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"Baika no Jutsu!" , Choji appeared from behind them along with

"Raikiri Isse!" Kakashi.

"Jinju Konbi Henge: Sotoro!", Kiba already in his dog-like form growled

"Kikaichu no Jutsu!" , Shino was covered with his bugs, ready to strike.

"Ai to Seishun no Omote Renge!" , Gai and Lee attacked the shinobi closest to them.

"Hien!" , and Asuma killed them with his powerful knuckle-knife, slicing them.

"Jubaku Satsu!", Kurenai appeared out of the wall next to Orochimaru with her special Genjutsu.

„Took us long enough to get here .. ", one of 8 not so mysterious person sighed.

"Seems like we missed our special entrance ..", another sighed.

"Well, well now…"



"Akamaru, Kiba, Shino, Lee. Formation. NOW.", Gai shouted, once not talking about youth, even he noticed the seriousness.

The called persons, animals made a circle around the fallen Shinobi and Kunoichi, protecting them.

Choji and Kakashi were fighting the remaining Ninjas while Gai and Asuma were covering Kurenai who made her way towards Orochimaru, trying to beat him.

"You're going to regret that, little kunoichi.", he told her while she was coming in a fast pace towards him.

"I don't think so.", she smirked as out of nowhere behind him Sai appeared and sliced his throat.

"I'm Root, I regret nothing.", he smirked as the Shinobi below him gasped for breath before dying.

"And I told you you'd regret it.", Orochimaru smirked as he sliced Sai's throat from behind, the other Orochimaru disappearing into little snakes.

"And I told you you'll be the one who regrets it.", Kurenai whispered as she sliced his throat again.

"Good work.", Sai acknowledged as he stepped up behind her, the "death" Sai disappearing into ink.

"Thanks.", she smiled, making sure that it was really Orochimaru/ Kabuto she had killed, she returning to the previous battle, joining the others destroying sound.

"Choji?", Kakashi asked after 10 minutes of fighting. The brown haired boy just ignored him, struggling the sound-shinobi.

"He called him fat.", Shino sighed, bringing his bugs closer to an red dressed rain shinobi, slowly his bugs closed around the Shinobi, sucking out his chakra, leaving a shell of the man he used to be back.

Kakashi shivered, noting to himself to never get on Shino's bad side. (A/N: I like Shino, he's cool!)





"We won."

"YOUTHFULNESS; the green beasts bloom! LOTUS."

"Hai Sensei."

"Let us just get the hell out of here.", Asuma said, sighing at his friend's odd behaviour.

"Yeah, the rest of the Shinobi fled anyway, our mission was only to bring them back safely, not to chase after low lives.", Kiba grunted, getting on Akamaru's back.

"What should we do with them?", Choji pointed at the still unconscious children and parents.

"Let them sleep, we'll carry them home.", Kakashi sighed, making a kage-bushin, picking up Sasuke, Sakura, Yoruki and Takao he made his way outside.

Choji carried Ino and Shikamaru's daughter and son while Asuma carried Ino and Shikamaru with his kage bushin.

Lee and Gai made an high five, Gai took Kenji and Tenten while Lee took Neji and Tori.

"Let our youthful training begin.", Gai shouted.

"Finally.", Lee yay-ed. (A/N remember the episode as they returned form sand? LOL I was laughing SO hard!!)

Sighing, Shino took Naruto and Kiba took Toru and Hina, getting them on the dog's back. Kurenai sniggered while picking up Hinata.

"Move out.", Gai shouted.

Tenten moaned as she woke up, she yawned and blinked once, twice to adjust her eyes to the bright light.

The brown haired woman sat up, wincing as she felt pain in her side a strong, manly hand held her before she could fall down. Just now she remembered waking up before and sitting beside her son's bed. She must've fallen asleep there, as she looked up she saw Neji. His eyes were soft and concert when he picked her up. She looped her arms around his neck, too late she noticed that this posture would look romantic to others, which she wasn't sure about whether Neji would like people thinking that.

Neji carried her to her bed, laying her down, she was still in a trance like state so she didn't complain as he took her away from her children's bed. She felt as a blanket was thrown over her body, covering her slim figure.

A sad smile made its way on her face, getting over to a frown when she heard the sound of a closing door, only the sound from her children's breath stopped her from screaming and crying.

Should that be it?

3 hours later, everyone sat down on a table, everyone was the children, parents and Tsunade.

"Now, finally it's the time to discuss the whole matter. I want you all to be honest and to speak up for yourselves."

"Why am I even here? Nobody ever told me what they were playing, what parents do I have?", Takao sulked making his mother biting her lip.

"We should just hear them out, Takao-kun.", Tsunade said, pulling the standing Takao on her lap, smiling a bit at his flushed face, being held by the Hokage embarrassed him kind of, he felt like a little child, but dismissed it.

"If you do that you really look like an obaa-chan.", Naruto chuckled.

"Just begin.", Tsunade twitched.

"Hinata already told me what happened.", Naruto began, the others looked over to Hinata who blushed.

"Well, to get the point, they thought we were just playing with them, they thought we had a bet with someone to get them bedded.

The day before we had our "special meeting", (A/N: There are children.. okay? Let's just go with the "special meeting") they had a mission, and had swallowed a pill which should make them immune to the flu which was changed by someone to .. Hinata said something about one half with male genes the other side with female and because of that they all got pregnant and twins and so on, anyways .. then we had our "special meeting" and they saw us the next morning when we held up their sunglasses (A/N the children!) so they thought our "special meeting" was a bet. The day after they went on a mission, found out that they were pregnant, came back, saw us with some sluts and left. End of story." , Naruto ended, Hinata nodded to confirm that he was right.

"Now, could someone please explain your view of the story?", Tsunade asked, already knowing this part of the story.

"Well, at first, no it wasn't a bet. Well, you were right, at first we didn't hold that "special meeting" out of love, we were blackmailed. We didn't know about those pills, we just thought it was a sick joke at first, but soon it became reality.

A child was kidnapped, soon after, Naruto got a letter, which said that we had to hold these "special meeting", if we don't the kidnappers would kill the child. We didn't know what to do at first but we had no choice. The life of this child was more worth then your hearts broken.

I know it sounds cruel, but we didn't care, back then. In the letter, they told us exactly when we should do it. So we decided to get closer to you, to make it enjoyable for you.

After a while we noticed that we were really falling in love with you, we didn't mind that, it all just fitted in our plans. We couldn't tell you, we would have, I swear, but since we didn't know who was behind this we had to be really careful.

Since we thought it was a sick joke, we thought it could've been a psycho, who was turned on by this sick game.

The part with the sunglasses was another thing which was in the letter, it told us that we should stand outside at 10pm and hold them up for anyone to see and I should yell "I won the bet" or something like that. This added to our thought that it was a psycho.

We got the child back and were able to bring her back to its family. We couldn't tell you afterwards either because we still didn't know who it was, the letter said that the child, it was a girl by the way, would die if we told the Hokage or anyone else. So if we told someone, the psycho could've kill the child afterwards. You get my point? We were even sure that he could've watched us by our "special meeting."", Shikamaru explained.

"Eww.. ..oh my gosh.", Ino hid her face in her hands.

"And why are you telling us that now? The psycho could still kill the child? Maybe he's here.", Tenten said, looking around.

"Well I guess if you combine the letter, the date when we held the "special meeting", the pills, your followers you'll understand.", Sasuke said, looking directly at Sakura.

"What was that "special meeting"?", Yoruki asked innocently.

"The day when we were made, isn't it obviously?", Toshio sighed.

"Then I get it.", Takao said, impatiently.

"So Orochimaru or Kabuto or whatever he's called was that psycho, it was a plot against you. He wanted us from the beginning but if our mothers stayed in Konoha he wouldn't have been able to get us. First he wanted to kill you while you were pregnant and weakened but then he needed us as a container, I noticed that since we first saw him, I heard Sakuraoba-chan and Ino oba-chan talking about it once, so I figured it out while we were still captive. He used their feelings against them.", Toshio figured.

"You're right.", Shikamaru agreed.

"The day you saw us with those sluts were just fangirl, we didn't have a girlfriend back then, we didn't even had one after you left for like 5 years?", Naruto said quietly.

"Stop lying.", Tenten said, narrowing her eyes dangerously.

"Huh?", Naruto asked.

"Neji had a girlfriend.", Tenten said, looking away.

"Why do you think that?", Naruto asked confused, Neji twitched.

"Still about those damn tampons? I. Didn't. Have. Another. Woman. While. You. Were. Gone.", he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Why the heck do you have tampons then Hyuga?", Sasuke asked. "No offence Hinata.", he added quickly.

"Damn, I bough them 5 years ago, I wanted you to move in with me, I wanted you to feel comfortable and thought I should buy everything you'd need. I knew that Sasuke, Shikamaru and Naruto were in love with Sakura, Ino and Hinata so I figured that they'd move in together soon and since I loved you too, I guessed that you'd like to move in with me, damn.", he twitched out of embarrassment.

"So you wanted to be romantic?", Sakura asked, smirking.

"Why didn't you throw them away?", Hinata asked.

"Because I couldn't I hoped that she'd come back and yes, I wanted to be romantic, have a problem with that Haruno?", Neji shouted, a red spot formed on his cheeks.

The Hyuga's eyes drifted off to Tenten who seemed to be in a daze. He tried to figure out what her expression held. Anger? Embarrassment? Hope?

"Anyways, I think now that we all solved that, we just could go home and relax.", Tsunade said, standing up and walking out, leaving them in an awkward silence.

"Well, Hinata and me will be gone, Toru, Hina are you ready?", they nodded, running after them.

"Um .. yeah .. I think we should get our things .. ready .." , Sakura said faking a smile, taking her sons and daughters hands.

"Yeah ..", Ino agreed, with that, Tenten, Ino and Sakura left with their children.

Can't we think of a solution?

Ino and was sitting on his bed again, packing her stuff, beside her, her children. The blonde was crying, unable to hold these tears back.

She heard the front door open, but didn't care.

In order to avoid getting hurt by telling them the truth, she hurt herself by lying. Ironic much.

Sora came up beside her, hugging her knees and waist, making her stop running around.

"I'm so sorry.", Ino said, hyperventilating.

"It's okay now.", Toshio said, standing on the bed where we was previously laying on and shook her shoulders softly.

"Okay .. you're right.", she said, breathing in and out, taking the phone and calling the Konoha Hotel.

"Konoha Hotel, Mrs Yoshiku speaking."

"Yamanaka, Ino. I just wanted to ask if you have free rooms left.", Ino asked.

"Um… hold on.", Ino got impatiently, pulling at her t-shirt and waiting for the woman to return.

"I'm sorry, there aren't any rooms left.", she said, pissing Ino off.

Shikamaru was sitting on his dinner table, his head in his arms, he could hear everything from here.

"WHAT, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY ROOMS LEFT?", Ino shouted, he sighed.




"YOU CAN'T JUST HANG UP ON ME!", Ino shouted, sobbing uncontrollable afterwards.

"Why can't she just talk to me?", he thought.

He went inside, seeing the most miserably sight he saw in a long time.

The blonde was laying in a corner, her children beside her comforting her, hugging her while she just hugged them back with all her might.

"I can't.", she whimpered.

"Ino.", Shikamaru started, she looked up, seeing him leaning on the door frame she turned away.

"Ino.", he repeated.

"Look at me.", she only shook her head.

"Ino, I love you.", he told her, sighing.

She turned around, that was when Toshio dragged Sora out of the room to give their mother some time.

"Shika .. I .. .. I .. I didn't trust you .. like I should have .. everything was my fault, my children were suffering without a dad, you were suffering, I was suffering .. and everything just because I didn't trust you.", she cried, hugging Shikamaru back who was now kneeing beside her, holding her.

"Shh .. It's okay now. We'll work everything out .. together .. it's going to be okay.", he whispered, her body still close to his.

"Shika .. I don't deserve any of this .. don't …" , he silenced her with a kiss.

But I love only you.

Tenten and her children didn't go home that day, they just sat down at one of their training-grounds. She was glad that Kenji and Tori forgave her, although they didn't understand all of it, she was grateful that they still trusted her.

Soon, Lee stopped by, she hadn't meet him since she left, another stab of guilt pierced though her. She didn't even said goodbye to her friends.

"How're you?", she asked him as he sat down beside her.

"Good and you?", he asked her, smiling.

"Fine, I guess, look, I'm sorry for leaving.", she said, bowing her head.

"Well, you could've at least wrote a letter, but that's okay, I just talked to Neji and he told me why you left."

"You talked to Neji?", she asked confused.

"Yeah .. just 20 minutes ago, I think you should talk to him, go home, go see him.", she slightly shook her head.

"I can't.", Tenten said.

"Okaa-chan .. you should.", Tori said. "I like him really much.", getting up, pulling on her mother's t-shirt.

"Do you really think so?", she asked, they nodded, including Kenji.

She sighed.

"Okay .. but you all go with me.", she said, pointing at them.

At Neji's apartment.

They knocked on the door, shortly after Neji opened, he seemed tired, he was slightly surprised when they all entered.

"So?", he asked them as they all stood in front of him.

"Neji-kun may I present you those people here, meet Tori-chan and Kenji-kun, your children and their uncle, Lee.", she said, smiling.

"Tori-chan, Kenji-kun, meet your dad, Neji-kun."

His eyes widened a bit as he heard the suffix she added.

"I came to apologize.", she continued.

"And I wanted to say that I'd really like to move in with you, if the offer still stands.", she continued confident.

"Oh and before I forget it, I still remember what happened after I got home drunk, I still remember kissing you.", she added, blushing.

"And ..", she was the second that day who was silenced by lips.

"You talk way too much.", he whispered, hugging her and their children.

When they arrived, Sakura pulled her children inside and sat them down on the kitchen chairs.

Sasuke disappeared, probably for training. It hurt her, she wanted to talk to him so badly, but she couldn't blame him. Instead she turned to her children and kneeled down before them.

"Okaa-san?", Yoruki asked her.

"Yoruki, Takao, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I never wanted you to get hurt, because of that I left. I thought your dad was just playing with me, but I guessed wrong. I never wanted to be the bad mother I am. I know I can't say anything that'll make it better. I was so young when I got pregnant, I wasn't even prepared, I was like 17 or 18 when I got pregnant, I should've listened more to you. But I want to become a better mother, because now I can look in your face without getting hurt all the time. You always wanted to know something about your dad, so I'll tell you. He left me when we were 12, he went to Orochimaru because he wanted power to kill Itachi, his brother who murdered his entire clan except for him. So don't hate him, he has nothing to do with that, I just didn't believe him, I thought he left me again, like just now, but I won't, I'll never leave you, okay?", she sighed, she felt a lot better now.

Her children only nodded, but she didn't need more, she just hugged them and kissed their forehead.

1 hour later they were ready to leave, they got all their bags outside and walked away, where they'd live they didn't know, they just wanted to leave.

"You sure okaa-san you want to leave?", Takao asked her, she only nodded.

"Kakashi?", Sakura asked, knocking at his door.

"Yes?", he said, his face hidden behind his Icha Icha Paradies.

"Can we sleep here just for one night?", Sakura asked.

"Yeah, I guess, Anko's out anyways so she won't mind.", he told her.

"Hold on, you and Anko?", Sakura asked, mouth wide open.

"Um yeah .. last year.", he told her swiftly before dragging them all inside.

"Um shit I forgot something I'll be back in a moment.", Sakura said, running back and getting inside in a second, grabbing the bag she accidentally left and jumped out on a rooftop.

Forget for once your pride.

I know you still love me.

"So you're leaving?", she heard his voice from behind her, she didn't move, her hair slightly swaying with the breeze.

"I guess.", she replied.

"Well, if you want to, then go, but do you really want to leave?", he asked her, shocking her a bit.

"I wouldn't leave if I didn't want to."

"Sakura, why won't you talk to me?", he asked her.

"I wasn't the one who ran away.", she spat.

"Didn't you ever hear the saying 'Sometimes people run away just to see if anyone cares enough to follow'?"

"Oh wow .. then you really don't care about me.", she retorted.

"Tsunade didn't let us go after you."

"Wow, since when do you care what you've been told, when we were 12 you left the village without any problems joining Orochimaru and the Hokage didn't let you go too.", she turned around, glaring.

"That doesn't mean I'd make the same mistake twice.", he said dryly.

"Whatever.", she said, jumping away.

"Can you just forget once your stupid pride?", he asked her, stopping her movements while hugging her from behind.

"I know you're hurt because you were the one fooled, you were the one who ran away, I know you're angry because you didn't stay and didn't know the whole truth. Sakura, I know you."


"And Sakura?", he asked her.


"I know you still love me, and you know that I still love you. Oh, and don't cry, it's annoying.", he smirked, earning himself a punch, which made them laugh. A real laugh, no fake.

TimeSkip 2 years later:

Toru woke up, yawning loudly he looked at his alarm clock, he rubbed his eyes, getting rid of the salt which was brought by the sandman he stood up and stretched, today they'd all go to the park to picnic. He pulled out a new set of clothings, he was now nearly 8 and able to do that, even if his mother always got a heart attack when she saw his freshly folded clothes in the cabinet (voc?!) in a mess. She once even nearly fainted when he tried the excuse: A Ninja came and made my room messy.

His eyes locked around, falling onto an old picture, probably a year old.


They were all dressed in colourful clothes, Sora, Tori, Yoruki and Hina in a light blue Kimono, they were in a white tux waiting for their parents.

Toru was sitting next to a guy called Gaara, he had red hair and was kind of calm and quite but he seemed to be nice, next to me was Choji, I was training with him for a while, he's actually pretty nice and he never says no when I want to eat ramen.

Sora and Yoruki were sitting next Sai, he was another member of Yoruki's mother's team and also a bit scary because he had no emotions whatsoever, on the right side of Yoruki sat Takao and next to him Kakashi-sensei, Anko-sensei Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei. Tori was sitting next to Sora and next to Lee who was talking with her about Youth, he did that a lot.

Kenji, Takao and Toshio were also there, Takao sat next to Gaara and Kenji sat next to him. Toshio was somewhere laying and watching the clouds – Ino oba-chan would be really angry later on, his tux was white, even I knew that it would leave green spots. Whatever. Behind us where half of Konoha, which was really cool by the way, they all came to watch our parents. Cute.

A couple minutes later, the music started, pretty cliché if you ask me and first our mothers walked in, after that, the guys, yeah and then it started:

"Do you, Kishu Tenten want to take Hyuga Neji to be your husband and promise him to love him in good times and in bad?", the priest ask her, she only smiled.

"Yes, I do."

"Do you, Hyuga Neji want to take Kishu Tenten to be your wife and promise her to love her in good times and in bad."

"Yes I do."

Then the priest turned to my okaa-san and otou-san, she was so beautiful in that dress of hers.

"Do you, Hyuga Hinata want to take Uzumaki Naruto to be your husband and promise him to love him in good times and in bad?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you, Uzumaki Naruto want to take Hyuga Hinata to be your wife and promise her to love her in good times and in bad."

"Yes, I do."

Then he turned to Sakura oba-chan and Sasuke obi-chan they looked so happy.

"Do you, Haruno Sakura want to take Sasuke Uchiha to be your husband and promise him to love him in good times and in bad?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you, Uchiha Sasuke want to take Haruno Sakura to be your wife and promise her to love her in good times and in bad?"

"Yes, I do."

Finally he turned to the last pair of that day, Shikamaru obi-chan and Ino oba-chan.

"Do you, Yamanaka Ino want to take Nara Shikamaru to be your husband and promise him to love him in good times and in bad?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you, Nara Shikamaru want to take Yamanaka Ino to be your wife and promise her to love her in good times and in bad?"

"Troublesome, yes I do.", he yawned, earning him a hit on the head an chuckles out of the audience.

"You may now kiss the bride.", the priest finally said and then everyone started clapping as the young couples kissed each other.

"Tsunade came in front of everyone: "Now, Mrs. Uchiha, Nara, Hyuga and Uzumaki, let's celebrate!", earning another round of applause.

Takao even danced once with his mother, it was such a cute sight – said the others- I just laughed at him.

The food was awesome, lots of ramen and letter-soup, I caught Sakura oba-chan writing I love you and showing it to Sasuke obi-chan.

All in all it was one of the best days in my life.

Flashback end.

He smiled as he sat down the picture turning to another picture, showing his father and him.


This was the first time they were brought to classes by their fathers. They saw from far away the looks they got form those, who were always making fun of them. One even tried to bully us in front of our fathers but Yoruki just looked as Sasuke who smirked and activated her Sharingan, scaring the others out of their minds. Yeah, revenge is sweet.

In classes that they, they learned something about the history of Konoha.

They read:

The second apprentice of the fifth Hokage is known to be stronger than her mentor herself. Her name's Sakura Haruno.

The most famous weapon mistress Tenten Kenshi beat 30 men just with one attack and is known as the most dangerous female weapon user world wide.

Yamanaka Ino is known as the slyest mind-walker and secret agent around, nobody ever found out, her skills are amazing, she's able to use her mind-transfer jutsu perfectly.

Hinata Hyuga is the strongest female member of the legendary Hyuga clan, which is one of the best clans in the world.

Choji Akimichi is the only one who ever survived the 3 special pills of his clan at once, his jutsus are dangerous and not to underestimate.

Shino Amburame is also a top Ninja of Konohagakure, his special ability are his bugs, no one'll ever know everything about the Amburame clan, but what we know is that they're awesome.

Kiba Inuzuka is also a Ninja who works with animals, his clan is famous because of their dogs. Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru are a really serious match for every Ninja.

Rock Lee is known as the "green beast of Konoha" , his strong tai-jutsus are not to underestimate.

Shikamaru Nara, the genius and strategist of Konoha with an IQ about 200 along with his clan justu makes him to a big threat to our enemy villages.

Naruto Uzumaki, the container of the nine tailed fox has a great amount of Chakra, his signature move are the kage-bushins which he learned when he was still a Genin.

Sasuke Uchiha is the only member left of the Uchiha clan, his Sharingan and jutsus makes him to a really strong opponent.

Hyuga Neji is the strongest member of the Hyuga clan, even if he's just a branch member, he's nobody you should mess with.

"Hey, that's my mother there and my father and my obi and oba-chans .", Yoruki said.

"That's not true.", one boy said.

"Who is your mother or father?", the sensei asked them, not really believing her.

"My mother's Sakura Haruno and my father's Sasuke Uchiha."

"Liar, you just made that up.", another one shouted.

Yoruki was getting angry and again, she activated her Sharingan, scaring the others.

"Don't mess with me.", she said coldly.

After that they never bullied them again. It was really, really funny. (A/N Just had to add that xDDD)

Flashback end.

He finally ran out of the room and ran up to his parents who were in the kitchen making bacon, egg and pancakes.

"Yay.", he shouted, hugging them.

"Toru-kun, let go .. I …", Hinata started and waved her arms around in order to regain her balance, bringing Naruto out of balance too, they all crashed on the floor, pulling the milk, flour and eggs and with them.

Hina came in seconds later.

"What the heck?", she said, seeing her mother totally white from the flour, her father drenched in milk and Toru covered in egg.

"Eww.", she laughed only to get splashed by Naruto with milk.

"Naruto-kun, stop.", Hinata laughed but was stopped as Naruto poured milk over her head.

"Naruto!", she shouted, grabbing eggs and throwing them at them.

"Waaahhh", was heard out of another room.

"Oh, I think Chi-chan's awake," standing up but slipping again, pulling Naruto with her.

After she quickly showered an 3 minute-shower she went to her second daughters bed, lifting Chi up who was now smiling brightly.

"She's so cute.", Naruto said.

"Eww .. Naruto get out, you smell and you're dirty.", Hinata shoved him out and got Chi ready for the day.

She smiled as the baby nestled its head in her loving hug.

About the same time:

Yoruki was dreaming she had again the nightmare, but it was different this time. ( The same dream from chapter 11)



Yoruki's heart clenched painful again, more painful than before. She couldn't bear the pain, she slowly sank down on her knees, praying, praying to God he'd help her. Release the pain which flew through her as she saw her mothers expression fading, Sasuke's expression fading. She only saw herself, darkness surrounded her. She was looking in a puddle of water. As she touched the surface, she jerked back, a sharp pain in her head, but then, she saw them returning, hugging each other, hugging the little children in their arms, playing with them. She saw the children grow taller and Sasuke training with Takao while Sakura was cooking dinner for them. Herself playing with Sora and the others in the park. The burning pain slowly ebbed away and with it, her nightmares.

That was when she smiled in the dream, it made her happy to see her parents happy to see her brother happy and herself.

End dream

"Yoruki-chan.", someone shook her lightly, she creaked open one eye, her mother was standing beside her bed, behind her Sasuke who held her protectively around her growing stomach and her brother who was standing beside them smiling.

"We thought we heard you tossing around in bed, did you have one of your nightmares again?", Sasuke asked her.

She thought about it closing her eyes shortly and then shook her head.

"No, otou-san, I was fine.", she smiled while opening her eyes a true smile, a genuine was visibly on her face.

And finally, my dear readers, someone heard Yoruki's personal, silent cry for love.

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