I had this brilliant idea one day. I wanted to write a sappy, romantic Valentine's Day fic, but I couldn't decide who I wanted to write about. Somehow, that turned into writing about all the couples in the Power Rangers series that I've ever thought of and/or liked. That's why you'll see a few people in here more than once. Being that this is mostly for the couples I like, you won't see a few of the cannon or generally popular couples, unless I manage to get an idea from somewhere. It's also a bad excuse for me to combine sappy romance, bad humor, and angst into one fic. Ironically, I'm not usually a fan of holidays, let alone holiday fics, so expect to see more humor than romance.

I am also open to requests for pairings I haven't posted yet and/or plot requests, so feel free to suggest some.

On that note, enjoy!

These stuffed animals actually do exist. The gorilla is on while my roommate fell in love with the frog sitting on a shelf in a grocery store a couple years ago. And if anyone would like to draw a picture Aisha's snapshot at the end of this, I will love you forever. I may even offer bribes.


Adam regarded his Valentine's Day present with a sort of wry amusement. "You just couldn't resist the giant stuffed frog, could you?"

"This is awesome!" Rocky laughed, ignoring him. He pressed the button again, grinning in delight as the gorilla bearing a red heart with ribbon streamers on stick once again began to belt out 'Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe' in the voice of Barry White. "He's too perfect! You really outdid yourself this year, Adam."

Adam snorted in amusement, still staring at the green frog stretched out on its stomach as it clutched a giant red heart that said 'Be Mine'. The frog itself was big enough for him to hide behind if he'd tried to hug it. "Touché."

It was a strange tradition that they couldn't really remember when it began; sometime in elementary school maybe. It had started with one of them - most likely Rocky - trying to give the other the cheesiest, most badly decorated Valentine's Day card he could find. Naturally, retaliation had followed the next year with something even worse. And thus, the tradition of giving one another the most awful Valentine's Day gifts ever began.

They were fiercely competitive about the whole thing, even if there was no real winner or loser. It didn't matter; that was just how the game was played. While Aisha knew about it, she was more inclined to just shake her head and tell them they were weird. That is she had, until the year Rocky had dragged her into it by convincing her to take pictures of the year's spoils and make a scrapbook out of them. Now she still called them weird, but it was with a certain fondness as she added the newest snapshots to the collection.

It had started out with cards, and then the occasional strange box of chocolates. As the years passed by and Rocky had finally worked up the courage to ask Adam out, it had somehow turned into a competition almost entirely of stuffed animals. Adam had a tendency to give the singing types, while Rocky favored the giant obnoxious eyesores.

Their fellow Rangers couldn't understand the sudden glee that came over Rocky after the December holidays were over, when he began scouting stores for Valentine's Day gifts. Or the way Adam would eye Rocky every once in awhile with an almost malicious gleam in his eyes. Aisha had advised them not to ask; it caused fewer headaches that way.

This year, much to Aisha's both amusement and dismay, both boys had gone for a spirit animal theme; their time as Rangers had begun to influence them in more than just clothing. But then, she mused to herself as she watched Rocky giggle at his monkey and Adam's faint smile at his frog, that really wasn't so horrible.

"Okay, guys. You ready for this year's photo?" she called, holding up the Polaroid camera.

"You bet!" Rocky called cheerfully, bouncing to his feet.

Adam sighed as he stood up. "Do we really have to do this?"

"Of course we do," Rocky scolded. "Come on, Adam! It's tradition!"

"Far be it from me to ruin tradition," he returned dryly.

Tradition, Aisha decided as she waved her photo around to dry it and Adam tried to fight off Rocky, who was trying to playfully suck on his neck, wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

The picture cleared, and the pair finally crowded around either side of her to see it.

Adam hugged the giant frog, pushing it slightly to his right as he peered around it with an amused expression. Rocky had wrapped his arms around him from behind, grinning as he proudly thrust out the gorilla before them with one hand. His chin rested on the one of Adam's shoulders that wasn't hidden by frog.

No. Traditions - even bizarre, strange, and pointless ones - weren't bad at all.