Chapter 1

I wasn't happy with the main chick's name for this story so I changed it. The only people who'll actually notice though are the people who read this before I changed her name though. So, you'll obviously see what her name is now. I originally had a really crappy name for her(Adrienne Nicole Kati). There's a reason I changed it. Lol

I don't own any of the freagin' hot guys in the Covenant, cause you know if I did that I wouldn't be here writing about them, I would be locked up in a room somewhere with them.

This is a flashback that is necessary for the rest of the story, the flashback takes place two months before the movie and the actual story takes place eleven months after. Hope you like.

That Summer

Ashling smiled as she walked in the room. Reid had asked her to come meet him here. She couldn't contain the giddiness that she felt at the thought of the blond. She still couldn't believe that she had told him that she loved him. He had given her a strange look at first then he had asked her how much she loved him. Ashling had told him that she would do anything for him. At that point a small smile formed on his lips. He said that if she really loved him then she would do anything he asked of her. Naturally, Ashling had agreed to do anything that he told her to. That was when he had told her to meet him in the bedroom.

Now here she was, in the room, sitting on the bed; waiting for him. She couldn't imagine what it was that he wanted her to do. Actually, that was a lie. She had some ideas of what it was that he would want to do, though how far she'd go, she didn't know.

The sound of the door opening brought her out of her thoughts and back to the room that she was in.

Ashling looked up and saw Reid walk in then close the door behind him, locking it. "You came," she said a bit breathless not able to look away from the blond male standing in front of her.

His gaze turned to her and he gave her a smile. "Yeah, I came. I wasn't about to miss an opportunity like this," he said going over to her and stood in front of her.

She didn't understand his words then but later it would explain so many things to her. Ashling, being too naïve and innocent to know what was going on, merely gazed up at him admiringly.

"So, are you ready?" he asked a cocky grin on his face.

She cleared her mind in an attempt to understand his question. "Huh?"

"Remember you said that you would do anything for me."

"Oh, yeah," she nodded, "anything you wanted me to."

The grin that had been on his face earlier came back. "Good, cause I have a request."

Half an hour earlier

Reid gazed lazily at the brunette at his left and then the blond at his right. His eyes shifted down to the blond's chest and hoped to get a reaction. Nope, nothing. He hadn't even stirred. It was driving him nuts. He was surrounded by hot girls but didn't seem to be able to get turned on by any of them. He'd fucked with all of them and he knew how each looked naked and how each performed. He had tried to use that to stir something, but hadn't been successful. Nothing seemed to be working. Once again, the finding a person to sleep with wasn't a problem but the getting turned on part was becoming a major issue.

The blond on his right pointed to something on the opposite side of the room and laughed. Reid looked in the direction that she was pointing in and shook his head when he saw what it was she was looking at. To be more precise, whom it was she was pointing at.

Ashling O'Connor. Reid's obsessed admirer. Dear God, what was she doing here? He watched as she walked to the edge of the room and just stood there looking around uncertainly.

"Oh, my gosh, she's such a loser," the brunette said watching her scornfully and mockingly.

"Will you excuse me girls?" Reid said walking away and leaving the room, though he'd walked right in front of Ashling to get out.

He knew she'd noticed him and it was only a matter of time before she would go and follow him like a puppy.

It wasn't long until he heard Ashling come up behind him. "Um…Reid…I have something to tell you…" she said softly her voice uneven with nervousness.

As soon as he heard those words he knew what she was going to say. She loved him and would do anything for him. And as if right on cue, she told him how much she cared about him and wanted to do anything for him to make him happy. Almost immediately, a plan formed in his mind. He could use her as his relief from his little dryspell. After telling her to go meet him in the room Reid started coming up with ideas of what he would make her do. Oh, yes, the dryspell would be over soon.

Normal time

Reid watched Ashling as she looked at him with a startled look. "You want me to what?"

He smirked, "get on your knees."

She looked at him uncertainly. "I…"

A plan to get her came to mind. He made his expression one of hurt. "So, you don't love me?"

"What? No, of course I do! It's just that—," she started then was cut off.

"Then you'll do it. If you love me you'll do it," he said watching her, knowing that he had her. He watched as she looked at him with a helpless expression and nodded. "Okay, I'll do it," she said softly.

Reid smiled. "Good, get on your knees then."

Slowly and hesitantly she did as he ordered. Her eyes kept shifting from the floor to his face, a look of uncertainty still in them.

He stood in front of her and unzipped his pants, his slowly erecting member coming out.

He saw Ashling's eyes widen a bit. Obviously she'd never seen a guys dick before. "What do I do?" she asked her voice wavering a bit.

He smirked. "Just open your mouth," he said unbuttoning his pants so his now fully erected dick had more room.

Ashling slowly opened her mouth and waited patiently.

"Take me into your mouth," he said watching her scoot closer and then slowly take his waiting erection into her mouth.

Sudden, heat whirled through him at her touch, causing a soft groan to escape her lips.

She didn't move or do anything, she merely stayed on her knees with him hot in her mouth.

"Suck on me, nibble on me, lick me, something!" Reid growled wanting to enjoy the evil plan that he had concocted. She gave a curt nod. He expected her to pull off of him like all newbies did, but he was caught off guard when she started to kiss trails up and down his shaft. Her kisses were gentle and soft almost reverent, though they still sent shivers of pleasure through Reid.

He couldn't contain the moan that escaped his lips when he felt her tongue on him. For being an innocent, Ashling sure did know how to drive a guy crazy using only her tongue and lips, Reid couldn't help but think when she took only his tip between her lips and started toying with his head using her tongue.

His legs weakened and his hands flew to her hair, gripping them to stay upright. God, what was going on? For once, Reid didn't feel in control and it frightened him a bit. He'd always been in control; girls were never in control. No, he was in charge not Ashling. He willed himself to stand up straight then grabbed Ashling's head and forced himself to sound normal, "open your mouth and take all of me in. Suck on me, hard," he cursed mentally at the hoarse way his voice sounded and prepared himself for what he knew was coming.

Shudder after shudder shook his body when Ashling did as she was told and sucked him hard. Shit! He bit his lip to contain the moan that was struggling to escape. His hands fisted in her hair and pulled her closer, his body wanting/needing more. He felt Ashling's hands slowly grip his beltloops on his jeans and hesitantly pull him closer, her mouth all the while reeking havoc on his very hard, very heated cock.

"Goddamn, Ash—," he started to moan but cut himself off halfway through her name.

She sucked on him again, her tongue stroking the back of his dick as he went in and out of her mouth. He was amazed by his ability to keep himself standing as he thrust in and out of her mouth, due to the fact that his body was shuddering so much from his pleasure and his legs kept feeling as if they wanted to give out. "Red..." she moaned his name around his dick and he felt himself jerk in her mouth.

The sound of her moaning his name and the feel of the vibrations from said moan was too much. Her voice had been so innocent, so filled with such admiration and care that it had surprised him. It had triggered something inside him that he was unfamiliar with and he found himself letting go, spilling himself in her mouth. A noise of surprise escaped her but she quickly swallowed before a mess could be made.

Reid, his hands still fisted in her hair, shuddered when he felt Ashling finish licking him up and start kissing his shaft again.

A sudden knock on the door cause Ashling to jump in surprise. Reid cursed softly then pushed Ashling away from him and zipped and buttoned his pants.

"Who is it and what do you want?" the blond said walking over to the door.

"Open up Reid it's me, Tyler, come on let's go I'm tired of this party!"

"I'll be out in a second," he said looking back at the confused looking Ashling. "Stay here for about five more minutes and then leave. We can't leave at the same time or people will get the wrong idea. Seeya," he said quickly then opened the door and left.

Once outside the room, Reid turned to Tyler and grinned. Ty merely rolled his eyes, "what poor girl have you tricked into being your little toy this time?"

Reid shook his head and walked past him. "You'll never know. Come on let's go home, I should be good for a few days."

Tyler sighed and walked after him. "I swear, one day, one of these girls is gonna end up hating you for making them a one night stand and then she's gonna come and make you sorry. And when that day happens I'ma laugh my ass off."

"Whatever, that's not gonna happen. No girl will ever get pissed off at me enough to want to get revenge."

"You never know Reid, girls are really sensitive and don't take well to just being a fuck bunny... Wanna know what would be really good? If you wound up falling in love with one of your fuck bunnies," Tyler laughed.

Reid made a face as if just the thought was disgusting. "That'll never happen, Reid Garwin is untouchable. Love is for people who don't get enough sex."

Tyler merely smiled and followed his friend, knowing what he said would come back and bite him in the ass someday.

Hope y'all liked the first chapter. :) It was interesting to write. Lol. Especially since I'm somewhat writing what a guy feels durin' a bj. I probably should've actually asked guys on like how that feels or whatever or at least if what I was writing was accurate. If any guys read this, message me or review me, I really don't care. Let me know if I did a good job or not on the writing for that part. Really, please, I'm curious if I did this right. Lol. I can always revise it. :) Anyways, reviews plx. :) They do help motivate.