Maia put her luggage down and looked around. The apartment was surprisingly very clean and orderly. House grabbed one of the shoulder bags and went back to his bedroom. Maia followed, somewhat suspicious that all he wanted was some nookie. She was shocked to find the closet door open and half a shelf and bar cleared for her things. He pulled out the two lower drawers of his chest of drawers to show that they were empty. Maia choked up. He had really thought this through.

Tears started down her cheek.

House rolled his eyes, "What did I do now?"

She swallowed and walked slowly up to the frustrated man who stood leaning on the door jamb of the closet.

"You got clean, you cleaned and you cleared…all for me! And the flowers…the flowers. Oh God, I can't believe how stupid we've been, I've been. I should have come over and kicked your ass into admitting that this is what we both wanted. I probably would have stayed straight." She shook her head, "How ridiculous."

"Maia, why don't we talk about this naked?"

She started laughing. "I don't think we'll be talking if we get naked. We do a lot of bonking and very little discussion of how we feel."

He sat down on the bed, leaning back on his elbows. He took a deep breath, "I'm very good at saying what comes to the top of my head unless it's about my feelings for a woman… unless I have none." He patted the bed next to him and she sat down.

Maia nodded, "I used to be good, too good, at telling a guy how I felt. They all ran. I think I said too much too soon. So I stopped saying anything. I started second guessing everything they said, did. I was this strong woman, by day; but by night, I was an emotionally battered woman, willing to settle for company rather than love. I'm not that woman anymore. I want love or I'm out of here."

"I try to show my love in other ways."

"Like cleaning a closet?" She smiled and stroked his shirt.

"Yeah. Like cleaning out a closet, getting someone into rehab, paying for phone sex when I know she's not a brunette."

"I could wear a wig." She patted his knee. "I just need to hear it every once in awhile. Can you manage that?"

He lay back, using his folded arms as a pillow. "Tall order, but what if I promise to tell you how much I love you on your birthday, our anniversary and the first of each month."

"Throw in Valentine's Day and you have a deal."

"Can we have sex to seal the deal?"

She giggled and started fiddling with the zipper on her dress.

"I'm going commando."

Maia stopped in her tracks, "What?"

"Hey, we're married, your diseases are half mine now."

She put her fists on her hips, "I'm diseased free according to Reston labs Inc."

"So am I, according to PPTH labs. So, mother, may I go commando? Please?"

"What about little Hovels?"


"Little Houses?"

"I don't mind kids, I just hate their parents."

"Are you saying you're willing to risk being a father just to go commando?"

"I'm saying that the consequence of having a kid doesn't bother me anymore. I've learned a lot more in therapy than Mommy and Daddy really fucked me up."

Maia stopped and thought. "Greg, I never really addressed whether I wanted to be a mother in therapy."

"Don't worry, you've got that hormonal connection when you squirt one of the little buggers out. You won't have to pay $150 an hour to find out you love it."

Maia stepped out of her sundress, braless. House shut his mouth and smiled slyly.

His voice was raspy, "Keep going."

She kicked off her sandals and pulled her panties down and off. Her bones weren't as prominent and the breasts were full and perky again. House could just imagine his mouth around them. He felt his erection straining against his fly.

Maia pulled his knees apart and stood between them looking down at his long body. She crawled on top of him as his arms came around her, holding her to his clothed body as tightly as he could.

Maia could feel his erection and the cold metal of his belt buckle. The long warm arms rubbed her back from her shoulders to the top of her thighs, lingering over the curve of her ass.

She started to slowly grind her pelvis into his erection, causing him to close his eyes and push his head back into the bed. After brushing her breasts over the lower part of his chest, Maia then climbed up to meet his mouth, opening hers and letting him see the tip of her tongue before she covered his mouth. She rubbed her tongue along the bottom of his teeth and then flirted with his. He tasted salty, like he had been eating potato chips. She continued to slowly grind against his levis, causing him to breath faster.

"Fuck," he said, pulling away from her mouth. "I can't tell you how often I come in my dreams to visions of those breasts and that lovely clit between your legs." He rolled her over and then pinned her arms to the bed as he stared at her. His eyes wandered down her body like a scanner. He looked back into her eyes and snorted with delight. "Damn, I'm afraid to take him out of my pants, he may start squirting if I touch him."

"I'll do the honors, but first take your shirts off."

House removed the shirt and t-shirt, noting the sweat stains underneath; he shrugged, "I was really nervous."

Maia started with the belt buckle. As soon as the buckle and button were undone, she took her tongue and followed the portion of the happy trail that was exposed up to his belly button and then back down, unzipping as she went. House clenched his teeth, trying hard not to come.

She saw the tip of his penis, filmy and pink, throbbing and larger than she had remember. She realized that, without the Vicodin, he was showing his full potential. Her tongue touched the tip and licked off the salty semen. More oozed up to meet her tongue.

His voice was a whisper, "Maia, you better let me fuck you now. Any more of this and we're going to be cleaning up come off the ceiling."

Maia laughed, climbed up on the bed and pealed his levis and shorts off of him, freeing his organ from its constraints. She climbed on top as he watched her. She took him in her hand and touch her clit over and over with it. He was so wet, that it felt slippery when she rubbed him around her clit. He started to buck ever so slightly, an unconscious move to what he was seeing. She found the hole and guided him to the edge. Once he was firmly lodged a few inches inside, he continued to watch as she used her hands to touch her breasts, pushing them together and then pinching her nipples.

"Christ!" he yelled, using all of his powers to keep from coming.

When she reached down and started to firmly rub her clit, it was too hot, too much. House bucked up, penetrating Maia to her cervix. He thrust twice. The feel of her muscles next to his naked cock was so pleasurable that he let out a low moan and then quickly thrust up again, three times, each time hitting her cervix and filling her with the warm white semen she had been licking just minutes before.

He let out his breath and chuckled, "I'm not usually that quick."

"I remember." Maia kept House inside of her while she continued to rub her clit and grind into him. He was still engorged enough to give her a feeling of fullness. He did nothing, but watch as she continued fingering her clit, breathing hard, her nipples dipping up and down as she rubbed herself hard and fast. He felt her muscles clutch around his semi-flacid penis as she screamed out.

"Oh fuck, fuck me Greg, fuck me."

He wasn't sure what to do, but when he heard her beg him to fuck her, his semi-flacid organ started to swell again and he bucked up over and over. Her muscles clenched him and her body flushed. The tingling pressure in her groin was pulsing through in waves as her vagina and uterus contracted over and over with her orgasm. Her mouth opened, forming an O. She looked like a porn queen straddled across him. After several bucks she fell forward, collapsing against his chest.

He was erect and wanted to finish what he had started. Maia could feel him still in her, hard and ready to go. She didn't sit up, but she slid up and down his body, her breasts rubbing across his chest. House rolled her onto her back, slamming into her, over and over and over, showing no signs of coming, but enjoying the pleasurable sounds and smells of them fucking. He was perched up on his hands looking down at the sight of him ramming into her. He fell to one elbow and picked up one leg, putting it over his shoulder, then the other. He raised up. Now kneeling with Maia's legs draped over his shoulders, he continued pounding, watching each time as he entered her, the view enhanced by the new position.

"Fuck! Christ. Fuck! Maia, Maia! Fuck." He was penetrating so hard and fast that Maia's breasts were dancing up and down, her head pushing into the pillow like a piston. He exploded, more delicious than the first time. He couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't feel anything except the wet and pleasure from his balls and cock. He stopped in mid-thrust, the last of the ejaculations squirting into Maia like a pressurized hose. He laughed again as the sensations started to slide away. He pulled out, his penis quickly deflating, pulling a stream of come with him.

"Damn, I've made a mess down here."

"Uh, can you get my legs down, this isn't the most comfortable of positions."

He laughed and gently brought her legs off his shoulder, then rolled onto his back laughing. "Now that was fuckolicious."

She started giggling. "Yeah, not bad for the first time out of the gate."

"You know what? It's not Valentine's Day or your birthday, but damn, you keep performing like that and I'm going to be professing my love for you on a regular basis."

"Is that all it takes? My legs over your shoulders?"

"You wish. Nah, sorry, it's the whole package." He reached under her shoulders, pulling her over to his chest. "I can screw hookers like that, but I need someone who likes it when I snore in her ear or pee when she brushes her teeth. I guess you're the whole package."

"Good, because I have two drawers and half a closet."

"And I have much more. I have you."