Before He Cheats-Chapter 1

Pairings: Harry x Draco, Ron x Hermione

Summary: Songfic: Draco and Hermione sit in her apartment watching TV when he gets the sudden feeling that Ron and Harry are cheating on the both of them. When they find out that it is true, Hermione suggest that they break special possessions of theirs. Lyrics belong to Carrie Underwood. This takes place after Hogwarts when their around 22. Will they give the two a chance to explain? Or will there be no chance to mend broken hearts?

"What do you think they're doing right now Hermione?" the blonde inquired from his seat on her large leather couch, flipping through the channels.

Hermione returned from her kitchen with a large bowl of popcorn and plopping down beside him. "You worry too much do you know that?"

"I do not! It's a genuine question from a concerned boyfriend. You should be too Hermione." He commented, grabbing a handful of popcorn, popping some into his mouth. His grey eyes conveyed his sincerity as brown ones rolled.

"Well then just call Harry and find out where he is."

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes as he took out the cell phone he had in his pocket. Harry had given it to him after they had a fight about lack of communication and was taught how to use it, mainly by the brunette sitting in front of him. "I already tried that. He's not answering…"

"That's odd. He said that he would always answer it for you or me. Maybe I should call Ron." She reasoned out, pulling out her own cell phone. While punching in the numbers, a music video appeared on the screen that caught both of their attentions.

A blonde appeared to be destroying a car while singing about her boyfriend cheating on her and how he should have thought about that before he cheated. Hermione reached Ron's voice messaging, then promptly hung up. Her eyes glued back to the screen along with the blonde's beside her as the singer continued singing her hidden contempt about being cheated on

/ Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp,
and she's probably getting frisky...
right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey...

Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo...

And he don't know.../

Hermione placed the bowl of popcorn on the table as she stood by the window, trying to call Ron once more. Draco looked after her, hoping that she was able to get through to their boyfriends.

/That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats...
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats./

She shook her head dejectedly, turning back to see Carrie Underwood walking down the street towards her boyfriend who seemed too wrapped up with the blonde in his arms to see her approach.

/Right now, she's probably up singing some
white-trash version of Shania karaoke...
Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk"
and he's a thinking that he's gonna get lucky,
Right now, he's probably dabbing on 3 dollars worth of that bathroom polo...
And he don't know.../

Brown eyes narrowed in anger as she threw her phone across the room. It landed in a broken heap by the door. The blonde male stood beside her. "What is it?"

"I keep getting a busy signal or his voice message. The last time I tried calling it, it's turned off completely! I then tried Harry's phone, and it's off too. This is unbelievable." She stormed to the door, grabbing a coat of the hook.

"Don't jump to conclusions Hermione. Maybe their phones died." He tried reasoning, though his own eyes shined with anger as he followed her.

The brunette raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were the one acting all concerned before, not me. But…just incase…grab your keys and Ron's Beater's bat."

/That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats,
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats./

Draco stared in surprise, then went off into Hermione's room to find said bat lying in a trunk at the foot of her and Ron's bed. When he came back, he watched as the brunette put up her hair in a ponytail, which he had noticed in the past few years of befriending her that it was an action she only did when completely pissed off.

/I might saved a little trouble for the next girl,
Cause the next time that he cheats...

Oh, you know it won't be on me!

Ohh... not on me...
Cause I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats...
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats./

Her brown orbs eyed the bat menacingly as she snatched it from the blonde's hand. "If he is cheating on me…he won't know what hit him."

/Ohh... Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats...

Ohh... before he cheats.../

Turning off the TV with a flick of her wand, she looked at Draco expectedly. "Drake…"

He looked up to her small inquiry, her eyes shone with sadness and barely concealed tears. In their hearts, they hoped that they were thinking wrong, but the expression passed between them that if the two Gryffindors had indeed cheated on them or are in the process, they would pay for breaking their hearts. Tears would come later, but now the two had business to take care of.

Grey orbs hardened to silver as he grabbed his keys off the counter and walked towards her. "Do you mind if we stop by my apartment really quickly?"

"For what?"

"For that baseball bat Sirius had given to Harry a couple years ago when he started liking that baseball team…" he smirked, waving his keys around. She smiled evilly, before nodding. "Fine with me."

Hermione had placed a tracker charm on Ron as a precaution before he left, but she would not admit that to Draco as he drove in the direction she directed him. His eyes concentrated on the road as the radio blasted. The same song that the two had been watching, were hearing it now, it taunted them.

Suddenly she saw a familiar glimpse of a red BMW that she knew could only belong to Harry as it had a gold stripe running along each side and a fixed up Ford Anglia with white leather seats that Ron's father had given them as an engagement present. She played with the finger on her left hand hesitantly, biting her lip at the same time. "I hope we're wrong Drake…I really do."

"Me too Hermione. Me too. Look their cars!" He pointed to the two cars she had already noticed as he parked in an available spot. They ran out to see that the vehicles had indeed been there for a while. Looking at the bright neon sign reading, " Night Polo", the two shared a look, before sneaking inside.

The loud music made Draco wince as he scanned the crowd, not able to see past the bright lights. From what he could make out, it was a Wizarding night club that was for the people who had nothing better to do than to get dead drunk. Hermione narrowed her eyes, ignoring the brightness.

In the sea of the people, she recognized the red hair that she had been searching for and not far off was the famous raven-haired young man. Grabbing her companion's arm roughly, she pushed through the crowd, pulling Draco behind her. Hermione stopped behind a pillar and grabbed the blonde's attention.

His eyes narrowed as he snarled in anger at both Harry and the sandy-haired man he held in his arms. "I can't believe him… how could he do this to me?"

"Ron's not any better." She grounded out, as she seethed watching her fiancée place small hickeys down another brunette's neck. Her giggles made Hermione want to shove the Beater bat she had hidden in her coat, down the tramp's throat, instead; however, the brunette simply flicked her head away from the display. Draco felt himself swallow down a lump of hurt and disappointment that had lodged into his throat.

His eyes were slit dangerously as his boyfriend's hand trailed down the drunk male's back and land on the laughing man's ass. Draco watched as the sandy-haired man planted a very sloppy kiss on Harry's lips, while running his hands down the famous raven-haired young man's chest suggestively.

Turning away with a burning in his eyes, Draco turned back to see that Hermione was already walking out the door. He was startled but trailed after her. Once outside, he saw the gleaming look in her eyes as she eyed the two cars before her. Shaking off the guilt he felt thinking about breaking his boyfriend's car…well…ex-boyfriend's car, the blonde Slytherin smirked at his brunette best friend.

"Ladies first." He motioned with his hand as she smiled gratefully to him.

"Wait! Play the song from your car…it's inspiration after all."

"Too true Miss Granger." Draco waved a wand over his own car, effectively opening the window so that the song blasted from his radio. Smirking, the grey eyes turned back to look at the brown-haired young woman only to duck as she slammed the Beater bat into the windows of the Ford Anglia, effectively shattering the glass.

Hermione breathed in deeply, she lifted the object, pulled it back, before she pushed it forward breaking the back seat glass. Draco raised his eyes at her before turning his attention to Harry's BMW. Grabbing the Louisville Baseball bat, he pulled it over his head, and brought it down hard on the roof, causing the roof to dent badly under the force.

Waving her wand, the intellectual brown-eyed girl disabled the alarm from both cars though they doubted anyone could hear them because of the loud music. Hermione grabbed the spare keys to the car she had in her pocket, pulled open the driver door, before scraping the white leather seat with the dull edge of the key. Carving her name, she stood back to examine her handy work, smirking.

She waved her wand, muttering a spell over the seat to suddenly see it splattered maroon, Ron's most disliked color. Draco grabbed his own keys, dragging it along side the blue BMW, make a strange design with it along the side of the whole car. Pulling out a pocket knife that Hermione had given him during a camping trip, the blonde stabbed all four tires, smiling as they deflated before his eyes.

The brunette growled as she said an enchantment that made the Ford Anglia's small tires disappear entirely, leaving it looking as though someone had robbed them in desperation. Silver eyes narrowed as he grabbed the bat once more, and slamming it against the front of the car, enjoying the sound of the engine giving out.

He turned back to his companion who smiled in satisfaction as she engraved Harry's leather seat with Draco's name. Dropping the Beater bat into the back seat of the broken Ford Anglia, she dusted off her hands, smirking as the blonde male did the same with Harry's prized bat into the trashed BMW.

Lifting her hand, Hermione grasped his and together they walked back inside to the pub. They pushed forward, making their presence known to everyone there. The two were infamous for helping the war as well as who they were with. Hermione walked up to her fiancée, tapping his shoulder.

Looking up slightly irritated, Ron stared drunkenly up at Hermione, his vision blurry as he stared at her. " What do you want? Can't you see I'm enjoying some time with my fiancée?"

"Oh since when did this tramp have my name Ronald?" She growled out, pulling the girl in his lap back only to discover in horror that it was Lavender Brown. "Lavender?"

"Yes Hermione…you could never give him what he really wanted."

"Wait…Hermione?! Lavender?!" Ron exclaimed, genuinely confused, standing up quickly from the seat, effectively dropping Lavender to the floor. The woman looked indignant, but stayed silent at the warning look the brunette threw at her.

The redhead seemed to have sobered up quickly as he stared at his infuriated fiancée and the blonde Slytherin who was looking particularly murderous. "Hermione…love. I-"

"Don't you dare call me love. I despise you Ronald Weasley. Both you and Harry disgust me…here." She slipped off her engagement ring and threw it in Lavender's martini furiously. "You can have him Lavender."

"Wait Hermione you don't understand-"

"And I don't want to Ron." Hermione replied firmly as she waited for Draco to make his appearance known to Harry. The blonde pulled the sandy-haired man quickly from Harry's grasp, causing both of them to shake out of their mild stupor and look at Draco in surprise. It took no time at all for the blonde to figure out that it was Seamus Finnigan in Harry's arms. The Irishman seemed to have a sad, and sorry expression on his face which was ignored.

Harry's emerald eyes seemed dull and dilated as he blinked rapidly at his upset boyfriend. Shaking his head, he looked down into sad, pissed off silver eyes, "Draco…I…it wasn't what it looked like."

"Oh really? So first you cheat on me, then you tell me I'm blind, fantastic Harry. Well it doesn't matter anyway, Finnigan can have you all to himself, because we're through." He threw the promise ring Harry had given him on New Year's promising to be together, but that promise was broken as was his heart, into Seamus' surprised hands. "Come on Hermione, you can stay with me…"

"But Draco it's my apartment too. Please let me explain. " Harry tried to fight back slightly, looking at the blonde broken-heartedly, trying to push Seamus away and reaching towards the other blonde.

Grey eyes narrowed in a glare was his reply, " Not anymore it isn't." And the two pissed off lovers stormed out leaving chaos in their tracks as Ron and Harry stared after their two loved ones and wondering what the hell they just did? Looking back at Lavender and Seamus with pissed off faces, the woman and sandy-haired man huddled closer together, knowing that they had to face the wrath of one Harry Potter and one Ronald Weasley.

Draco had stopped at Hermione's apartment to pick up some of her clothes, while waiting he spotted a photo on the mantle that held the four of them looking content and happy. He smiled sadly as small bitter tears trailed down his face. When the brunette returned with a suitcase, she found him in this upset state, staring at an old school picture that the four of them had taking after the war and when Harry and Ron had gathered up the courage to ask them out.

Placing a hand on his shoulder caused him to look down into reddish brown eyes. He realized that she too had been crying, but did not want him to see for fear of his judgment.

Hermione's face began to contort into one of sadness, before she shook her head and sighed dejectedly. "Well…come on then. I don't want to stay in a place that gives me bad memories."

"Then we can't go to my apartment either…it only reminds me of him." Draco replied leaning against the wall, feeling extremely exhausted. She nodded, then began thinking, before she put a hand in front of him. His eyes widened in confusion, "What?"

"Give me your phone. I need to call someone."

Relenting his cell phone to her, the Slytherin took a seat on the couch they had both occupied a few hours earlier, placing his head into his hands. When he heard the sound of the phone clicking, silver eyes stared up into brown ones. She held a weak smile as she returned his possession, "Mrs. Weasley says that she'd be more than happy to put us up for the night."

"That woman despises me Hermione. I'd just rather go back home then…"

Hermione narrowed her eyes, grabbed his hand, and dragged him to the door. "It's time you and Mrs. Weasley get over the past. You apologized and besides she seemed genuinely concerned about you and me on the phone."

"It could have been bad misunderstanding…" he mumbled, but became silent at her mild glare. Sighing, the blonde nodded as he grabbed his keys to his car. She stopped him, only pulling him close into an embrace. "Wha-? Hermione what are you doing?"

"Let's Apparate, that way they can't follow us."

"Alright." Putting the keys back on the table top, Draco wrapped his own arms around the only woman who he ever considered a best friend. In seventh year, after the war, his 'Slytherin friends' had all abandoned him or gone to prison. The only person he could really depend on was the intellectual brunette and it was at times like this that he felt guilty for ever causing her grief.

She would always smile and wave it away saying that they had miscommunication and that it was behind her. Her fiancée, at the time, disagreed; but it did not deter her, which caused him to become more acquainted with the brown-haired muggleborn witch.

Looking down, the Slytherin was truly glad to have become friends with the young woman in his arms. Spinning on his heel, the two vanished, leaving no traces of them ever returning to the apartment except Draco's car keys.