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Silent cry for love.

Sakura POV:

Just these little tiny miseries. When will they stop? You probably ask what I want to stop. Well I'll tell you.

First he called me annoying.

Then he left me on a bench.

Then he returned.

Then he was kind of lovely.

Then he made me pregnant.

And then he turned me down.

Well, how I feel? For 6 years when he used to call me annoying I didn't mind … I had such a crush.

As he left me on a bench .. I was kind of sad.

As he became kind and lovely I felt happy.

As he made me pregnant I was kind of mad and furious.

Now you could picture my mood better with RAGE.


Yes I am pregnant with HIS kid and it just started with that little Jonin-party.


The eight of them, this included Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Hinata, Naruto, Neji and Tenten were together with the other Jonin and celebrated Akatsuki's death and Sasukes revenge.

Even Kakashi was there and it was really funny. Only Jonins and higher were allowed and Tsunade was happily chatting with Jiraya while drinking Sake like water.

The 4 girls arrived earlier to decorate the great hall they had rent for that day. On top of that it was valentines day. Now it was really pretty, lovely, colourful flowers everywhere, welcoming sign and tons of food.

They were all 18 and pretty beautiful, Sakura's hair was still short but Ino's was now longer than before but she held it in her usual ponytail. Later that evening the 4 guys came in, they greeted each other and started chatting. The others had similar experience with the guy like Sakura. They were in fact really nice to them.

Sasuke brought Sakura home after training.

Neji smiled at Tenten and started sometimes even a conversation.

Shikamaru didn't say troublesome to Ino and stopped calling her troublesome woman.

Naruto .. well he was like usual but he spoke more slower and quieter when Hinata was around so she felt better.


They trusted them and they didn't notice as they began to get tipsy after 4 or 5 glasses Sake and beer.

They also trusted them as they took them home. Each of them had their own apartment next to each other. Since the girls were a bit drunk they offered them to stay at their house.

Sakura remembered a kind of guilty look in his eyes but she dismissed it as nothing. Well and the rest I hope you know that you don't get pregnant by only sleeping at someone's house.

They were tipsy but they knew what they did and they did it because they really loved them. Trust did this to them. It made them blind, blind to see through this fake smiles or through this fake love.

The day after, the guys thought they were still asleep, grabbed something from the floor headed to the door at 11 o'clock. Only Sakura wasn't lazy and stood up to peer through the little gab between door and frame. The 4 of them stood in front of their doors, fully clothes and held each up bras. To be specific their bras. They bought them together the week before as they took a girls weekend together plus a sleepover afterwards. She smiled at the memory. But her attention was replaced by shock. What were they doing? "I won the bet.", Naruto said unusually quiet. Could this be regret in his eyes as he starred at the light blue bra in his hands. Her eyes watered as she looked at her light pink bra in Sasuke's hands. She suddenly felt embarrassed and offended, he was pulling her pride through a puddle of dirt.

She couldn't explain why but she didn't feel dirty, maybe it was just her love that kept her from running away. She thought about a genjutsu. "Kai.", she mouthed.

Nothing, they were still there. She could see a little scratch on his neck, she remembered scratching him accidentally the night before. Her eyes watered. No .. this couldn't be.

They were talking quietly and she had to hide once because Sasuke kept glancing in her direction sometimes. Did she saw sorrow? His face was emotionless but could she see something more in his black orbs?

Suddenly all their heads hung lower, what did they talk about? They just played with them, nothing more. Just a simple bet. "I'll gonna bang Sakura and then I won the bet." Nothing more like that, only the bet, not her, not her feelings. She couldn't take it, clothed herself, and jumped out of the window landing perfectly fine on a branch. She ran around the apartment store and knocked on Ino's window. 2 seconds later the blonde opened her window, a blanket around her small frame. Sakura told her, she couldn't believe it. Ino opened the door a bit, masking her chakra and jerked back as she saw her light purple bra in Shikamaru's hands. "Why Shika" .. she mouthed. Her eyes watered but they didn't have time. After Ino dressed they ran to Tenten and Hinata and showed them the same. They couldn't believe it either. There in Neji's hand was Tenten's light green bra and in Naruto's the light blue one.

Tears. Tears were streaming down their faces as they dressed and raced outside. They gave them their innocent .. for a bet.. how much would they get? Pride? Money?

How could they fall for them and the worst thing was that they really loved them. Sakura returned to the window of Sasuke's room hidden behind some branches.

Saw him looking around.

Saw him frown.

And saw him shrugging it off.


The next day they had a B-ranked mission. They had to escort some rich and important villagers to another country. 5 men and 3 women and 3 children. It wasn't easy because the little ones kept on screaming and whining because the masked Anbus scared the shit out of them. On the way they got in some small fights but most of the time the 4 jonins weren't really needed. Only Sakura who healed some of the Anbus after an explosive tag hit them while the others protected them and killed the enemies. After 3 days they reached their destination, the sand village, and dropped the villagers gladly off. They didn't talk about what happened. They were calm and collected.

No they were not they were broken, confused and fallen.

They came home from the mission and were glad because the guys had an A-ranked mission. Usually the girls would scream why they got the mission but this time not. Not this time. They decided to talk to them when they come back and waited at the gates that day they'd come back. Hidden behind branches, masking their chakra they waited for hours. They were tired and ready to go back home and get some sleep as they saw them.
All of them looked a bit annoyed but they were smiling lightly even Sasuke and Neji. They smiled and 4 girls were clinging on them. They smiled. This smile broke their hearts again. Not bothering to mask their chakra they fled.

They headed to the Hokage-tower and requested a mission. They got one it was a C-ranked but they didn't care. Normally they would protest like Naruto but not this time.

They were off to get some scrolls in the Hidden-Tea country.

After Tenten and Ino started to get sick they shrugged it off. They were still in the Hidden-Tea country and the 2 girls felt really bad.

Sakura herself was getting dizzy now and then and the funny thing was she couldn't heal herself. Every time she tried to concentrate another wave of dizziness claimed her body. As finally Hinata fainted they thought about being poisoned.

They hurried to get home and went straight to the Hokage-tower. Only Tsunade was allowed to examine them and this was good because the news they discovered weren't meant for other ears. They were pregnant. Tsunade was confused how could this work? The girls told her finally everything, how everything started and so on. She sighed.

"Remember I gave you these pills last month 2 days before the Jonin party?", she asked.

"Yes?", they replied unsure.

"Well this were pills to give you strength and health but I forgot to tell you that these pills makes you more … well .. receptive. (A/N: Don't know if this is the right word)

"WHAT?", they yelled.

"I'm sorry I never thought about something like this. I didn't mean to do that, you see, 3 days after you wouldn't have been receptive anymore."

"Well we can't change the past. Also I have to say that I want to keep it. Even if he has another woman.", Tenten said.

The others agreed. They loved them. And they would die for them.

"Tsunade-sama. I'll leave Konoha for 5 years. Please don't tell Shikamaru and the others where I went.", Ino declared.

"I'll go with you.", Sakura broke the silence.

"Me too.", Tenten followed.

"Count me in.", Hinata said with a strong voice without stuttering. She needed to be strong.

"Well Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuga and Tenten Kishu, 5 years, if you don't come back you'll be counted as a missing-nin.", she nodded at each of them.

"Hai Tsunade-sama.", they shouted and left.

Before they closed the door the Hokage called them back. "Be safe.", she gave them a motherly smile before turning back on her papers.

Each of them headed home. They all lived together in an apartment because their parents were either death or moved or in Hinata's case to strict. Konoha wasn't safe since the last attack from an enemy country, they thought.

All of them took photos with them. Each photo showed their love ones. Sasuke and Sakura under a cherry blossom tree, Tenten and Neji while sparring, Naruto and Hinata while eating Ramen and Shikamaru and Ino while watching clouds.

Tears dropped on the pictures and they hastily packed them in their bags.

Sakura her medical tools with her as well as books about pregnancy and How-to-take-care-of- a- child.

Money, clothes, necessary things they needed for a journey and toiletries.

They were at the gates and watched one more time back.

The girls were about to step through the gates as the 4 boys arrived. They hadn't talked to each other since the incident. Naruto tried to talk to Hinata. He was pretty happy and said he wanted to talk to her in private. Probably to tell her.. "Haha right in your face I banged you and it was all a bet." But not again. They got angry and walked away. The guys were stunned and finally walked after them. "Hey what's up with you?", they asked. Girls turned around and faced them. "What are you doing?", Shikamaru asked Ino concerned.

"We're leaving.", the 4 not males said and ran off.

End flashback.

Well and now we're back in the Hidden-Tea village and pregnant. It's already the second month of our pregnancy.

Damn it. I feel like throwing up.

Life sucks.


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