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Can I Have A Kiss

"Ashling!" Tyler called, walking down the street and feeling horrible as he thought of what he had done. Poor Ashling. She must've been hurt when she saw that it was 7:30 and he still hadn't shown up. He felt so guilty. He didn't like hurting people. Especially girls. How could he have forgotten that he had had a date? Hadn't he asked someone to wake him on time? Yes, he remembered. He'd asked Reid to wake him up when six came around so that he could make it to the date on time. Why hadn't he awoken him on time? It didn't matter then at that moment. What mattered was finding Ashling and apologizing to her.

"Ashling!" he called again when he came upon a park that was somewhat lit by a street lamp. He spotted a head of red air amongst the swingset and knew immediately it was Ashling. She was wearing a green sundress, sitting in a swing with her feet in the sand, her shoulders slouched, and her back facing him. The girl turned and looked up at him, the moonlight making the tears on her face twinkle. Her expression was one of hurt and confusion, before it changed to one of anger.

Ashling got up from the swing, letting the anger she felt to consume her and put her shoes on as Tyler made his way towards her. She had to get away from him. She wanted desperately to leave before Ty got to her, not wanting to see him or be anywhere near him. He'd hurt and humiliated her enough for one night. She didn't need more. If he went away then it would all go away, then she could pretend that the stupid date had never happened. "Go away, Tyler," she snapped, beginning to walk away before scolding herself mentally for her voice catching. Why couldn't she have been strong and held back her tears? Why did she have to be so weak that at the mere feel of pain she started to break down. She hated it. She hated him. She hated Reid Garwin.

"Please, Ash," Tyler said in a pleading voice, grabbing her arm gently and making her face him.

She whirled on him. "Please what? Please Ashling come on another date with me so that I can humiliate you again? Thanks but no thanks," she spat, trying to wrench her arm out of his grasp.

"Ashling, no, please. I didn't mean to be late. I just slept in," Tyler pleaded, pulling her arm softly so she was facing him again. "I'm sorry, Ashling. I'm really sorry," he apologized, his soft blue green eyes saddened at the pain that he had caused her that was evident on her face.

"Sorry doesn't fix it..." Ashling said softly, her anger dulling in its ferocity. She'd always been a softy when it came to apologies and guys looking sad. She always had. She'd always hated herself for it. "Sorry, doesn't fix the humiliation I felt sitting at that table for half an hour. Or the weird stares I kept getting because I was sitting by myself at a freaggin' restaurant that's meant for freakin' couples. Or the whispering people started doing about me. No sorry won't fix that," Ashling said, her voice thick with tears. It hurt. It hurt to have to sit there listening to everyone's whisperings and to see everyone's stares as she continued to sit by herself. It reminded her all too much of those first few days back at Spencer. Everyone had been judging her. And tonight had felt like those days again.

"Ashling, I'm really really sorry..." Tyler said softly, feeling like a complete ass when he saw tears slowly start to fall from her green eyes. It was one of the worst possible things that he could see and it was his fault This was all his fault. He'd hurt her. He'd made her cry. This was all his fault. "Please, Ashling, I'm sorry..." he said before taking her into his arms and holding her close. He felt her body go rigid but she didn't resist his embrace, and that at least meant she didn't completely hate him. "I'm sorry..."

Ashling didn't want him to hold her. If he held her then that meant she was giving him a second chance. And if she gave him a second chance then that meant she was giving him the power to hurt her. She shouldn't give him a second chance, she told herself but found that she couldn't find the will to pull away. She just wanted to enjoy the feel of his arms around her as if he truly cared about her and wanted to be with her. She just wanted to believe his apology was sincere and that he was truly sorry. But he was Reid Garwin's bestfriend. How could she trust him? Just do it, a part of herself suddenly said. Like him and trust him. Could it really be that easy? For some reason, she felt that with Tyler things could really be that easy.

Tyler couldn't contain the butterflies that suddenly fluttered in his stomach, when Ashling wrapped her arms around his waist and allowed him to hold her. He felt her close her eyes and hide her face in the crook of his neck, her warm breath fanning along his pulse, causing goosebumps to rise on his skin. He felt her soft lips brush against his skin before she looked up at him with doe-like eyes, that spoke of the uncertainty and embarrassment that she felt as she asked in a small shy voice, "can I have a kiss?"

The brunette male was taken aback by the question she'd asked, not believing she'd asked that. He found though that he wasn't against saying yes. In fact, Tyler found that he was actually more than willing to say yes. He wanted to say yes. Before he realized what he was doing, Tyler nodded and leaned his head down towards Ashling's, his eyes watching her lips as they got closer to his own. Her lips were soft and gentle against his, his entire body attuned to what their lips were doing together. Tyler wasn't surprised to find that he had really really wanted to kiss her. He realized that since that night when he had danced with Ash and she had helped him he had wanted to kiss her. He didn't know how he hadn't known this before. But he really really liked Ashling O'Connor.

Ashling couldn't believe she'd actually asked to kiss Tyler! At first it was just a passing thought that she thought would pass soon but then suddenly she was actually voicing her thought and now she was kissing Tyler Sims. Tyler Sims, Reid Garwin's bestfriend. At that thought, her common sense told her to get away from Tyler, that it was all a trick. Him and Reid were only messing with her. She kept telling herself this but she couldn't make herself pull away from his wonderful lips, his wonderful lips that were nearly completely halting all thoughts. How could he be tricking her in such a cruel manner when his arms were wrapped around her as if he would protect her no matter what and his lips were moving over hers in a way that spoke of his guilt and remorse at hurting her? If he was pulling a prank on her then she wanted to keep getting pranked as long as she could keep getting held and kissed the way that she was at that moment with Tyler.

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