just don't want things to change, no more than they have to."

"Love, the only thing that's changed is you now have permission, not that you didn't need it before to shag me silly whenever you wish," Fred grinned, watching her smile. "We just crossed a hurdle, there will be more, but we got two out of the way."


Fred nodded, brushing his lips against hers, "I love you too."

Her eyes widening, "I didn't realise I said that, I told you that?"

"Yeah," he whispered, feeling her relax against him.

"What a horrible way to tell you," she sighed. "Not that I didn't mean it! But gods, when we were together, it shouldn't have been like that. What if he asks? Well son, daddy was..."

"Love, it doesn't matter. And if he asks, you just tell him how you were feeling at that moment, not what you were feeling."

"So rude," she muttered, kissing him. "I love you Fred."

"Love you," he grinned, rolling onto his back, holding her against his side. "Now this may not be the time, probably not the place, but we need to figure it out."

"What is it?"



"It was alright to pretend there was nothing there when it was just a kiss every now and then, but I don't think I can pretend that I don't feel this way about you when we are all in the same room."

"Me neither."

"He'd pick up on it too, he's not stupid."

"Not at all."

"So what do we do?"

Hermione pulled herself up to rest on her elbow, "We feed him." She smiled at him, "We'll have him around for dinner, fill his stomach with food, then we'll ease it into the conversation."

"Dull it down with food?" Fred laughed.

"Exactly, it won't work entirely. It will be fine though, if we do it the right way, and tell him properly he shouldn't get too upset."

"He's going to hate it."

"Maybe, but we have a sweetener."


She smiled, patting her bump. "A nephew. A little boy to spoil, I hear him whining from time to time that he doesn't have one. Now he loves Victoire, but a boy to fawn over, would be delightful."

"You reckon? He kind of blames junior for all of this."

"Maybe so, but you can't be mad at a baby. Ron and I were never going to work out, and he has to realise that he can't begrudge me, or you for finding someone it does work with."

"It won't work like that," he said simply. "But it's worth a try. So when shall we do this?"

Hermione smiled, moving herself over him, "Not for a little while."

"Really? Why is that?"

"I'm going to be a little busy," she kissed him briefly, before trailing kisses down his cheek. "Very busy."

day one hundred and thirty six.



"It's awful," Hermione sighed, shaking her head. "The poor boy will be teased, and taunted. No."

"Fair enough," Fred smiled, opening the book again.

"This shouldn't be so hard," she grumbled, flicking through her book.

"Well it is permanent, not something to take too lightly."

"I know that, but they all seem wrong."

Fred put his arm around her, pulling her next to him. "These things always work out, we will find the perfect name for junior. Besides, if all else fails we can always call him Fred II."

She laughed softly, shoving his side, "I don't think so."

"Why not? It's a rather good name, I have no problems with it."

"Obviously not," Hermione shook her head. "I just don't like the idea of naming children after their father, it's a bit egotistical."

"Well yeah, but we won't."

She put the book down beside her, and moved into his lap, "Let's give it a couple of days and come back to it."

"Alright, but don't worry about this love, we'll find a name."

"It just seems like we are running out of time, and before we know it he'll be with us, without a name."

"He doesn't need one right away, Mum was telling me she didn't have one for nearly two months."

"Well as comforting as that is, I'd rather not wait that long."

"Alright, pass me your book," Fred took it from her hand, and flicked the pages quickly. "We'll stop on a random page, you have your eyes closed, and can tap the page. See what we come up with yeah?"

"But we don't have to use it?"

"Of course not, but we might get some options."

"Options are good," Hermione smiled.

"Okay, close your eyes," he said quietly, flipping through the book. "Now tap it." Hermione reached out, and placed her finger on the page. Peeking her eyes open, she looked at the chosen one. "Well?"

"No. Absolutely not."

day one hundred and fifty.

Fred was trying, very valiantly at that. She was a very persistent witch though, and all his attempts were in vain. Every time he tried to pull away and talk to her, she pulled him back down. Her legs wrapped around his hips, and her hands threaded through his hair. He was trapped, it was a rather delicious trap, but they did need to talk.

They continued to put it off, saying they'd invite Ron around next week, but it was always the next week. Time was running out, especially if they wanted to tell him, and bring him around to the idea before junior came.


"Later," she muttered, holding him close.

Fred pulled her hands away, kneeling on the lounge, "No, we need to talk, you need to stop."

She smiled up at him, "I thought I was supposed to be the talker."

"Well, I've put on the skirt," Fred chuckled, holding her hands firm.

"Showing some leg, I like it," Hermione winked at him, moving her legs, attempting to push him back down.

"Hey!" He exclaimed, letting go of her hands, grabbing her feet.

"Fred, please?" She whispered, her lips forming a pout. "We can talk later, I promise."

"We need to tell Ron, it's been a while now, and we still haven't told him."

"I know," Hermione sighed, breathing deeply. "I'll Floo him in the morning, and we'll tell him as soon as possible."

"Do you mean that though? You said the same thing last week."

"I know, but I will. No more putting it off."

"That's good to hear," Fred smiled, letting her feet fall.

"Now then, come back here," Hermione laughed, pushing him back to her. He fell forward, holding himself over her as they kissed, her hands roaming down his side. "Would be good if you were in a skirt," she smiled against his lips.

"Really? Miss Granger, I am surprised."

"No zippers," she laughed, her fingers fiddling with it. "Imagine how easy it would be."

Fred reached down, and helped her unzip his pants, "You just have to ask."

"You to please stop?"

Their eyes met quickly, before turning to the new voice, his breath calmed down as the looked at George, and his wide grin. "Bloody hell mate, don't you knock?"

"I did, for ten minutes. You two were deaf to it, now I see why," he chuckled, sitting in the other chair. "Do you want to do up your bloody pants?"

Fred glared at him weakly as he re zipped the pants, sitting up next to Hermione. "Hello George," Hermione said quietly, straightening her top as she sat.

"Hermione. So, how long has this been going on? And more importantly, why wasn't I told?"

"What brings you here dear brother?" Fred asked, avoiding the question.

"I have news, first. How long?"

"Since we moved in here, well a little before then," Hermione said quietly, taking his hand as she sat next to him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" George asked, directing the question at his brother.

"I forgot?" Fred laughed lightly. "Just a lot going on, and until we tell someone it was easier if no-one knew."

"Even me? Well least I'm the first I suppose," Fred looked at Hermione quickly, and George's smile dropped. "I am the first to know?"

"Harry neglected to knock as well," Hermione smiled.

"It's a miracle that everyone doesn't know if this is how you two carry on."

"We're telling him soon, and then everyone will know."

"Mum will be pleased," he grinned, looking between the two of them. "So you fancied him too then Hermione?"

A light flush settled over her cheeks, "Maybe a little."

"But a little more now?"

Fred put his arm around her, "So what's this news?"

He grinned at them both, "It's good news. I thought to tell you first."

"Bugger off."

"Well Alicia would be here, but she's telling Katie..."

"Oh, she's..." Hermione gasped, squeezing Fred's hand tightly.

"No, well not yet. But she's agreed to marry me," George grinned.

"Bloody hell," Fred laughed, standing quickly, and meeting him in a bone-crushing hug. "That's bloody brilliant!"

"Absolutely brilliant," George laughed.

Fred wrapped an arm around his shoulders, turning to see Hermione crying softly on the lounge. He looked at George quickly before moving to sit next to her, "Love?"

"I'm fine," she cried, waving her hands.

"Then why are you crying?" George asked, kneeling in front of her.

"Because it's wonderful news," she smiled, hugging him quickly. "A wedding, you two getting married."

George smiled at Fred as Hermione cried onto his shoulder, "I'm glad you approve."

"Oh I definitely approve!" She smiled, kissing his forehead, before wiping her eyes. "It's wonderful, everything is just turning out wonderful."