Chapter 4- A pissed off Malfoy, is not a pretty one

…a very pissed off Narcissa Malfoy. She appeared to be grasping something tightly behind her and narrowing her eyes at a very confused Arthur Weasley.

"Um…Narcissa? What on earth are you doing here?" he questioned, though he had the faintest idea as to why her presence was on his doorstep.

She rolled her eyes, and then pulled forward a very shameful looking Harry and Ron, who were looking down at their hands instead of facing her piercing stare or Arthur's contemplative one. "These two idiots show up at my doorstep at 3 in the morning asking if I had seen Draco or Granger. Well of course I hadn't but it did not quench my suspicion as to what happened to my son," she shook Harry's arm roughly, before pushing him forward to

Despite her stature, which came roughly to about 5ft 7, Mrs. Malfoy still had the menacing presence of her late-husband. Her blue eyes narrowed as she released Ron from her grip as well to cross her arms.

"Now I did not really inquire as to what happened exactly as I wanted to hear it from my son's mouth. So your daughter suggested that we come here as a last hope to find them."

Arthur looked up to see Ginny holding someone at wand point; while her husband, Neville, was holding another less resistant person in his own hands, behind Narcissa and the boys. He shook his head as he stepped outside, closing the door behind him since he recalled the promise he had made to Molly about not letting either of the boys to enter.

Narcissa raised an eyebrow at this action as she had been expecting him to let them in. He noticed her expression of distaste and held up his hands in an action of surrender.

"Narcissa I promised Molly I wouldn't let them into the house, so I decided we should talk out here."

"Why would Mum do that?" Ron asked, rubbing his hands together, feeling the cool wind brush against him.

"Because you made her upset Ron. Both of you did. And you know how she can over-react sometimes." He shrugged.

"So while you are completely comfortable in your long coat, the rest of us, particularly me, freeze to death. Wonderful…my son fell for an idiot." She muttered, wrapping her thin robe around her tightly. She had forgotten her wand at home feeling nothing but displeasure at the thought of her baby being alone and upset, that all rational went with it.

Despite the insult he knew was aimed at him indirectly through Harry, Mr. Weasley waved his wand over her, casting a Heating Charm on her robe, causing her to look at him sharply.

Arthur simply smiled nervously, scratching the back of his head, "You did look cold, and I'm guessing you didn't bring your wand seeing as you only wanted to insure Draco was alright."

"Yes. How would you know that?"

"Because we are parents Narcissa, we only want to make sure our children are safe and happy before ourselves." He shrugged once more, pocketing his wand once more. "It's what I would've done if something happened to my own kids."

"Well then thank you."

The redhead nodded, before looking sternly at Harry and Ron, who had appeared to be staring longingly at the closed door which separated them and their lovers. His expression softened as he resolved himself to listen to their side before judging. Clearing his throat, he watched as the boys seemed startled out of their thoughts and looked back dejectedly.

"Perhaps we should all have a seat on the benches then and have a long chat."

"Dad…where is Mum right now?" Ginny asked, still holding the silhouette tight in her grasp as the other attempted to kick at her.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair and looked at her seriously. "She was comforting Mr. Malfoy when I left along with Fred I believe. George stayed with Hermione in his room." He felt no reason to lie to his daughter as she had done nothing wrong, and he had not promised his wife to keep information from the boys, just to not let them in the house. Loopholes were always nice in these circumstances.

Narcissa's face hardened once more as she turned to stare at Harry, who continued to stare into space. "What did you do to him that he needed comforting? What did you do that made him leave you? Even though I already know you don't deserve him…"

"I know I don't deserve him. You don't need to keep telling me this Mrs. Malfoy." Harry replied, gritting his teeth slightly as he realized she was going to patronize him again. Throughout the whole four years he had been with Draco, the woman never approved of him being with her son.

She took every opportunity to mock him, show her clear distaste in her son's decision, and made it very difficult to impress her. And despite all that, he tried. He tried very hard because he knew that it tore Draco apart to see the two people he loved fight constantly.

She sniffed, turning her head to look down at him, even though he was taller by a good few inches. "I told my son to stay away from you. I knew from the very beginning that you were nothing but a glory seeker, wanting to only show the world that you bedded a Malfoy, and then throw him away like a used tissue paper or worse! You probably cheated on him didn't you?"

His shoulders stiffened, his eyes wide, and his mouth opened and closed, but no words came out. Harry could not believe that she would automatically assume those things, even though the second option sounded close to what everyone else assumed had happened.

Her eyes narrowed angrily and in disbelief taking in his silence for a yes to the last question, as she walked straight to him and slapped him right in the face, restraining herself from hitting him again. "You disgust me Mr. Potter. Everyone thinks your so perfect, but you are anything but! I don't understand what my son saw in you. He must have been blinded when he picked you and-"

"That is enough! All you've ever done was pick at me; dissecting me from the outside as if I was nothing more than a dead frog that you have to put up with for an experiment." Harry exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air from agitation. His emerald eyes burned with fury at both himself and at the woman in front of him. "You've constantly tried to destroy my relationship with Draco just because I never met up to your standards, but does anyone meet up to your standards Mrs. Malfoy?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You just don't want Draco to be with anyone, and when he finally makes a decision to be with me, you disapprove of it. For someone who cares about her son, you don't seem to really care about what you're doing to him."

She flashed a nasty glare at him, sneering, "How dare you say these things to me!"

"It's true! Can't you see that our fights are tearing him apart?! Just the other day we had an argument because I had refused to go with him to pay you a visit at the manor. I refused to put up with your nasty criticisms or disapproving looks and he did not want to believe anything malicious of his precious mother. He was standing up for you, even though he knew I was right."

Narcissa opened her mouth to retort, but found that she had nothing to say as she realized what he said was the truth. She remained silent, allowing the young man to get the things off his chest.

"Our relationship was strained enough recently and that argument caused us to see to what extent we were going to take it. And then Ron suggests we have a stupid 'guys night out' just the two of us, only to discover that Lavender and Seamus had some maniacal plot against us, or rather she did, and then somehow we ended up making out in a night club, though the details of how they did it are still sketchy. Draco and Hermione show up, assume the worst, and threw their rings at Ron and me, and mutilated our cars. Then we are running around like lunatics looking for them to set things straight only to have the woman who despises me drag me to the Weasley house and having the man I considered a father practically close the door at me, no one wanting to hear our side." Harry ranted, running a hand through his messy black hair.

Ginny gained a sympathetic look on her face at the stress she figured he must have to put up with having Draco as a boyfriend as well as dealing with his over-protective mother.

Harry stared at Mrs. Malfoy who seemed to have an unreadable expression on her face. He sighed sadly, looking at her with a sincere expression on his face, "I love Draco, Mrs. Malfoy. Very much so that it hurts that he would think I was capable of doing things like that to him. It was a misunderstanding, but he took it out of proportions because he had been having his doubts about us in the past few weeks and I won't lie that it was because of you."

"Are you blaming me for this now?" She questioned with a tone of slight offense.

"No. We are both to blame. Fighting and calling each other names is not exactly the way adults should behave with one another. But I will not say that I am sorry for being with him. These past four years have made me feel more alive than when I was in Hogwarts, and that says a lot." He replied factually. His emerald eyes shined in the moonlight behind his glasses, and hair flowed gently, which caused Narcissa to really look at him and see how depressed he seemed to be.

She knew that he was a good person, and was the most loyal being she could imagine alive since he had no one to depend on in his younger years from what Draco told her. His eyes had hardened from seeing so much death and having so much expectations place on him in such little time, that now she felt slightly regretful that she only added more pressure onto him.

Harry chuckled bitterly, taking off his lenses to clean them with his shirt, "You don't even know me, and yet you judge me as if it was the only thing keeping you alive. I've tried to please you, impress you, and not because I genuinely want to know you, but because I love Draco enough to attempt at being civil with you. But somehow it seems it always comes back to bite me on the arse." He replaced them back on his face, giving his tired worn face, a more young look.

"Mr. Potter…" She started, reaching at for him, then retracting her hand as he turned to look at her sharply. The blonde sighed, pulling her robe closer to her as she felt a chill run down her spine at all the gazing eyes as she realized they were still surrounded by the Weasleys and Mr. Longbottom.

Clearing her throat, her blue eyes stared into green ones determinedly, "I will not sugar-coat this. I do not like you, I never did. But now I realize…that you do genuinely care about my son."

He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, " Took you long enough." Ron smacked his friend in the back of the head, realizing that Harry was going to start something again. Glaring at his best friend, he then turned his full attention to the blonde, who narrowed her eyes but continued.

"I will not apologize for putting pressure on you, but I will apologize for putting too much that apparently it upset Draco as well. I only want what is best for my son and at the time I believed you were nothing but an annoyance, a phase."

Harry clenched his fists and closing his eyes to take a deep breath. Suddenly a hand once on his face, smoothing the bruise he had from when Ginny slapped him earlier as well as the recent one from Mrs. Malfoy. Opening one of his eyes, they widened in surprise as she seemed to be soothing it with her touch. He remained still, hardly believing that this was happening.

"I know you would not hurt him intentionally because you have such a strong heart. But you have to see from my point of view. I will jump to conclusions, but it does not mean that I will not see when I am wrong. Prove to me that what you say is correct, and I will help you convince Draco to listen too."

"Why are you doing this? Not two minutes ago you hated my existence."

"I never hated you Mr. Potter. I was just resentful that I was losing my baby to another. First I had lost him to Lucius, and now you…my heart could not take it. But I am willing to start over if only to make him happy." She replied, stepping back, fixing her hair that had blown about in the air.

He simply stared at her incredulously, standing stiffly beside Ron, who also stared at the Malfoy woman in confusion. She shook her head, then stuck out her hand as if to make peace.

Harry took the small hand into his own, shaking it, then kissing the back of it delicately to show that he too, was grateful for the hostility to stop.

"I am willing to try too."

Narcissa smiled serenely, causing Harry to realize how alike his lover and she were alike. They both had the most breath-taking of smiles, which made him blush a bit from the comparison.

Ron turned to his dad, who had remained silent with the rest of them and asked the question that was haunting his mind, "How is she?...or should I say how are they?"

Arthur's shoulders sagged a bit as he recalled Hermione being practically carried to his couch, her eyes red and puffy from tears, and her expression one of complete brokenness.

"She's…depressed Ron, I'm not going to lie to you about this. Fred and George must have found her in the bathroom after she practically threw up whatever she had left in her." Ron muttered to himself, "The twins must be pissed too."

"That they are, especially Fred. Draco was in the kitchen the whole time, crying but mostly is closed off except to Molly who was tending to him when I left. Hermione had told me what they saw." He replied to his son, who winced at the thought of his fiancée vomiting because of him. "She didn't want to believe it even after what had happened, but it was in plain sight."

"It wasn't our fault Dad! Lavender and Seamus drugged us!" the redhead exclaimed, pulling Lavender from Ginny's slackened grip to shove her towards his father, who did not catch her, resulting in the brunette kneeling before him awkwardly. "She's had it in for me since I broke up with her."

Lavender looked up at the man, before turning away with her head held up high, "I regret nothing."

Narcissa walked up to her, pulling her head back to stare into cold, harsh blue eyes that even made Harry shiver in fear and a voice that would induce fright in even Voldemort if he were still living. "You will regret something when my wand is shoved down your throat. So you will do your best to keep your input to yourself unless it is absolutely necessary, do we have an understanding?"

Lavender's eyes widened fearfully, then attempted to nod only to flinch as the blonde still had her hand fisted tightly in her hair. "Y-yes …"

"Yes what?" The blonde inquired, tugging at the brown lock, taking slight satisfaction as a few tears strained down the young lady's face before her.

"Y-yes ma'am…"

"Much better." She released the brunette, who fell face forward to sniffle into her hands, wiping the tears that had been induced from the hair pulling.

Mrs. Malfoy wiped her hands on her robe, her face curled in disgust, before she turned to see Ginny staring at her in awe, while the others simply stood a bit terrified.

The red-haired young woman shook her head, before smiling brightly, "I admire you so much now Mrs. Malfoy. I couldn't get her to shut up even when I threatened to make her permanently bald."

"You just need to know how to talk to people Miss Weasley."

"Please call me Ginny, and you must show me that sometime, I'd love to learn it." Her face gaining a mischievous glint to it, causing her husband to shake his head, while relenting his grip on Seamus.

Arthur shook himself out of his trance to approach his son and Harry, then grip their shoulders. They turned to him to see how he was going to judge them too.

As if reading their thoughts, he sighed, "I am not going to judge you until you tell me your side, after all you don't have too many on your side."

"Ginny and Nev's on our side-" Ron started, only to get his arm smacked by his younger sister. "What the hell Ginny?"

"I am not on your side, don't put words into my mouth Ronald. I am on no one's side, I just want things to be straightened out so that I can go home with my husband and a peace of mind."

" I agree whole-heartedly with my wife." Neville replied, standing beside her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

Ron muttered, "You'll agree to anything she says under penalty of death…ow!"

He looked up to see if Ginny had place a pinching charm on him only to see Neville pointing his wand at him, after he rubbed his side where it had been pinched. "Don't talk about my wife in such a manner, despite you being her brother."

The redhead simply stared incredulously as his sister snuggled into Neville's side in affection. "Thank you darling. I appreciate it." She looked at Ron, then stuck out her tongue in a playful manner. He was about to reciprocate had he not noticed Harry and his father's looks of reproachful disbelief that he was acting like a child. He sighed then looked his eyes with her twinkling brown eyes, sending the message, "I will get you back for this."

Ginny shrugged, before looking down at Lavender, who had not moved from her fetal position. "Oh fantastic I think she fainted."

Arthur squatted down to pull the brunette's face up to see that she had only fallen asleep in her strange bent over position. He looked up confused, " I didn't think anyone could fall asleep like that."

"Well wake her up! She doesn't deserve to sleep!" Ron insisted, moving forward to smack the young woman, only to have Harry put a hand on his shoulder. "Wha-?"

"She may be more agreeable if she sleeps and we didn't force her so much." Neville replied, looking at the Irishman who had remained quiet throughout everything, but not scurrying off as Lavender would have if they were hostile with her.

His daughter shrugged, pointing to Ron to pull her up. When she received a dark look in return, she turned to her father in exasperation. He waved his wand, lifting the young woman into the air and floated her beside Seamus; her head lolling to the side awkwardly.

Seamus, for the most part, kept his head down in shame, refusing to see Mrs. Malfoy's glare at him and Lavender, who kept accidentally pushing next to him.

Narcissa looked at Mr. Weasley with a question in her eyes. He nodded, "I am going to let you all in, despite what Molly says, so you boys better be grateful that I'm risking my life in this mess."

"Molly isn't that bad is she Arthur?" the blonde questioned as they all walked back to the door. "I would've thought that she was the rational one."

Ron and Ginny shared a look, then replied for their father simultaneously, "She's a bat out of hell when she's pissed."

"You two would get along quite well Narcissa." He chuckled nervously as he searched his pockets with one hand as the other held the wand steady to balance the sleeping Lavender. Once he found it, the redhead pushed it into the keyhole, and pulled it open by the handle, realizing that now he had to face his own little demon.

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